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Forget the Scale?

Monday, July 06, 2009

I worked hard last week, ate well, exercised properly --felt good. But....when I got on the scale it didn't reflect my effort. I don't understand why that happens. I am eating at least half the amount of food I ate 3 weeks ago. Why doesn't the scale reflect it. Sometimes I feel as if I should go back to how I was eating. I wont, but sometimes I think about it.


Late Dinner Blues

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Since my DH is retired he has been making the evening meal for me and has it ready when I get home from work. Yesterday the toilet overflowed so he was working to get it fixed when I arrived home. Dinner was not even started. I asked if he wanted me to make it but he said no...so I didn't. But I was hungry and wanted food. I decided to have some soy nuts. But that wasn't enough so I ate some Peanut butter. Darn...that sure messed up a good day. This morning when I looked at my intake for yesterday I was 300 cal over ...exactly what the PB and soy nuts cost. As I contemplated my mistake I realized I should have eaten a bowl of dinner salad or had an apple instead. I also recognized that I didn't keep on snacking the rest of the night. I hope I learned something.


There is free lunch

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've been putting off writing a blog because I'm not completely sure what one is. I understand it's like a journal--so here goes. I've been with sparkpeople for 2 weeks. I have been faithfully recording meals and exercise and have stayed pretty close to my goals so I feel good. I lost 4 pounds the first week and 2 pounds the 2nd. I had been working at a different site the last 2 weeks and had no trouble sticking to my goals. I even walked at lunch even though the weather was very hot. However, now I am back at my regular worksite and the temptations there are much harder to resist. First and foremost, there is food everywhere. We get free lunches and there are usually different lunches in different areas of the building. Oh... the choices! I have been known to graze my way through 3 lunches in one day. It is also harder to walk, because I get requests to do things for various people throughout the lunch hour while I'm at my usual post. I will say that today (my first day back at my regular site) I only picked up a green salad at lunch to add to my soup and fruit that I brought and I did walk 25 minutes. I just left my desk. I hope I can keep this up.


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