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Staying Strong

Saturday, November 09, 2013

The holiday season is here and all I want to do is bake. I love so many apple, pumpkin, and cookie recipes and want to make (and eat) them all! Unfortunately, my husband and two boys do not share my love of most baked things - they're good with chocolate chip cookies and apple pies but there is so much more out there in my love of baked goods!

I'm seriously considering trying to get a job at a bakery. My teen years were full of working at food places and I stayed so skinny because after serving all that food all day, I really didn't want to eat it. Then I left the food world and started working in an office, sitting on my bottom most of the day. It feels even worse working from home sometimes - I work harder at home and have to push myself to get up and take a break sometimes. So, I've put on all this lovely weight but I've lost almost 50 pounds since May and I am DETERMINED not to let the holidays get the best of me this year. I know I can splurge and have that pie or a second helping of stuffing - every now and again. That's my joy in watching my calories. I can eat (pretty much) what I want. I don't need to eat the whole bag of chocolates or the whole pie - just being able to get a bite or two of something decadent is enough for me.

That's why this is great motivation for me. I have one marble per pound I want to lose in these two cups. They all started out on the left side and look at me go! This sits in my living room where I can see it every day - and yes, from where I sit on my bottom working every day! And, boy do I feel guilty on those weeks that I've had to move marbles back from the right cup into the left cup - thankfully it's only been a few weeks.

I will beat these holidays this year and still enjoy them!!

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CATLADY52 11/9/2013 3:09PM

    That is a great idea! It sure beats having to remember from day to day. emoticon

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Status: Happy!

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm a little disappointed in myself for gaining the weight back in the first place but I'm so happy that I'm back on track!

I am a woman with a few hats - mom, housewife, homeschooler, wah employee, friend, shoulder to lean on, terrible extended family connector :( (I know I need to work on that last part a LOT!) And, the last person I take care of? Why, that would be me - I know you're rolling your eyes in surprise.

I love all my jobs. I'm very thankful that I have a job I can do at home. It's a shame it's not a workout type of job and that's pretty much what gets me into my weight gain periods - sitting on my bottom for hours most days. Maybe some day I'll be in good enough shape that I could do my own workout video but I'm sure I couldn't compete with Coach Nicole or Leslie Sansone.

Anyhow, I was here a few years ago and lost about 70 pounds! I was stoked and vowed I'd never gain those pounds back! (Now, I'm going with the theory that I didn't gain those back, I gained completely new pounds!) Fortunately, I didn't gain them all back before I got back on the band wagon.

I got on the scale yesterday morning (because I was bummed that I hadn't lost anything last week) and saw that I've lost 10 pounds (unofficially, it's not official if my weigh in isn't on a Monday) since I started up again about the beginning of March! I am loving getting going in the morning with a nice workout and I even got a 2nd workout today riding bikes with my boys!

Years ago, it took me two tries to give up caffeine. The withdrawal headaches apparently weren't bad enough the first time around. emoticon So, I'm praying that the 2nd time around, I will lose all this weight and KEEP it off this time.

So, I'm happy, I think it's very true that working out will build up your spirits. And, I'm going to lose it all this time!!

Happy losing to all of you!


Doctor's advice

Friday, March 16, 2012

I went to see my doctor this week and she thinks I'm right on track for losing weight. My biggest downfall is either not eating enough calories (But, I certainly feel like I eat enough some days!) or my thyroid. Yes, I'm getting to the age where my thyroid might not be doing what it's suppose to and all the dieting and exercise in the world will be working against me.

Oh, it's heck getting old! But, I did my lab work and if it's my thyroid, I'll get that taken care of and get this weight off! It's really bugging me!

Celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary on Wed and that dinner certainly didn't help but OMG The Melting Pot is yummy! (I was semi-good and didn't have any dessert. emoticon )


A little disappointed...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Today marks the beginning of my 2nd week back on the plan. So, I took my measurements today and only lost one pound last week. I'm not sure if I didn't eat enough calories or drank enough water. I'm getting at least six cups of water in every day. Maybe it's that we eat dinner so late in the day - usually between 8 and 9.

So, this week's goal is to make sure I get those 8 glasses in and eat just a few more calories and try to get dinner on the table earlier.

One of my problems is that I just don't want to eat more. Even though I ate and ate and ate before, I'm not feeling hungry eating less during the day and my stomach just feels heavy most of the time. I will also ask my doctor about it tomorrow when I see her.




Saturday, March 03, 2012

I have been feeling so miserable in my own skin lately. It's time to take the bull by the horns and get rid of some of this weight!

I've started back on my work out tapes this week and now I'm back here and determined to stick with this again. Sparkpeople and I did so great last time - I had lost 70 pounds and felt great! I've gained some but not all of it back, thankfully.

My new motto is "Dare to soar - how successful you are is determined by your attitude." and I have a great attitude now!

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    So glad you're back!! emoticon

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