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Some REALLY REALLY Good News...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

During Sunday School on 12/21, I was reminded about some really good news that we sometimes may gloss over during the Holiday Season.

The holidays can be such a lonely and depressing time for people; ESPECIALLY when they overlook the true meaning and begin to focus on the commercial aspect of Christmas or dwell on what they DO NOT have instead of what they've been blessed with.

For people who are single, this can be a particularly sad time or where the meaning of joy and love can be manipulated. I once had an acquaintance who defined love as "A spirit that has a soul which fulfills the heart to tell the mind to give of itself to another (by IBME)." I don't know about all that, but this is what I do KNOW. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved." (John 3:16-17 KJV)

In Luke 2 vs. 11 (NIV) it says, "Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord." This one verse carries such a powerful message, because it shows that God did not forget ANY of His promises to David as it relates to the establishment of an eternal throne. This verse also reminds of Jesus' mission.

Jesus was sent by God to deliver the oppressed and Save the world...to save us from sin and restore our relationship with God. Which is also referred to as "the good news" and indeed it is truly good news with great joy; for God gave the most precious gift of all...His Son.

So to all of my friends on SPARK, and especially to my single friends, it is my hope and prayer that you embrace and enjoy the true Reason for the Season and know that God NEVER forgets a promise.

He loves you...He always has AND He always will!!!


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KATRINIA17 12/29/2008 12:05AM

    A much needed reminder, thank you.


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LASVEGASLES 12/28/2008 3:29PM

    AMEN and AMEN again!

Love you friendgirl!!


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JIBBIE49 12/28/2008 4:13AM

    Bless you.

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EMBOWMAN 12/25/2008 11:45AM

    Amen sister!!!!!!God bless you and your family

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GIRLINMOTION 12/24/2008 4:27PM


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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So no news is good news.

I've been fighting a bad sinus infection and have just not felt like myself. Believe it or not I haven't worked out since last Tuesday (12/16/08). HOWEVER, I am very thankful to report that although I haven't lost anything, I haven't gained any pounds or inches.

I'm planning to take some much needed time off from work during the Holidays. During this time I will allow my body to rest and get prepared to kick things up a notch before the New Year afterall, I still have a date with a RED DRESS!!!

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DIAMNDSPRKLMOM 12/30/2008 3:50PM

    You're still doing a great job! I can't wait to see the that Red dress either! emoticon emoticon

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GIRLINMOTION 12/24/2008 4:26PM

    That is great news (not the sinus infections, that is bad news, lol), that you haven't gained weight or inches considering how you have been feeling.

I can't wait to see you in that RED DRESS!!!!

Hugs, Sonia

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GODZDESIGN95 12/24/2008 2:58PM

    Now thats right! Red Dress in view. I am with u on the sinus/chest infection. Kids are all coughing and blowing. One even had a sick stomach. But threw all this I know the Lord God to be a healer. He has done it before and he will do it again.

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ANTI-FAILURE Formula: Week 4 Update-Win Some Lose Some!

Monday, December 15, 2008

What an interesting week this has been. I've added another component to my formula...a personal trainer/good friend, and what a difference it's made.

I worked out with my trainer two of my four strength training days last week and according to him he went light on me...Yeah Right!!! The morning after our second session I was convinced that one of two things would happen if I continue to work out with him. Either I will be fine and tight in a few months or I'll be applying for disability...can we say SORE boys and girls?!

For the week I gained 3.4 lbs. but I lost 1.25 inches (win some lose some). I'm not too stressed about the weight gain, but I still need to keep a close eye on my intake. One thing that I've noticed (and my trainer forewarned me about this) is that my cravings are changing. One night I dreamed that I was eating peanut butter, cottage cheese, steak and eggs (not in the same setting...but over the course of the my dreams for the night...PROTEIN PLEASE)--my body is clearly letting me know what it needs--but I've got to be careful about how those needs are satisfied.

I also noticed that I did quite a bit of emotional eating on Saturday and Sunday which was understandable. Saturday was my Goddaughter's 5th Birthday party, everything turned out well but I couldn't help but to think about Lisa and wished that she was physically there to celebrate with us. Then my neighbor was in a very very very serious car accident as she was on her way to the gym last week. She had surgery last Thursday and has yet to regain consciousness. I went to visit her in the hospital and was surprised to see this once vibrant senior citizen in the current condition that she is in... BUT, I do believe that God is a healer. So when you say your prayers, please keep my Godchildren and my neighbor, Ms. Evelyn in your prayers.

Anyway, I kinda jumped all over the place in this blog...but hey that's what blogs are for.

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STACEY-P 12/17/2008 11:02AM

    Prayers are going out your way for all.

So let me give you some good news...you are developing muscle which weighs more than fat...hence the weight gain. And that is a good thing. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism is. The higher metabolism...the more fat is burned. So you have a win win situation there...proof is in the lost inches. So Yay for Deondra!!! Another thing, after your work your muscles you need to fuel up on protein ASAP to help build (repair) them back up (when you develop your muscles you are "tearing" them).

some lowfat 2% cottage cheese (90-100 cal) and chopped up tomato.
toast (whole wheat), reduced fat peanut butter ( 1 Tb), and half a banana
protein bars (just check the calories and stuff...I like Clif Builders (organic) {I also eat their Clif energy bars before I go for a run} and Snickers Marathon bars {anything with chocolate and/or peanut butter flavorings for me on all the bars})
Use lean cuts of beef--they are high in potassium (helps combat the sodium) and protein. Definitely measure your meat (get a scale)...you'd be amazed how far a couple of ounces can go when you chop it up (salads, burritos (beans or egg)...)

Hope that helped. Go For The Gold!!!--Stacey--

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NOEILAND 12/16/2008 10:42AM

    Good addition to your formula! You cannot go wrong with having a PT - someone who'll pushes you to your limit without hurting yourself. You will also learn the correct ways of working out ... Good for you Deondra ... what a great way to give to oneself. I can't wait to read more of your progress...

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GIRLINMOTION 12/16/2008 10:34AM

    WOW what a week you had. I can never understand how you can gain weight but lose inches. But it is the inches lost that people and clothes notice. As for the food cravings that is so interesting and true. So if you are craving protein remember the carbs are not going to take that craving away, it will just add to it, and hence the weight gain?

Wishing you another great week!!!

Hugs, Sonia

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KAYEREADER 12/16/2008 9:17AM

    D...You've had a roller coaster but your are doing it. Lost inches are great.

I've been thinking about a trainer and may give myself the gift of one for the new year. You are inspiring me as always!

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GODZDESIGN95 12/16/2008 7:55AM

    Prayers going up!~ Gods got it all in control. No stressing but blessing. That weight will resolve with that trainer. WHEW! you go!! I probably would run from him emoticon.

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2008LYNN 12/16/2008 7:04AM

  I fear trainers, but I envy the fact that you have one. And you've already seen progress. Hooray for the ANTI-FAILURE Formula!!!

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JANEYJAYE 12/16/2008 12:15AM

    What was it that Noei said? Work the Muscle, Feed the Muscle, Rest the Muscle.

Yeah cravings for more nourishment can be tough. We've got to fuel our body with the foods it needs not necessarily the foods we want. After taking up running, I practically drool at the sight of bread. LOL

Congrats on losing more of those inches! You go, D!

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ANTI-FAILURE Formula: Week 3 Update

Monday, December 08, 2008

It's week three, I'm not as ecstatic as I was last week. Nevertheless, I'm still grateful. I didn't lose any weight; however, I lost 0.75 inches...I'LL TAKE IT!

So, is my anti-failure formula failing? Not at all, I consciously made decisions when it came to my nutrition and fitness selections (like DECIDING to really enjoy myself at the Manager Holiday Party this past Saturday night and taking three rest days for the week)...so it is what it is.

Oh well, no need to whine over spilled fat-free milk. So, I've tightened up on my plans for this week and am looking forward to a good report for Week 4.


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HONEYBEE56 12/10/2008 1:53AM

    Woohoo! Losing inches is as good as or possibly better than losing weight!

Keep on keeping on!

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GODZDESIGN95 12/8/2008 11:16PM

    Hey as Beck of Beck diet solutions says a loss is a loss. Still doing good. Keep it up!!!!!!!! emoticon

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JANEYJAYE 12/8/2008 11:05PM

    Congrats, D. I think inches lost are so much better than pounds lost. You may be building muscle which weighs more than fat. You are obviously doing something RIGHT!

Get it! GET IT!

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STACEY-P 12/8/2008 10:30PM

    Keep on keepin' on!! You are doing great! We all need to take a "break" now and then...then we realize that what we were doing really works so we get back "in the saddle" again. You can do it!!! Congrats on the .75 inches!!! WooHoo!!!!

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MONTANAGAL 12/8/2008 9:52PM

    Any loss is a loss.. be it lbs or inches... and there's absolutely nothing wrong w having a little fun at a holiday party. You're right back at it, and doing fabulous. Slow and steady wins the race. You know what to do. WTG on the inches lost.

Love ya!

Proud of you girl!!

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DEFINITELYDEB 12/8/2008 8:29PM

    It sounds like you are doing great! I've been losing inches but no pounds for awhile now. It is what it is! We can't be perfect, but we can keep moving forward!

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    I am so glad to hear you are still sticking with it...I need to do the same but have so much going on I can't get my head in the game. I feel blah...but I to will get to where you are...You keep doing what you are doing...You look Gorgeous...and have put a bump in me to re-evaluate myself. I have found I don't do very well if I don't log on SP. So I am going to have to get back to my logging and get my rear in gear for my exercising...Thanks for the bump...LOL!!! That is wonderful that even easing through this past week you still had a loss of some sort and it is the inches that is what's most important...YOU ARE DOING THIS GIRL!!!!

~luvs ya

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GIRLINMOTION 12/8/2008 4:49PM

    WOW Deondra, taking it easy and you still lost 0.75 inches. Way to go!!! I believe slow and steady is still the key to maintaining in the long run. Wishing you a successful week!!!

Hugs, Sonia

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ANTI-FAILURE Formula: Week 2 Update

Monday, December 01, 2008

Well, it's week two and I am ecstatic to report that I am seeing progress.

Although I ONLY lost 1.8 lbs. this past week...a loss is a loss...and I'm thankful for that loss! In all, I have lost 4.3 lbs and 6.5 inches, not to mention that in my waist ALONE I have lost three inches!!! emoticon emoticon

So things are slowly progressing along, just like the little turtle on my ticker. This upcoming week I will be applying the following formula to ensure that I continue to maintain focus:


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    Fail to plan~~~plan to fail!!!!

You work that plan girl!!!! emoticon

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STACEY-P 12/2/2008 12:48PM

    Hey Girl! You are doing FANTABULOUS!! Keep doin' what you are doin', it is working! WooHoo!!

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CIERAPOET 12/1/2008 10:36PM

    Hello Ms Deondra. I see you are breaking records again. Slimming on down Superstar! God is so good. I have missed being on Spark and all the wonderful friends like you who inspire me to continue onward and forward. I have written a new plan for myself for this month. I too am keeping a Healthy Journal to write down my exercise and food habits and anything else I feel like. You are a blessing to this site and I am glad for the opportunity to know such a blessed lady who gives forth blessings everyday. You are beautiful and I know that you are so close to your dream. Keep on with that forward march. The past is the past. Can't change it. We can only make our future so much better and brighter. May you be abundantly blessed as everything your hands touch turn to gold.

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KAYEREADER 12/1/2008 9:29PM

    That's great D, especially given the fact that Thanksgiving was last week. You are doing it girlfriend!

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SHOOTIN4STARS 12/1/2008 8:24PM

    That's awesome! Keep doing what you're doing!


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NOEILAND 12/1/2008 7:11PM

    I so love, love your formula, you don't mind if I steal it? Just what I need. emoticon

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GODZDESIGN95 12/1/2008 3:04PM

    Hey I can not say I understand the formula totally but if is working for you!!! Keep at it!! I see that red dress for you in the very near future!!!!!

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GIRLINMOTION 12/1/2008 2:41PM

    WOW!!! That is awesome!!! What did you do to lose 3" from the waist?

Hugs, Sonia

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JANEYJAYE 12/1/2008 1:23PM

    Congrats, D! Keep with it, girl, the proof is in the inches not the pounds.

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