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My two pregnant daughters

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Many of my SP friends have prayed for Caitlyn, my youngest. She is a military wife living in Killeen. She is due January 28th. She is the one on the left, with her little Emmy in front of them. My oldest daughter, Megan, is now close to 24 weeks pregnant with twins. These babies were truly planned and cared for by God. Megan is on restricted bedrest now since she in still thinning out even with the stitching three weeks ago. This weeks the boys are viable. Our prayer is they "bake" a little longer now. The doctor in Nashville has the goal of 12/30/11, or 28 weeks. Meg's due date is March 23. Thank you for continuing to pray for her and the babies, Samuel and Isaac.

This picture was taken the first week of October.

Emmy and her Mommy today before church.

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JUDYPETE1 12/4/2011 2:08PM

    What great pictures! Prayers to all of you.

Mary Alice, what a great story - Praise God!!

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RUNNERRACHEL 11/30/2011 7:21PM

    Prayers for your grandchildren!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CMJONES77065 11/28/2011 9:39AM

    definitely joining you in prayer for your loved ones

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PURPLELVR7 11/27/2011 7:33PM

    I am praying for you and your family

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PURPLESPEDCOW 11/27/2011 7:01PM

    My thoughts are with you and your daughters. May all three "cook" long enough to be healthy.

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MSLZZY 11/27/2011 6:00PM

    Such joy and anticipation! May God continue to bless and preserve the health of the moms and babies to come. You are all in my prayers. HUGS!

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    Praying for your girls and your grandbabies!! They are all right in the palm of God's hand.

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GODMYPILOT 11/27/2011 3:56PM

    Having had two great grand daughters born premature my thoughts and prayers are with you. God can do miracles! Our 2 lb 1 oz Kennedi nearly drove me wild with her energy on Thanksgiving, running all over the house and talking non-stop. The night she was born the priest gave her the last rites, but when they lay her in her mother's arms all her vital signs went back to normal. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FLAXEN 11/27/2011 2:33PM

    My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

We spent the weekend in Bayeaux at the wonderful Chateau Bellefontaine. The days were spent walking through the Museums and memorial for D-Day, or June 6, 1945. The town of Bayeaux was setlled in 911 and they are celebrating since this is 2011.

I understand much more about WWII and what Americans did for liberating France on that fateful day. I learned that many women also served oversees in WWII. There is so much to see and do in the area. We had very full days, but plan to return to completely see the other offerings.

Standing on Omaha Beach.

A reflection pool at the American Cementary.

At Port Du Hoc the men landed in the wrong area, but prevailed despite obstacles due the valor of the soldiers and their leaders

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COLEENCOLE 11/23/2011 4:38PM

    Very nice. Great opportunities in Europe and I see you are taking advantage of them.

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ZELLAZM 11/18/2011 4:24PM

    I would like to visit there some day. Thanks for the photo journal!

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SPOKENWORD 11/15/2011 9:58AM


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JUDYPETE1 11/14/2011 3:43PM

    thanks for sharing! wow!

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CAROLYN1ALASKA 11/14/2011 3:16PM

    Having returned from France recently I saw the title of your blog and linked directly to it. I was so surprised to see your face, Sandy. My regret about my trip to France was not having the time to visit Normandy and other WWII sites, as my father was a WWII vet.
Thanks so much for sharing!

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SCOUTHARPS 11/13/2011 9:49PM

  Thank God for our Vets!

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MSLZZY 11/13/2011 4:34PM

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful history lesson and pictures on the weekend we honor out veterans. HUGS!

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VISUALLYRICS 11/13/2011 4:07PM

    I LOVE our veterans!! God Bless them!! emoticon

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Prayers, please

Friday, November 04, 2011

My oldest, Megan, was hospitalized yesterday after she saw her doctor. She had been dilating. We got the call in the near midnight. So, I spent the night sleep, waking and praying about every two hours. She is not having contractions for now. Her local doctors and her specialist in Nashville are discussing moving her the two hours away to Nashville where the facilities for preemies is better.
I am asking my family and friends far and wide to put Megan and Nick, plus the boys Samuel and Isaac on their church prayer chains. I am far away for now, but I know that God is holding them close in His arms.

I will praise God and sing of His greatness, mercies and faithfulness. All my days I WILL praise the Lord!

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SCOUTHARPS 11/6/2011 8:48PM

  they are on the way, and the family is His hands.

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    Prayers flying your way...

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SPOKENWORD 11/5/2011 7:23AM

    You, Meagan and the family are in my prayers!!

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TEALADY0531 11/4/2011 7:16PM

    Am Praying right now, Sandy, for all of you!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ZELLAZM 11/4/2011 3:37PM

    Am and will be praying for your daughter, the little one, the whole family and of course you, Sandy!

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MSLZZY 11/4/2011 2:15PM

    I will be praying for you all. It is in God's hands but with the presence of good doctors, she will be taken care of so that all may proceed with a positive outcome. Take care and stay strong. HUGS!

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LKEITHO 11/4/2011 2:04PM

    Keeping you all in our thoughts.

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 11/4/2011 1:55PM

    Praying for everyone. God knows best and will take excellent care of them!! May God continue to bless you and your family!

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    Praying for you all, Sandy!

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JUDYHELP 11/4/2011 1:20PM

  emoticon You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there! Be strong!! emoticon

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

This last year as been a matter of trust. Really when I look back on my married life it has always been a matter of trust. I trust that God is in control no matter what is going on in my life. My husband has had health issues major and minor for nearly the last fifteen years. God has always been faithful to heal and care for us each and every time.

God brought us to Germany last year. Taking a sick man across the ocean far from his specialists at Vanderbilt and the Nashville VA did not make sense to many people. But we were relying on God to care for him here too. He has done that and even more. These last few have been concerting and have caused us to rethink our time and place here in Europe.
In June we made plans for a mission trip to a church in Moldova. We support that pastor and we met him this summer when he visited our church. We have a heart for missions and wanted to visit the country and encourage that small group of believers too. Then Bob had a couple of medical appointments that led him to the decision that we better not be that far from a military hospital.

Bob had an ICD implanted several years ago that allows his heart to beat regularly. Two weeks ago he found out that he had a heart episode just before church. His heart had stopped beating and the doctor said if it had not started again in two seconds the ICD would have shocked it to start again. Since we have moved here the monitor we have does not get read 24/7 due to our phone lines here don't match our machine. If he has an episode we have to get him by the German EMT's to the American military hospital. That is just one of his health issues that we deal with daily.

We are praying about returning to the states next summer a couple of years before our original plans. Bob needs to be where he has regular medical care. Plus I need the support system of my family when he is in the hospital and sick. I am getting my heart ready for this change. I love it here , and I want to stay. But I want more to be where God wants me to be.
I am thankful for this last year of adventures and traveling to countries I had only read about before. I continue to pray and to wait.

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SPOKENWORD 11/5/2011 7:27AM

    Sandy, these have been challenging times for you! BUT GOD is Faithful! Only a strong Woman of God could have endured the times you have endured! My prayers are continually with you and your family! Trusting God! There is no other way!

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JUDYPETE1 11/4/2011 3:37PM

    The "place" only matters to us, not to God - cause He is everywhere! His plan is perfect, so wherever you are, that is where you should be. And, how lucky those around you are to have you there! Blessings to you both.

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ILOVEPEOPLE 11/2/2011 8:48PM

    The Lord is so good. I too have been learning about trust this past year. It is a comfort to know no matter what we can be assured that the Lord has our best interest at heart. He loves you so much. emoticon

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MSLZZY 10/30/2011 11:19PM

    God will provide-the answer and the means. He knows what is best and will move you to where he wants you to be-in his time. HUGS!

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VISUALLYRICS 10/30/2011 10:31PM

    Sandy -

My heart & prayers are with you and your you follow the Lord.
May His Peace follow you as you trust Him. I am so glad you have had this wonderful experience of a lifetime! What a rich time...and the blessing you have been to others.

love ~ Laura emoticon emoticon

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    Maybe your willingness to say "I'll go where You want me to go" will be enough and He will keep you right there. You never know!

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SCOUTHARPS 10/30/2011 1:21PM

  Trust is the thing. I hope you can continue your adventures there, but if you come back to the States, trust that you will have adventures here as well! Warm thoughts and prayers.

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RUNNERRACHEL 10/30/2011 12:55PM

    Yes, trust is so important. Sounds like you've seen God's provision for you and your husband and I know He will continue to provide the right support for you and your husband.

Bless you!

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BLUEANGELLK 10/30/2011 11:19AM

    God always has plans that we don"t understand, but they are always perfect. He brought you to Germany and He will take care of you. I will keep the two of you in my prayers for His guidance.

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ZELLAZM 10/30/2011 9:59AM

    Sandy, I'll be praying along with you and your husband as you seek God's guidance for the future. From his Word and from our experience as believers, we KNOW that he has our very best interests at heart and that he CAN be trusted. He brought you to Germany "for such a time as this" and I know you'll make the most of the time you still have here, however long or short that might be! Happy Sunday - enjoy the beautiful day!

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A scary ride

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

When I returned from my retreat on Sunday I discovered that I had a very sick husband. He tried to go to work on Monday and did not last long. I got a call from today that he needed to go to the doctor. He picked me up at school and we headed to the Army hospital at Landstuhl. He said he was hungry and offered him some of my almonds or my apple. He only ate one almond. Who does that? I thought he was fine, but may be a little out of breathe. My first clue he was out of it was that he missed our exit off the autobahn. This is not good in Germany since it maybe many miles until the next one. Several times he also drove up too fast behind the trucks and would not brake enough and very quickly. I was holding on to the handle near the top part of my window. He was scaring me the way he was driving. He is a great driver and this was not his typical style. We drove to the first exit we could use to double back to the right exit. When he tried to make the curve to enter the autobahn he missed it and drove up on the curb and nearly hit the guard rail. Now I knew he was not doing well. I tried to help him keep the car on the road by touching the steering wheel, but this made him mad. He took off his hat and turned on the A/C. I felt his hand and realized he was all clammy. I knew his blood sugar had dropped drastically. I dug a hard candy out of my bag and told him to eat it. We swerved a couple of more time before safely leaving the autobahn.
As we traveled up the winding road through the hills I noticed the road workers and told him to slow down and watch for the men. He said that he saw them, but one man had to jump back when he came too close to him. I was terrified by this time and was trying to get him to stop the car and let me drive. He finally did and he could not get out of the car and back in on the other side. Finally, I had him seated and the door closed/. I drove without event the rest of the way. I had to get him inside by wheelchair. He found a small candy bar in the car while I was getting the wheelchair. We got inside and within twenty minutes he was rational once again. He had blood tests and a checked, got some medicines for his viral infection and we left to go home. He came home exhausted and ready for sleep. I came home wired. As soon as I got him settled, I mowed the front lawn. I had lots of nervous energy to burn.

I am grateful that God protected through this stressful drive and kept us and the other people on the roads safe from harm. God is so good to us!

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CMJONES77065 10/19/2011 11:11AM

    Wow! I'm very glad that it ended safely!

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ZELLAZM 10/19/2011 7:12AM

    Now that IS scary...your status update didn't contain all the details! Praise God for his protection!

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SCOUTHARPS 10/18/2011 10:31PM

  Horros! I'm so glad you got him there in one peice, and that he got rational again. Hugs to you both, and so glad this has a happy ending! emoticon

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MSLZZY 10/18/2011 7:21PM

    God was there to protect you and others. Sorry for the scare! HUGS!

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BLUEANGELLK 10/18/2011 5:45PM

    Sounds so scary!!!! Glad God had his hand on you two!

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