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Perfect Beach Day!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Yippee! My son went with a friend to a fair today ~ and I spent 3-4 hours on the beach working on my colorin'.

I was able to not only spend time at the beach, but got a great workout in afterward when the gym wasn't crowded.

Now, I have to vent just a little about my gym experience on Friday. I have never seen such freaky moves in my life!!! WTH are people thinking. Maybe its just me, but if I don't know how to do a move, I will google it.....and if I can't do it properly, I don't do it in public. This is when its handy to have a mirror nearby to check the form.

One lady in particular was painful to watch....if I could add video here, I would have to demonstrate the wackiness. I give it to her that she had pep ~ but she had a potbelly and one of those short midriff shirts (I am not being mean, I'm just painting a mental picture) ~ believe me, her drive was inspiring....her form was not (i thought she was going to hurt herself). Anyway, the gym was very crowded and there are about 4 - 5 weight benches in front of the mirror (I was up above in the cardio section). She lays back on one of the benches and starts doing wide V splits with her legs ~ I swear, she almost took people out on both adjacent benches....she didn't do just one set....she kept coming back for more! It was disturbing that it has bothered me since Friday and I figured if I type it out, it might leave me ~ WHEW!

Now, back to the beach ~ it was such a perfect, sunny, with a gentle breeze kind of day. It was so quiet and you could just lay there and listen to the waves lapping at the shore, watch the boats pull out of Allen's Harbor and watch people quahog. Just gorgeous!

After the beach and my workout, I felt so good that I decided to snap a picture after my shower ~ I have to say....I never expected to feel so proud of myself. I turn 37 next Monday. And I didn't expect 37 to look like this, but I'm so happy it does...and btw, the gym scale (which is never kind said I was 126 today with my clothes on :-)

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PINKY911 7/8/2009 4:41PM

    What a hot momma, literally, hee hee! I can only hope I look this good at 37, shoot I struggle now! :)

On a side note...I too feel your pain in terms of watching people with horrible form at the gym. Case in point, I take a women's weightlifting class and doing dead lifts the form is horrible it makes me literally CRINGE just thinking about how they are going to throw their back's out! That and seeing women try and lift weight that is way too heavy for them! Who are we going to be impressing when we are laid up in a body cast or suffering from a life of injuries?! Riddle me this? emoticon

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SEPPIESUSAN 7/6/2009 4:47PM

    OMG! If I had a bikini body like that, I'd go to the beach WHENEVER I COULD!! You definitely deserve to be proud of yourself.

As for that woman at the gym, that sounds painfully funny. Imagine if she'd kicked someone!! At least it must have made for an entertaining visit. There's a woman at my gym who wears CRAZY outfits...this chubby middleaged woman with a high side ponytail of long salt-and-pepper hair with off-the-shoulder Minnie Mouse shirts with puffy sleeves, or see-through black mesh tops. At least she just walks on the treadmill - no crazy moves to go with the crazy clothes.

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 7/6/2009 8:48AM

    Yeah, you look great!!!

That is disturbing! Why would she choose to do that on a bench? And why are people so un-self aware as far as their clothing?!?!

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LFLFLPLP 7/6/2009 6:46AM

    emoticon You look really good!!! Glad you enjoyed your time at the beach. Sounds heavenly!!

Your gym lady story cracked me really do see some interesting things at gyms!

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Blowing the Goal Away

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Goals are great to have ~ goals are necessary to track progress through the process.

Beating goals is totally AWEEEEESOME!!!!

My goal = 128 lbs by someday....

Today = 126 lbs....consistently for a few days on the scale

What's a girl to do? Revise the goal, of course!!

When I tell you I was stuck at 133lbs, I was stuck. First of all, I figured my age had set in, and that I would never see the 120's. The diet on the BFL program (plus the weight training) has totally changed every bit of that. My 133 weight was me eating "healthy" through the day, and then coming home at night and having a little bit of this and that, and then finding something sweet (my drug of choice - sugar) and having myself a nice little binge ~ yeah me! Who did this hurt? self-esteem, especially when I believed I was just always going to have thick thighs and flabby arms. I know EXACTLY where all that sugar was going.

Not to mention, sometimes I'd eat myself into a sugar coma....seriously!!! I'd have too much of whatever it was, and zonk out on the couch only to wake up later and drag myself to bed. That was pitiful.

Good Sugar:

Bad Sugar:

These days, I have my last "mid-meal" a couple hours after my evening meal, and wake up excited to weigh myself and get to the gym. Can't wait for the rest of my life ~ now that sugar isn't at the wheel!

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LFLFLPLP 7/1/2009 1:43PM

    Woo Hoo!! Go You!!! I'm so happy for you! You've earned that number, that's for sure!

I love your good sugar!!! emoticon So cute!!

I have a feeling you are going to surpass many more goals before you are done. Congrats!

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SEPPIESUSAN 7/1/2009 11:51AM

    Congratulations!! I thought you might like to know that Run_Lift_Eat used your dedication as an example of what she was trying to say in a comment on my page a few minutes ago... so of course I had to come and check out your page. It's so inspiring that you beat the sugar issue and SURPASSED your goal!! I hope to have success like yours someday. :)

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 7/1/2009 8:47AM

    OMG I LOVE THE GOOD SUGAR / BAD SUGAR emoticon That is too cool!!!!!

I am so happy for you! Not that you asked for advice, but I think you should keep going until your body plateaus. Your body will tell you, "Nope, we're done losing for now."

I was thinking along these same lines last night - I plan on blogging about it later. But yeah, no one can make you do it. Period. For anything in life. Unless you happen to be Paris Hilton or some other uber-rich family no one is going to make things happen for you in life but you, be it fitness - that detective job you want, the masters/Jd I want no one but us can create that for ourselves.

That being said, IT AIN'T EASY! So mega kudos to you! emoticon

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Curse the Dr's Scale

Monday, June 29, 2009

Annual check up today -- and damn if the doc's scales didn't agree with mine (in a negative way)! I am not going to let this set me back ~ however, I am sure that you ladies can sympathize with my feelings. I walk out of there and I feel instantly fat...its as if I can already feel the flab increasing around my middle. What is it with this psychological game that is played in our heads when we hear or see #'s related to our body size?!?!?

Aaarrrrrgh! Regardless, I'm going to focus on the positives of the appt ~ he said, "you are a doctor's dream patient" ~ and that I had kept off a considerable amount of weight since 2006. I weighed 148 around 2006, because I was on the depo provera bc shot. Not only did it make me fat, but, it screwed my bone density all up.

But, the doctor is fine (and I mean totally fine!!), he gave me the thumbs up, and as always he talked running, biking and weight-lifting with me ~ great bedside manner! If only he had a brother...

Have a great day everyone!!

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LFLFLPLP 6/29/2009 2:49PM

    I agree with Kim, they need to make clothes allowances. Did you make an allowance in your mind for it?

One day I'm going to go in there and say, "I don't care if your scale is in the hallway, I'm getting completely naked before I step on that thing".

I know what you mean about instantly feeling fatter though. As soon as I see a bad number, even if I know I'm holding water, I feel like I am getting fat rolls or that my thighs look particularly large. It's crazy that we let our minds play those games.

Good to hear you got a good report otherwise. That's the more important thing anyway.

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 6/29/2009 12:33PM

    I do the same crap with the scale at the doctors. What is up with them not subtracting for clothes? Seriously people, clothes are not weightless. And yeah, mentally it is amazing how the scale and mess with my head.

Stupid piece of metal and plastic. It should have no power over us!

Congrats on maintaining since 2006, that is awesome! And now you're losing even more!

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I feel so much skinnier with a tan!

Friday, June 26, 2009

It has rained here for weeks on end ~ and this weekend is promising to be the first real sunny weekend in a few. We are going to get that "oppressive" heat the south has been feeling for a while.

So, me, in my infinite wisdom has been self-tan spraying myself in an effort to have a little color. Its working! Before I got in the shower this a.m., I weighed myself and then caught a glimpse of my tan-self in the mirror and did a double take! AWESOME!

It could have been the fact that I did an hour and half of cardio yesterday, 45 min of weight training plus worked all day that made me feel lighter (and my scale...NO JOKE!....said 125 this a.m. -- must be dehydration). However, I think its the tan that makes me "look" smaller, at least to me.

Why is that!? I don't know, but I likey!! emoticon

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 6/27/2009 10:20AM

    Oh definitely! I feel like I have lost 10 pounds every time I mystic tan, which I need to do today!

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MIZZTHOCK 6/26/2009 10:10AM

    That is so funny that you have wrote this because I feel the same way. I think I look thinner tan rather then pale. I am sure also that you have lost weight. Well I am glad to hear that you were happily surprised today. Keep up the good work.

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LFLFLPLP 6/26/2009 9:54AM

    So so true!!! I always feel like I look thinner with a tan. I'm a sunless tanner as well. I also feel like I can see the muscles in my arms so much better when I have some color. I heard a saying once.... "Tanned Cellulite looks better than pale cellulite" I would add that tanned without cellulite is even BETTER!

I so wish I would have been blessed with naturally darker skin. I am literally as pale as a ghost without my sunless tanner. And my poor daughter, she is half Filipino but ended up with my pasty white complexion. It somehow looks just fine on her though. I'd like to have my oldest son's skin tone!

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Re-Commitment Feels Sooo Good!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ever since taking and posting the pics in a previous blog, I've completely re-focused on the task at hand. I'm stepping up my cardio and pushing myself harder on the weight training.

I've kept a log since Day 1, and its interesting to see the progression of "weight lifted" on that day and now. My arms and back are still sore from my Tuesday workout, but today was heavy lower body (ironic statement since I do have a heavy lower body....). I'm really picking up the pace and breaking out of the normal routine to try to challenge my muscles to "think" differently and adapt.

This is where the action is -- Muscle confusion! Normally, confusion....not good, but with muscles....very good...keeps them on their muscle toes

Today is the beginning of Week 8 for me and so that means step it up! BIG TIME! I have four weeks (one of which I'll be traveling....aaarrrgh!), but I have rearranged my schedule for that week.

Visiting family that is sedentary is my biggest problem there ~ however, I'll get up, and do cardio that week and get my weight training in before and after the travel to catch up. Planning makes all the difference in getting it done!

So, I'll hush now and get back to the planning of it all....


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RUN_LIFT_EAT 6/25/2009 2:43PM

    Good for you! And hey, traveling is tough and won't be as perfect as it would be if you were home and in complete control of your circumstances, BUT, even though it won't be perfect it will be WAY BETTER than if you weren't committed to working out and eating right ;)!

I have been meaning to write to you about what you said the other day about being able to cycle, weight lift, do yoga and stuff and still not like how you look and how diet is the key. And girl, you are so right! It sucks doesn't it?

I mean I don't mind eating healthy and all, but I would love to be able to just let it go more than you can when you want to be a certain weight. Diet is definitely an unequal portion of the equation. There are people at my gym that I have seen there for years that work out regularly, they work hard, and they never change their bodies. Well, that is not true, some get bigger.

Diet. I hate it, because I would just love to be able to do extra cardio, sigh, but alas, it doesn't work that way.

Anyway, here is a to a great next four weeks!

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LFLFLPLP 6/25/2009 11:38AM

    I'm recommitting with you right now. I've been struggling lately and this blog was a good reminder that I can choose right now at this moment to really get my head in the game again.

I have no doubt you'll get there! Thanks for the contagious determination!!

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