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Hello everybody!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wow, I knew I haven't been on here but July, I'm so far behind. Oh well! Just stopping in to check on everybody and give you an update. Here goes:

We went on another vacation in August. First to DC for a few days. We visited the Native American, U.S. History and Hirshorn Museums at the Smithsonian. All very nice. Regan and I liked the Hirshorn but thought it was rather empty. The Native American museum was very nice and they have Native American foods in the cafe. We tried buffalo! (Can't say I'm too keen on it). We also spent one full day shopping at the Potomac Mills Outlets, near where I used to live. Regan was in seventh heaven there and got a ton of school clothes. We then went to the National Marine Museum in Quantico. Really nice museum. Ian was in heaven there. Even Regan was impressed. Next we spent two days visiting Colonial Williamsburg. Finally we went to Busch Gardens. Regan and I rode every roller coaster there and had a blast. I think I may have finally overcome my fear of rollercoasters! :)

Ian auditioned and got a main role in the local production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. He is playing Mr. Beaver. It's a ton of work, four rehearsals a week for several hours, but he seems to really love it.

School, of course, has started here. Regan is in 9th and loves it. It's her last year at the junior high, so she is the big shot veteran now at the junior high. She is working very hard on her classes and seems to be doing quite well. She is taking a guitar class and is enjoying that. Jon is beside himself thinking that she will keep up the guitar. (He plays beautiful and was in a band) She is still dating her boyfriend from last year and all is going well there. Our house has become a little bit of a weekend hangout for the kids lately which I have really been enjoying.

I have enrolled in an online dressmaking/pattern design course which I'm very excited about. It will take a minium of 7 months to complete and then I will receive a certificate for professional dressmaking. I'm really learning a lot and am enjoying going back to school again. I'm not sure what I will do with the certification, possibly go onto a higher level field or start my own business. We will see! :)

I'm still plugging along with my reading but I don't think I will make my 52 books this year. I'm currently on book 33 (The Road) and 34 (Vanity Fair). I just don't have the time to put into it but I'm very much enjoying the books. Gaylinn, you are going to cream me with this! :)

Right now, I'm recovering from the flu so I have the time to update on FB. Man, I hate getting sick, but it's really like clockwork for me. Every fall, I get slammed. I guess I should expect it by now.

My hip is slowly getting better but not fast enough for me. I haven't been very good about doing my therapy exercises though, so I kind of have to blame myself there. Hopefully, in Jan, I will be back to normal. I have been walking Ian to school and back. I have to use my cane because coming home is all uphill, but I'm doing okay there.

As far as dieting, I am not doing well at all. I lost about 2 pounds, just cutting back but I'm not really trying right now.

My hair is already different from my most recent pics. I cut it very short and dyed it almost black. Everyone seems to love it, including me!

Well, that's about all my news. I hope everyone is well here on SP! Talk with you soon! Carrie

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It's always such a pleasure to hear from you. We miss you at CruisinOn. Sure wish you'd come hang out with us.
It sounds like everything is going fantastic with you an your family. I'm so happy to read all the updates. Take care and come on over to the CruisinOn boards and join us.


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LOSINGLINNDY 9/22/2010 12:56AM

    You're right. I am on book 71 or so. But of course I have more time since my children are all adults. I read The Road and enjoyed it. Not so much Vanity Fair. I just finished The Promise and A Monstrous Regimen of Women. Now I am reading what I thought would be a lighter one, but not so. It deals a lot with the psychological effects of war. This particular one is World War 1, but I think the effects of war have not changed over the years.

Congratulation to Ian. And I am happy you all had such a great vacation.

Your cowardly friend where rollercoasters are concerned, Gaylinn

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Wow, time is flying....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hi everyone! I didn't realize it's been since June that I've been on here. Life has been super busy! Hope you are all doing well on here. Here's my latest update....

- Jon, Ian and I just got back from our Gettysburg trip last night. We has a great time! We went to the new Visitor Center and toured the battlegrounds both by tour bus and on our own. We went to the National Soldier's Cemetary, ate and shopped in downtown Gettysburg, went to almost all of the museums, played mini-golf and saw Despicable Me. We just about did everything thing there was to do! Really nice trip!

- Regan went to Challenge camp at our local college again this year. She had the best time yet, she said. She took 3D sculpture, Pop Art and Latin dancing classes this year. She actually enjoyed the dancing (I was not sure she would) and LOVED her pop art class. She did two pictures this year. One of them we all just love.

- Ian attended 2 weeks of acting classes with a local theater group again. He performed in several improv acts on the final day. I thought he was a real natural on stage and did a wonderful job. All the kids did very well, especially because this year's performances were on-the-spot impov. Quite tough. He is auditioning for a role in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at the end of August. I hope he gets a role. It will be his first audition. Keep your fingers crossed! :)

- I have been very busy doing yardwork and landscaping, along with trecking Ian back and forth to acting. I finished the first stage of my landscaping out in the front of the house. The tree is finally in plus the foundation shrubs. I rescued several plants (mostly hostas and ajuga) that were in my yard and replanted them. I added lirope along the side slope and juniper and sedum along the front slope. I took out all the grass along the sidewalk bed and planted lemon thyme. Along the front steps I've planted Rose of Sharon and several salvia. Finally I put down the landscape fabric, river rock and a TON of multch. I still have to add some stepping stones and other plants and bulbs, but it's a start. Now I'm moving on to outdoor painting and staining my basement floor.

- My dieting and exercising have be going horribly. We have had five large celebrations (holidays and b-day parties) plus a week-long vacation of terrible eating. I'm home for a week and then we are off again to DC, Williamsburg and Busch Gardens. I have pretty much shelved the diet idea until I get back. I think I will at least get a ton of walking in. I did in Gettysburg! :)

- I'm now on book #28. I finished The Passage (very good), Midnight (pretty good), The Hunters( good but unusual) and now am on Jane Austen's Persuasion. I'm still 3 books behind on my reading. I should have counted pages instead of books. Some of my books are over 1,000 pages long. Oh well....:)

- As far as my recovery, my hip is doing okay. It's still sore and I still walk with a cane sometimes, but I guess I'm coming along. The doc says it will take me a full year to feel "normal". I sure hope he is correct! :)

- My square foot garden is going well this year. I have already gotten about 30 radishes, 3 bags of Swiss Chard and 13 cucumbers from it. I have found some very interesting cucumber recipes that I'm going to try to get rid of the cucumbers. I didn't expect to get 13 all at once. Note to self, next year only plant 1 cucumber plant. Other plants that I have but have not yet harvested from are pole beans which are supposed to be purple on the outside, Brussell sprouts, and cherry tomatoes.

- I think that is about it for now. I've been very busy and not on the computer at all lately. Now that I'm more mobile, I'm anxious to get things done!

Hope all is well with everyone on FB. I miss talking with you all. I'm hoping to post some new pictures very soon. Hopefully when school starts, I will be using this site more frequently. Talk with you all later! Carrie

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LOSINGLINNDY 7/28/2010 4:22PM

    How good to hear from you and get an update on all you have been doing. I am up to 58 books but am just now starting a 1000 page book on Cleopatra. I have been out of town off and on all summer usually with no computer access.

Congratulations on how well your children are doing in the workshops and camps they are attending. Hope you frame the pop art picture you like so much.

I need lessons for using FaceBook. I get lost FB land.

Keep getting better.

Hugs, Gaylinn emoticon

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hi everybody,

Sorry I haven't been on alot. I was hoping to upload some new pics by now, but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Things have been going very well around here, but everything is taking longer than I had hoped. Here's a quit update on what is going on:

- Regan's 14th b-day party went really well and was a fun and low-key party. All the kids got along well and played together all day. Honestly that surprised me because there are alot of personalities and age differences in the group. Her big surprise gift was a ticket to see Lady Gaga in Feb. She's already planning her outfit.

- All the tile in the basement is up but my work has been stalled until a plummer comes. We have decided to move our old bar which contains a sink, so the water needs to be shut off there.

- The kid's last day of school in on Thurs. I cannot wait. It will be nice to have them around more and also to not have to drive to the elementary school 2x a day. :)

- I'm trying to plan two shorter vacations over the summer. One to DC and one to Gettysburg. Regan is going to the beach with my MIL and SIL. During that week, Jon and I are thinking about taking Ian to Gettysburg. He is a history fanatic.

- We had a HUGE family meeting concerning how everyone in the house needs to help. Now every Sunday, we get together and plan our week, get our jobs for the week and discuss any issues that may have come up. Working well so far.

- I have started WW this past week. It has not been easy, but so far so good.

- I'm currently up to 21 books read for my yearly book goal of 56. I'm a little behind, so I'll have to throw some short books in there. :)

- Right now I'm so busy, that I'm kind of losing my mind. Too much to do. Hopefully when school lets out, I'll get a little breather. Whew!

Thinking about you guys and hoping all is well! :)

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    Way to go Carrie!

I'm glad that Regan's party was a huge success.

Sounds like your basement is really coming along. You are making great progress!

My DD's last day of school was yesterday, so today is the first full day of summer vacation. Rain is in the forecast all day. Yuck! But she is sleeping in and will hvae a great day regardless of the weather!

Oh the family meetings....I can relate.

And I can relate on the eating and being on plan. I was doing so well in April and then May went downhill and I haven't been able to get back on track quite yet. Maybe with school out?

DC is so much fun. We have been so many times but I swear I see something new every time we go. I love it! I have never been to Gettysburg but am planning to go. I too love the history of it as well as the ghosts.

My reading is stalled. But hopefully I can get some books in by our new pool. Currently I am reading Look Better Naked.

Well, off to ride my recumbent bike.

Hugs my friend,

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DAWNDREGER 6/8/2010 10:19AM

    That's quite the list! Sounds like you have a busy life, so good on you for making time for healthy choices!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Well things are going pretty well. I'm almost done with my basement tile removing (Yay!). After much research, I have found a soy-based mastic removing, etching compound and concrete stain for the floor. So things are moving along there.

I'm trying to get the house somewhat presentable for my daughter, Regan's, 14th b-day party. Hard to believe that she is that old. She is turning into such a beautiful young lady and she is a real buddy for me. :)

Ian's hip MRI was inconclusive so he must return in 8 weeks for an x-ray. He could have a problem but we will just have to watch it. Not the news I wanted to hear for sure. He is doing just fine though and has no pain, so I'm hoping and praying that all will work out well.

My hip recovery is going better. I'm walking around the house without a cane and I'm quite busy now. My incision is still sore but I think is getting better. My groin pain is pretty much non-existent. Woo-hoo! So I'm plunking along. :)

Today, I'm going to start a full body exercise routine. Pretty much working arms, core and legs on separate days and doing a little on the exercise bike. I'm going to try to work up to 30 on the bike.

Hopefully, soon I will be able to start dieting. I'm really not happy with my weight right now, but I've pretty much accepted that I can't focus on that right now.

I did buy some fabric to make a dress. This will be my first foray into customizing commercial patterns. After practicing this skill, I'm going to move onto creating my own patterns.

That's about it for now. Hope you all are having a great day! Carrie

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    Wow, you have so much going on...and actually really good things. I can read it in your words...your happiness. I'm so happy that things are getting better. Please share pictures of your work. And I cant wait to see your sewing. I have never sewn anything. I hope things continue to go well for you and it sounds like things are just moving along in the right direction for good! WooHoo! Keep on doing what you are doing cause it is working like a charm!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello everybody! Sorry I have not been on for a loooonnngg. Well here's my update:

I'm done with PT. I have been progressing verrryyy slowly. My groin pain seems to be waining, but my incision is still sore. Both PT and doc feel I'm doing well, but I'm taking longer than I'd like. :(. My next doc appointment is in June. I'm continuing doing my PT work at home.

Ian had his MRI arthrogram. He did really well with the test, but I have yet to get the actually results. I'm really unhappy with this doctor. I don't think that he has a serious problem though. He is doing very well.

I'm still ripping up tile in my basement and have about 4/6 of it done. After I clean the floor, I'm either going to paint it with an epoxy paint or regular basement floor. I'm actually enjoying this project, but I'd love to move on to step two! :)

I finished Stephen King's Under the Dome. Liked it, but wait for paperback or get from library. It's a good book but not one of my favorites of his. I really liked the beginning and the ending, but the middle was really dragged out. I also finished Olive Kitteridge (liked), The Book Thief (loved) and am now reading The Alchemist. I'm still struggling through Naked Lunch. This may be the second book that I just quit reading. I have only done this once before. I'm enjoying it that much. I'm only one book behind on my reading schedule, Gaylinn. :)

Finally, we had a really nice Mother's Day over the weekend and I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my family.

So basically, things are going well but I'm still recovering so it's not going fast enough for me! Wish you all a wonderful day and to all my mom friends, Happy Mother's Day! Carrie

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LOSINGLINNDY 5/15/2010 4:25PM

    Thanks for blogging so we could get caught up on your progress. You did not mention ripping out your bar. Glad the tile work is going well. I have read Olive K. and The Alchemist. Will have to read The Book Thief after your high recommendation.

Healing always seems to go slowly. See if you haven't made dramatic improvement by the end of July. six months seems to be a turning point. emoticonthat you are only one book off your goal for book reading.

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