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Lemonade Anyone?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm so glad I'm an optimist. After the week I had last week I was looking forward to enjoying my weekend to the fullest. Needless to say, the perfect weekend does not exist. The candy buffet was a hit. I took pictures after I set it up. I will post pictures later. The red party was okay. The photographer's equipment malfunctioned so I only have a phone photo that a friend took of me.

I just got in from the play. The main character I went to see was replaced by another singer. The play was excellent and I was pleased with the performances of most of the characters. Lisa Payne was a supporting actress who stole the show. Her voice is phenomenal! The girl played her role extremely well. I'm just glad she is not my church's First Lady.

The weather outside is treacherous, but thank God for a vehicle with 4wd. Overall, I would say I made the most out of the weekend that a pessimist would have whined about. I made lemonade out of lemons this weekend.



Working Out The Weekend

Saturday, December 11, 2010

This has been an extremely busy week for me. Last Thursday I received the news that my former pastor had passed away. What a devastating blow. He was only 59 years young. This Thursday I attended his homegoing services. It was a beautiful celebration of life.

Today I'm working my side hustle as a Candy Buffet Designer. The occasion is a 40th birthday celebration for 200 guests. In addition to my day job I must set up the candy buffet.

Tonight I will be going to a red party. I fretted over what to wear about a month ago. Red is not my color of choice. I finally found a red maxi dress that I can dress up or down. I found some killer bling jewels. I will be carrying my slippers in my hand, as the nasty old weatherman predicts 3-4" of snow.

Sunday night is girls night out. My daughter, my neighbor and my sister friend are attending a play in the city. I'm excited about the play. I'm going to see "I'll Be Home For Christmas". It's a contemporary spin on the prodigal son parable.

What I'm I doing blogging? I got work to do!

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MEANCARLEEN 12/12/2010 7:22AM

    I hope you had a blast! emoticon

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My Day Off, In Review

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Today in review:
I arose early as usual.
I went to the salon to get my hair re-braided.
I had lunch with my daughter and her boyfriend.
I went shopping for my job.
I had the oil changed in my truck.
I had a mini-massage.
I had a spa mani/pedicure.
I'm getting ready to camp out in front of the tube and let tv watch me sleep.
Goodnight Spark Family.

Hmmm, I should have went to work. Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today was my only day off. I'm not complaining. I'm blessed to have a job. I woke up early. I gave thanks for my blessings. I lazed around and enjoyed my day. I cooked a herb-roasted turkey breast, roasted some root vegetables, baked some sweet potatoes and made a little dressing. I plan on making my green beans tomorrow. I ate in moderation. I didn't even touch the cheesecake that my daughter made for me. I watched tv until it started watching me. I called and texted several friends and family. Overall, I had a very blessed day. I hope your day was pleasant.

emoticon emoticon


On The Job Training

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yesterday at work I had to learn how to set the patient up on the decompression machine and assist him/her in getting off the machine. It was simple, but one must be careful when doing it because you are strapping the patient in a harness. It must be adjusted properly so as not to allow the patient to slide on incline or decline of the machine.

I also learned how to assist/instruct the patient on the balance board. I have seen patients on this before. It looks like fun to me, but of course I'm not in pain. I had the opportunity to try it out. It was fun! I then tried out the "shimmy-shake" machine. This is not what it is called but what it feels like. It vibrates your body from the waist down. I felt silly. I told my co-worker I felt like a video dancer doing the 'booty bounce'. We shared a good laugh at that one!

Next week we will start in-service training one day a week during the lunch hour period. The doctor feels it is necessary for everyone to be on the same page as far as learning. I feel it is a great idea.

I may not have the greatest job in the world, but at least I'm blessed to have a job! This holiday season I'm thankful to have a job. We often complain about our situation(s). I decided to see my job as an opportunity to gain experience and approach each day with a positive attitude. I will not let my co-workers and patients determine whether or not I have a great day. My plan is to be that annoying, happy, yet contagious person that sets the thermostat of the office. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it until I find a better job.



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