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Hair ideas

Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm in the mood for some new hair ideas. I've worked so hard to get what length I have, but it's flat. Maybe a hair peice from Sally's to give me a boost behind my pony tail.


New looks!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Shopping is one reward for keeping accountable.
Got some new things and was encouraged when I fit better into some I already had.
Feeling pretty. (somewhat...)



What interests keep you from snacking?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

art, time with friends, shopping, writing...

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FREEJOY 3/29/2012 2:52PM

    I know exactly how you feel. I got up this morning and after working out diligently and staying within my calorie range for 1 week i got on the scales ( weekly weigh in )expecting something less but, instead i had gained 2 pounds. I was quite let down but got encouragement from lee and kadi. emoticon

Oh well ! I a, making the right choices and as Lee put it it eventually has to pay off one day because Physics are involved. I think i will watch my salt intake as well.
I have noticed that when i binge often I am craving protein and thats is exactly what almonds are chocked full of. Let's not be discouraged and keep our faith up. emoticon

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CURLSUSIEQ 3/29/2012 1:24PM

    Wow. So much of what you're saying I feel too. Tired of dieting years. Want a permanent answer. Need God's input to be my best finally.
I measured today. First time since Mar. 12. Felt smaller. Not.
So disappointing. I tried on my new clothes. Taking 1/2 back. letdown. BUT!
I looked back to the measurements I had when I started fasting Dec. 12. I am losing regularly 2 1/2 lbs. a month. My "rolls" of fat are diminishing; getting more toned. Growing gracefully stronger in the Spirit! By Nov. 12 at this pace, I will be the size I was Summer 2008. If it comes sooner, YEAH!!!
I read Focus on the Family's book, (by Neil Warren, PhD. that started E Harmony) called "Finding the Love of Your Life", last night. Stayed up late to finish it. Put many things in plain language that I knew but couldn't express well. I DID have a good marriage with Jesse and I do know what real married love is. Many men have never matured in their ability to give a woman the emotional support needed to develop intimate long lasting love in a relationship. I feel better equipped to judge that character trait now. (3 cheers!)
The fasting I'm committed to holds me back. I fill out the food track as if I eat through the day...(you know I don't.) And it does make me tempted to overeat when I am more ravished. The other night I had a whole cup of almonds! 855 calories! whoa! Not going to do that again.
Tracking makes me aware when I goof up.
Your strategy sounds great!

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FREEJOY 3/29/2012 12:25PM

    I allow myself snacks and have found them to be a key to success. However, I have rules and a set plan for each day (three meals at 250-300 calories each and 3 snacks at 100 -150 each) and when i snack it has to be a snack high in protein and under or around 100- 150 calories. I have noticed that when i eat every 3-4 hours and take in protein throughout the day that i have fewer sugar cravings and a steady success rate of staying at my calorie intake goals for the day. I also love and allow my self chocolate but only have it when i have a serious craving that has been deterred twice before..i add that into my daily calorie allowance and eat only after all my other needs have been met such as water goal, fiber count, veggie and fruit count and protein level met. i then allow myself 1-2 oz of dark chocolate which adds up to 70 calories but satisfies that craving.
I have dieted my whole life and really exhausted from emotional drain that both dieting and being overweight pull from my life. I am prayerfully walking and asking to find a WAY to reach and live at my God given weight without ever dieting again. i believe God is leading me and it is going to take a conversion of how i have lived my daily life up until now. It is as if GOD said " i want to give your health and eating a BORN AGAIN experience and it is A NEW LIFE and your SOUL needs to be converted by my word and YOU will change forever as your thoughts, desires and habits change. The Old man is Gone and The new man is walking in a brand new path. emoticon This changes everything for me what are your thoughts? emoticon

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Are you an emotional eater?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I have been in the past...from skinny and depressed to chubby and celebrating, then in between; up and down. My spiritual development gives me control over emotional issues, by faith and commiting my feelings to God's ability, I respond positively.

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CURLSUSIEQ 3/29/2012 1:11PM

    I agree...and find that when I struggle with emotions, I cop out on the exercise & diet. I just feel weak. the Bible surges with peace, joy and comfort for me. I am trying to read it when I sit down to eat.
Jesse sabotaged my dieting in the past. From the first year of our marriage, cooking for his appetite was changing the way I looked.
His heighth could carry more weight; mine could not. Men have a higher metabolism. I gained 2 lbs. a year. I was married 33 years. Look how effectively I lost it when he died. Loved him, but he did not exactly bring out the best in me, because he controlled me in requiring food to be part of our relationship. Sounds trite, but I lived it. Then when I got married again, I tried to use what I had learned to make a happy home. Tada! I got fat quickly. And the rejection that came from John injured my emotions a lot. I am making wonderful progress, yet I am quite gunshy to meet anyone new. So...
losing weight for me is a tug of war: If I look good and get married again, will it break my heart and ruin me?
Trusting God. makes me cry still.

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FREEJOY 3/29/2012 12:01PM

    Yes.that is what earned me the weight i am today. I have to really watch it and ask myself why am i eating this? Eating was my medication to the pain in my life but as i sowed to that thought process i reaped more pain from all the side effects of over eating. My main focus at this point in my health journey now is to retrain my thinking and motivations. I heard someone suggest that it helped them overcome by journalising each emotion while eating .They also track what types of food eaten when they had a emotional binge and then one could gain insight into a pattern that they are following and then retrain themselves to move in a different direction.
This sounds like a good idea to me because in the past i have not stopped to arrest the actual feelings i am experiencing . i don't even know why i am upset and eating... i just automatically reach for food to medicate. I tend to be an emotional stuffer and my coping mechanism was food. This decision got me to where i am today and in order to go back i have to make different decisions numerous times a day. This ( Automatic medicating} is a destructive behavior and NOT God's way. Gratefully. our Lord walks with us of this journey to reach our God intended body weight and can reveal and heal any inner places that need emotional healing and show us the way to overcome. This is a very deep and complex subject that can only be navigated with the aid of the holy spirit and our open hearts to be willing to listen, look and change our comfort zone. Sorry for such a long post..what are your thoughts? emoticon

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Do you think weight affects your social life?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yes! I am shy when I don't feel confident about my size.

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CURLSUSIEQ 3/29/2012 11:55AM

    You will SHINE! coming soon... emoticon

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FREEJOY 3/29/2012 11:38AM

    I feel the same way and find myself wanting to avoid social situations often. It is a bondage that i do not believe is the right way to live for me, another reason to get to my healthy weight. emoticon

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