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Okay, so laundry CAN be aerobic

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

After posting yesterday, I calculated the time left for my workout and starting the laundry before preschool car line. I came up short, so I made gathering and sorting laundry an aerobic activity!

I marched around, stopped to do leg lifts, did squats to pick up items out of the hamper, etc. I stopped for a few knee raises, then carried my many pounds of laundry (3 kids do that to a gal) to a central sorting area. I usually sit on the floor to toss clothes into piles, but not this time! It was fun to be almost silly about getting both done at the same time. I was out of breath in a good way.

I didn't have time for my shower before car line, however. And for that I apologize to those who were downwind!


Back into the exercise routine

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm trying to get on a regular workout schedule again. I like walking outdoors, but with kids, weather, and other factors to consider, it's not always an option.

Today, I did strength training with my 2-yr-old working alongside me. Entertaining, to say the least! At least it helps keep the mood light and the workout fun. I hope to continue on a regular basis. I still need to do some cardio today; too bad laundry doesn't seem to do the trick! Once I get it started, though, I hope to grab a workout before preschool car line.