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Volunteering is Good for your Health!

Friday, April 24, 2009

According to US News and Reports post on 5/7/07 by Adam Voiland

"older people who volunteer enjoy longer lives, higher functional ability and lower rates of depression and heart disease".

I believe it has something to do with not thinking about yourself so much and centering on someone else and their problems. Personally, it gives me a great social network of people I may not normally meet in my daily life. I get to travel and live in hardship situations, that helps me appreciate what I have at home (even though it may not be much).

It is also a great diet. You are always on the move; you can't snack constantly and you have proportioned meals. You get instant gratification from the people you are helping. Hugs, cheers and a sense of well being are often side effects of helping others. It can be addictive.

Right now there are wildfires in Myrtle Beach, SC. People are loosing their homes and places of businesses. Many volunteers from all over are going to help with shelter, food and clothing - the basics. They give freely of their time, energy and heart to help people they don't even know without judgement or fear.

It is a wonderous gift one person can do for oneself and others.


Physical Rut.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am physically active, my life requires it because that's how I pay the "rent". I teach CPR, Yoga, Pilates and do massage therapy. These "jobs" keep me grounded spiritually, emotionally and may earn me some cardio points, but really-physically I am in a rut! My body totally knows what's goin on and doesn't care.

Problem - where do I find the time and the energy to add the new? I work at a gym for the Y/P/MT in the evenings, but by the time I finish working, I'm too tired to do weights or treadmill or anything else for that matter.

I am trying to add in a Quickfire everyday during the day job, but not always possible or practical. Also started to walk to work in the morning and back at lunch (15 min total). I hope they will be the catalyst to finally jump start my metabolism again? Only time will tell.


What's your Easter Bunny name?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Mine of course is Chocolate Hucklebunny (Go figure :) )

Get Your Easter Bunny Name at

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First Weedend

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The weekend, I should be glad it's here - but I'm dreading it. I can't control my atmosphere here. At work, I'm busy all day..go go go. I can limit my interaction with food. I have to bring it there to eat it.

Here, it's everywhere. Even the healthy stuff. I'd rather eat two bananas and an apple then clean house. Course chocolate would be better, but since I cleaned out the junk food, there isn't any.

He's skinny and likes to make Toll house cookies at the end of the evening. We have coctails (empty calories) and have a nice dinner at home. It's going to take planning and that won't power that I keep telling myself about. I won't have cookie, I will vaccuum. Ya know what? I think I'll walk the dog instead :) and then plant some spring flowers. emoticon emoticon emoticon



Friday, April 03, 2009


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