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What do I need to track?

Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's hard for me to figure out what I want to keep track of here but I told my therapist this week that I was back on here because I enjoyed the community and support. She recommended that I not track calories. I do get annoyed with myself that someone else stating a really clear easy solution helps me finally figure it out. emoticon

I don't want to track calories. I want to be mindful of what I eat and make sure I'm making mostly good choices - which was pretty much what I did when I was running a lot. Bc it didn't matter precisely - it was overall impact I was looking for. So not to go down the path of keeping track for the sake of nothing other than to have power over something in my life.. not doing that again.

This week I would like to set aside some time to do one thing I haven't done - like a yoga class from my online subscription - something different that I'd typically not do (nothing in mind, but there are lots - so I just need to pick one). And to sit down and be quiet within myself. At least once. For a few minutes. With no obligations.

Last goal for this week.... Really don't feel good about how things look in the house. I made some steps this week that were positive, and I want to keep on that path and get a few more things done. These are small steps but getting back in the habit of doing a little at a time, all the time, eventually adds up - as opposed to doing nothing at all, most of the time, which results in....ick!

Highly recommend a video that popped up on my start page about a social experiment that 'every woman and girl' should watch. I watched it, and well, I agree! If you've not seen it, I highly recommend and I think you'll be glad you took the time.

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PRANA_DANCER 6/30/2014 8:39AM

    Track healthy food groups/servings and healthy activities!

"I ate 4 servings of fruit, 6 servings of veggies, etc..."

"I did 30 min of running and I'm wiped out, I'm going to say I did that at a pretty high intensity!"

I got back into the calorie counting trap a few years ago and had to give up SP altogether for awhile. When I got back I tried counting macros but that's too close to counting calories. I'm to a point now that calories don't matter as much to me except for making my minimums each day.

If you look at my daily goals it's about servings and eating certain amounts of *categories* of foods per day or week. This has been the best thing ever for me. I also just use an activity tracker that makes a lump update each day so I'm not being constantly reminded of how much I just burned, just my general activity level for the day.


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LOVELESMILLS 6/29/2014 8:21AM


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Weekend tidying...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

my plan for the day is to continue to whittle down the accumulated stuff that's not in the right place. Not all of it, just some.

Also -
- To eat regular meals at reasonable intervals so I don't get overhungry and eat something I'll be upset about later

- To think about a bit of meal planning this week (?)

- To log on to my online yoga site where I'm paying a monthly fee and DO SOMETHING!

- To do a bit of sweeping of the cobwebs rattling around in my brain as well emoticon

What else ... just so I can remember later - I have been taking some medication that I think has been making me queasy. Lomotril for nail fungus. emoticon
I thought it was only when I'd not eaten a substantial enough breakfast that I felt bad. Or that it was because I was overtired or had too much caffeine. Since the dreadful BOTTOM RASH, I've not felt bad but noticed my face has been BEET RED after class. One night my face turned blotchy after dinner - I thought it was from my skin treatment that I used the night before.
Last night I read about the side effects and noticed lots of people reporting histamine reaction - rash/hives, etc. The days that the rash has gotten better I now realize coincided with the days that I forgot to take the stuff. I believe I have less than 2 weeks left of a 6 week round. Extra benadryl last night before bed. I had rash all over my arms and lower back and bottom last night, spreading down my legs. GAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! I feel better having an idea that I didn't erupt in awful rash b/c I'm in such awful shape and sweated like a pig. Wait, do pigs even sweat? So my plan for this medication is to see what I've got left - and if I can overcome the reaction using benadryl or zyrtec which was other people had reported and will need to decide if it's worth it and if the reaction is beyond rash/hives or won't abate then I may have to stop. Yuck.

Lots to say about nothing! I think it's good for me to get stuff out of my system regardless of how terribly dull and non-profound it may be some days. emoticon

And yes... today I will officially weigh myself.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CUBBYMAMMA 6/29/2014 8:08AM

    Just to add.... I did get the rash under control with a ton of benadryl and zyrtec. Not gone, but much better and hasn't reflared after exercise.

And I think that I wrote the name of some anti-diarrhea medication there. Oops. Duh. It's a generic for Lamisil. Only 9 more days!

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FIFIFRIZZLE 6/24/2014 5:08AM

    Good point, i don't think they do. Pigs. Sweat. Two weeks of rashes and you will be done. In the meantime, anti histamine perhaps???

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Today it's Friday - I have a chance to make something of this day!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Not sure why the motivation ebbs and flows so much. I was going to say 'for me' but wow, gee, I must think I'm unique in this trait. Haha!

I logged on this morning thinking about the RASH on my rear from hot yoga class, and whether or not I should go tonight, and that I would put that in my status. Because nothing says how great I think I am than announcing to Spark that I have heat rash all over my butt. Anyway, the first little saying I noticed at the top left corner said... "You are enough". I still started typing away with my planned self-deprecating remarks, but something made me stop. And I thought about how much time I spend at work pleading for us to be more than civil and to stop fixating on the negative things that we don't like, and talk about the things that people do well. To ask everyone to work hard and give them the chance to succeed at what they do best, and see how we can keep spreading the opportunity for people to shine and recognize those things more and more.... you get the idea.

Last paragraph outlining my flaws.... DELETED. Doesn't that feel better?

Last year I was seeing a nutritionist for a time. Actually I think I started late 2012, and stopped going last spring? Not sure. We talked a lot about things that were not about food, but all of the stuff around it that was making me pressure myself to try to be something else other than what I am, which is not what I wanted to be. A lot of discussion on trying to head off negative self-talk and body snarking. I never realized that I engaged in any of that behavior with other people - I guess I never noticed how much it is swirling around in the workplace until I started actively listening for it and trying not to participate. Wow.

The pressures that we all face to look or be a certain way are intense. They are pervasive and know no boundaries as they bridge cultural & socioeconomic divides. Isn't that refreshing? We can all join in in celebrating how awful we look or how we don't comply with an impossible standard - everyone can join in! I'm joking.... but I guess I didn't really believe it was as ingrained as it is, and that I was even participating. Coworkers from other countries, or just the other side of the country, are no less immune. I'm not skilled at the classic 'redirect' yet. I didn't think it would take me so long to learn how not to agree with someone who's talking about how FAT she is or that her size zero butt needs LIFTING (?). If I acknowledge that the comment has been thrown out there, I'm encouraging it. If I tell the person that what they are saying is ridiculous, I've given it weight by replying. How do I help us all get to the place where we talk about that we felt so damn great after yoga/running/workout dvd/whatever last night that no one feels the need to note that she's still not yet lost weight/seen her butt lift/reshaped her world so that she's no longer trapped in the petty cycle of worth being judged by the frame that holds her up?

I had mostly thrown in the towel for a while. I stopped moving - almost literally - any more than was necessary for me to get from point A to point B. As I look back on the last 18 months or so - I think what I did with movement was similar to what I did with food. I went off the wagon and said, NOW, me, do whatever you want. another focus with the nutritionist - figuring out why I made the choices that I did - what was I really looking for? and learning how to give myself permission to eat whatever I wanted to eat. That was very hard.

I'm not sure that eating ice cream for dinner is ever a smart choice, but I pretty much did that if I wanted. After gently putting back all the weight I'd lost, my next step was to stop exercise. I insisted repeatedly to my doctors as well as the nutritionist that the movement was necessary to keep me from going 'nuts' and that it was neither disordered nor excessive. And yet when I finally gave myself permission to miss a few days - once the 'seal' was broken so to speak - my body said "Now it's time for you to sit here. And do NOTHING". AND that's pretty much what I did.

I'm ready to move again, I think. I really would have sworn that I started at this self-improvement project the right way for the right reasons. And that I went off the rails when I started hiding in it, and using it as a coping mechanism for other things that I couldn't/didn't want to face.

So how do we (as in me) get to that place where it's about feeling good again? I started because I was tired of feeling crummy. I am really certain about that, and I do remember lots of times that I was not obsessive and using my self-improvement project to hide from other things that I couldn't but wanted to control. It's about me being me, me being enough, and learning to give myself the same breaks I give everyone else. And giving some of those breaks to people in my life whom I find to be undeserving of them. What, me? Judgy?

Instead of focusing on my terrible rash as I sit here and try to find the good things I've had come out of months of therapy and introspection, I can find something I did really well! My doctors recommended that I not drink alcohol (mainly for the reason that it will not go well with my medication, besides just the other benefits, and my family history - this was outlined as something I should seriously consider to keep myself healthy and rational). I really had tried to cut back on wine (main culprit) but the thought of not drinking anything at all seemed impossible. I decided to approach it the way I was supposed to approach my food. I've got permission to do whatever I want. It's my body. Do what I want. Do I want to feel how I feel, am I trying to do something else, and how will I/do I feel later? It took a long time, but it clicked. And here I sit. I am right now usually having 1 glass of wine on the weekend. Or taste whatever my husband has decided to open. I've actually gotten very far from enjoying the taste as much (thanks, allergies and post-nasal drip!!) I am feeling like....I don't really care! Of course I've had times that I've wanted to start drinking at night - b/c I am angry or frustrated. I've even poured a glass at those times, but mostly have just left it. I've drunk wine on vacation this summer and last. I don't think it was 'easy' but it wasn't half as hard as I thought it was going to be. And the main difference was giving myself permission. Permission to do whatever happened, permission to fail, permission to try, permission to have some if I wanted.

I'm just trying to figure out WHY I can give myself permission to drink if I want and then pretty much shrug and say wow, that wasn't so bad! but permission with food has involved a lot of frosting and pop tarts without their appeal having abated?? emoticon

I've now talked myself out of worrying about that rash and what to wear to yoga class tonight (nope, it has not gone away in the 20 minutes I've been typing, I think it's a safe bet that it will still be here this afternoon). Every day - I've got another chance to have a good day. Every single day. Like today! even if i have a horrible heinie rash!

emoticon emoticon

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FIFIFRIZZLE 9/28/2014 6:39AM

    Hi there. Hope your rash went away!

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ok I apparently am challenged by the passing of time

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I am really certain that SPARK praised me for a two day streak. I wrote a blog entry. today it said I have a one day streak - that I missed a day. Ok.
But I wrote my blog yesterday. Confusing. How did have a streak that evaporated in less than 24 hours? What will be accomplished by me solving this mystery, other than that I will be even later to work?


Gaaah, I already missed a day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I was surprised this morning to see that I forgot to log in yesterday. I thought about it. I guess I didn't.
I plan to loosely track so I am aware of what I'm doing. But I planned to be here and jot things down at minimum.

My friend at work who started going to hot yoga plans to go Mon-Wed-Fri. I suggested that she NOT GO every day b/c it seems to lead to burn out. so now I have to decide if I will try to go with...

I'm ok with going tonight. I felt so great when I was done on Monday night and I was telling myself on the way home to remember how great I felt afterwards.

Yesterday I was distracted in the morning and thinking of the things that I hadn't written down that I had eaten on Monday. The couple of bites of that giant cinnamon role (if you're anywhere near a Publix, it's the HUGE ONE that they sell individually that is 50% cream cheese frosting). And I had some soda that I bought back during the holidays b/c it was in a neat bottle with a flip top and I wanted to save the bottle. At least there's one vice I don't care about missing - and when I had a craving for bubbles over the weekend I opened the bottle and had some.

I was very productive at work, until I got really distracted by a phone call late in the afternoon. After I wasted 1 1/2 hours on google trying to verify things that were of no bearing on my job nor anyone else's, I also realized that I had gone from eating a tidy bit of peanut butter spread on an English muffin (with a little honey on top) to eating spoonfuls straight from the jar with a bit of honey. I had peanut butter on my chair, my pants, and my hands, and then I remembered I had forgotten to take my medication that morning as well.
so..... overly hungry + missed medication = high distraction potential, poor judgment, and increased probability of binging. duh.

I guess I feel like being a bit disorganized has become a routine, and I don't want to be that person. They've always joked about my desk at work, and I recently had to move into a different part of the building. Instead of being in a giant open space, I'm sharing a small office (fancy!) with one other person. It's near the entrance of our building, and I had already decided if I made my desk 'look' neat, the owner will think that I'm really amazing. It should take more to impress people, but I'm going to say I have quite a lot of evidence to support my theory that my status will increase more than a cleaner space warrants. I may as well take advantage.
But I won't likely do that if I've got peanut butter all over myself and am wasting time trying to track down conspiracy theories. emoticon

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    Good thinking about over-doing and burning out. I have seen it happen so many times.

Make Today the Greatest Day of Your Life

emoticon Until Tomorrow!

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