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It's Asthma

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hi Everyone. emoticon

I blogged several weeks ago discouraged at not making the progress I felt I should. A week ago I had an appointment with my doctor for another issue (which turned out to be tendonitis--Ouch!), so while there I mentioned the exercising I had been doing and how after so much time I was still having difficulty with my breathing. She suggested I might have exercise induced asthma and prescribed an inhaler for use before jogging. It's a miracle worker! Okay, I'm still not running at speeds to impress anyone but myself, but at least now I feel like someday I might be able to do a 5k. Or more. At least now I don't feel like I am going to drop dead in the middle of the road.

The first time out using the inhaler I did more jogging and less walking and saw a marked increase in my speed. My motivation is back! Nothing can stop me now!

Thank you to those who posted helpful suggestions to my last blog.


Help! I'm feeling discouraged!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Don't get me wrong. I have been loosing weight. And more importantly inches. I am getting stronger. And healthier. I am finding ways to eat my veggies and astonishing my mother at the same time.

And yet I am getting discouraged! I started walking about five months ago. I walk/jog about ten miles a week. I walk a little. I jog a little. I'm working my way up to more jogging and less walking. Here's where the discouragement comes in. It's been FIVE MONTHS! I still cannot jog more than half a mile. And sometimes that feels like it is killing me. My muscles feel strong. They could go farther. But I can't breathe. My friends keep telling me it's just mind over matter. I Focus, I Control, I Try--Hard. It doesn't work.

Once I jogged a mile. An entire mile. Without stopping. I kept expecting it to get difficult. It didn't. It was incredible. I want that feeling again. What was different about that one night that I could do it then but at no other time?

I read blogs posted by all of you. I read blogs of people training just a few months and being able to run a 5k. Why can't I?

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SLIMSTEPH5 10/9/2010 4:33PM

  Hello. It sounds like you've made lots of progress, so try to stay positive. I peeked at the Runner's World Web site, which has a page for beginners. It had an article on helping people who are feeling discouraged, and the article contained this tip:

BEAT IT: If you can't talk in full sentences, you're going too fast. Run one minute, walk one minute for 10 minutes. Shift to a 2:1 run/ walk ratio for the next 10 minutes. Do whatever you feel like for the final 10 minutes.

Hope that's helpful!!

I know that I've been working my way up to running more, and I've found that interval training (alternating walking with jogging/moderate effort with greater effort) seems to work really well -- and help with weight loss.

Good luck!

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FREEDANCER 10/9/2010 3:25PM

    Perhaps you need to adjust the way you are breathing. The reason we breathe heavily when we run is because our bodies need to expel carbon dioxide. The exhale is much more important to our metabolic process than the inhale, which seems to take care of itself. Try exhaling forcefully and FULLY with every exhale. You could also try exhaling to two footsteps and inhaling to three. GOOD LUCK!! Keep the faith - hope this helps!! emoticon

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Small Rewards for Small Losses

Friday, October 08, 2010

It is nice to be rewarded for your hard work, for your diligence, and for your sacrifice. It's nice to think that the work itself is rewarding, or the weight loss is rewarding, or looking and feeling better is rewarding. And it is. But sometimes it is nice to have more.

This morning I got a little reward. Little is the key word, but is has made me giggle all day about the way our rewards can come. I have only been on this particular journey for a few months. I have lost a little weight, not a lot. I have lost around 8 pounds and one pant size. When I got dressed for work this morning I decided to try on a pair of slacks that I have not worn for a year. Maybe even two years. They FIT! Yay! That was a nice reward. But as a bonus, there was $10 in the pocket. It had been washed and put away with the pants, waiting for me to find it on this day. It has made me smile, giggle a little, and be grateful for small rewards.

Have a rewarding day!