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The Numbers...

Sunday, April 06, 2014

I never got around to any sort of finalisation of my Winter challenge results, so here goes:

Starting Weight (1/18) : 165
[5% goal: 8lbs - 157]

1/25: 162
2/1: 160
2/8: 159
2/15: 157
2/22: 155
3/1: 153
3/8: 154
3/15: 152

Data Comparison:

Weight: -13lbs
Neck: -1"
Underarm: -2"
Bust: -3"
Waist: 0/0
Hips: 0/0
Thigh: 0/0
Calf: -1"

So all-in-all, a pretty successful challenge for me!

And going into the Spring challenge, I am down another pound (strangely, considering I had a weekend of being pumped with food by my friends whilst celebrating my birthday!).

As of this Friday (4th April):
Weight: 151
Neck: 14
Overarm: 36
Bust: 39
Waist: 34
Hips: 40
Thigh: 22
Calf: 14

I think it's obvious I need to focus my training on my lower body - there is still far too much hip for my liking!
So over the next 8 weeks I need to lose another 8lbs for the 5% challenge... I have every confidence I can do that.

Something I meant to mark, but have been a bit out of touch so forgot about it: the big step down to below 11 stone. In my head, the ability to say I am 10-stone-something is absolutely priceless.
I realise this means little to those of you not in the UK, but to clarify: a stone is 14 pounds, so I dropped below 11 stone at the beginning of March when my weight was first at 153. It is far too many years since I was this light (I think maybe 20) so it really is a big deal to me. And if I do as well in the next 8weeks as the last challenge, I will be at an easy 9stone and well within a healthy BMI range for the summer... brilliant, eh?!

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TURTLETALK 4/6/2014 10:54AM

    Great job on the Winter challenge. I am sure the Spring challenge will be equally successful!

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Weekly Summing Up II

Saturday, February 15, 2014

WEIGHT: I DID IT!!! 5% Goal reached. I am at 157 which I am really pleased with.
Ideally I wanted to lose at least 3lbs to hold any hope of reaching my birthday 145, but realistically I was never going to get that with the busy week I have had.
I am not moving my goal though - it always feels defeatist to change a goal. Never say never, as the saying goes! (It /is/ an actual saying, right?) My birthday is 5 weeks away. At 2lbs a week, I could get to 147 - with a couple of 3lb weeks I could still hit 145, but I just don't think I have one in me! We shall see though!

MEASURES: My measurements didn't change this week. No biggy - you can't have it all. Plus my shoulders are getting to be quite svelt now so I don't need to lose any more inches there!

FITNESS: I wanted a way of checking for improvement when I am swimming. I would generally do a 10-length warm up (pool is 10m) then try to get in a couple of longer swims at a higher intensity. Problem being that I wouldn't keep up the pace - that and I get bored easily so would stop at 30 lengths when I could easily continue. So a couple weeks ago I started to do the same warm-up but set a time on my swim and see how many lengths I could do in that time. First week I did 30 in 15mins, second I did 34. This week was also 34, but I had upped my warm-up to 20. We do some leisure lengths too, but I don't count them as exercise since my HR isn't increased by them.

DIET: This week has been really bad food-wise. Monday I managed to eat ok, but was busy all evening so dinner was a last minute throw-together (which is rarely healthy!), Tuesday middle daughter had therapy and was in need of a feel-good outing so we went to the beach for a walk then went to the cafe for coffee and cake, Wednesday I was on the go from 3am and didn't get to eat dinner until 1130pm as daughter's train was 2hrs late getting in, also she was offered a place at her 1st choice uni so we picked up snacks and cider on the way home to celebrate. Thursday is always my runaround day and as I hadn't had time to shop I ended up buying something to cook quickly - which never ends well. Friday I left the oldest in charge of choosing what we had for dinner - she chose a meal we refer to as 'grabbits', which is basically a hot buffet - chicken nuggets, onion rings, pizza, garlic bread - basically anything carb-loaded, high salt, high fat. Today has gone better though and I have nothing stopping me from being a healthy eater this week, so onwards and upwards, eh!

MOOD: Feeling pretty good still! We had some sunshine this week, which helps. Plus daughter's news. And middle daughter is getting on better too. And this week the 5% challenge asks that we spend 10mins a day on feel-good activities - that's going to be really easy since it is half term this week. Today oldest, youngest and I did some Just Dance via the wonders of Youtube (if you don't have the game, search Youtube and the dances are all there for you - a fun way to be a little active!) Tomorrow I hope to get some craft time in with middle, but it all depends on her mood really!

SLEEP: No fully sleepless nights - in fact, even the day I had to be up at 3 I had a couple of hours. Old me wouldn't have been able to sleep at all because I would have been scared of over-sleeping or worried about the drive I had ahead of me or something... that's progress I guess.

WATER: No issues - I have a pint glass which I will drink through the night and finish off before I get out of bed and will drink another 4 pints throughout the day.

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DAVEYSHADOW 2/18/2014 7:52AM

    emoticon which Uni for ED? We went to Birmingham with ours on Saturday her first choice if she gets the grades!

Travel is still a major issue though isn't it!

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RAWCOOKIE 2/17/2014 3:18PM


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Weekly Summing Up

Friday, February 07, 2014

I need to take stock and since I am in something of a habit of measuring up on a Friday - and Fridays seem to be shaping up as my "me" day, giving me the time to sit and think... so it makes sense to TRY (at least) to make a weekly sum-up post on the state of my goals.

WEIGHT: Another pound gone. That puts me 2lbs from my 5% target with another 3 weeks to go. It does leave me running short for my birthday target of 145 though - I need 14lbs from the next 6 weeks, so I need to really pick up the pace!

MEASURES: Over the last month, I have lost 3 inches of back fat, one inch from one thigh and 2 from the other - the same from my calves (one leg was always fatter, but I am evened up now!) but the critical measures (bust, waist and hips) are all exactly the same.

FITNESS: My fitness level is much better than it was a month ago. Not as good as my previous Sparking, but I was taking regular Pilates lessons then. I can sustain activity for a longer period and at a higher level - which is good. I am now completely over the chest issues so breathing is not a problem. Having set up most of the gym equipment, I am able to go out and exercise - and I have a plan in place... I just need to get out and do it. And I will. Promise! This week I pledge to do at LEAST 10mins every day - more on the days I am not running my ass ragged.

DIET: This coming week I need to be more pro-active with my tracking. I have faithfully recorded everything and avoided foods I know to be high in salt, but apart from that I haven't given much thought to things. When I am tracking, I generally use the results of my breakfast and lunch as a guide to what sort of dinner I should have, but I've not been doing that this week. It has mostly been a case of tracking everything I had when I go to bed. And yes, I have been under calories, under protein, under fats... pretty much the only thing I hit target on almost daily is my carbs - which I guess means I am having far too many since my calories are often so low, but I will address that once I am consistently able to hit 1200. Or even to hit 1000 a day would be good, I guess... either way, my intake needs looking at this coming week!

MOOD: Generally, I am feeling much better about everything. It helps that both the younger girls are now on schemes to help them deal with things. That and we have the house in a maintainable state of cleanliness, so I feel back in control on that front. It's chicken and egg stuff, though - I am not sure whether I am making myself feel better by taking charge or whether I am able to take charge because I am feeling better... either way, the depression has lifted.

SLEEP: As a long-term non-sleeper, it bothers me a bit that this week we have to work on our sleep. I have been sleeping better since I moved from the sofa into a bedroom, but there just isn't time to sleep 8hrs every night. That and I don't think I need it either. If I am able to fall asleep early enough, I will wake naturally after 6hrs. There is nothing I can do about that. I did have 2 weeks of consistently sleeping the full 6hrs until a bout of insomnia hit me again. That said, I have only had 3 fully sleepless nights this year so all-in-all I am happy with my sleep levels.

WATER: I'll include it as it is relevant, but really there are no problems with my water. I drink plenty during the day and am hunky-darn-dorey where my hydration is concerned.

So things are pretty much going ok right now. I just need to spend the time noticing that they are once in a while.

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RAWCOOKIE 2/13/2014 4:37PM

    gosh - I'm sorry I missed this blog when you posted it! I am so glad to hear that your depression has lifted and that things are going in a positive direction for you.


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GEMLADYONE 2/8/2014 12:00AM

    Glad to hear you feel like things are looking up! Depression is a real bummer and almost no one has any sympathy, so it just gets worse.

Smile, you have lots of good things in your report! emoticon

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TURTLETALK 2/7/2014 8:49AM

    Sounds like a decent week. At least on the sleep challenge it isn't all or nothing so if you sleep 5 hours per night we still get 5 points. Just don't give up sleeping all together. emoticon

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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Just flying by to let you all know I am still here. February is already panning out to be supremely busy for me... but I kind of knew it would be!

Baby started Sea Cadets a few weeks ago and has been constantly bombarding me since the first day with "When do I get my uniform, mum... mum, when will they give it to me... can you ask them mum...." - you get the picture.

I went to pick her up this week and she comes strutting out in full kit!

If there were a badge for wearing your uniform with pride, she should have been given it right away!

Yesterday was her 11th birthday - it all turned into a massive stress though, as eldest girl's boyf was coming down from Liverpool - they hadn't met before, but he was meeting daughter in the city after college and bringing her home. She rang an hour after they should have met asking what she should do as he hadn't arrived and his phone was off. Now although I partly suspected he may not have turned up, I do generally believe the best of people, so I threw every logical reason at her - for instance, his phone may have run out of battery as it was a long journey, something may have made him have to turn and go back - like the weather, since it has been so horrendous, he may have got scared about meeting us and having to stay in our house overnight if we didn't like him - but that said, he still hasn't phoned or texted her today. I want to say I hope he has had an accident... not so bad that he is horrendously hurt, just bad enough that he is in hospital therefore unable to use his phone. I am sure you all know what I mean...

Here's another thing: I spent the whole of Tuesday helping my dad fill out a claim form for ESA. He has been off work for ages with a bad back - I personally think he should be making a claim for constructive dismissal, but he doesn't want to make a fuss. He has had issues with his back before, but the role he was doing suited his condition just fine. His bosses decided to move him to another dept though and when he said he couldn't do that their own nurse said he was too ill to work - when actually he could work if he kept the same job he was doing. Then his SSP ran out at the beginning of Dec, but he heard nothing from his bosses - it was only when he went through his January payslip he noticed there was no sickness money (holiday pay made his dec slip up to the normal amount so he hadn't noticed) I researched and found out that BY LAW they should have told him 2wks before the last payment so ESA would have been continuous, as it is he has been 2months with no money. He was told by CAB to print and complete the form and hand it into the benefits office. So he did, after I spent a day filling it in, another hour checking over the bits I had left him to do, he spent an hour waiting to see someone - who told him they couldn't accept it, but he had to go home and PHONE the office so they could complete it, send it out to be signed and then they'd sort it... WHAT???

Today I have been sorting paperwork for the younger 2 girls' mental health support, then a meeting at school which was very emotional for all.

Tomorrow, I swim and drink coffee with my mummy and daddy. I love Fridays. If anyone should ever take a Friday from me, there will be need of a very large search party to ensure all their pieces are found!

Next week, more hassle. Daughter has decided she doesn't want to attend her interview in Bath. Firstly, she was told the music building is in a rural place and her thinking is that she wants new experiences from Uni rather than more of the same - also she doesn't feel ready. They want more from her at the audition than the others and she hasn't a big enough repertoire to just play what they want.
I am partly glad, but also wonder if she isn't limiting her options too much by cutting herself down to only 2 unis - of ccourse if I say that, it sounds as though I am suggesting she isn't good enough for the 2 she really wants - which couldn't be further from the truth! It's all just eggshells at the moment!

I am having massive problems with getting her to her London one, too. I talked of the issues with travelling. I really don't want to go, and my parents said they would pay half the train fare if I wanted - she had finally come round to agree that she would travel the train alone, had arranged for a friend to collect her from the station and drive her to the college - then the rain came ... and pretty much washed our entire transport system into the sea. (Those of you not in the UK, run Dawlish Railway or anything similar through Google and you will see what I mean!) I am confused now. The news reports all say there are no trains in or out of the county for at least 6 months, yet the FGW website says everything is running normally. I need to advance-buy the ticket, as the price almost doubles on the day - but I don't know what to do for the best. I may still have to suck it up and drive... and put tyres on my car!

AND I need to finance an 18th birthday party, buy 2 provisional driving licences (which are aparently 90 each now - 17 in my day!!) and save some cash for my birthday trip.

And the eldest needs a new laptop, middle needs a new cable for hers and my netbook cable is fried!

Oh and I was really annoyed with myself the other day - I was on day 39 of my log-in streak, day 40 I was online to track and posted a couple of messages but didnt spin the wheel so had to start over. *angry face*

Needless to say, I have barely exercised this week.

No-one tell the scales, though - they are still being kind at the moment!

And yes, this is long and very mundane... thank you if you have read this far!


In a Nutshell...

Friday, January 31, 2014

I have had a really busy week, yet don't actually feel I have acheived anything!

I had a visit with my daughter's counsellor regarding the suggested treatment for her OCD. Strangely (or not, I guess) they are ignoring the OCD itself and working at helping her cope with other things such as her fear of public transport, issues with mixing with people she doesn't know etc. I think the theory is that if they can have her able to function outside the house, then the stuff happening inside it won't bother her so much. The biggest problem is trying to stop the husband cracking stupid jokes about it - he genuinely seems to believe there isn't a problem in the world which isn't cured by 'banter'... interestingly, at the appointment we were given leaflets about the domestic abuse centre here in town. They seem to feel that even though he and I are split the girls and I are still subject to abuse - even that the fact I can't leave him to his own devices is part of that abuse.... trouble is, I can't argue it without sounding like the classic beaten wife - but he genuinely can't cope alone and until he can I am okay with being his carer.

I had an appointment at the youngest' school and I felt they were pushing in the same direction too - we have to have a round-the-table meeting to see if social services can offer him anything. Ideally, there would be some sort of care home for him to go into but there is no chance of that yet.

He ran out of his medicine again this week too. He doesn't seem to understand that if he uses it all too soon they won't give more. He will go through what should last a month in about a week and a half - I can get a small topup but then it's just daily texts from him for the rest of the month "get my medicine today!" ... he even text the middle daughter asking her to get it telling the girls I was ignoring him! Thing is, it's a controlled drug so even if we weren't waiting for the doctor, the kids can't get it anyway.

I also have the stress of 2 birthdays this month - youngest is 11 next week, middle is 18 next week... I have to go to the city next week for college parents' evening for the oldest and she has 3 day-long interviews and auditions over the next few weeks. I am hugely proud of her, but public transport here is a complete joke so I will have to drive her - I can't take my car on a long trip without putting new tyres on as they are in poor condition and the universities are scattered over the country. Train fares just for her will total 300 and she wants me to come to them all with her - that would be an entire month's income, leaving absolutely nothing for bills and food. I don't think she is seeing how proud I am of her, because I am buckling under the stress of finding the money I need and wanting everything to be good for her.

Oh, and the job I was most hoping for I had an email to say I didn't get it... annoyingly it's the only one of the 17 I applied for over the last couple of weeks I have heard anything about. Trouble is even if I get a job now I won't get paid before I need the money for the trips...

BUT... I lost 2lbs this week, and another inch of back fat ("My Tonia, how slim your shoulders are looking now!") half an inch of neck and an inch of calf. I counted ahead and if I continue to lose 2lbs a week I will be at 146 by my birthday, so I need to grab an extra one somewhere to hit that target - although my 5% target is pretty much in the bag (One chicken, two chickens...) So on that front I am feeling really good about things.

Now off to my swimming session - hoping for good things there this week!

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CRYSTALQUEEN 2/2/2014 7:28AM

    Thanks both! I am taking up pretty much every offer of help there is at the moment. I have worked so hard to keep things together the last 11yrs, I just feel it is time to let someone else do the hard work now!

I don't think they realise at all, Hazel. Not just the cost either, but the physical strain of the drive. I have to go to Bath and back one day and London and back the next - that's 15hrs driving over 2days. We are going to Cardiff too, but in a couple of weeks' time. She is frantically practicing her audition pieces!

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DAVEYSHADOW 2/2/2014 6:29AM

    emoticon hope things work out. We have two Uni trips for ED Cardiff on Wednesday this week and Birmingham on the 15th. It does add up our daughter doesn't really think of the cost. DH has managed to swap a day at work but I am self employed on a Wednesday so that is a cost on top of the petrol and food!

Hope things settle down! emoticon

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RAWCOOKIE 1/31/2014 8:10AM

    You are achieving LOADS!

This sounds quite good about your husband/carer situation - it also sounds like he's addicted to his meds now too - so you're living with a drug-addict as well as everything else. I hope and pray that Social Services offer you the right sort of help. Once the children leave the system, you become more 'invisible' - so grab everything offered while you can (sounds like you're doing brilliantly handling it all)


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