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July, already?

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

This year is flying past. I feel like I say that a lot, and it feels true to me. Time just whizzes by.

I've been back on the bike lately, and it feels good. I've also been slowly going back to yoga/hot yoga, which feels less good, but I feel accomplished after I do it. Mostly I have been craving vegetables and fruit and lean protein, also good. In the professional good news column, I recently published an article in a very highly ranked journal, which is important in my field/for my career.

Now for the bad: I am constantly, constantly stressed out. Too many balls in the air, too many deadlines, and too much latent worry and stress and turmoil. I've had an intermittent medical issue (ovarian cyst) making appearances, which has been keeping me from getting a lot of quality sleep lately. I'm ready to cross stressful things off my list, but first I have to finish them! Big international conference coming up in less than two weeks, and I have three presentations to give-- one is a huge plenary talk. I will be so, so relieved when that's all over!

People keep asking me what's next, professionally. I can't focus on that now, or really anything more than a few weeks out. I am trying to take life at my own pace, to stay steady, and to concentrate on what is in front of me at the moment, as much as possible.

Thanks for letting me dump out my brain! I am hoping to get a bike ride in this morning after this current rain cloud passes, and I've been enjoying my 2-4 rides per week. Hope to get out on the trail and clear my head some more!

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ROCKPORT9 7/2/2014 12:13PM

    You are doing great exercise that must provide some stress relief. I hope you get some break after your conference.

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NUTRON3 7/2/2014 8:50AM

    Last month flew by, you are right

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A slow and careful sprint

Monday, May 05, 2014

I'm basically working on the final lap of this PhD journey over the next few months. Feeling tired but I still have a lot of gas in the tank, and I am ready to get this DONE.

This week I'm doing an intensive writing seminar-- focused writing from 9am-5pm every day, with a short lunch break around noon. Just trying to maximise my time and effort. Today was the first day, and I'll admit-- at 8:37pm, I'm ready for bed. Looking forward to getting at least 8 hours of sleep tonight.

I've also been getting back out on the bike, and moving back to healthier food choices. Fruit is back into my life in a big way, and the biggest problem has been that the Hubs is not ready to give up some of the heavy winter food yet (and he does most of the cooking). But spring is creeping in, and with that comes menu changes. So it is all moving in the right direction.

*Was going to write more, but ZZZ. I think I need sleep!

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BILL60 5/6/2014 7:43AM

    Hang tough!!

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MNABOY 5/6/2014 12:23AM

    What is your Thesis titled?

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LOLAINSC 5/5/2014 9:23PM

    Hope so many efforts are rewarded with abundant success.

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Ready to rock it... slow and steady

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I've been tired and down lately, folks. Just run down, exhausted, stressed, and I'm well, tired of it. I want to figure out how to get more energy, and sustain that.

So, the first clue: I've been skipping the gym and the workouts. Shockingly enough, not moving around enough is making me more tired.

Then, I realized that a lot of things that we previously cut out of the diet have been creeping back in, slowly... it started with regular pasta instead of whole wheat (when the store shelf was empty) and continued... not much, but enough to make me feel uncomfortable. More cheese has been arriving in the refrigerator, more processed foods... and because it's still winter here in the midwest, it still feels like the season for heavy comfort food. But I don't want to keep eating that way! So its time to remind myself of the benefits of eating good fuel for my body, again.

And then, I also realized that my water and sleep habits have been slipping back into old patterns. Staying up too late, not getting hydrated enough... these contribute to that sluggish, grumpy feeling, too.

So I need to push back at all of these things. Not all at once, not all-or-nothing. But I need to remember that I'm not depriving myself of "treats" but rather fueling my body and brain for the things that I really want to do, want to accomplish.

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NUMD97 3/22/2014 10:48PM

    As you said in your profile, you are striving to be more kind to yourself. All the "horrible" things you mention are merely speedbumps. If it makes you sluggish, then you know what needs to be done. But keep in mind, too, it's not like you jumped off a cliff and decided to numb yourself with a 10,000 calorie superfest. Your "sins" are not as great as you imagine them to be. Keep in mind that you are quite self aware and this is for the long journey not for the sprint. There's bound to be days that are less than perfect, and guess what? We, as humans, are less than perfect to begin with.

So you rededicate and start again. You did not fail. And that's the take home for the day. Class dismissed.

emoticon emoticon

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MNABOY 3/6/2014 11:00PM

    you see the issues and you will prevail

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NEWCHINELO 3/6/2014 4:41PM

    You can do it!

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MCLYMORE 3/6/2014 3:56PM

    This is certainly a plan many of us should follow as I'm guility of the same; bad habits! Thanks for the reminder!

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JYGETSFIT 3/6/2014 2:47PM

    I think you have the right attitude. It has been slow and steady for me too and I am learning that I need to get my rest.

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DEE1221 3/5/2014 8:26PM

    You can do it!!

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TRYINGTOLOSE64 3/5/2014 8:26PM

    Definitely sounds like time to at least gradually buckle down and do the right things!! Make sure you get enough of your B vitamins too, they really do help!! I went without them for a couple of weeks and boy could I tell the difference in my energy.

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Bring on the fall vegetables!

Monday, November 11, 2013

The mercury is finally dropping over here (mostly...) and we have 2 inches of snow in tonight's forecast, so I guess its time for roasting root vegetables! While the warm weather this fall has been good for bike riding and other outdoor activities, it has also meant extending the summer menu further into the season that usually brings squash and parsnips to my kitchen.

As a Thanksgiving trial, we tested a new recipe last night for maple butternut squash and apple casserole (and a spinach/strawberry/sliced almond salad with balsamic dressing) with pretty good results.

There may be other vegan and vegetarian recipes popping up here in future blogs-- somehow, over time, we've mostly eliminated red meat from our diets (and never cook it at home anymore), and have cut back on meat in general to the point where it only appears on the dinner menu once or twice a week. In the place of meat seems to be a lot of hearty grains and legumes (quinoa, brown rice, lentils, beans), which is kind of nice for variety. The cooking that I do at home now does not necessarily include the kinds of things that my mother and grandmother made... and that's OK.

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GOODGETNBETR 11/18/2013 9:40AM

    emoticon to reducing your meat intake. Hope the recipe works on Thanksgiving.

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NEWCHINELO 11/12/2013 1:03PM


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BILL60 11/12/2013 7:40AM

    In South Texas, we're expecting a "cold" front with temperatures in the 50's. Happy to be here.

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MNABOY 11/11/2013 11:11PM

    We are expecting our first freeze tonight or tomorrow.

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PICKIE98 11/11/2013 3:44PM

    It is snowing here too and we still have leaves falling like mad..

We need to finish mulching them so we can get the batteries out of the lawn tractors for winter. I am not a roasted veggie person, but love steaming them!! It is definitely hot chocolate weather...

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5% Pre-Challenge: Lets Get Accountable

Monday, October 07, 2013

Time to update my numbers, dust off my running shoes, and get ready to rock!

First up: I need to update my goal, tracking, and weight numbers. One of the biggest reasons for me to join the 5% fall challenge is that I've been really lax about sticking to exercise and food plans all summer, and it shows. Those scale numbers are sliding upwards, and the endurance and muscle that I was working so hard to gain? Slipping away.

So, I'm updating the scale tracker. (Ouch.) Not as bad as it could be, and a good reminder that I need to drink water, stick to the nutrition plan, and TRACK IT ALL. Accountability, baby. Here we go.

For the fall 5% challenge: I will be working to lose 10 pounds over 8 weeks.

Start date: October 12
End date: December 7

Goal to eat 1200-1550 calories per day
Goal to burn 1120 calories per week
Goal to go from 160 to 150 by 12/07/2013

5% Challenge Commitment - Plan

So with 30 or more minutes daily exercise, and eating between 1200-1550 calories a day, and drinking 8 glasses or more of water every day, I will lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks.

Exercise time= "me time"-- I need to remember that sometimes it is OK to concentrate on myself, and to work towards being the healthiest version of myself that I can be. Time to do this thing.

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GOODGETNBETR 10/21/2013 12:20AM

    A stronger and healthier you is better for everyone. emoticon
emoticon on your week 1 loss.

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MADAMES 10/10/2013 10:50PM


Good plan!

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LEMONLYMAN1 10/8/2013 4:01PM

    Great plan. I've definitely been with you on the slipping over the summer we can use each other for motivation. You've got this! emoticon

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NEWCHINELO 10/7/2013 2:13PM

    emoticon emoticon

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