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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Went below 300 yesterday and DAMN!!!! Am I excited about that!!! I can't tell you the last time my scales saw ANY number that starts with a TWO unless my wife or somebody besides myself got on them. I didn't post yesterday because I just wanted to make sure it didn't go back up today but I got on the scales this morning and 298 was the result. I used to look at a 110 pound weight loss goal as an insurmountable goal for me but after I started not only dieting but changing my "eating lifestyle" with the help of Spark People it is coming off easier than I anticipated. I'm better than a third of the way there. HELLICOOL! Since Jan. 14th I have lost 36 pounds and haven't been starving or adhereing to any certain fad diets. Just eating "smarter" and keeping track of what I'm eating. I haven't given up anything at ll except a nightly double bourbon. I've learned that alcohol is very high in calories so I only indulge myself occasionally.
My short term goal was to break 300 and weigh in at 299 by April 11th. Today is April 1st. I am pretty happy about that too. It's definately a confidence builder and getting into smaller clothes is a certain ego booster.I'll have to set a short term goal now and work on that. My long term goal is to be down to 224 by Jan 14th 2008. That seems like a long way off but it comes one day at a time and I know I didn't put all the weight on in a short amount of time. Baseball season opens today. That means ballpark hot dogs, beer, Crackerjacks, nachos, and so forth. I'm not EVEN thinking about giving up any of the best ever foods placed on this planet but I'll definately have to be careful and avoid a trainwreck. Hey, even if the train does crash for a day the tracks are still laid. I just have to stay on the right tracks.
Smaller pants........ Smaller shirts......... More space on the end of my belt and need to add more holes to tighten it up further. GOOD BYE 300!!! GLAD TO SEE YOU GO!!! Welcome to the TWO'S.

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KARENANNE53 4/2/2007 4:29PM

    Awesome! It was just a matter of time, but you're ahead of schedule and going strong - that's wonderful! Congratulations!

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CHANETC 4/1/2007 5:37PM

    Congratulations! You have crossed the path of the three headed snake and defeated it. I'm headed that way myelf and I will row in yourwake. You are an inspriation to those of us who have to fight the Hydra and win. Thanks for being an inspiration.

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DWDEAN 4/1/2007 4:27PM

    Wow Crete buddy!!! Way to does feel good.
I am 8 OUNCES away from losing a total of 20 lbs, and am pumped as well.
Glad to celebrate with can make that 224 goal.
Like you said, and it is so true....the TRACKS ARE LAID.....I have learned to think like that too, through a few trainwrecks along the way.
It's a journey, a great ride, and a lot of good sights and stops along the way!Keep it up!

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VSTARGIRL 4/1/2007 3:48PM

    KUDOS Crete! Job well done. I knew you could do it! I cannot wait to see you!

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I Feel Fat!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Every morning when I weigh myself I step on the scale, look straight ahead, and when the scales have stopped screaming I look down to see what the damage is. Or at least look to see if I squeezed all the springs out of them. Also before I look down at the numbers I do a mental inventory of how I feel. Do I feel fat? Do I feel light? Maybe I shouldn't have had that popcorn lastnight? Should I have drank more or less water? Do I feel full even though I just got out of bed? Did I work out yesterday? Am I going to have to try to do twice as much working out today? All sorts of questions run through my mind in that miniscule amount of time before I look to see if today is the day I pay the piper. Lately it's been all good generally speaking. Since Jan 14th I have lost 25 pounds. Why you ask am I writing this? Well it's because right now I feel fat and am dreading facing the springed 2 inch tall soprano voiced gremlin in the morning. Yes, today I am comfortably below my daily calorie intake allotment. Maybe it's all the fiber I've been eating. I feel full. Very full. I had a large salad lastnight. Another one tonite with a Banquet Beef Pot Pie. That alone scared me. I was going to have two of them till I saw 450 calories on the side of the box So I decided to have a salad instead of the second pot pie. I feel like I did the right thing but I still feel fat right now. I'm hoping I maintain my 309 in the morning................................ or do better!