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What's in store for Cresida in 2010?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Well, if you must ask, lots! I don't even know where to begin. First, I'll start with career and work my way to more personal stuff.

School went fantastically in 2009. I'm right on track to graduate this spring with my MA, and I'll be continuing on for my PhD starting this fall. Tomorrow is my first day teaching my own class, and I am THRILLED and TERRIFIED. (Wish me luck!) I will also present my first conference paper in March, and another in May. This spring will be excitingly hectic!

I talked to a friend last night who is planning on running a half-marathon this spring; he invited me to run with him. And I'm actually considering it, if my schedule allows it. If my schedule doesn't allow it, he's still going to give me his training program info, and I'll look for one to run in the fall. Exciting and terrifying, because I haven't pushed myself past three miles yet. :)

Then to top everything off, I'm getting married in October. MARRIED I tell you. The wedding planning is going excitingly, and we should have some stuff nailed down this next week.

What's on your plate for 2010?

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HEALTHCHICK 1/10/2010 7:03PM

    Running that 4th mile the first time is such a high!

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FUNNINFIT 1/10/2010 6:59PM

    Sounds like you're right on track-keep up your exercise/healthy eating with all the stressors..,.

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JAUDON 1/10/2010 3:51PM

    Congrats on the wedding! How exciting! And, good luck teaching tomorrow - I can understand why you are both excited and scared, but I am sure you will do fabulous! Sounds like you have a very busy year ahead of you!

My big plan for 2010 is law school - I was just accepted to UNC Law (yay!) and start this fall. I hope to shed some of my rear before then!

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What is your biggest fitness accomplishment so far?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

(this is in response to the blog prompt from 19 Apr - 25 Apr)

Running. Running is my biggest fitness accomplishment so far. For as long as I could remember, while I enjoyed brief, sprinty spurts of running, I never enjoyed focused running that required any endurance over five seconds. In elementary school, one of my earlier gym class memories are the presidential physical fitness challenges. One of them was the mile run. I remember thinking, in my little first grader brain, "They want us to run a mile? That's far. They're crazy!" I never, never made it the entire way running. I walked most of it. Most years I think it took me 18 to 20 minutes to finish a mile. One year in high school, I had gym class with a friend who was a similar height and had legs the similar length as me and I paced off of her, and I ran the entire mile. I could not believe it. We finished in 13 minutes and some change, which didn't qualify for the presidential (which thought we should have only taken 11 minutes), but it did qualify us for the National. Before I turned 28, that was the only time I had run a sustained mile. The lung pain and shin splints and sore muscles never seemed worth it.

After I joined SparkPeople, I was looking for cardio that didn't require a big financial investment. No bikes, no exercise equipment, no gym memberships. Walking was, of course, an option, but walking didn't work me very hard. I'd watch people running in the mornings and I'd ask myself, "Why *can't* I do that? It doesn't *look* hard." So, I tried. And I failed. I seriously couldn't maintain a run for more than 10 or 15 seconds. It hurt. I wanted it to end. No one was making me push it. So I stopped. After about two weeks, I got frustrated. The break down of training for runners on SparkPeople seemed smart, but required me to have access to measuring tools I didn't have. Well, any program did really. I was too embarrassed to run on the track at the school where I worked (I was flabby and slow and would give in an stop - there were ATHLETES running on that track. Obviously, I didn't belong).

Then a series of three different things happened. My boyfriend gave me a pedometer. It was cheap, but it had a timer on it! My roommate recommended a bike trail that was about 2 miles from our condo. And three, I found the couch to 5k program. Within five weeks, I could run a mile without blinking. I was still slow, taking about 13 minutes, but I could run a mile. And I LOVED IT. Within three months, I was running 3 miles. Regularly. I felt great. I felt the difference in my body and my mood.

But most importantly, I was so proud of the accomplishment I'd made. For 28 years, I just thought that running was beyond me. I proved myself wrong.

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WOLFY_GIRL 6/3/2009 9:59PM

    Way to go! I've never been a runner myself (except on a soccer field or baseball diamond) and balk at the very idea. Your accomplishment is inspiring! Well done! :)

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TOWANDA132 6/3/2009 4:40PM

    Wow, that is awesome and inspiring! You kicked fears butt and you are much better for doing so! Good for you.

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Rolling into summer

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Summer being really, officially, seasonally is right around the corner, but as far as the school year is concerned spring is over and summer is here. I've spent the last 2+ weeks recovering from finals, traveling, cleaning my house, and searching for a job. I'm in with a temp agency now, but have no assignment, my house is relatively clean, but not perfect, and I'm mostly recovered from traveling and finals. My trips were great, but I'm glad to be home and establishing a routine. I've also been staring very hard at our budget. I'm terrible with numbers and I'm terrible bossing around people I love, so our budget has been hit or miss on being an actual budget. I'm trying to figure out ways to make the numbers actually work. It's hard. I kind of want to sit here and cry.

Today, I popped in at my old employer to say high to my old coworkers. I miss them. (I also miss a nice paycheck and health benefits, but I really miss the great team that I worked with.) It sounds like the recession has not been kind there, but at least no one has lost their job. As much as I miss it, I can't really regret leaving; my life is moving in the direction I want.

In the way of exercise, I walked the dog, did a new stretching routine I'm trying, and re-started Coach Nicole's 7-dap bootcamp workout. Here's to making the most of unemployment!


Close to finishing up the school year

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tuesday morning I may just die of relief. I have about 28 more pages to go in my seminar papers (that's total between two papers) and then I have a small essay that should take me two hours tops to write, revise and proof. Everything's due Monday and Tuesday.

The thing I'm looking forward to the most next week is being back in charge of the meal planning. Steve, this is why I love him, has stepped in and taken care of dinners for the last four days. He steered grocery shopping this last time and picked out stuff that he knew would be easy for him to build meals from. It means that we've had meat for all of our evening meals and some of our lunches. Tuesday afternoon I'm going to go through my vegetarian cook books and veggie food blogs and plan a lot of high veg meals - low meat and low dairy. I want to pack my fridge full of fresh from the market produce and just gorge myself on crunchy veggies! (Actually, as I'm writing this, a nice meatless taco salad sounds good - black beans, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, a non-ice-burg lettuce and some corn tortillas.... I might take a break from writing and go to the store for the fixings!)

Man, that write up made it sound like Steve's a bad cook! The meals he's been fixing are on the healthier side, but we stocked up on non-perishables on our last grocery trip. So all of the veggies I've had recently are frozen or canned. Not to knock frozen vegetables, because they have a very important place in our pantry. But... really.... crunchy, cool fresh veggies! It's getting to be that time of the year!

I gained a lot of weight this school year. I'm no where near my highest weight, and I didn't reach the weight I was when I joined SparkPeople, but I did get close to the second. I haven't been coping with the stress in the healthiest manner. My goal is this summer to revisit my short and long term goals and update them to bring me back in line with my overall health. School is going so well; it's really time for me to expand my vision to make the rest of my life match!

In other around the house news, I appear to have a sick puppy today. We're a little worried that on Monday, when she tore apart the house and ate my ipod, she ate the Hershey's Dark Chocolate bar that we thought was out of her reach. She's been fine all week, but yesterday she didn't eat much, only half heartedly played frisbee with me when I took her out, and opted to nap instead of take a walk. This morning I made up some chicken and rice for her, which she ate, but she's been napping since. If she doesn't perk up by dinner, I'm going to give the vet a call.


Thursday morning

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Break time! (again) I was going to take the dog for a walk but she cracked one eye at me from her spot on the couch as if to say "you're joking, right?" I think she hung out with Steve last night. I've noticed that when he stays up to the wee hours of the morning, she sleeps in. She must not sleep as well with all the lights on and him up and moving around. Oh well, the leash and I are ready for a break when she decides to wake up.

I realized yesterday that it's back to the drawing board with puppy training, so to speak. Bronwyn is a barker. In all my life, I've never had a barky dog before, so I don't really know how to correct her. Today, we're trying some knew stuff that reminds her that I'm in charge and she's not. I'm hoping this will calm her down and balance her out. As Steve reminded me yesterday, with a 6 month old puppy her size, we basically have a kid.

As for school, I'm doing some heavy revising on my first seminar paper and I'm hoping to hit the halfway point with my second today. I can't wait until next Tuesday, when everything will be turned in and the first of the end of the year get-togethers starts. (I just need to remember to eat responsibly!)

Coach Nicole posted a great blog entry at the beginning of the month about body image, self confidence, and bathing suits; I highly recommend it. I find Coach Nicole really inspiring. /blog.asp?post=confession_i_wont_wear_a_ba


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