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New Year and all that jazz

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Well, I can tell that I dropped the habit of running. But it shouldn't be too painful to get back into it. Saturday I took my new iPod for a run. I don't know how on earth I ever ran without music. I'm very pleased with the Nike + iPod after just one use. It seems to be calibrated fairly accurately right now (it's an accelerometer that tracks how far you run in addition to time, etc), which means that I should have more flexibility in where I run. I love my trail because it's quiet and familiar, but sometimes I use not knowing a route as an excuse not to run.

My weigh in this weekend was sad, and I haven't had the heart to enter it into the SparkPeople weight tracker. But Sunday morning I'll weigh in first thing and no matter how bad the news on the scale, you'll see it on my little progress bar down below.

The last couple days I wallowed in New Year's laziness and soaked up love and attention from the boyfriend. It was great - but didn't accomplish my strength training, nor run number two for the week.

Oh well, I should be up to a night time run after I get home from work - just around my neighborhood. I'll see what my new gadget tells me.

Hope everyone else is having a great start to 2008.

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JUSTLOCKET 1/3/2008 2:18PM

  ok..from the sounds of this bloggy blog-- I am sensing that you are picking yourself up and dusting yourself off.. good for you! We are all a work in progress... and are entitled to cut ourselves some slack every now and again!
iN the whole scheme of things I am sure you are doing great!
Good for you -- blogging your intentions... and figuring out some goals!
WE can do it!

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Back from vacation

Friday, December 28, 2007

Sorry for the silence all. I just got back from my lovely holiday trip, and I was so busy I didn't get to sit down to a computer at all. (Except to do some last minute work on some essays, which was... well, really dumb during the holidays. But, I have applications that must be apllied!)

Anyway, this Christmas was the runner's Christmas! My mother and sister got me a set of UnderArmor cold weather tights. Awesome stuff. My boyfriend got me an iPod nano with a nike + adapter - with an armband so that I can wear it running. Can you say - oh my god! So, tonight's plan is to finish my grad school applications and get my brand new iPod set up and get some music on it so that I take it for a run tomorrow. (In my new warm tights!!)

Hope everyone else is having a lovely holiday. I'll be back to posting updates on OHR and strength training this next week!

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JUSTLOCKET 12/28/2007 10:37PM

how exciting!!!!
good for you!!!

please review the ipod nike + on the one hour runner's team page, when you get some "free time" -- yeah, right? who has free time these days? heeeee.... congrats on applying to grad school, too exciting! wtg!!!

glad you are back!!!!
take care

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Monday strength training

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Right, haven't posted this in a while. I should, cause it helps keep me ACCOUNTABLE!

Monday was upper body:
Modified push-ups: 2 sets of 12 reps (ow ow)
Lying tricep lifts: 2 sets of 12 reps (getting easy, may increase these by 1 rep)
Boxer: 2 sets of 12 reps (getting easy again, also... feel silly)
Isometric Bicep towel-hold: 1 set
Isometric Should towel-hold: 1 set

I'm considering getting hand weights. I was looking at them at target and they're cheap. I could do a wider range of upper body exercises if I had them, and my arms definitely need toning...

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JUSTLOCKET 12/26/2007 7:37PM

  I have lovely weights that I dont use... as much as I should.. OK, you caught me... I seldom use them!!! naughty me! AND my arms definitely could use the workout! grrrr... I even bought jiggle free arms...
ok.... maybe I should start doing something about that... hey... your blog made ME ACCOUNtABLE too!! seeeee... you DO need to blog! hee heee!!
take care

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OBRIENMEDIA 12/11/2007 4:31PM

    I bought on of those fitness balls at Target, and it really helps at home! They're not that expensive either. It may be something you might want to add to your equipment. Try doing chest flys with dumbbells while your back is on a fitness ball! It really helps working on your stability!

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Yule Challenge Points

Sunday, December 09, 2007

As part of getting back on track, I've borrowed this set up for the Yule Challenge points from Kittah's blog.

Beginning stats for Yule challenge:

1. SW: 167.6 lbs
2. GW: 161 lbs
3. Measurements
Chest: 37
Waist: 31
Butt/Hips: 42
4. Current calorie range: 1200 - 1550

How to gain points:

One inch lost (may be the sum of two half inches): 25
One pound lost: 10
Be in your calorie range today: 1
At least 10 minutes of cardio today (must make you sweat): 1
No junk food today: 1 point
Ate 2 fruits and 3 veggies today: 1
Weigh/measure-in this week: 1
Five different strength exercises today: 1
Complete team challenge today: 1
Drank 8 cups of water today: 1
Spent at least 10 minutes doing something spiritual today: 1

Point Log

1 Nov: Yule Challenge Organized
2 Nov: 2
3 Nov: 4
4 Nov: 7 (6 posted + 1 for weighing in)
5 Nov: 1
6 Nov: 5
7 Nov: 4
8 Nov: 2
9 Nov: 5
10 Nov: 14 (4 posted + 10 pts for 1 pound lost)
** Week 1 Total: 44
*** Running Total: 44

11 Nov: 5
12 Nov: 3
13 Nov: 4
14 Nov: 3
15 Nov: 5
16 Nov: 3
17 Nov: 3
** Week 2 Total: 26
*** Running Total: 70

18 Nov: 0
19 Nov: 1
20 Nov: 0
21 Nov: 1
22 Nov: 1
23 Nov: 0
24 Nov: 1
** Week 3 Total: 4
*** Running Total: 74

25 Nov: 0
26 Nov: 0
27 Nov: 0
28 Nov: 1
29 Nov: 3
30 Nov: 2
1 Dec: 2
** Week 4 Total: 8
*** Running Total: 82

2 Dec: 2
3 Dec: 1
4 Dec: 1
5 Dec: 1
6 Dec: 1
7 Dec: 0
8 Dec: 1
** Week 5 Total: 7
*** Running Total: 89

9 Dec: 5
10 Dec: 6
11 Dec: 3
12 Dec: 2
13 Dec: 5
14 Dec: 4
15 Dec: 14 (4 posted + 10 points for 1 pound lost)
** Week 6 Total: 39
*** Running Total: 128

16 Dec: 0
17 Dec: 0
18 Dec: 0
19 Dec: 0
20 Dec: 0
21 Dec: 0
** Week 7 Total: 0
***Grand Total For Yule Challenge: 128

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JUSTLOCKET 12/10/2007 10:38PM

You are determined! that's awesome!
Good luck with your goals!!!!!

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Getting back on track

Friday, December 07, 2007

I've mostly pulled myself out of my funk, but now I'm in the dusting-myself-off phase. I've managed to find excuse to not log into the site this week. But... now that I've shaken up the stress a little bit and told it who's boss, hopefully I can baby step right back onto the track. Which will be... a relaxing run tomorrow and getting back into the meal planning phase!

I'm still hovering around 167, where I was. (Which was actually a slight increase from what I'd gotten too.) So, I'm hoping that before Christmas I'll see a steady down turn again.

So much for my Yule challenge. Bleh.

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SEXYCELTS 12/8/2007 8:12AM

    Don't give up yet! There's still two more weeks until Yule! Also, part of the Yule Challenge is to help create good habits for future weight-loss. You were doing really well for a while, and the Sexy Fairies miss you! You should pay us a visit!


Oh, and btw, I calculated your points. Over the course of the challenge you earned 54! You've made a significant contribution to the team! You should at least be proud of that!

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MISSJAQ 12/7/2007 7:29PM

    Ok, We will eat your glad to..
Keep it dusted off..We are with you..Jaq

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