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Day 7. The weird things, the wrong things, the good things.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Somebody posted a very weird topic on one of the team boards today.

Rephrasing from memory - 'Common knowledge states that to lose weight you should ingest under 1000kcal a day, spread over 3 meals' and then went on further suggesting to mush them all in the evening, apparently in a way to induce ketosis. Leaving low-carb stuff aside, the first sentence is precisely what has kept me aside from ever starting any weight loss attempts before.

One obstacle was the disgust I feel towards with magical thinking.

It comes in many fashions - like 'oh, just stick to this magic 700kcal a day diet for a week and you'll be picture of health perfect size forever'... Do I need to comment on this? It may apply for certain situations, but to hear it preached by and to people in my BMI range, always switching recipes for latest diet fad is... sad.

The second kind of magic thinking is 'if you eat healthy substitutes of the bad foods, you'll never get fat' . Also known as ' all you fat people JUST PUT THE CAKE DOWN'.
Thank you very much weight watchers with 0 point watermelons, cucumbers, carrots and cabbages. I'm quite good at overeating on those things as well, if left unchecked.

I did not want to subscribe to magical thinking. So I refused to even try to attempt anything like food watching.

The other obstacle... the public image, touted by pop-'dieticians' and female magazines 'females need 1500 kcal a day to maintain weight, 1200 or less to lose'.

At 1200 i'm starving. Portions that are suggested in same magazines for 1200kcals a day just look tiny.
I don't like starving.

(According to almighty calculators on internet, if I'd trust them, with my age, gender and height I would be burning 1950kcals a day with sedentary lifestyle at my normal bmi.
I'm quite outside normal bmi.
1200 is not sustainable, not with the suggested foods.

That is why SP seems such a voice of sanity for a change.

You put the food in, get kcals out and just plan how much nutrients are still remaining for the evening nice cooked dinner. And it's usually quite a lot.
So this week.... yup, I'm having piece of chocolate cake in the evenings - leftovers from that birthday celebration in the weekend. And that chocolate cake is on top of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So a diet that allows place for chocolate cake, baked potatoes and nice piece of lean pork. Without starving for rest of the day.

And I even got some pieces of nice, barely-salted raw salmon for lunch.
Nice raw salmon equals pretty instant mood uplifter and energizer for some reason. Not in a 'craving satisfied' way, but in just being stressed, with no time for myself - and then mood improving against my will because someone reminded I was supposed to take proper lunch instead of just snacks. And gave me something with salmon.

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3RDBABYWEIGHT 1/10/2012 9:57PM

    Yay! The only way to be healthy is in a way that makes YOU happy!


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Day 6. Wiifit. The moment of truth.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Got my wii back, ballance board, profiles restored and all.
Remeasuring each of us against the wall (so, um, my height measurement on SP is apparently lower by about an inch. I'll leave it there though). And then the scary moment of truth.

I mentioned earlier that weight I had entered here on SP for start was an estimate only - well, it was true on my last weigh-in, on October 2010, so I had decided I may as well consider I could start from that point (because, hey, if I've lost some from that point, that's all good, right?)

But standing on balance board, waiting for results, I realised there's the other possibility.

The one of having gained some instead.

And then the wii-fit announcement of a BMI increase, without showing the weight unmber yet... Scary.

In the end all's good, that was just marginal increase due to last almost 3y.o number being one of those 'let's only eat after I've stepped on a scale, and undress and put wii mote away too'. But the current one was exactly the one expected and recorded in SP.
To cheer me up, re-weigh after exercise even showed a decrease by a pound -so initial error must have been upwards, not downwards. What is good news.
Now to work on getting it less.


Day 5&Day6. And thus it was said - the world shall turn against your New Year Objectives.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Just so there are no misunderstandings - title is just a pun at an ad campaign over here - one of the TVs has it' s self ad with ' new year, you all have your objectives (comic montage of different objectives) and as soon as you try to make good of them, the world will turn against you (comic montage again). So let's just stick with watching sports comedies on Thursday evenings, ok?

With SO's birthday celebration to boot.
Saturday spent in food markets and furniture shopping - so a lot of eating out, no portion control to really speak of, and, with the real birthday, cheese cake in the evening. Sure, could swap for a wholewheat muffin, and the small one instead of big frosting covered thing (heck, that places wholewheat muffins are great), picked a trout in place of a wok.. but there's still cake in the end.
And all that would not be so bad, if not the next day. Guests coming over, last minute announcements of possibly more than expected, thus additional artisan dark chocolate truffle cake ordered... and then guests having suddenly decided to bring and even bake their own cakes. As a surprise. Oh, and those extra guests? Not arriving.
5 cakes.
10 people.
That's.. pretty epic.

That's how alcoholics attempting to recover must feel... With friends insisting you don't respect them anymore, if you won't take a glass.

There's good news, of course. The rest of the meal was not that bad, as I was more in control of cooking then at usual family gatherings. Thus unlike other times when I might join in on cooking at some other kitchen - here I had my spice rack and my fridge at my disposal. What helps me ensure there's tasty food on a table, that can be politely piled on a table, without leaving me overindulged, yet still leaving me honestly feeling like I was eating what I like, not making compromises for nicer kcal numbers.

But those cakes. Nice cakes, really some of the nicest cakes i've ever seen. And expensive too. And with sentimental value And... Well, yeah, that.

No idea how to even record those cakes correctly, so just went with chocolate&whipped cream cake from SP's standard list... Surely those cakes can't be worse than chocolate _and_ whipped cream? Either way, high above kcal, fat, cholesterol allocation for the day.

We did pieces of those home with guests, as there was just ridiculous amount remaining - but there's still some of the most luxury ones remaining. So, um.... I guess I'll have to be very creative this week to get any vitamins in while spending kcal allotment on cake pieces.
And to not ask for more pieces just because I'm feeling hungry.

Espresso' s and lemonwater. Here I come.


Day four. Motivations

Friday, January 06, 2012

I hate the picture in corporate outlook at my name.
I hated it in the hierarchy list, but no-one-ever-visits-that. But now it' s attached to every email I'm involved in.

I hate it. With passion.
Yes it is few years old and I'd guess I do actually look better now than I did - aging has made my cheeks less round at least.... But I don' t feel I look good enough to make a new picture.

And there was one more thing. A picture comparison from some Swedish blog about your prefered body type - thin, medium and curvy. Not chubby, but curvy. Discussed that with a friend, and.. heck, I could be like the curvy girl. I certainly have ass and hips, and, at least for now, chest for that as well.
He asked if he' s allowed to answer and I won't be either hurt by it or take it as flattery what it's not, and when I gave permission to speak, it was ' you could. And you should' .

So here I am. Not sure how far I'll get, but here I am.


Sometimes advices seem poorly intended.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

During heights of the Big Credit Crisis I often heard friends complaining that all those ' financial fitness' advices seem to be not really geared at 'real people experiencing real problems'. You know the ones I mean. 'Cut your cable subscription', 'Stop drinking that daily latte at starbucks', ' pack your lunch', ' turn off an aircon' .

It all seems dandy - but useless if you've never even had a cable subscription, if you've always packed the lunch because it' s not lik there's any cantene within 15 minutes of an office, and order-by-phone food has always been a luxury. If air-con is the luxury thing that nice offices and shops have, but near unimaginable for home in first place - and nearest starbucks if hunderds of miles and several borders away.

Why am I mentioning it?
Because of this

Quote ' If you are starting to think a fresh banana sounds better than banana chips, you are well on your way. Is your chocolate getting a bit darker these days? Are you choosing food closer to its natural state or cutting out soda and liking it?'

If those are supposed to be 'signs you' re getting healthier' then noticing such signs is going to be real tough for me.

I don't even like chips. Ok, banana chips are prefered to potatoe chips if I mut choose, but it' s nothing like a fresh, ripe, yellow banana that metls on your tongue. I do overeate bananas regulary though... Carbs. Too many carbs. At least that's decent source of potassium to balance out the sodium from everywhere else.

Darken your chocolate? I love my dark chocolate. The darker the better, and add some cilli or orange peel for flavor and I'm happy.

Cutting out soda? You mean that stuff I always feel guilty about even if I do indulge because that happens to be the available liquid when I'm thirsty on long rides? (note to self: keep a bottle of water in a car)
I don't particulary like soda, and really, just drink it for caffeine. Yes i'm caffeine junky and not in position to suffer the headache that would go with withdrawal just now.

The sad thing is that I'm now trying to cut out the prepackaged fruit juices too. Because sugars. There's too damn sugars in my daily food. Can I get a nice, saturated fat free protein juice, please? Do those exist?
Other than no-fat milk?

Is the getting-healthier suggestion for me then to find no-fat milk drinkable?

I really dislike the look and textuer of it. Smell and taste jus tmakes me sad, and I'm totally not convinced it's any good for you anyway.
desribes my concerns quite well

Maybe I should try that 1%fat 9% protein milk-drink I've heard advertised instead?

Or, dunno.. Go the other side of the road, and just drink the regular non-factory processed, non-packed milk my inlaws are getting directly from farmers? The slim chance of encefalitis aside - I have no idea of fat level there (and, well, it chagnes depending on how much you shake it anyway) - other than that definitely being higher than store bought than 2%. Or probably store bought 3.5% as well. But, ya know, it would surely have more vitamins. And probably those damn pesky proteins.

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CRES012 1/5/2012 12:37PM

    I guess that's another of my problems. I'm scared I will feel hungry later, so I eat now.
And I'm absolutely rubbish at recognizing 'full'.
In fact the only time I remember self recognizing 'full' on regular basis was when I was doing the wii-fit every day. Now that's a thought.
I want my wii back.

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LILRED75 1/5/2012 12:18PM

  I think that if we can get away from processed foods, in general, we would all be healthier. I am a proponent of "regular" milk, I don't care what anyone says. If God wanted us to drink something with less fat, the cow would know this and produce it that way! After all, we do need some fat. As far as the fruit juices, there's too much sugar in the "real" ones. All those preservatives are going to get us into trouble one of these days. Milk a cow, grow your own veggies. For meat, eat homegrown - cow, sheep, goat, etc. If you do that, you'll get plenty of exercise in caring for them. Eat when you get hungry, stop when you get full. emoticon

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