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5lb challenge finished

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ok I finally lost my 5 lbs. Took for freakin ever but I did it. Yaay me. I am finally in the 250s. Still a long way to go but I am getting there one pound at a time. I have 9 more lbs to go to reach my next goal. I am trying to lose it in 10lb goals, it makes it easier for me. Hopefully these 9 lbs wont take 2 months to get off like the last 10lbs did. But at least its getting off, So I am happy.


TLC'S SuperObese People

Monday, January 29, 2007

I watched this show on TLC last night called" I eat 33.000 calories a day." It was about 4 super obese people, 2 men and 2 women. One of the women weighed 346, I thought to myself thats not that big. Then I was like wait a minute, that is big. That is alot of weight, it got me thinking . I said to myself when did my thinking get like that. It was because before I went on this program I was almost there. I was almost 300lbs. I was close to being SuperMorbid Obese. Oh my God I thought to myself how close I came to dying. It put everything into perspective for me. I thank God that I started this program when I did. I also thank him for the loss that I have had so far and for the loss I will have in the future. I never want to get to almost 300 again. If any of you have the chance to watch something like that I say watch it. It helps you want to stay on track.


5lb challenge

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I am starting a 5 lb challenge saturday with my birthday group. I think this is just the motivation I need to get me to my V-day goal. I love a competition!!


10% goal

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hey a spark friend just reminded me that I have hit my first 10% goal. Wooohooo. That made my day. Thanks Frisky!!! Now to set my next 10% goal. I have upped my exercises, I am now doing walk away the pounds 3 miles every morning and turbo jam 3 days a week. Then my strength I do on Mon, Tues, and Wed. So I am ready for the pounds and the inches to continue to melt right off. Have a great week!!!

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KHARDMAN72 1/22/2007 11:31AM

    Congratulations on your first 10%! Keep it up-you're doing great!

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spark anniversary

Friday, January 19, 2007

Yesterday was my 3 month spark anniversary. I have lost a total of 30lbs, since I started. Thats an average of 10lbs a month. Way Kewl!! I have enjoyed this journey with all my spark friends helping and encouraging me to keep going. I'm not gonna lie its hard sometimes. When you see someone eating a big juicy cheeseburger and chili fries , with a shake next to you at the dinner table. I used to eat like that every friday, and wondered all the time "Why I was so fat." Duh!! But I am happy to say I have not had 1 shake or chili cheese fry since I started. I have had a burger or 2 but always the smallest one with no cheese and NO mayo, or a big juicy boca veggie burger. (which are really good) So I have found that you can still eat out as long as you do it in moderation. That is my new motto for life,"Everything in Moderation." Goodbye for now.

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KHARDMAN72 1/19/2007 7:01PM

    Wow-you're doing great! Congrats on all your success.

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