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Focus on Fitness!!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

The "hopeless" feeling of the last post has been taking awhile to go away, though I've been "slugging away" at it anyway. But finally today, a new idea is coming to me.

The "new idea" is to actually give in to giving up! Giving up on weight loss (translate: "looking good") that is. Instead, I should focus on FITNESS! Rather than tracking calories, I really need to track whether or not I've had fresh fruit, water, and done enough exercise. At my age, why in the world am I concerned about my looks!? As long as I can do 12 bicycle crunches (vs the 5 that used to kill me before), I'm good! And to think that someday maybe I'll get up to 20!!

I believe I saw somewhere that SP allows you to set up your own quick-track; hopefully I can put both food & exercise on it. GOOD-BYE CALORIE COUNTING!!!

Perhaps I should still weigh myself though--*sometimes*... like, very infrequently. Maybe before each holiday, just to scare myself into not overdoing things, lol.

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MAMA_CD 9/2/2012 1:25PM

    So many factors determine our is important, a good focus assuming the rest is already good habits emoticon

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KNYAGENYA 9/2/2012 1:24PM

    Good luck on attaining your goals. emoticon

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Will I ever find that Key?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Staring at the food tracker this morning... realizing what I really need to do right now is journal...

I've been tracking my food for at least a couple of years now. Too bad it wasn't "magical", and could take off my extra weight by the very act of doing it! I've been exercising as well, and thank goodness there is that improvement in fitness to cheer me up when I can't seem to lose weight.

Every once in awhile I just feel so sick and tired of putting those same pounds back on again and again and again. It's been YEARS! Truly amazing though, how many various strategies I've come up with, to try and succeed *this* time... But I'm running out of strategies, and getting tired of them... really starting to wonder "What's the use!" Instead of asking the question "what's the missing link?" It's like there's a Key *somewhere*, if only I could find it.

Often, I just tell myself that if I was ever to stop trying, "imagine how much worse/fatter I'd be..."; and "It keeps me humble, to realize I have no willpower" etc.

I have some friends who belong to a group called "Food Addicts Anonymous" or something like that. But their strategy is to practically eat nothing, and weird foods, and they're both single. I realized recently that I have to stop blaming my family for tempting me to overeat, but it would be awfully hard to have to make separate meals!

I just love my food. As far as "emotional eating", it's the emotion of "happiness" I suppose--all those seasonal treats are SO enjoyable! It's really hard to eat such a tiny portion of them... (and yes, I do belong to the "seasonal" group.)

Ah well, journaling about it is perhaps something I should do more often, especially when I'm feeling like this! The buddy idea I haven't done very well with either... I find it hard to get to know strangers online... My husband SAYS he's going to diet, then goes off of it--OFTEN!

Well, guess I'll head back to the Nutrition Tracking... plug away, no matter how useless it seems!

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CRAZYCATHIE 8/27/2012 10:04AM


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ROCKINROBYNOZ 8/27/2012 10:00AM

    Don't give up. Just keep taking baby steps. I've lost weight and regained it more times than I can count, but I'm determined to lose it and keep it off this time. Everybody around me is gonna have to get on board with me or get out of my way. This train ain't stopping until the weight is gone! Are you with me?
emoticon emoticon

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LUCKY1964 8/27/2012 9:58AM

    I hope that you have a good week this week and that the blogging and such helps. I know it can seem really hum drum at times but you are worth all the effort it takes to do this.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wow... so long since I blogged here! Sometimes it's hard to think of something to say, especially when I do journal every day already (

Had a very bad cold last week, so got out of all the exercising. I guess visits, parties, and other things also contributed to the disruption of that schedule. Then it was so hard to get back to it! So I had to bring down my exercising goals, for the summer. Still doing Nicole's strength training, but not as much aerobics--although I do try to get out for a walk every single day, failing that I would do some kind of aerobics, even if it's just running up and down the stairs 5 times.

Strawberries are out, and it hasn't been too difficult to keep to my calorie limit... must be cause the tomatoes are also there--LOVE a simple toasted tomatoe sandwich, no mayo (but lots of salt & pepper!)

I've discovered a "new" way to get to know people here on SP. Something a little more consistent... because just blogging is more of a one-way conversation (although I love how someone always comments). I found a continuing message board ("chat room"), on one of my teams, so I think that'll work better.

Now to check over my page here, and see if anything needs updating!

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CRAZYCATHIE 7/10/2011 6:54PM

    Thank you both!

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TRIGFROST 7/10/2011 5:56PM

    Glad - You blogged...are else I wouldn't get to say...Glad your here... emoticon

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MIRACLELOVE77 7/6/2011 10:30PM

    glad you're feeling better, and way to keep up with the exercise daily, no matter how big or small!

and strawberries and tomatoes--yum!!

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Not obsessing!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's not *quite* so bad when you gain weight, if you know exactly why... and I do know why.

But when I looked back at my record (I keep a repeating task on my calendar, and update it every time I weigh myself), I encouraged myself that after all, it's only been since March that I was this weight before. Not too long before that, I was even 5 lbs heavier than this! Three pounds can come off again in 1 or 2 weeks... *just like that*!

I started to think that it would be so much easier if I was living all by myself with no one to tempt me... but I don't know about that. If I was by myself, it would be harder to cook proper meals, and then I'd get hungry and eat something to put pounds on. So it probably wouldn't be any different, really.

Anyway, back to the grind! One verse I read today says not to give up... it was talking about teaching children about God (or other "doing good"), and also speaks to me of our church--but it works for losing weight, too! In fact, it can be applied this way: don't be so obsessed with weight-loss that you neglect "doing good". Because if I concentrate on what God wants me to do, I'll be too busy to overeat! :D

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VELVETCATT 5/28/2011 8:30AM

    I agree with Jan - AMEN!!

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JANI-LOU 5/28/2011 8:25AM

  I love your attitude and your blog! How true this is and it also happens to be just what I needed to read this morning. Thank you so much.

"If I concentrate on what God wants me to do, I'll be too busy to overeat!"

Amen to that!


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Need tactics for resisting summer favourites!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh boy, summer's coming... ice cream, vacation treats... eating out...

I'll just have to have small-calorie meals whenever possible. I've started using the "Note" function on the Nutrition Tracker page to make a note of how many calories I've gone over for the day, so that hopefully the next day I'll make up for it.

It's not that I'm an emotional eater--I just LOVE food! :) There are just so, so many good things to eat, that are high-calorie. It's a really hard, slow job to change your tastes, but I suppose that would be the secret to a lifestyle change--in my case, anyway.

Lets see, if it was my cat, I'd put just a little of the new food on top of the old, and then gradually replace more and more of the old stuff with the new stuff. Is that the way I should do it for myself? LOL!

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KAITMEND 5/25/2011 9:54AM

    Hi there! Check out my blog for a slew of awesome 'ice cream' substitutes! (I'm an ice cream addict myself)

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