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Glad I got home from vacation when I did!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Ok. I would love to have been able to stay on the coast longer, and yes, I need to blog and add some pics from our week in Galveston. It's a long drive back (around 12 hrs, with stops) and DH said if I got tired to stop and get a room. Boy, am I glad I didn't! There was weather around us, but we had clear sailing home, unpacked the car, and went to bed. Wild storms overnight - lots of lightning and rain. Woke up to a flooded yard. No surprise!

Early afternoon, decided to go to the grocery store. Oops - not going that way!

I know the next street down won't be much better...

and the main road out of our development...

If I really, really HAVE to get out for some reason, there is one way that I can take the truck, and 'probably' not flood it... but the water in the above pic is over waist deep! I was knee deep standing on the SIDEWALK when I took my camera out to get pics. If we had come home today instead of last night.... Somehow, thankfully, we still have power!

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CRAFTYC 7/8/2010 9:26PM

    The fun part was when we took down a kayak on Saturday afternoon and went touring the 'restricted access lake-front properties' of 'Lake Auburn' and 'Rice Lake'.

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    Ai yi yi. WAIST deep. Ai yi yi.

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1234MOM 6/2/2010 1:38PM

    Tough getting out of the house. This looks like it might be in Nashville? That was a screamer of a flood for that area. So the garden soul must have been a bit soggy too.l

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SUNNY332 5/2/2010 7:54AM

    Wow - I hope it starts receeding soon. Good for you to get home before the flooding and thankful that you still have power.

Hope today you can get out.

Keep us posted.


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GRANNYS5 5/1/2010 9:22PM

    Wow that is a lot of water!!!

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Latest project - Grow Light Stand

Sunday, March 07, 2010

I've wanted one of these for a long time... bought the lights for it, even. Knew I needed a stand. So... decided to force the issue! That means I went ahead and planted my seed. Knew that w/ the heating mat they would be popping up before I knew it. Sure enough, 5 days later... green showing! Now I GOTTA get it in gear or I'll have weak little plants once again...
So yesterday I looked around on the net, got a couple of ideas, decided I did NOT want to make the PVC variety stand - PVC is great, but I have other ideas for what I have on hand... and I don't really want PVC on my counter... So - wood.
Most the plans I saw were for 4' shop lights, and I had 2 24" lights. Didn't want a long skinny, rather a short fat. Also didn't have 12" stock on hand, but did have 1x4 and some 1x6. (and some 2x2's) Took the majority of the day - partly because I didn't have both batteries for the drill fully charged... - but that let me get on Sparks for awhile, and took a mile walk, too!
Anyway, the babies are much happier, and more are getting ready to sprout, so... Planted 7 types of tomatoes - 4 sprouting so far. 5 kinds of peppers - so far just the Fish Peppers. Hopefully the others will soon, but it's only been 6 days now, so I need just a little patience!

After I turned on the light, I saw why other stands had a shield. I may put one on later, but in the meantime, the kraft paper does the trick (and is easily moveable when I'm moving a tray around...) And you can't tell in the pic, but the lights can be raised when plants get that tall. What doesn't show in the pic is that I realized the new sprouts need to be closer, so have raised the tray with seedling growing so it's closer to the lights. When they get taller, I'll remove their lift, and later can adjust the light bars higher by several inches. 'Course by that time, the greenhouse may be warm enough to keep them out there most of the time! Just need to wait to complete germination...

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CRAFTYC 7/8/2010 9:45PM

    I just used a regular personal heating pad. One that doesn't have an automatic shutdown after an hour or so. I cover it with a towel and set the trays on top. I do check soil temp periodically to make sure it doesn't get too hot, but haven't really had a problem that way with the single towel layer. Don't know if it's even necessary, but makes me feel safer! This IS with temp on lowest setting. I have used the mat 3 years, now, and it's a must for me - mainly for peppers and tomatoes. Don't use it for much else, be really need it for those 2. Peppers like to germinate between 85* and 90*, tomatoes like 80* - 85*. I have a 24 space tray - tomatoes get the outer cells and peppers get the inner - and they're all happy!

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    This is very cool! This is what I was going to do this year, and plan to do next year. I have all the stuff except the light.

What kind of heating mat did you use? I've heard good and bad about heating mats; did they work for you and would you buy them again?

Comment edited on: 7/8/2010 5:42:14 AM

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DOGSTARDADDY 3/9/2010 12:30PM

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

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TERI99 3/7/2010 8:18PM

    This is really impressive! I usually just buy plants. Your way is much better!

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GEINAHG0757 3/7/2010 8:16PM

    What a great idea you came up with! Those grow lights are a bit on the pricey side. Your invention does the trick just fine.


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Conquering the Canny House Mouse

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If only mice didn't leave doodles and piddles all over the place. If only they didn't chew through walls and carry germs. If only they could find things to eat that wouldn't ruin whole packages of good food. If only they weren't so noisy at night! And if only it weren't so hard to get rid of them!!!
Thankfully, I haven't had as many invade the house this winter as I have in some winters past. One now and then, not entire families. But they are still destructive and therefore it is needful to eliminate them. Sorry - not evict - they'll just come back! And some mice are really smart. They know how to get food off the trap and not trip it. And even more sad, my zapper traps wore out and the local stores don't carry them anymore... So back to the snapper traps.
What to do... Bait w/ peanut butter? Bait with cheese? No. Take a hint from our local Spark Wisdom. Bait with Sugar! Specifically, icing from store-bought cupcakes. Yes, DS brought some home after a birthday party. The cakes were really small - 3 to a 'serving', and the cake wasn't tooo bad, so - eat '1' for a serving, ditch the icing. Well, not really ditch it. Use it for bait. Just like us, mice LOVE sugar. And baiting with sugar, I figured one of two things would happen. Either the mouse was going to get on a sugar high and get STUPID (and trapped!) or it was going to get so fat that it would eventually snap that trap!
Result - too much sugar made the mouse greedy AND stupid.
(If it will do it to a mouse, what will it do to you?!!!)

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CRAFTYC 2/24/2010 9:34AM

    You bet - made the mouse greedy and stupid before it had a chance to get fat!
Political side note... DS was asking yesterday why we haven't been able to catch Osama. I explained to him several factors, and ended by saying he was a very canny man. Maybe to catch him we need to send him a steady supply of heavily glazed(Red-40 pink glaze & made with HFCS...)doughnuts! (I need to get hired by the State Dept!!!)

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NEDERLUNG 2/24/2010 1:05AM

    Excellent idea - using icing for bait. Does it catch the skinny mice too?

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SUNNY332 2/23/2010 7:55PM

    Very good analogy, Crafty. You bet sugar will make us stupid too.

Great post today. Sunny

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Happy New Year! Time to regroup/reboot!

Friday, January 01, 2010

What makes a person just stop? I spent 10 months of the year exercising regularly, getting on Sparks on a daily basis, doing great. Doubled my goal of running a 5K competitively, and had good times doing it both times. Increased my distance... all going really well. Then in Nov I just shut down. The only things I did on a regular basis was log in, spin the wheel, and read 2 blogs a day. Didn't track anything, and unfortunately didn't run or walk on a regular basis, either. My goal was 750 aerobic miles in the year - and I did do 705. It would have been so easy to complete the goal if I had just walked 1 mile every day in Nov and Dec. I didn't.
Now, before you say anything, I'm not complaining, I'm not beating myself up over this. It's just a fact. I'm ready to get back on track - using the 1st as a mental time to regroup and 'reboot'. I'm just trying to figure out WHY I coasted to an almost stop. I know I'm going to have to build myself back to where I was and it will take some time. Maybe this time when I get restarted I'll add in the strength exercises I know I should be doing on a regular basis. I don't usually worry about 'New Year's Resolutions', and I'm not making resolutions now, but I do want to set some goals. I believe that will be another blog. (I need to do that more regularly too, right?)
Wishing y'all a happy, healthy, productive New Year!


There's No Excuse for Bad Behavior!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ok. I'm venting, and it doesn't have anything to do with healthy living. Well, inferred, only...
My daughter is a member of Patriot Guard Riders. If you haven't heard of them, they are a group of motorcycle riders, many of them Vietnam Veterans, who escort, stand flag lines, and when necessary, shield family members of fallen servicemen and women from the rantings and harassment of very unChristian people who think it appropriate to intrude on the grief of a family who has lost a member defending our freedom. She rode a mission today, honoring a young soldier who was killed in Afghanistan; standing flag and riding escort to the cemetary. It was not a pleasant day to be out. It was a very wet, rainy, gray (and did I say wet and rainy?) day. When I picked her up afterward, she was soaked and cold. We were at WalMart, so she decided to go buy a new pair of jeans and a pair of long socks - both of which she needed anyway. After purchasing them, she took them to the bathroom to change. In getting the shuffle of wet clothes off and packed in the bags and the dry clothes on, she took her phone out of the (wet) clothes. In the jumble, she managed to not pick it up. It was less than 2 minutes after she left the restroom that she realized she didn't have her phone. Went back, it wasn't there. Tried to call it - it was turned off. (it had been on.) The phone belongs to her fiance - who is serving in Iraq. Unlike the phones our family has, it has internet and text. That is a big way he contacts her. Plus photos of him - and some photos he had of his military buddies. It just makes me mad that people have no respect for the property of others.
Before anyone asks, yes, the sim card has been disabled and the phone had insurance, such as it is...

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SUNNY332 10/14/2009 7:23AM

    Hope you had your ICE # (in case of emergency) in the phone as I also found a phone not too long ago at Sears. It was disabled but there was an ICE # in it so I called it from my phone and got in touch with the mother of the owner. Phone was returned and all was well. Hope this one is returned to you too.

Hugs, Sunny

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FRAN641 10/13/2009 8:09PM

    I feel so bad for your daughter. It is sad that the honest people seem to be few and far between. I hope she can get the connection to her fiance up and running soon. Bless her heart for her mission today. Thank her for me.

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