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Going Strong

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Okay, I have my mind back in the game now. It was hard when the weather was so nice and longer days, but now that it is getting colder and days shorter I can focus on my nutrition again. Compared to where I have come from I really don't have far to go. My original goal was 140 and recently I have changed it to 130. Currently that is only 22 lbs to lose! I have struggled the past couple years to get to and stay in the 140's because I have felt comfortable with the 150's....however I have noticed I am tired of getting up to 157 because I can feel myself get blah at that weight. When I start losing and getting lighter I feel so much better! It is probably because I am eating healthier too. We have so many processed foods these days that it is easy to eat the wrong thing. If I don't have it in the house I tend not to eat it. Which makes good eating habits for my boys.

I have learned to eat a fruit or veggie with every meal and that allows me to get my fruit/veggie quota for the day and keeps me on track. I am only 3 lbs away from hitting the 140's! I have fought the 150's long enough. It is time to get my rear in gear!

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    Keep your eyes on the prize and it shall be yours

Make Today the Greatest Day of Your Life

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JESS0107 10/15/2014 9:44AM

    I think we all get that "blah" feeling from time to time. The main thing is that you are not letting go of what you want and that is what is most important!!

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Exercise good/nutrition hard

Friday, August 29, 2014

I did excellent week 1 bootcamp. Week 2 did good with nutrition but exercise lacked. Week 2 redo exercise good but nutrition not so good.
I am having issues getting my nutrition and exercise on the same page. It is hard for me to concentrate on both! Especially with 2 little ones to chase after at home. I don't know how to do it right now and get the results I want.


28 Day Bootcamp: Week 2/Day 8 & 9

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Well I am a couple days into week 2 of the bootcamp challenge! This morning I am starting to see changings when I look in the mirror. This much exercise is new to me. When I previous lost 83 lbs it was all through nutrition. But now I am at the point where I need exercise to get me those last few pounds shed. And I am getting more excited about the exercise because I can see my body starting to tone up! We will see what happens at the end of this 4 week challenge, but I am thinking about doing another 4 weeks after this to keep me on track to get to my goal!

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JESS0107 8/20/2014 10:11AM

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Nutrition is tough!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I know I am not the only one that has the urge to eat something that throws the eating calorie range off, however I have found that if I keep thinking "eating in this calorie range will not last forever, only until I reach my goal weight and then I can eat to maintain" helps me stay on track. Because if I fall off the track I only have to start over again and I am done starting over to get to my goal weight. I have maintained an 83 lb loss for the past 3 years. 3 to 4 months of the next year is nothing compared to years of trying to get to my goal weight. So I think I can take this time and just do it to it! I know I can maintain once I get there so I just need to get there!

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ROBBIEY 8/17/2014 5:10PM

  emoticon 83 lbs that is great!!!! emoticon You're winning!!!

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28 Day Bootcamp: Week 1/Day 6 & 7

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Well today is the last day of week 1! Yay! I almost made it. Day 6 I got my cardio and video in which completed my 5 days of cardio for the week. So for day 7 today I do my 10 min. video and I am done. Except for eating healthy the rest of the day. I almost flubbed yesterday, but I held strong. It was a nice day and I had the thought of having a drink, but I knew if I did that it just wouldn't work with my nutrition so I held strong and got through it and I am happy that I did. Here is to a strong week ahead!

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BEHAPPY24-7 8/17/2014 4:00PM


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NEPTUNE1939 8/17/2014 3:42PM

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