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That really shouldn't stress me out

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Well, add another thing to my list of things to stress me out... I just wrote an epic blog, and I accidentally closed it out... effffffffffffff!!!!

My Fitbit base isn't working right. When it is plugged in to my USB port, my computer will not recognize it. Then, it will start working, and it won't upload. I am stressed out about it because I have come to rely on my Fitbit to track my daily progress. I feel so... lost without it.

I have contacted their customer service, and hopefully they will get back to me soon. It said it could be up to 2 business days, and with the holiday, I understand.

There are so many chips in this office right now... it is driving me crazy. Especially, when once of my old binge triggers is in a desk right beside me. I can't see them, but I know they are there. They are the really good kind. The ones fried in LARD and covered in SALT -- yumm... I know I can't have them, but it is still kind of a bummer.

I woke up today at 11:30. You may think I slept in, but when I didn't get home until 5:30 and to bed until sometime after 6... 11:30 is pretty early. Around 2:30 today, I was so tired, so I decided to lay down for a little bit before I had to go to the gym. I was woken up by the phone ringing at 4:45. I missed the gym and had to scramble to get ready for work.

I missed working out Sunday because of rain ( I wanted to bike ride) I missed working out yesterday because of the holiday and humidity and I missed working out today because I was lazy. I am mad at myself for that. I guess there is always tomorrow, but what about today? Excuses are not really acceptable.

Thursday I have a lot of stuff I want to get done, but all of it is going to take a back burner to my bike riding. That is all there is to it.

Blah.. I am stressed

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JUDSTERF 9/6/2012 12:09AM

    Don't be hard on ourself. Sleep is just as important in your journey of weight loss and health as exercising is. Evidently your body needed that sleep. Be good to yourself my dear. You deserve it!!!! Your body was taking care of you!!! You have done so well and I know you will continue to do so.

Judy emoticon

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ANNE1123 9/5/2012 11:49AM

    Have you checked out the chair exercises video that Coach Nicole has on SP? Of course it's low impact, but it is a great motivator and it's short. It's just one of those, oh, I did SOMETHING today exercises and it helps relieve tension. Take care!

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BILL60 9/5/2012 8:05AM

    It's a matter of priorities. To me riding the bike is right up there, rain, snow, sleet, or heat. There are no excuses or reasons. I just do it.

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ANGRITTER 9/5/2012 7:02AM

    Don't get bummed, there's a reason you didn't get the exercise in. Do you have a desk job, or are you always moving around? Wear a pedometer at work and count your steps. That's one way to keep up with what exercise you are getting.

I hope you get everything straightened out and can get back on the exercise track!

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WATCHMEGO! 9/5/2012 5:42AM

    Agreed, it's not laziness, it's tiredness. Some days it's like that. We need to rest our bodies when they say we need it. You'll get back on track!

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OLIVIANIGHT 9/5/2012 5:35AM

    That's not laziness, it's tiredness! Just forget the last few days and start again : )

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CSTERLING 9/5/2012 2:33AM

    Take today and make it the best that you can...

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Rewards and how my Psychologist might have been right

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

There are a lot of things I want to buy... things i don't really need. Like a new scale and new workout clothes and so many things I can't name right now because there is just soooo much!

When I was in the process for surgery, I had to get a psych evaluation. The Psychologist warned me that since I couldn't eat as a hobby anymore, I was going to become a compulsive gambling alcoholic with a shopping addiction.

I started playing bingo and the shopping thing... well... I am not sure if that is what it is or not

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HEALTHYGAL01 9/6/2012 6:04PM

    I know I've been there. (DH is not amused at my new wardrobe; and he is really pleased that I am mad at our local Ulta store)

Be kind to yourself. You've gone through a lot and you are working really hard to get fit. I remember a dietician once telling me I needed to find non-food rewards. Sadly many of them require money. Maybe make a list of some that don't and use them too. Regardless of whether shopping is pleasurable, you do need clothes that fit your current body. You can always try to become "addicted" to exercise.

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DJ4HEALTH 9/4/2012 11:20PM

    I guess that would include me too for the food but not gambling or alcohol addition, since I don't like just giving my money away or drinking because it gives me headaches. Don't like pain and don't want to waste my money

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ATTACKFATCAT 9/4/2012 5:38PM

    Well, I didn't hear any alcohol mentioned, so that's a good thing, right? ;)

I feel the same way. I would love some new exercise clothes, equipment, Wii games, an MP3 player...the list goes on and on. I don't need these things, but I keep telling myself I would exercise more if I had them. Maybe we should make the exercise clothes and stuff small rewards for meeting our goals!

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BOOKWORM27S 9/4/2012 11:06AM

    I didn't have the surgery, but after losing a massive amount of weight..... for a short period of time my new addiction was shopping for clothes! It is hard not to fall into that trap, because you are so excited to fit into small sizes! This is a common "addiction swap" for food addicts. Now my new "addiction" is coffee. I always have to feel some sort of reward when I go out shopping, so now I've got it down to treating myself with coffee 2x a week.
emoticon emoticon

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SOFT_VAL67 9/4/2012 9:47AM

    when i went for a psych eval, it was pretty much just hello and goodbye, they didnt go into any of that, luckily i was an oprah watcher and seen a show she had about this subject, people who have had wls and then take their food addictions to a new place
gambling, shopping, sex, theft, drugs or alcohol, she even had a few cleptos on....
so, just try not to get drunk and have sex with the store clerk while you are stealing clothes...or something like that....
i swore off buying any clothes thru the month of sept, i have planned to wait til october, hoping i will be down at least one more size by then and can get some nice fall things, but, i really am wearing such baggy clothes right now, someone might think ive stolen items hidden underneath....hehehe emoticon

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BILL60 9/4/2012 8:13AM

    Always moderation. It helps keep us out of trouble.

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LILAC_LANE 9/4/2012 6:58AM

    Use the shopping for a reward for hitting goals.
That's what I do. It really helps me stay motivated.

Comment edited on: 9/4/2012 6:58:58 AM

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FUSCHIA6 9/4/2012 1:17AM

    Maybe I've become a Sparkaholic.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
I want to be an exercise addict. Too bad we can't pick our addictions.

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Monday, September 03, 2012

Yup - you heard it right. I am a size L. Not an XL, not an XXL or XXXL, but a just plain L.

I was at Old Navy on Saturday, and I tried on a pair of sweatpants. They were L. I actually ended up buying the XL because I figured they would shrink, but the point is I got into a size L and they fit just fine. The compression pants I bought were a L.

I am feeling pretty good today. I am wearing a size 14 jeans (misses size not women's) a Junior XL shirt, and a 38D bra. I don't think I have worn those sizes for 10 or more years. In fact, I know it has been longer than that. More like 12 years.

I got on the scales today and lost a little over 3 pounds. I was also very pleased with that. I have been working very hard.

I think I may go later this week and book a personal trainer at the gym. I think it is time.

Well, that is all for now

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HEALTHYGAL01 9/4/2012 10:23PM

    Congratulations- smaller clothes is so exciting

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BOOKWORM27S 9/4/2012 11:07AM

    Congrats, that is great news!

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JUDSTERF 9/3/2012 10:07PM

    Congratulations!!! Great job on the weight loss and especially getting down into a smaller size. I don't think there's a better feeling in this journey than to go down in sizes!! Keep up the good work Cortney!!!

Judy emoticon

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SYZYGY922 9/3/2012 9:57PM

    Congratulations! Wearing a size L is really exciting!

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ATTACKFATCAT 9/3/2012 9:51PM

    emoticon So happy to hear that you are ready to push harder with a personal trainer. You are going to do great!

Nothing gets you during weight loss like clothes shopping. I actually have one or two items that are a Large, but I'm still mostly in XL. It's going to happen though :)

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SOFT_VAL67 9/3/2012 9:45PM

    heck i cant wait til im a the way, you never did tell me where u buy your compression pants...i have the shorts, but with cooler temps coming im looking for a pair of the pants
and i am also losing sizes, i have dropped one pant size and one shirt size, i still cant believe i can wear a 1xl in womens shirts, i have several 2xl sizes i still wear on my morning walks, they are so big on me, i feel like im really losing haha
well, great work, keep on with it.... emoticon

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JUDYAMK 9/3/2012 8:31PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
I cannot wait until I am a large. You have really encouraged me

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... and a choir of angels began to sing...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Seriously... that is how I felt after the Chiropractor today. I am pretty sure the heavens and earth were in perfect harmony. My ribs are back where they should be, and everything is right with the world. I would venture to say that it was the best thing I have felt in a long time (no offense to my boyfriend)

I decided to go workout before I went, which was a good idea, but when I got there I was sweaty and nasty. I did apologize to the Doc and told him where I had been. He understood, or so he said.

Saturday, my co-worker is getting married, so, I have to go to that. I am not a real big fan of weddings, but you know how that goes. Then I am working extra. I am hoping on Sunday to get a bike ride in and get laundry done. I hate to say this, but the laundry is the most important thing. I won't have clean undies otherwise.

I think that is all

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ATTACKFATCAT 8/31/2012 11:57AM

    I'm glad to hear you've recovered and feel even better after the chiropractor visit. It sounds like you are back on track. I have thought about visiting a chiropractor myself, but financially it's not an option right now. Heck, even a back massage would do!

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BILL60 8/31/2012 8:20AM

    Hang in there.

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SOFT_VAL67 8/30/2012 10:46PM

    i need an appt with one of those, i used to go to a doc who would pop my neck but its been years
i need a good adjustment....i know what u mean about being grungy, every single time i run into my friend i am grungy and today i was bleeding from my pinky haha
i told him maybe just maybe one day he will see me and i will look like a real girl. emoticon

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JUDSTERF 8/30/2012 10:31PM

    So glad you're feeling better and got some relief from the chiropractor.


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Crappy Park Trip

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well... Hershey Park was a disaster. I loved riding the rides, and it was an awesome day weather wise... but I got really sick. It wasn't motion sickness either. I was drenched in sweat, my stomach felt on fire, I was light headed and shaky... I don't know what could have caused it.

I felt so horrible I let my boyfriend drive my Jeep home. I told my mom that and she said "you must have been sick!"

I went home and slept for 15 hours. Our park trip was cut very short and I felt horrible about it. I ruined my Boyfriend's day. He tired to tell me it was ok, but I still feel really awful about it.

I sitll didn't feel right today either. My workout was cut short because my body felt strange. I am hoping that a day or regular food and drink will set me right again.

I think that is all for now

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-POOKIE- 8/30/2012 12:05PM

    Do you think you need to contact your Dr? How are you feeling now?

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BILL60 8/30/2012 8:27AM

    Hang in there.

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JUDSTERF 8/30/2012 12:13AM

    Sorry your day was a bust and hope you're feeling better soon. Tomorrow is another day and a new start.


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SYZYGY922 8/29/2012 10:48PM

    That is really strange! Except for the stomach thing, that sounds almost like really bad hot flashes. I had some hormonal problems and started getting hot flashes at age 28.

I also had a similar problem when I started taking a new medication. Or low blood sugar? Gee, what a weird thing.

Sorry you had a crappy trip to the park.


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SOFT_VAL67 8/29/2012 10:33PM

    has the rabbit died?
could it just be the flu?
some bad food?
hmmm.....hope you get to feeling better.

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