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My Pants Shrunk! No Really... they did!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I wore these pants last week and they fit fine... I weight 2 pounds less this week than I did last week... so it would stand to reason that my pants have been shrunk...

In other news, not much is going on. I am working overtime tonight. So, that is good -- whoo hooo for extra money!

I have to take Leroy to the vet tomorrow for his shots and check up. The vet is going to tell me he is a fatso... I don't know why he is fat. I don't over feed my cats. With his issues, it isn't good for him to be over weight, but I don't know what else I can do for him.

I really want to go to the gym after work... I hope I am not too tired. The only thing I worry about is that I will fall asleep on the drive home. You figure, I was up at 9am today - and I am working until 5am. So, by the time I leave the gym it will be 6:30. Usually I am pretty good about staying awake, and usually after a workout I feel pretty good. I always hope that no one else leaving them gym sees me stop at the Mcdonalds drive thru on my way home. I stop a lot on mornings that I get off work to pick my boyfriend up something for breakfast. Which I don't think is a great idea... but he won't really get into this healthy thing with me.

Since I cook pretty healthy, he eats what I cook, but he isn't very picky when it comes to ordering when we are out. I make him a healthy breakfast and he loads his toast up with butter, or his pancakes up with butter and syrup. I don't keep junk food in the house. For snacks I buy string cheese, popcorn, soft pretzels... of course, it doesn't help when he goes on the road and takes a package of cookies, a bag of chips and a few lunchables. He washes it down with some Mt Dew... I have been really trying to get him to be healthier, but he doesn't seem very interested in it. He does support me however, and I am grateful for that. And while he won't join the gym with me, he will play basket ball and tennis with me, and he will go for bike rides and walks with me. So I can't complain on that.

I think that is all for now

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SLIMLILA 1/16/2012 11:38PM

    Sounds like a good start.... and he is supporting you, so if you can avoid the tempting things he has, you're on your way. emoticon

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Bad Boyz

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I had an awesome lunch with my friend today while her husband fixed my car. We went to Bad boyz Bistro for lunch. It was really, really awesome. I had a hamburger and french fries, and I have to be honest, unlike my trip to Five Guys, this burger was really worth the money. It tasted so good. It had an awesome char on it, and tasted just like it came off the grill. It wasn't greasy at all. The fries were very good too. They were seasoned with cracked black pepper, fennel seed, crushed red pepper, and a few other spices I couldn't identify. The portions were nice and I was full. I am not sure how many calories my burger was. I am guessing that most of them were in the roll... but it was worth it. Normally, I don't like french fries all that well, but these were good fries, and defiantly worth the splurge.

Bad Boyz has been featured on the Travel Channel for their Wing Challenge, which I have no intention of doing. If I have to sign a waiver to eat it... I am not going to. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy spicy food, but I don't want it to burn my face off. They also have a burger challenge... which again, I won't be doing. I didn't even finish my 8oz burger, let along a 40 oz one... and 2 pounds of fries?

My Jeep looks good - bumper is all fixed. I got a new one actually. It looks good. Scott even washed it for me, which was super nice of him!

I was thinking today about my clothes. I know that after surgery, I am going to drop weight quickly. Lucky for me, I have some of my older clothes that were smaller I can wear, but I won't be able to wear them for long. So here is what I thought would be a good idea...

for work pants, I can buy those Champion Yoga pants from Target. I actually wear them now, and no one knows that they aren't dress pants. The Key is to pair them with a nice top. For shirts, I figured I can let these go longer than pants, and quite a few of my shirts will fit me for a while, so I should be good there. As I drop weight however, I plan on checking places for sales and only buying a few. Maybe 3-4 for work and 1-2 for casual. I will buy things I can mix and match. As far as jeans go... Buying jeans second hand (and any clothes for that matter) will be easier once I am in to "normal' sizes. Right now, every time I check the thrift shops for fat chick clothes, everything looks like something straight out of my grandmother's closet or out of Mama Cass' closet. And while I loved Mama Cass (still do idolize her actually) big girls should not wear dresses with flowers all over them... at least this big girl shouldn't. So, I will buy a pair of jeans to get me through until my weight loss stops. I don't wear jeans often anyway, so I will be ok there.

Nothing like thinking ahead....

oh, and here is a link to Bad Boyz in case anyone reading this wants to check it out


My adventures at GNC and other places

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I took my Jeep for service today- oil change and tire rotation. It only cost me $15! You get every 4th oil change for free! Whooo Hooo!

After I got that done I went to GNC to pick up some more protein powder. I like Designer Whey. I was talking to the guy at GNC and he told me to try this other kind... It is called GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60... I am not sure what that means. I looked at the claims and it is supposed to help you bulk up muscle, which actually wouldn't be bad... I don't think it will make me gain weight since there is nothing really in it to do so. It is about 90 calories and 20g of protein a scoop. There is very little carbs, and virtually no fat. Seems like an ok deal really... but the reason I bought it was because a guy who was at the store said..."it tastes so awesome" I figured why not?

I stopped at Panera Bread and picked up an Fuji Apple Chicken Salad - a bit of a splurge, and it was awesome.

I think that is all for now - I got 4 hours sleep so I am tired

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NEZAB24 1/12/2012 4:54PM

    that is what I used preop also...really good!

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    I just went to GNC for the first time today! Loved it. I picked up a smoothie blender for my morning protein shakes. I also may try some smoothies, once I get fruit and Greek yogurt.

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    I have been thinking about trying protein powder but wasn't sure what kind to get. I think I may try it.

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crappy work out tmi

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I went to the gym after work and it sucked. I have an ingrown toenail and it hurts. Earlier this evening i was checking it out and it was seeping. So i worked out as long ad i could and had to stop. My sock was bloody

To make things even better i kept pulling the shut off coard on the treadmill....

Hopefully better luck tomorrow

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WOLFSPIRITMOM 1/11/2012 1:00PM

    Ouch! Hope you get it fixed soon.

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ANONSI 1/10/2012 10:40AM

    Yikes! Have you gone to a doctor? Sorry to hear that your toe is hurting you and making workouts difficult. I'd get it checked out if I were you, since I don't want you to work out in pain!

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Five Guys

Monday, January 09, 2012

Best Buy called and woke me up today at Noon... I tired to stay awake as late as I could last night and sleep in today because I had to go back to work, 5pm-5am, and to avoid dragging and hitting a wall around 2-3, I try to sleep in.

Since my laptop was done, I figured we should go get it, and since I just woke up, I figured we would go out to lunch instead of cooking breakfast. I was REALLY hoping that my boyfriend would pick Wendy's again, because I wanted another one of those yummy salads and some chili. He picked Five Guys. I had never eaten there before, but have heard they have the most fabulous burgers on earth! So, I figured why not?

I got a little cheeseburger with ketchup and onion. He got a bacon cheeseburger. We ordered 2 drinks and a regular fry and it was $20, or darn near close that. I ate my burger, and some fries, but not a huge amount. I can honestly say, I wasn't impressed. I mean, the burger was good, but it wasn't the most fantastic burger I have ever had. The fries were... mediocre at best. Of course, I am not a huge fan of french fries to begin with. I am not really much of a potato fan, unless it is a sweet potato :)

Because of that meal, I went 87 calories over my limit for the day, but I am not really stressing out too much about it. I will work that off easy when I hot the gym after work.

So in conclusion, Five Guys, while ok, is not worth $20 and to be honest, Wendy's has better burgers.

In other news, I got my laptop back. I am not looking forward to putting everything back on it. I had time today to re-install Chrome, AIM and Yahoo Messenger but not much else. I will have time to do that on Wednesday.

I am going to get my Jeep serviced on Wednesday - oil change and tire rotation... and yes, I can do those things myself, however, it is just as easy, and not much of a price difference to have the dealer do it. Maybe once my Jeep is five or more years old, I will do it on my own, but not now.

On Thursday, I am taking my Jeep to the body shop to get the bumper fixed. My co-worker's husband is doing it, so while he is fixing it, her and I are going to go out to lunch. We are going to to go Hoss'. It is local steakhouse. They have lots of great options both low cal and low carb. Plus they have a wonderful salad bar that has so many different kinds of fresh veggies and low cal/fat onion soup at only 25 calories a cup! I have eaten there many times before, and have found it works very well into my ranges for the day.

My boyfriend is having some issues with my surgery. He is convinced that once I lose weight, I am going to leave him. I have tried telling him that I am not with him just because I am fat. I have tried to tell him, that no matter what weight I am, I love him, but something doesn't seem to sink in. I have told him that he has no reason to be insecure. Granted, his ex-wife did lose a lot of weight then leave him for someone else, but that is not me.

I want him to come to my Surgeon's appointment with me. They want someone to come with you, so I want him to come with. I think once he meets with the Doctor with me, it might ease a lot of his fears. He supports me, don't get me wrong. He has been a wonderful source of encouragement for me. He has done a fantastic job, but I think that once he meets with the doctor, he will be there with e 100% instead of only about 65%. At least that is my hope.

I am trying to get him to join the gym with me... no luck there yet, but I have gotten him to ride bikes with me, play tennis with me, and play basketball with me. So, maybe after surgery, he will see how I am doing and want to do it with me too... let's hope?

I think that is all for now

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WOLFSPIRITMOM 1/11/2012 1:03PM

    Wow, quite the day. Hopefully your boyfriend gets it soon. And glad you got a new laptop. Have fun with it. Hope you enjoy the meal at Hoss', sounds good.

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