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Friday, December 09, 2011

I like my new gym. This is my first week there, and while I like the equipment at my old gym a little better I like the atmosphere at the this gym a lot better. It is small, and I like it. They have the basics that I need, and I am ok with that. I can say that I am not really a fan of the 2 ellipticals that they have there, they are not as good as the Life Fitness or the Precor ones at my old gym, but they will do. I think it will just take me a little bit to get used to them.

I think I am going to start using an old program a former personal trainer set up for me. I fell a little like a wimp though. I guess if someone laughs at me, I will smash their face with my 10 pound dumbbell!

Work is going pretty well tonight. It was a little chaotic there for a bit, but things have calmed down now, and I can focus on some of the tasks I need to get done. Most importantly, I need to track my JIT loads to make sure drivers are getting to the customers on time. You would be amazed at what all is involved getting that can of soup to a store shelf. I would have never thought about it unless I worked in the Trucking Industry.

I am going shopping tomorrow for my "angel" boy. I don't know if they do this in other places in the country or not, but local businesses have Angel Trees and they have these paper ornaments on them. On the ornament's is a child's age and sex along with what items are on their Christmas wish list. I have a 9 year old boy. His wish list items are
1. Webkinz
2. Books (what kind of books do you get a 9 year old)
3.Club Penguin
he likes the colors green and yellow and likes low top shoes size 4

I am going to try to buy him a pair or jeans and a shirt, a pair of shoes, a Club Penguin gift card, a Barnes and Noble gift card and a small Webkinz. I would like to actually buy the child a book or 2 but i don't know what he likes. I don't know what type of books a 9 year old boy would read, and I don't think a Playboy subscription is really appropriate. I think I will just go with a $15 gift card.

I am hoping that I will be able to do all of this for around $75. If I shop smart, I should be able to.

You know, the weird thing about all of this is, I don't really like kids and I don't really celebrate Christmas, but I really like helping people out this time of year. Maybe I am not as wretched of a person as I think?? I mean, we all know (or maybe you will just have to take my word on it) that I am not usually sympathetic to other people's plights. I am usually not very charitable unless it involves animals. Something about this time of year really does make me want to help people. Last year, we adopted a family and gave them a great Christmas. This year, we have picked Angels from the Angel Tree.

I think that is all for now

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BILL60 12/9/2011 7:49AM

    I don't care what you're a beautiful human being. Hang tough!!

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I love my Mommy (plus kitty photo)

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I spent yesterday with my Mother. We had such as awesome time. We went to see Breaking Dawn and after the movie we went to dinner and then went and did some shopping.

Breaking Dawn was a fantastic movie. I think it is the best so far. Both my mother and I have been a fan of the Twilight Series for a long time. We read the books way before the hype hit. I am have been relatively unimpressed with the movies so far, but Breaking Dawn was a good movie.

We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It was fantastic. I got Prime Rib like I always do. When I figured up the calories for my meal, it was over 1,300 calories, but I still managed to make it work and stick within my ranges for the day.

We went shopping at Walmart and Wegman's. I bought this new soda called Dry Soda. It is not diet, but it is very low calorie. I got Cucumber flavor and Vanilla Bean favor. They were pretty expensive, but I figured it was ok to get as a treat. It would be no more expensive than buying a bottle of Coke Zero a day. I also bought some new flavored teas. I find that drinking a cup of tea in the evening helps curve cravings.

It has been raining here the last few days. My Jeep is leaking on the passenger side front floor. I am a little annoyed. It is still under warranty, so next time I get service I will have them take a look at it. I expected it to leak, but I figured it would be a few years until it started.

I think that is all for now

oh and here is my kitties

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-LINDA_S 12/7/2011 10:33PM

    Awww, suckered me in with the kitties again! Too cute! I saw the other Twilight movies on satellite and wasn't all that impressed. Maybe the last really is the best.

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KMIRANDA2000 12/7/2011 9:26PM

    Your kitties are adorable!!

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SLEEPYDEAN 12/7/2011 2:27PM

    I have yet to see Breaking Dawn - I stopped going to the theater to see the series after the initial one (which I did the whole going at 12:01am opening day thing with a friend). I plan to see it, but just haven't had a chance to go.

I was supposed to go see a movie with my mom the day after Thanksgiving, but she is not the Twilight type so that was out.

Your cats are adorable with beautiful markings. I have a grey tabi who is the love of my life.

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Ranch Pork Chops

Monday, December 05, 2011

I keep seeing a commercial on TV advertisting Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Dry Mix. There is this perfect looking lady in her million dollar kitchen happily talking about "How ever Tuesday is Pork Chop night. To really make it special she uses a packet of dry ranch dressing mix and makes Ranch Pork Chops! It is a meal to please the entire family" or something to the effect.

I decided that I would try it tonight. Why not? I had pork chops in the freezer and I had a packet of dry ranch. It was pretty awesome. My boyfriend really liked them and so did I. It is a make again meal for sure!

I went grocery shopping today and spent wayyyyyyyy too much money. I couldn't help it! They had HoneyCrisp Apples... They were $2 a pound, but they are soooooooo good, that I can't resist. I also got 2 mangos, 4 oranges and a bunch of bananas. Then I bought salad stuff, and a few new boxes of flavored tea.. and this and that and before I knew it my bill was over $70.

I worked out at my new gym today. It was a pretty good work out. I know now how out of shape I am! I did a 20 min. mile on the treadmill, 15 mins on the bike using varied hill intervals, and finally I only made it 8 mins on the elliptical! I used to be able to do 30 mins. Now granted, at the end of those 30 mins i felt like i was going to fall over, but still.... I only made it 8 mins today. That shows me I have a lot of work I need to do! My goal by surgery time is to be able to do 30 mins at level 15 on random hill intervals. I think that is a very realistic goal if I keep working at it.

I am a little sore, and my muscles feel tired, but I think after a week or so, I will be alright. It is amazing how being away for just a little while can make a huge impact! The good news is, my HRM said I burned 362 calories in my 45 min work out. I was please with that, but I would like to see that number a little higher.

I think that is all for now

oh, well... I put the flea stuff on the cats... you know, that stuff you put on the back of their necks? Yeah, they hate me now

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BILL60 12/6/2011 7:38AM

    Keep making the progress on the exercise side. Good luck!!

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SLIMLILA 12/6/2011 12:06AM

    Friday used to be pork chop nite at my grandmother's when she was alive, but she used Shake & Bake on hers... sounds yummy (I think there are pk. chops in teh freezer here too... tomorrow maybe....)

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OOLALA53 12/5/2011 8:20PM

    I once was able to buy a huge container of dry ranch dressing at a discount store. I think it was a container for restaurants. It was fantastic! I used it all the time, but I've never seen it again. emoticon

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-LINDA_S 12/5/2011 7:26PM

    Aw, I'm sure they'll forget about the flea stuff. Pork chops sound interesting...

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New Years resolutions...

Friday, December 02, 2011

It is getting to that time of year again that I start thinking about what resolutions I want to make for the new year. Since I have already committed myself to a lifestyle change of healthy diet and exercise (which is getting me no where BTW - thus why if my insurance company decides to play nice, I will be undergoing gastric by-pass surgery in late winter/early spring) I don't really think that is a valid resolution. I will however resolve to keep what I have started going, and stay healthy after my surgery. I have known a lot of people who gained their weight back, but I have also known a few people that actually lost so much weight, they became unhealthy. I don't want to fall into either of those groups. I want to use it as a tool to achieve my goals. (I will be setting a few post-op goals, but do not wish to get ahead of myself at this time)

What I really struggle with on a day to day basis is my language. I swear A LOT. Obviously, I don't swear on Spark as I do not wish to have myself removed, but in my life outside Spark I have a huge problem with saying F%$# every other word. I blame it mostly on my job. There is a lot of swearing in my office. F%$# is a MILD word actually. We use it as part of regular speech. I know one of these days I am going to slip up and drop the F-Bomb in front of my grandmother and she will flip out and remind me I am not too old to get a "lickin" involving a wooden spoon. If I remember anything from childhood, I remember that it HURTS - and it hurts a lot... so, I would just rather cut that off at the pass before hand.

So, I think my main new years resolution is going to be... to clean up my language.

I joined my new gym today, and I am looking forward to working out. I love the way it is set up. The weight machines are all grouped together in a way that makes sense. They are also close together, and set up in almost a circuit type format. That makes me happy. I am thinking that might make the task easier, since I won't have to walk everywhere to get to the machine I want. Also it is a small place. I like that. I was in around 2:30 today, and there were a few people, but not a lot. I think this place is going to be alright.

I think that is all for now

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CINDY-K 12/5/2011 12:09AM

    Remember, Gastric Bypass is another tool that you want to use to achieve your goal of being healthy. Exercising every day is another tool to achieve the goal. So just continue the goal to be healthy and active.

Yes, Your grandmother is correct. Disrespectful language is not appropriate in the office, home, or anywhere. I agree that you need to find fun ways to avoid swearing.

Good luck on surgery, being healthy, exercising, and not swearing.

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WOLFSPIRITMOM 12/4/2011 10:39AM

    Great goal and hope the surgery goes well.

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BRIGHTEYES86 12/3/2011 4:53PM

    I'm excited for you to get the surgery. I hope I get approved too and we can be there to spot each other.

And you just have to find fun ways to avoid swearing like... C U Next Tuesday and Mother of Pearl!!! Those are always fun. emoticon

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My new bike rack is here! (plus photo)

Thursday, December 01, 2011

I was so excited I got my new bike rack today! It is very well built for the price and I am quite happy with it. The only issue is that I don't think it was quite made for those of us who have larger tires on our vehicles, since it is an over the rear spare tire mount. No worries though. My boyfriend's father is a phenomenal fabricator, so I am going to take it out to him and he will alter it to fit perfectly.

As you can see, Leroy thinks it is his...

Tomorrow after I go to the bank (can't wait until I FINALLY get direct deposit) I am going to go join the gym and work out. It will be glorious! I can't wait to get back onto the elliptical. What I can wait for is strength training. Yeah yeah, I know it is necessary, but I hate it. In fact, I can not describe in words how much I hate it. There are days when, I would rather have 1,000 cuts on my body and be rolled in salt than lift weights. I know I HAVE to do it. I know that it will be very important, especially after my surgery. So, I am going to get in the habit of doing it now, and hopefully I will learn to love it. I doubt it, but we all do things we hate, we dislike or whatever, so this is just one of those for me.

I have been wanting to make Stove Top stuffing for some reason. I don't know why I love that stuff so much. I was looking at the box, and was a little confused. It is 110 calories not prepared, but it is 170 calories prepared. The directions call for 2 and something cups of water, and 1/4 cup of butter. I never use butter, and just use the water. So, I am guessing that I would just count it the same as dry since water doesn't add calories. I thought about asking on the boards, but I don't feel like dealing with all of the negativity. Maybe I will ask on one of my groups?

I think that is all for now

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CINDY-K 12/4/2011 11:30PM

    Good luck on bike rack, gym, and weights! You are correct to count it as dry but I would recommend using fat free stock instead of water so that it has more flavor.

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BRIGHTEYES86 12/3/2011 4:50PM

    I am the opposite... I hate cardio but weight lifting was always fun. I always felt tough if I did a lot of reps... with my 5 pound weights... hehe.

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-POOKIE- 12/2/2011 11:26AM

    If the made is for added butter, then count it as the dry weight as you are not adding those butter calories.

And Leroy says it fits him fine.. leave it there plskaythnx

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