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Sunday, November 27, 2011

I slept until almost 15:00 today. I didn't want to sleep that late, but I was exhausted. I worked until 5am on Saturday morning and when I came home I only slept until a little bit before noon, and those were not solid hours. I went into work on Saturday night and worked until 7am this morning (Sunday) When I got home I just went to bed and slept until about 11. Then I went back to sleep until almost 1500.

We went and did some shopping at Walmart. Nothing very exciting there. I was happy because they had a large pack of the thin sliced boneless-skinless chicken breasts. There were 10 in the pack for under $10. That is a fairly decent deal. I figure since I eat a chicken salad almost every day that would be good.

I re-set my Spark goals. I would like to lose 10 pounds before my last Doctor appointment in February. I am excited to join my new gym at the beginning of the month. It is a lot closer and I think I will be able to better utilize it. It isn't out of the way. Basically, as long as they have an elliptical machine and some weights, I don't really need much else. My bike rack should be here soon! I have been checking out the weather forecast and of course it is crappy. I was really looking forward to strapping my bike on and taking it somewhere for a ride. I was hoping to hit up the Rails to Trails. I guess the forecast isn't always 100% - I guess we will see what happens. I am excited to get back on the elliptical... since i haven't been on it for a while, I doubt my endurance is anywhere near what it was. I won't be disappointed in myself though. If I get on, and can't do what I used to, I will do what I can, and push myself to get back to where I was.

I have a pretty exciting night planned. My boyfriend has to leave out tonight, so while he is resting, I am watching Once Upon a Time - then I plan on watching the episodes of American Horror Story and Grim that I missed. Then, I plan on either watching a movie or finishing my book. The only problem with finishing my book is then I will need to buy another one. I spend a lot of money on books. They just give me such pleasure.

I am also looking forward to my boyfriend and I having Wednesday and Thursday off together. I know Wednesday we are going to go out to dinner. I am not sure where we are going to go. I kind of want to go to the Olive Garden or for a Steak. I am not sure yet. Maybe we will go to Zach's which is a Sports Bar that has awesome food. I thought about maybe going to the movies, but there really isn't anything out right now that I want to see.

I think that is all for now

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BRIGHTEYES86 11/28/2011 1:05PM


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WOLFSPIRITMOM 11/28/2011 8:56AM

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DEBBIEOLMOS57 11/27/2011 8:57PM


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Laying it on the line while fighting the good fight and wishing you were here

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I am really glad I brought my laptop to work tonight. While I am not able to connect to the company wi-fi, I am able to listen to music. We have been rocking out all night to some awesome music. It is kind of making the day go a little faster.

Today was pretty uneventful... I got up too early because I ate ham yesterday and it never fails that every time I eat ham, I have weird dreams that night. So, I was woken up with some weird dream that involved me trying to hide a stolen Volkswagen Beetle in a corn field with some guy I dated in high school.

I did have left over chocolate chip banana pancakes which were fantastic. I make them with egg whites, skim milk and heart healthy bisquick. I make pancakes a lot for my boyfriend. He really likes them. He doesn't know that they are semi-healthy... well, at least until he slathers them with butter and dumps syrup all over them. Every day that he is home, I make him a big breakfast. Usually I make him pancakes, french toast, eggs... stuff like that. He has no interest in a healthy lifestyle, so at least with me cooking things for him he is eating healthy even if he doesn't know it.

For work lunch I made another cranberry-apple chicken salad... I think I am going to turn into a cranberry-apple chicken salad one of these days. I don't know what it is about that specific combination of foods that I just adore. There is just something divine about the combination.

Right now, I am listening to Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here album. This album brings back so many awesome memories. Every note brings a smile to my face as I remember random things that happened while I listened to this album over and over. Fun and awesome times with my friends... sitting in a dorm room in Japan trying to learn how to write in Japanese... Such awesome and fun times... and it makes me so very happy to sit and remember them.

For some reason... water is tasting good to me right now

I think that is all

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BRIGHTEYES86 11/28/2011 1:06PM

    Tricking D-Mock into eating healthy = awesome!

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WOLFSPIRITMOM 11/27/2011 11:56AM

    Lucky, you get to listen to music at work, I wish. Have a great day!

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Black Friday Shopping...

Friday, November 25, 2011

I went Black Friday shopping at the Dollar General and bought Advil. I also bought my boyfriend a present from the History Channel website. That is about all the shopping I did.

Today was fairly uneventful. We went out to lunch at Wendy's. I wish my chili tasted as good as theirs. I don't know what makes it so awesome, but it is. I had a small chili and a half salad.

There were a bunch of geeks in there talking about Dungeons and Dragons, and I longed to join their conversation. I miss playing D&D. I always had so much fun. My boyfriend thinks I am a dork, but that is ok. I know he thinks it is cute. In a weird, dorky sort of way :)

I have the weekend off, but I volunteered to work extra on Saturday night. Honestly, I need all of the spare money I can get right now. I want to make sure all of my medical expenses are paid. They nailed me a lot for my sleep study, so I want to make sure I have a clear account before surgery. I know that is going to cost me a lot too. I am guessing it is going to be about $2000-3000. At least in that neighborhood. I have been cutting a lot of expenses lately and trying to put as much as I can in savings.

My bike rack has yet to leave Phoenix, AZ. It needs to hurry up and get here! I admit I am impatient. These next few days are going to be excellent out, and I won't be able to take advantage of them. Well, I won't be able to on my bike at least. I may go for a walk and enjoy the outdoors, but the first day of Deer season starts Monday and I don't fancy getting shot. Plus I am not that disrespectful. I wouldn't go make a fuss in the woods while people are trying to hunt. That is just rude.

Speaking of hunting, I keep saying I am going to go get my permit and go, but I never do. I think I can shoot a deer with no issues, I just don't think I could gut it. I have helped butcher and stuff before, and have never had any issues, but the gutting thing... I just don't think I have the stomach for.

My boyfriend is going out to dinner with his friends tomorrow while I am working. I can honestly say... I am glad I am working. I like his friends, except his one friends wife. She is so snotty and high maintenance. Since I have known her, she has gotten rid of 4 cars for stupid reasons. They have all been high end automobiles too. The second she found out I bought a new Jeep, she wanted to know right away about the features and options. When I explained it was a 6 speed and you could take the top off, she stared at me blankly. I guess she doesn't understand why I like bare bones simplicity instead of high tech. My Jeep doesn't have the cooling seats that her Lincoln has, but I like it.

I think that is all for now


The Fakeness of Facebook

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I know I already posted today, but something is getting on my nerves and I just want to rant about it.

Facebook - it is one of those necessary evils in the world it seems. People are my "friends" who, while I know of them, or rather knew of them 15 years ago, I am guessing that is all that is required to be "friends" in the virtual world of Facebook.

I get into it, posting corny status updates and endless pictures of my cats, because I am sure people care. Rather, I am sure that my Grandmother and the three or four "real" friends I have do actually care.

In reading my newsfeed I have come to realize a few things...

1. If you have to tell everyone how much you love Jesus and how great God is and feel the need to put Bible versus in your status... something tells me you are not the Christian you think you are.

2. If you have to talk constantly about how wonderful your life is, how great your kids are and how much you love your husband... something tells me your life is pretty miserable

3. If you have constantly let everyone know what a stellar parent you are and how much you love your kids and how great being a parent truly is.... something tells me these are nothing more than lies you tell yourself to make the regret you feel for not getting that abortion seem a little less.

4. If you constantly post Doom... Gloom... Despair and Agony... and talk about how much your life sucks... then you most likely need a job, hobby or something to that effect to focus your attention on

5. If your status updates are quotes from other people, song lyrics et al, that pretty much signifies that you have no original thoughts in your head. It doesn't make you witty... and do you even know who Anton Lavay really is??

I think that is all

ps: spell check helps... lol

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BRIGHTEYES86 11/28/2011 1:14PM

    Facebook is fun and awful at the same time... it promotes stalking for sure, as I can see every last thing that everyone does on there and where they are at when they do it. I do enjoy seeing pics of your cats and reading your statuses though... and I like that other people post things about music and tv shows, because I don't have cable and I don't listen to the radio... so I choose someone with similar interests and see what they're into so i don't have to listen to Ke$ha. I also really enjoy offending people. I do it daily, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside to know that sometimes my friends and family gag a little when they read what I post. Myspace was better in a way... more personal... but there are a lot of people who I don't care to know that well, so I add them on Facebook to avoid being rude, and hide them from my newsfeed. emoticon

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BILL60 11/25/2011 9:46AM

    So sad when one has to capture the negative aspects of things. It is for that reason that I try to surround myself with those who seek the goodness. It just makes my life so more worthwhile. You sound like a very lonely person. Hang tough, get over it and smile at the good things.

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GSWINNIE 11/25/2011 12:07AM

    I can appreciate where you are coming from, it's part of the reason I have yet to be on facebook. Yes STPATTISON you aren't the only one.

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JIBBIE49 11/24/2011 11:35PM

    All that matters is that we give LOVE. I'm happy to have a chance on FACEBOOK to find people I knew back in my childhood and high school days since I'm 62 now and live in Florida where I don't see them. I wrote to many young people telling them how I knew their parents growing up and how thankful I was for what they did for me. One woman was my 4-H Club Leader when I was 10 and living on a farm where there was little to do in the summer, I cherished going to that Club Meeting once a month. This woman at the time had several pre-school children, but I was glad for what she did for me.
I'm not on FACEBOOK much, but am happy to find real people I have known. I started on AOL back in 1997 and there I never found but one person I knew from high school as most people didn't even want to give their real names or anything about themselves. I went into a "chat" room, only to find that even in the Weight Loss Room, they talked about sex. I'm not against sex, but I wanted to talk about losing weight. One woman told me "Oh, I know I'll always be fat, so I don't want to talk about it, so that is why I'd rather talk about sex." This was NOT what I wanted, so AOL was not a place I enjoyed.
So, I'm glad to find FACEBOOK with REAL people I know. Yes, I'm sure that many of them have unhappy lives. I've not done much with mine except stay at home and raise five children, who have all turned out well. I worked from age 14-34.
I struggle with my weight although I wasn't fat until after I was 41 and my hormones changed. Gary Taubes' says in "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" that INSULIN is the problem with our weight gain and we have to stay away from sugars/starches that make us fat. I've gotten so much out of reading his book that I got at the library.

Yes, I have to say that I am one of those people who hasn't accomplished much with my life, but I am happy to find people I've known long ago on FACEBOOK and show them some LOVE, as I'm thankful for my childhood. I didn't realize how fast it would go by and be over with. I tell my children to enjoy their lives as the time flies by so quickly. If I can help someone else feel better today, then I know that I've had a good day. It is all about what we can give to others. emoticon

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STPATTISON 11/24/2011 11:05PM

    I don't mind your rant, as I am probably one of the only people left in the world who isn't on Facebook. Basically I keep in touch with the people I love and cherish by talking to them and interacting with them personally.OK I live in the same state as most of them so it is easier!!

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Thanksgiving - Part II

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I don't remember doing it, but somehow I volunteered to work until 7am. I had dinner at my in-laws (well my boyfriend's parents, but my in-laws for lack of a better term) at Noon. Needless to say, I went on about three hours sleep. I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be.

Lunch was really good. My boyfriend's mother made a lot of awesome food.
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potato Casserole
Green Bean Casserole

Deserts were some kind of pecan type pie and mudslide (which is like a crust, with a cream cheese middle layer, chocolate pudding layer and whipped cream)

I didn't eat a lot. I had little bits of Turkey, Stuffing, Sweet Potatoes, Green beans with small second helpings of the sweet potatoes and green beans (when I say this stuff was awesome, I really mean it!) For desert, I had a small portion of the mudslide desert, and a small bite of my boyfriend's pie. As weird as it sounds, I don't like to eat large portions in front of his family. His 90 some year old grandmother was there, and she is pretty old school. I just feel like they are watching what I eat and thinking negative things about it. I don't know why, I am sure it is silly, but both his mom and grandma come from the school of "ladies don't eat much and to always leave the table a little hungry" Of course maybe if I followed that philosophy I might not be in the situation I am in? Not sure on that...

I am at work right now, and I am here till 5am. I threw together a nice cranberry-apple chicken (turkey) salad for my dinner tonight. I figure that I will get hungry here later on.

I do not plan on doing any Christmas shopping tomorrow - I get off work in time for a lot of great sales, but honestly, that is just too much for me.

I think that is all for now


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