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Blood Work

Monday, August 08, 2011

I remembered at 2am that I needed to get blood work today. It was a good thing I had my snack around 1 because I had to be on a fast.

I woke up this morning and I was STARVING to death. I seriously thought I was going to eat my arm off. It figures, the day I wake up and can't eat, I am dying to eat. Any other day, I would be fine. Maybe just knowing that I couldn't eat is why I was so hungry?

I did put notes all over my house before I went to bed

*Water Only*

It was good I remembered because I have forgotten the last few times. This time around they are checking... Progesterone, Insulin and Cortosol. The doc is thinking of everything she can to test for to see if she can find a reason why I am not losing weight like I should be. She is searching for a reason why I am eating the best I ever have, and exercising more than I ever have, and still weigh more than I ever have. So far, we have checked a lot of things, and everything is coming back A'Ok.

So, once again, my insurance won't cover all of it, and I will end up having to pay for it... I still owe $133.00 on my last set of blood work. It sucks because I am spending all of this money and nothing is wrong. I mean, if they found something (anything really) that might give us a clue, but they find nothing. I guess there isn't much that I can really do. I can keep on trying and trying and trying and hopefully at some point something will work.

In other news, my BFF Katie and I went shopping yesterday. We had such an awesome time. I got two really cute shirts, some cool socks, new sun glasses, protein powder, a new shaker cup, a new flash card and a stereo cable to connect my mp3 player to my car radio.

I decided that I am going to try to up my protein and see if that helps me lose weight. The supplement that I got is actually pretty good. The stats are (per scoop/ 26 grams)

100 calories
2.5g of fat
3g of carbs
18g of protein

I am also trying to add more dairy to my diet, because I have read that it can really help you lose weight. I don't really drink milk, but when I add this powder to it, I can stomach it. So that is good.

I was looking back, and I have lost 1.4 pounds since June. That is pathetic. Now, I have lost about 10 pounds since April, but my measurements haven't really changed in over a year. So I know there really isn't any fat loss. I am tempted to take my doctor up on her offer of diet pills just to see if that would work. Actually, I am kind of hoping that they don't work. That would be one more thing in my favor for weight loss surgery. I will have to talk to my boyfriend, my mom and my doctor if I am really going to be serious about it. I don't know yet. It is such a big change to adjust to. I live a healthy lifestyle as is. I mean, I exercise (not as much as I should sometimes, but from what I understand, weight loss is about 80% dies, and about 20% exercise) and I do eat right and within my ranges most of the time. I mean, yes, I do go over, but nothing that should slow my weight loss down this much.

Anyway, I think that is all for now

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BRIGHTEYES86 8/10/2011 11:59AM

    Shopping was awesome the other day! Tuesday is going to rock too!! Hopefully your doctor will find something in this batch of blood work that will explain what is going on. emoticon

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Leroy snoozing

Monday, August 08, 2011

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MRS420 8/8/2011 1:14PM


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BRIGHTEYES86 8/8/2011 12:01PM

    Awwww!!! Too cute!

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-POOKIE- 8/8/2011 8:00AM

    super cute!!

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GRANDMA_SANDY48 8/8/2011 4:58AM


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carb heavy

Sunday, August 07, 2011

First let me start out by saying that I am not a low carb dieter. I have tried in the past, and one of two things happened...

1. I gained 8 pounds
2. I binged and well... yeah...

I can not cut fruit from my diet. I love my fruit. Actually, if I had to give up one food group, meat would be the first to go, then grain, then veggie, then fruit. I would give up any food group before I gave up fruit.

Anyway, I have my food tracked for tomorrow and Tuesday because I will be eating the same thing, and I cooked and packed most everything already for the next two days. Here are the results

1. I am at the high end of my calorie range, but I am not over. I have 5 left to spare.
2. I am over on my carbs - by 7g
3. I am under on my fat - I have 12g to get to my minimum number
4. I am on the higher end of my protein goal.

I know i am over on my carbs because I am having fruit for all of my snacks, light bread with breakfast and lunch and brown rice for dinner. I know that I should cut down on the carbs, but with this hot weather, I want fruit, fruit, fruit!

I don't know what to think. I mean, should being 7g over on the top end of my carb limit really be that much of a worry since every time I try low carb eating I end up gaining weight? Should I focus more on staying in my calorie range? I mean, I really don't know what to think here, I know that I should be hitting all of my ranges, but in reality, what matters most?

I think that is all for now

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-POOKIE- 8/8/2011 8:02AM

    I find if I dont hit my fat range I am HUNGRY hungry HUNGRY.

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MRS420 8/7/2011 11:17PM

    That's a tough one. I don't do well restricting carbs either.

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DONNAEDA 8/7/2011 11:13PM

    wow, I wish I could give you the right answer. Possibly you could visit a nutricianist and get some professional advice

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The Great American Past time

Saturday, August 06, 2011

my boyfriend and I have tickets for the Altoona Curve tonight (the city's minor league baseball team) and it is currently raining. I hope it lets up! I know we REALLY need the rain, but I REALLY want to go to the baseball game too! I have never been to one.

my diet sucked yesterday. I ate a bunch of crap. I don't know what caused me to do this, but I did it. I now FEEL like crap -

It is ok though, don't let it get you down, and keep on going

at least I went to the gym - granted I only got a 20 min workout on the elliptical in, but it is better than nothing

that is all for now

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MRS420 8/6/2011 5:41PM

    I have never been to a baseball game either. I really want to go to one. Have fun. Hope it stops raining :)

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Buffalo Chicken

Friday, August 05, 2011

I love buffalo chicken. Anything that is buffalo chicken flavored is awesome in my book.

So, I am trying to get out of the mindset that every time I go to the gym I have to be there an hour. If I can't get an hour in, then I figure it is a waste of time, and just don't go at all. I need to stop that. It doesn't matter if I can go for an hour or only 1/2 an hour, the point is I need to go.

I am actually looking forward to my gym membership at the Summit expiring so I can join a different gym. At first I joined the Summit because they had a lot to offer. They have a pool, spinning classes, group exercise classes, hot tubs, a sauna, and aromatherpy rooms. I thought this was great, but I am finding that I don't really use them. I like to use the pool once in a while, but it is always so crowded.The only time I can freely use it without getting splashed by kids is at 5:30 in the morning.

I am looking at joining a gym that is 1/4 mile from my work. There are a small place. No frills. As long as they have an elliptical, treadmill and some weight equipment, that is pretty much all I need. I think by joining this gym, I will be more motivated to go since I have to drive past it, and it is closer to my house. That was my biggest issue with the Summit, is it is 15 miles away. So, it is a 30 mile round trip, out of my way. That is at least a gallon of gas to get there and back.

My contract expires in October, so I will check it out then. Plus I also get a 15% DISCOUNT for the new place through my work. Granted, that isn't a lot, but it is something.

I think that is all for now

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80SMUSICGEEK 8/6/2011 10:46AM

    Aromatherapy rooms sound nice, but I think the new gym you're joining sounds better. I used to have a membership to LA Fitness, but now I go to a community center type of place and I like it much better.

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