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That is a King Sized 10/4 Little Buddy

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I woke up at 4:30 this morning on my day off so I could make it to 6 am X-bike (spinning). I will go back to the gym tonight for 4:30 PC Fit (kinda like cross fit/boot camp) and 5:30 Yoga. I want to offer that up as a big FU to those people that insinuate I haven't worked hard for my weight loss because I have had gastric bypass surgery. I guess people think I just sit on the couch all day and get skinny? That isn't how it works you know?

Someone sees me eat a cookie, or some chips and thinks I can just eat whatever I want and not work for it. That is a croc! So, I do eat some junk here and there, but I account for it. I burn it off.

Anyway, on the positive, I went to x-bike last night with Coach Phyllis and she complimented me! She said that she can see me getting stronger and that my legs were "powerful" -- coming from her this was super exciting! I dare say that really made my day!! Phyllis is a fitness inspiration! She is just one of those people who have always lead the fitness lifestyle. She is small, but strong, and she is what I hope someday to be like.

In other news, I have roughly two months to train for Mud on the Mountain.

This year my goal is to complete it in 3 hours or under, and do all the obstacles. I am really upping my training this year. I am going at it very aggressively. Hopefully the weather will break soon so I can get some outdoor training. I am adding an additional x-bike class a week I think in order to build up the endurance that I need. I've added Yoga once a week to help with flexibility and agility PC Fit will not only help with endurance, but will also help with strength.

The biggest obstacle I face is mental however. I am afraid to just "go for it" because I am afraid I will get hurt, or twist my ankle... I need to get in the right mindset to overcome what used to be my physical limitations. I need to just go go go!!!

I have also decided that I am going ot do it again by myself. There are people from my gym going, but they are all marathon runners and I don't want to hold them back. Plus, I kinda like doing it by myself.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day!

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BUTEAFULL 3/21/2014 10:51AM


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CSYOUNG1952 3/20/2014 9:20AM

    emoticon I just wish I had some of your energy! At 62 I'm doing good to walk a couple of miles each day. That fella Arthritis comes by every once in awhile and slows me down.

emoticon emoticon

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KIKKI-G 3/18/2014 4:50PM

    i admire you're ability to hit the gym 2x a day! way to go! sometimes I feel like I could but my busy school/work life just doesnt leave me with much. Maybe someday I can muster it up to rock it that hard.

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PATTYR81 3/18/2014 10:02AM

    Too Funny!!! I was JUST wondering how you were doing when your blog popped up! emoticon

You are doing soooooo emoticon !!!

Your energy, drive and accomplishments really inspire and motivate me!


I TOTALLY get it about liking to do physical stuff by yourself! I also like to do it on my own terms at my own pace.

U Go Girl!!


PS: Been shopping lately??? Pics? emoticon

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TRAVELGO 3/18/2014 9:22AM

  Great attitude!!

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Cozy Food

Monday, February 17, 2014

I am in the mood for what I call "Cozy Food"

I want oatmeal, soup, cream of wheat and chili. I want things that are warm and simple and yummy. I don't want something with a lot of spice.

I made myself a big croc pot of Apple Cinnamon oatmeal. I plan on having that a lot of the next week. It just sounded awesome, and it makes a lot.


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CSYOUNG1952 2/22/2014 10:38AM

    I eat oatmeal just about every morning, it's good for you.

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KITRONA 2/18/2014 8:01PM

    Healthy comfort food is the best! Enjoy that oatmeal! :)

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ARUNNINGKAT 2/18/2014 12:21PM

    Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal sounds so yummy and comforting! Enjoy this week!

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Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 16, 2014

On Thursday before I left for work, I put my boyfriend's Valentine's Day gift on his end table. I didn't really get him much, just a card and a box of his favorite chocolate covered pretzels from a local candy shop.

On Valentine's Day I woke up and went over to his room and we decided to go out for lunch. He didn't mention anything about Valentine's Day, but I didn't think much of it. We went out to lunch at Wendy's and stopped at the auto parts store. When we got home, we sat in the living room and he got his gift and opened it. I could tell that he was pleased that I got him his favorite candy.

He then looked at me and said "I don't have anything for you"

I kind of thought he was joking but then looking at his face I know he wasn't. In what seemed like slow motion, I felt my eyes fill up with tears. I look at him and said "I gave you a list" which I did. I wrote a list of everything I wanted.

He said "I don't know what any of that stuff is"
I said " you don't know what a gift card is"?
He said "I don't know where you shop"

I didn't even know what to say... I guess it would have been too hard to call my mom or my best friend and ask?

I started bawling. I am not a crier. In fact, I can't remember the last time I cried. I started to sob. When he tried to hug me, I told him to get away from me.

When I got to work that night, it was all I could do to keep it together. I was so upset. In fact, I am still upset.

The good news is, my best friend bought me a hoodie and her daughter also bought me a gift which I get on Wednesday. Also, the shop foreman got me a hello kitty tea cup and a few of the mechanics gave me Hershey Kisses.

Ugh, i can't wait to take this all out at PC Fit

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HINK2013 2/17/2014 2:26PM

    :( that's a bummer....

my husband and i aren't big into celebrating valentines day, but we usually at least get each other a card at the very least..... It's hard to imagine that he couldn't even manage to buy you a card :-(


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PATTYR81 2/17/2014 10:51AM

    My DH & I had this conflict for YEARS!

I grew up in a family that wasn't big on giving gifts. DH grew up in a family where gift giving was/is an art and total expression of friendship/love.

I just didn't get it until I read a book called something like 'Love Languages'. My LL is service/cooking/ affirmations in words. I do those things for my dear ones and mean the most when they do them for me. DH's LL is giving stuff. It used to embarrass me greatly to get that 'stuff', the more expensive it was, the more embarrassed I got. (self worth issues, I suppose....)

This may sound weird but it was a HUGE struggle for me to train myself to buy a card/gift for occasions other than b-day & Xmas.

What is your boyfriend's love language?


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STEPH-KNEE 2/17/2014 12:52AM

    That sucks. I think the biggest disappointment was that you gave him a list. Really, he couldn't get you something to a generic store like a Target or a Walmart or somewhere that you go? Very frustrating, I'm sorry that happened. Sometimes men just don't get it. emoticon

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New Tattoos!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

My left arm!

My right butt cheek

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KELSEY65 2/12/2014 1:11PM

    Very nice! emoticon

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HEATER1369 2/10/2014 12:05PM

    Awesomeness!!! Love them :-)

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PATTYR81 2/10/2014 9:38AM

    I LOVE the colors!

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CLYNNTHOMAS 2/8/2014 8:55AM

    Love them! Nice art work!

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ARUNNINGKAT 2/7/2014 4:56PM

    They are adorable!

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CATTUTT 2/7/2014 2:30PM

    Look great!

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THROOPER62 2/7/2014 5:38AM

    Love them emoticon

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EDDYMEESE 2/7/2014 12:03AM

    Love it!

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Random Photo Blog of...??

Monday, January 27, 2014

My BFF Amanda and I - we have been friends since 7th grade... a little over 20 years now

me in my most favorite place, doing what I love the most!

The Roaring Spring Community Library - where I volunteer

My baby in the snow

Awesome thrift store finds -- pants, sweater and coat = $21.00 total

The new coat my Aunt bought me just because

My motto

My BFF DK and I

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KMIRANDA2000 2/7/2014 11:40AM

    Love thrift stores!

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KNH771 1/29/2014 2:38PM

    What a cute kitchen!

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PATTYR81 1/28/2014 10:09AM

    Love your pics!!!

I'd LOVE to see inside your library!

You made me SMILE today even tho I woke up grumpy! emoticon

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KITRONA 1/27/2014 3:52PM

    Love the pictures, and what a great outfit! emoticon

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DANCINCAJUN1 1/27/2014 3:32PM

    What a happy blog .... just love the pics ... that library is awesome looking ... rocie

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BATCHICK 1/27/2014 12:25PM

    very cute pics! thanks for sharing.

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KIKKI-G 1/27/2014 11:35AM

    Love your thrift outfit!!! I got roped into thrift shopping in middle school & never looked back.

Your library is so freaking cute. Do you live in a small town?

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