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sniffy and sneezy and sniffy some more

Friday, January 07, 2011

I feel pretty sniffy today. I don't know what is up with that? I keep sneezing and have no idea why.

I made an awesome playlist for the gym. I figure if I am lifting, I need some angry, aggressive music. I put on some Monster Magnet, Five Finger Death Punch, Devil's Gift, and a few others. For my warm up portion I figured some Cascada would get the blood flowing. I am supposed to do a ten min warm-up on the treadmill. I think I might push it to fifteen depending. For my cool down, I have some nice Tori Amos to listen to as I walk around the track.

I didn't really do much today. I slept until 1pm, but I didn't get home until after 5:30, and didn't get to bed until almost 6, so I don't think that is to bad. I cooked "breakfast", watched some TV with my boyfriend, had some special times, and we then did the dishes.

Have I mentioned I am sore? It hurt my arms to wash my hair today... very sore...

I didn't to to bad on the food front today.

2 eggs over-hard
4 sausage links

tuna and egg salad (1 egg, 1 pouch of tuna) prepared with lite mayo
romaine lettuce

spinnich salad w/ olive oil dressing
low carb eggplant parm

beef jerky
lebanon bologna w/ cream cheese
atkins bar (because I am wanting something sweet)

so, all in all, not bad. If you notice I pretty much ate the same thing yesterday. I mostly do that when I work. I only work a few days at a time, so it doesn't make sense to make a bunch of different things. Tomorrow we are going to order out, and I will be having a chicken salad. It is going to be great. I love them.

I am off on Saturday and Sunday, then I work on Monday and Tuesday, off on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, work on Saturday and Sunday - lather, rinse, repeat.

I am still looking for some new low carb recipes and stuff. I will see what I can find this weekend when I have some time. I am really thinking that a buffalo chicken salad is in order. I need to find something other than salads though.

Anyway, I think that is all for now

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-POOKIE- 1/7/2011 6:32AM

    Try using lettuce leaves (not sure what varieties you have in the US) with large crisp leaves... and use them as wraps for things like chili, or tuna and salsa

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Personal Training

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I had my first session with my personal trainer today. It was pretty hard.

I started out with a 10 min warm up on the treadmill. The I have the following (3 sets w/ 15 reps per set)

Chest Press (25 pounds)
Leg Extensions (40 ponds)
Ab Machine (20 pounds)
Reverse Back Fly (35 pounds)
Leg curl (75 pounds)
Bicep Curl (35 pounds)
Tricep pressdown (40 pounds)
Leg Press (70 pounds)

I was pretty impressed with myself. This is a three time a week program that is supposed to help tone and strengthen. She said we will also be doing other things too. On Thuesday and Thursday I will continue to swim for an hour.

I have decided to switch the focus of my diet. Since counting calories is getting me no where, I have decided to try low carb instead. I will continue to reduce fat and calories, however, I am working on the carbs and we will see where that gets me. I figured if I can keep it under 50 a day, that should be good.

Sausage Egg mug
(made w/ 2 jumbo eggs, 3 turkey sausage links, 1 teaspoon of sugar free maple syrup and 1 tbs shredded cheese)

Tuna Salad
(made with 1 pouch of tuna, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of relish, lite mayo)
Celery Sticks (for scooping)

Tossed Salad
(3 cups of spinnich, some onion and 1/4 cucumber)
Olive oil and vingegar dressing
Low Carb Lasagna
(made with un-breaded eggplant, mozzerella cheese, lean ground beef, tomato paste, tomato sauce (not commercial pasta sauce, but just plain tomato sauce) and spices)

Smoked Almonds
lebanon bologna and cream cheese rolls
Atkins Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

I don't think that is to bad?

I went out to dinner with my friends last night, and had an awesome steak salad. It was awesome.

my co-worker just bought pizza for the crew. Lucky for me, it is thin crust, so, it isn't as bad. I gave into temptation... but I think it will be ok :)


New Years Resolutions

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Every year, since about 1993 it has been the same thing for the new year. I am going to lose weight. I am going to get fit and skinny. The summer between 9th and 10th grades (circa 1995) I lost about 40 pounds in a summer. Even though that was my lowest weight, that was the most unhealthy time in my life. Sure, I was skinny, but I also ate ex-lax like candy, threw up what little I ate when I actually decided to eat, and smoked a pack of Newports a day to keep the hunger away.

My New Years Resolution this year isn't even health related. I want to stop swearing. That is my resolution for 2011. Clean up my language. I will stop using the F word in every sentance. I also tried this last year, and didn't get anywhere. I think I made it... a total of 1/2 an hour. Today I have sworn once. Usally when I am working, by this time, I at least have said f**k an uncountable amount of times.

I have also booked a personal trainer. Our first meeting is on Monday. We will be meeting once a week for 12 weeks. In that time, I hope that she shows me what I need to do in order to gain muscle, lose fat and just be healthy in general. It is something I have been thinking about for a while. For Christmas my grandmother Snoots and my boyfirend gave me the $$ for it. I am really looking forward to it.

As far as my diet goes, I am going to be going the low carb route. I am looking at keeping it under 40g a day. I also am going to give up on the diet iced t and soda. I can drink water or unsweet tea. I am hoping that by reducing carbs and working out the right way will help me get rid of this weight.

In other news, the holidays were pretty awesome -

that is all


Gym Rat?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I never thought I would say this... I haven't been around much because I have been to busy at the gym. Yup, I joined a gym, and I have to say, it is awesome. I never thought that I would be comfortable at a gym, but I am.

The gym where I have been working out has a special room for women only. I do most of my working out there, and in another room where no one ever goes. I like doing things there because I can go through, clean everything off, use it, then go through and clean it again.

The gym also has a swimming pool, and I try to use it at least twice a week. Most of the time, I go after work at 530 am when the doors open.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I use the weight machines. I think I am doing something wrong, because it doesn't take very long. I use a total of 9 machines and usually do 3 sets of 12 on each. It takes me about 20 min to a half hour. Shouldn't it take longer? Then after that, I do 20 mins on the treadmill and 10 mins on the elliptical for a total of 1 hour. I swim on Tuesday and Thursday for 1 hour. After I swim, I treat myself to 15 mins in the whirlpool and a few mins in the steam room and the aromotherpy room as well.

I have asked my boyfriend to pay for a personal trainer for my Christmas gift. I think that will help me a great deal.

I need to get back on track with eating. I have got the working out part down, now, my diet is slipping. I have to find something that works. I have stopped tracking my food because I tend to be a little (ok very) obsessive and I don't know if that is a good thing or not. I will try for a few weeks and see how it works out for me

that is all for now I think...

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SARAHNICOLE__17 11/21/2010 1:41PM

    I'm so proud of you! Once you have hit the gym for a few weeks you should try introducing HIIT training for your cardio a few days a week. Limit the cardio to 20 minutes and do intervals of 20 seconds at 90% then 10 seconds at 65%. I do HIIT 5 times a week and have really seen a dramatic change in my body. It's difficult but definately worth the results! I find the best machines to do this is the vertical bike (fav) and the elliptical trainer. Let me know if you try it! I use a Gymboss trainer to time my intervals but you can probably do the same using a clock or the cardio machine itself.

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taking the plunge...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am going to go on Monday and join. They offer a lot of programs, and I really need to get over my "gym fears" and go. I am really nervous, but kind of excited too. I am really hoping that this is something that I am going to be able to stick with. I made up my mind though that I just need to take the plunge and do it. This is a really nice place. For $30 a month, you really can't complain, and the best part is once you are a member you can take all of their classes for free. I think it is awesome. And they have a pool. I think this is going to be a positive move

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KAMPERKID 10/30/2010 9:56AM

  I set foot in a gym for the 1st time ever in June. One of the best things I ever did. I never have any luck exercising at home because there is always a distraction. At the gym I do well. Everyone is working out & it makes you want to also. Gives you the mind set that I am here, & this is where I workout.
Go as often as you can. Especially in the beginning until it really feels like part of your normal routine. I am currently still going everyday (unless I walk or bike in my neighborhood) Now when I think I might skip a day, I just don't feel right, I want to go.
I was fortunate that when I started in June my middle son was home from college & he always goes everyday. Made it easier in the beginning, & forced me to stay longer because he is usually there 1 1/2-2 hours. Now he is back in school but I already developed the habit & go alone.
I believe this is one of the best things I did this time around & believe it is tpart of the real difference of why I am doing so well with my lifestyle change.
Good luck!

PS- Be sure $30 is the lowest they will go & check for "hidden" charges. Unfortunately a lot of gyms are famous for up charges & are usually willing to deal on prices certain times of the year. Now is a good time because not a lot of people start now, they all think "After the holidays"

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PIEFER 10/30/2010 7:18AM

    That sounds like a great gym. You can do it! Great job on getting over your fears. There's nothing better than personal growth. Plus just think of all the exercise buddies you'll make in those classes. I've never joined a gym but I used to take exercise classes offered by the city, I would just love meeting those others in my class. By the end of the session, we were great buddies and planned which courses we were taking the following session to try and get together again. It was great motivation for those days I didn't feel like going.

Good luck!

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BAYSIDE07 10/30/2010 6:48AM


I have been a emember for 5 years. Joining is the hard part. Once you are a member, remember this: GETTING to the gym each day is harder than the classes themselves - those are fun.


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