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Insanity Day 12

Friday, January 25, 2013

I did it!! I was able to last the whole workout..and do all the pushups jumps non stop..I getting stronger...Today I did Cardio power and was so hard on day 3 (1st time) couldn't even do a regular push and by day 8 (2nd time) I could only do one set of the 8 pushups the rest were on my proud of myself..I was discourage today because with all this hard work..and I only lost .2 oz ...I going to measure tonight or tomorrow morning so if the scale don't go down..I will be satisfied with getting stronger and losing inches. Maybe i am not eating enough..cuz i am clueless of how many calories I am burning and I am eating 1300 to 1400 calories..this weekend getting me a heart monitor. But so far..I am in love with insanity..this is exactly what I needed.

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JENNIK2 1/25/2013 3:54PM


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I hit my Goal Weight!!!!!!!!! :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Finally!!! The hard work has paid off!!!!!!! I hit my goal now I'm back to size I was before I was pregnant with Chloe! The best part I have more visible muscle than just thin like last more month of Jillian Body revolution..still trying for that six pack. I love all the strength I have gained and so proud of myself for sticking to this I learned that I was eating 2000 cal a this week I just cut to 1500 and lost those last five pound. Now the hard part is going to have try my best to maintain my weight.

When I first started body revolution..I couldn't even do a push up I can do military push up no problem..I still feel like I going to die every workout but after I am so happy I finished. My husband said he started noticing I am more toned than I ever been.." Jillian really does work..look at your muscles in your arms and legs" Thank god for sparkpeople and Jillian Micheal's these are my tools to stay motivated and know that I not alone.

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NORCALMOM3 7/13/2012 4:50PM


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ESOTERIC_ORCHID 7/13/2012 12:13PM

    Congratulations!!!! What a great feeling! emoticon

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Noticing a Pattern

Friday, November 11, 2011

I have realized the days I do not log my nutrition, I tend to snack more...I know that I need to track everything if I want to lose the weight, exercise is no problem for me, but the snacking is hard when the kids want me to give them a snack every two hours..I also have a problem with drinking water when its body needs water I know, but I do not get thirsty. My husband is making it very hard for me, bringing home cookies, pie and sweet bread..which are my weakness and at night I eat them, he tells it is fine a little will not hurt, but a little can be about 300 to 400 calories and I know I won't be able to stop after a taste, I just wish he understood my goals to stay on track. I have to built up my own will power and say no to the sweets and track everything even though it does annoy my husband. emoticon

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HAPPY-DESTINY 11/12/2011 10:09AM

    I say no to snacks/goodies. It is not that I am hard hearted..yet I do not worry about hurting my wife's feelings when I say 'No thank you' cookies or cakes she may make. It is not intended toward her personally. I am here to be healthy and eat healthy. I have no problem having a cookie or some 'treat' as we call it in our house. I don't over indulge on them for I remember my 'Why' for being here.

As far as 'annoying' your husband.. if he is bringing home all this 'stuff' and you are trying to eat healthy..PERHAPS he does not have your best interest at heart. He seems to be the annoying one!

I track what I eat..I plan what I eat. If it is not in the does not go in my mouth.. it's that simple!!

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SUZANNE0606 11/12/2011 12:56AM

    Tracking everything helps me to stay on track, too.

You can always individually wrap and freeze some of the goodies your husband brings you and take a dessert out of the freezer once every few days. This way, they are not going to waste and you are not sabotaging your diet either.

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Six more Months till the Wedding!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Oh my how time does fly..I have so much to do..and so little time. I having my marriage blessed/vow renewal in six months. I still have 10 more pounds to lose. I sometimes catch myself eating more than I should or not finding the time to exercise. My new plan is to set a goal to a least exercise 30 minutes five days a week. No more excuses, if I want to look my best than I have to sacrifice the sweets that are coming this holidays.


Finally the pounds are coming off..Yay!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

So happy, my body is finally starting to lose..this week lost another pound..yay. I am so happy because I have been working very hard to drop that pound. My goal is to lose all my weight by my birthday. My supporters from my family have decreased because now they are telling me I will never get my body back after having 3 kids. I now have more motivation to prove everyone that I can get my body back in shape without surgery. I know the secret recipe, eat healthy and exercise is the key. Strength training alone will not get the belly fat off..cardio cardio cardio is the formula plus eat right and not to starve my body. I was able to get off all my weight after 2 kids, it took almost two years but I did it (with sparkpeople help) and now its been 1 year and four months and I am so close to my goal..I am not going to listen to any negativity because I am doing this to get healthy, I need to stay in shape to keep up with these kids, stay healthy to keep my diabetes under control, need exercise to be happier (it relieves my stress of life). The weekend is here and I still going to stay before I out on errands and pack little snacks and bring my 32 oz bottle of water.

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DOROTHYBERO 7/23/2011 6:28AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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