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Almost MIA

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I have to admit I haven't been tracking my food and exercise for a while now. Is it OK as long as I was too busy?? I still try to log on and skim the friend feed. In March my sewing machine really did die, and I got myself a new Phaff about a week later. I have only sewn a couple times on it. I was working on 7 "Britches for Boys" and 22 "Little Dresses for Africa" I still have the ties on three dresses to finish, and they can be mailed off. I'm trying to use up some of my stash for this volunteer project. April was busy with a bump in the dark black eye, a broken big toe I caught on the vacuum cord when I was cleaning, which STILL hurts, and another bump on the forehead when a blind fell and hit me. UGH! Just wanted someone to put me in a padded room! LOL We spent a vacation in Phoenix, where I was bored, so I painted 3 rooms and a hall way for my stepdaughter/family. We babysat for the baby, too. The day before we left for vacation, I bought a rental house. For three weeks I have been "flipping" it. I painted all the rooms, and did a few fix-it projects, and some cleaning. Got new appliances installed a couple days ago. My renter is starting to move things in today. Whew! In the last couple weeks I have tilled and planted all my garden, put down about 25 bags of mulch, and planted all my pots and other garden projects. We are supposed to be having a garage sale with the city wide ones--this next Friday and Saturday. Half the garage is cleaned up, but no tables set up yet with "stuff". A step daughter/fiance arrived to visit a couple days ago. The day before they leave(next week), more of my Hubby's relatives are coming in for 4 days. We have 3 weddings to go to the first 2 weekends of June. Then I finally get a week break and my daughter is visiting with her 2 kids. I'm anxious to see them, because we don't get together too often. I forgot to mention, in April I had a health scare, also. My blood tests showed a CPK level of 1782. Normal is 45-140. Lots of blood tests, but I guess I'm going to live. LOL (Just never take a supplement that has alfalfa in it---GI Pro health--- with cholesterol statins) So-- You see why I haven't had time to comment much, but I am still here, just working those uncounted calories off as I go. Keep sparking!

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JESSICABOOTY 5/31/2013 8:21PM

    You are one strong lady!!!


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TATTER3 5/27/2013 12:29AM


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TCHNCRFT 5/26/2013 6:03PM

    I swear, just reading about all you do makes me tired. emoticon All that busyness probably keeps you from eating.

Glad your health scare was figured out, but you really do need to wear bumpers all over your body to prevent all those mishaps. Hope everything healed as it should.

How nice of you to be making all those charity donations, and a great way to use up your stash. I'm sure you're enjoying that Phaff. I've always heard great things about them. I got a Brother Project Runway model last year and I'm loving it. It's like a space-age machine compared to my old Singer.

Enjoy all your company and socializing.

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JIACOLO 5/26/2013 5:08PM

    Busy hands can't hold food to eat! Keep up the good work.

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UMBILICAL 5/26/2013 4:48PM

  Spark On!

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Protein Energy Bites

Monday, April 08, 2013

Have you tried the protein energy bites?
1 cup oatmeal
1 cup coconut
1/2 cup choc. chips
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup ground flax seed
1/3 cup honey
1 teaspoon vanilla

I mix this all together and roll them into balls. I store in a covered container in the fridge. Healthy for a snack, and really helps curb my appetite.

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JESSICABOOTY 4/9/2013 7:44PM

    Thanks for these goodies. I'll be sure and whip some up this week!

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TCHNCRFT 4/9/2013 7:21PM

    Sound great. Thanks for posting this. emoticon

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NYARAMULA 4/9/2013 8:19AM

    Thanks for sharing, I will definitely try these.

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TATTER3 4/9/2013 6:46AM

    Thanks...I'll try it!

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JILLYBEAN3628 4/8/2013 11:36PM

    Those sound AWESOME! What's the nutrition info on them or are they listed in the database?

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LITTLERLINDA 4/8/2013 11:27PM

    YES!!! I love those things! I have to watch myself because it is too easy to eat too many of them. With the calories being a little higher (good calories though) I don't want to go overboard. I may have to make some more this weekend! emoticon

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UMBILICAL 4/8/2013 11:19PM


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My sewing machine died today

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm sure my sewing machine is DEAD. It was acting up several months ago, hesitating to go, and the repair guy said he thought the motor was going out. Thank God it didn't die when I was doing all my Christmas projects. It was used when I bought it, over 35 years ago. It has been with me through thick and thin, (and thick and thin again!). Anyway, this machine was a dream! It had the best tension, never gave me problems, etc. And I sew A LOT!!! I do have another machine from on my quilting frame, but I only used it there, so I brought it up and now I'm learning to use it. I am so sad, you'd think my best friend died. Oh wait! It did!!!!! emoticon

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WILSON425 3/17/2013 10:36PM

    LOL! I had an old Singer Treddle for years. I made several quilts on it and every time I used it I got chapped lips. My tongue would keep time with my feet pumping! emoticon I sadly lost it in a house fire.

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DJ4HEALTH 3/17/2013 10:13PM

    My serger froze and I need to get that either fixed or replaced. Had mine only 15 years. Not as long as your machine but I do have one that is a Phaff that I had since about 82 or 83

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BARBANNA 3/17/2013 9:44PM

    Sorry for your loss! I hope you can continue on with another machine! Happy St Patty's Day!

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Will I ever get to sew again???

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This week I got a queen size flannel quilt top done, and two large tops for "comforters" from wool blocks I got from my long gone grandma. It was fun to FINALLY use something up. Tomorrow, though, I am going to move an insane amount of "stuff" and put up 9, yes 9, large storage shelves in my storage room. Hopefully, as the stuff goes back in, I can sort out and get it all organized. No sewing 'til that job is done. :( Will I ever get to sew again???

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TATTER3 2/11/2013 7:04AM

    Yep....and then you're gonna be glad it's organized!!! LOL...

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Been pretty darn productive!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I'm taking a couple days off to get back on track with my eating. I always do several jigsaw puzzles (like about a dozen) over the holidays to relax. Just finished a 1,000 piece one last night. It took one evening and the next afternoon. Maybe another one today. I always keep track of all my crafts and sewing projects for the entire year. I am retired, (or maybe just TIRED) and I can't sit and do nothing, so my total for this year was 216 things. A few were just alterations, etc, but most were complete projects. For Christmas I finished about 60 items since Thanksgiving. I did 23 of the new "sashay" yarn ruffle scarves, 4 full size quilts and quilted them on my quilting frame, and two smaller ones, 4 quilted tree skirts, pj's for some of the grandkids, several crocheted rag rugs, 4 "crazy quilt" Christmas stockings, and much, much more. I guess I'm an overachiever. I do most things in an assembly line fashion when possible. (I'm used to doing that from my craft show days) So, like I said, I rest for a few days, and then start working on projects for next Christmas!! LOL I worked in the fabric/craft dept at Walmart for 17 years so I have quite a stash. I always try to make homemade gifts for everyone. I had several kids/families staying here over the last week, so I've done LOTS of cooking. Everyone has gone home,and peace once again prevails! LOL
Hope you all had a blessed Christmas, and are enjoying the peace He gives us!

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QUILTINGBUDDY 1/11/2013 10:50PM

    Sounds like you really have been very busy. Fun, fun, fun. I can't wait until I'm old enough to retire LoL.

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TATTER3 12/28/2012 11:28AM

    I LOVE your ideas. I get a lot done...but don't keep track... I usually try to make a few things for special friends but so many people in this area are crafty that nothing is impressive to anyone. Oh, well. It gives me pleasure. Keep Sparkin'!!

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