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SIZE 14!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I fit into a size 14 today I have dropped 7 sizes!!!!! I think my chest is growing somehow, I have no idea how. Most ppl lose their chest, mine is confused.

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JAVABEAN2 2/23/2009 11:47PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KSPILLS713 2/23/2009 7:09PM

    You look WONDERFUL! Congratulation. Now the burning did you ADD inches upstairs? LOL

Keep up the good work. You are going to reach your goal in no time!


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KAMEN19 2/23/2009 10:25AM

    THATS SO GREAT!!!! You look fantastic!!!!!!!!


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DREAMS2COMPLETE 2/22/2009 10:47PM

  You look great!! Keep it up! I know you're very happy to be a size 14 because I know I would be. = )

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CALOUSTE 2/22/2009 9:23PM

    You look great!!

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LOBRENNAN 2/22/2009 8:39PM

    You look completely fantastic.

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Working with what I got

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I had two shoots today. When I woke up this morning it was cloudy and wet outside and SNOWING! I was so worried I was gonna have to cancel my shoots. I looked at the radar of the US and of course it was only snowing around where we live, no where else lol Around 11 am the sun magically came out thank god! So I went to the gym before my first shoot. My first shoot was of my bosses boss and her little terrier. Then between shoots i walked around the mall looking at clothes I didn't want lol I used to love this store Deb's. But somehow at 24 yrs old I find myself getting looks from 16 yr olds shopping in there. Looks that read "ARENT YOU TOO OLD TO BE HERE??" I could be imagining it but it still irks me. I saw this cute dress there that would have been perfect for my art show. It was in a size small and 35 dollars. I could have gone and asked if they had more but I said screw it. Walked out and kept window shopping. My 2nd shoot went really awesome and I never use that word. I took pics of my coworker and her mom. They both have dogs and the pics I got turned out so perfect. I love when you shoot and theres no questions about which ones you will use. You just know before even editing. They also have a hobby farm and baby goats and baby llama! So many fantastic places to shoot on their farm, her mom throws a lot of parties so has lots of outdoor places to sit.

So I came home and sat down on my couch and 3 hrs later i had all my photos edited. I am making corned beef for dinner. It is loaded with sodium, I am sure I will be seeing that for a few days to come. Still gonna manage to stay in my calories today. So that's all that is new right now. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Officially stressing the hell out!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We picked our date for the show today. We are going to go look at the space on Tuesday. The show is exactly 1 week before graduation. Which means my parents have to make the trip twice in a weeks time, 4 hr drive. I just need to relax, I have 12 more shoots to go on til I am done. That is a lot of stress, oh god.......................................

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LOBRENNAN 2/19/2009 9:52PM

    Take a deep breath and imagine how relaxed you will feel the day after graduation. :)

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Taking a leap

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It has been a stressful time for sure. My friend and I are getting ready for our senior show. It's gonna be so expensive and so much work for like 2 days of showing. But we gotta do it, it will look good on a resume for sure. Plus its part of the class I am in. We are looking at this one space that has been around since the 1890's. It was a black segregation school named The Fredrick Douglas School. I had no idea we were this deep in the south to have something like that. I know the people around here think it's the south but i donno odd to me. I am suprised the building is standing. We have had so many tornados come thru in the past 100 yrs and taken down so much crap. It's crazy this building survived. Not too many old structures in this town. So ya we are gonna look at that space like next week. We have to figure out our own lights too which is gonna be a huge bitch. I donno my friend doesnt seem 100% keen on the location so we will see. There are a lot of wine trails around here that will let u have a show for free. But they expect your guests to buy their wine by the glass and eat their food. I don't think my friends have any money to do that with lol I just want a laid back show with cheap wine and beer and cheese and fruit lol

This week has been odd weight wise. I stopped eating out and my weight started to budge amazing huh! I still need to lose 3 lbs this month to stay on track. We will see I donno. It was scaring me that I was 2 weeks into the month and lost nothing. I need to get serious it's so important to me to get serious about this and buckle down. I was getting ready for work today and I wore this tank top I havent worn in years. Scott couldn't keep his eyes off of me. I love when we impress the guys with our weightloss. Makes you feel so amazing like you start turning into a new person.

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KAMEN19 2/19/2009 11:13AM

    I am sure that it will work out fine! Sounds like a lot of work, but keep your head up! It all pays off in the end! You know that!

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CONFUSEDBIRD 2/19/2009 9:21AM

    Thank you so much! A senior show is where we have to put on art exhibit of our work. So print a series huge like 16x20 and mat and frame it. Pay for a art gallery space. It's a huge headache I am worried.

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WHATEVERHOBB 2/19/2009 6:14AM

    What's a senior show? It sounds interesting.

I love it when my husband compliments me! I almost don't believe him when he tells me Im beautiful, but I say thanks like I do ha ha. I was just looking at your progress pictures and you have changed so much it is amazing. Great Job!!

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A break in exercise could help?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The last few days I have been feeling like crap. I just couldn't bring myself to exercise, partially frusteration and I needed to go on meds again. Feeling a bit weak lately, my legs have been hurting. Anyway I woke up this morning and my weight balanced itself back out on it's own. Maybe I have been over doing it lately and I just need some rest. I have concentrating so much on getting my 4000 calories burned a week that I have been working too hard. So I am gonna take it a bit easy this week.

Update: lost 1 lb finally! Down 64.5 total now.

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LEIGHWOMAN 2/17/2009 11:13AM

    It is definitely possible to overwork yourself. Remember that however you lose the weight you'll have to continue to do it to keep it off. So if you're burning 4000 per week onw, you'll have to do that forever to keep it off. Exercising less per week may make you lose slower, but if its something you'll maintain, it will be easier in the long run.

You're making excellent progress. Don't burn yourself out!!

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