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Friday, November 12, 2010

After writing that blog, I knew that I needed to go quit my Sunday job. All day I was dreading it. But I went and told my boss that I needed to put in 2 weeks or 4 weeks whatever he needed. He was very laid back and fine with it. He even went up to his new Shelver and asked if she would watch the shop on my day and she said yes. I asked her starting when and she said this Sunday was fine. Yayyyyy it went sooooo smooth. I told him about the health food store giving me new hrs. He said that my boss there really likes me "Julie is always doing stuff!" so thats why she upped my hrs lol I already told my coworker i would take Saturday if she took Monday. Now I have Sunday and Monday off AHHHHHHH I am so happy. Only working 30 hrs next week but that is totally fine! Gives me time to recouperate. Now I have Sunday off so I can take my fitness training class when I find one. I can work longer hrs too at the online job if I need to. Since I am not spreading myself so thin now. Oh and I took a day off working out today. Huge sigh of relief. I came home earlier jumping up and down haha I am going out to a movie with my hunny. Going to enjoy this Friday night we have together, yay!

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FUEL82 11/14/2010 11:47AM

    Awesome!!! I'm so glad you are feeling better about your job situation and that it went so smoothly with your boss. Sigh of relief!!!That is wonderful the health food store upped your hours too! I'm so happy for you. You work so hard and you totally deserve a day off so I'm glad you were able to get one and spend some time with your man :-)! That's funny though...the health food store boss talked to the book store boss and she gave you a glowing review?! That is awesome!!! You are a hard worker and it's sad you were not appreciated at that other place. Congrats on ending that!!! (I hope I'm talking about the right places...if not ignore all that lol).

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SWEETS86 11/14/2010 11:00AM

    Yay!! I am so glad you are getting a break!

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SPIFFYCAT 11/14/2010 4:34AM

    Great, pleased to see you worked it out, gotta be more to life than just work.

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JWARD199 11/13/2010 7:31PM

    Good for you, Julie! : )

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MPALMER15 11/13/2010 11:23AM

    Yea! That is awesome! So glad you are reducing the stress in your life.

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/12/2010 11:29PM

    I'm sure you are really relieved and will be able to get some rest.

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ABRIGHTFUTURE 11/12/2010 11:04PM

    Yeah! Have fun at the movies and enjoy your weekend!!

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RESIPSA99 11/12/2010 10:16PM

    Wow - it has been a long time since you've had a 'real' weekend...enjoy!!

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JENGETSHEALTHY 11/12/2010 9:28PM

    Aw! Yay! I am so glad that worked out for you. Enjoy date night with your hubby. My fiance and I need one of those soon. Haha.

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WINTERWINGS 11/12/2010 9:27PM

    I feel like I am overbooked and I don't even have a job! You amaze me.

Enjoy this evening with your hubby.

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ELFITZPA 11/12/2010 9:27PM

    Niiiiice!! Glad to hear that worked out so well.

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Can't please anyone

Friday, November 12, 2010

I have been working a lot more hrs at the health food store lately. Therefore my boss at the online businesses has been kinda pissy with me. But I just can't give him priority right now when he runs his business kinda shady and some weeks he wants me to work 12 hrs and other weeks its 22 hrs. He needs to hire someone else to work and he just gets defensive when I ask him about it. Next week I have 1 day off and my coworker called me and told me she needs me to work that day cuz she has a family thing. 1 one day off after working 12 days straight. Then Vicki is putting pressure on me for the water class, so after I pass step 2, which is the boss watching me take the class. Then I gotta make up a routine in the water for 20 minutes. When in the hell will I have time to do this? I have no idea. In order to take that job I gotta quit my small job. Which is another stress I gotta do and he needs 1 month notice *SCREAMING* I need to drop it, I need 1 day a week that I know I can have off. Cuz right now its been nearly impossible. The exercise is keeping me sane and killing me all at once. At least I have no time or energy to think about or take action in over eating. That's good.

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/12/2010 11:23PM

    Something really is going to have to give.

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JWARD199 11/12/2010 6:47PM

    I agree with your other SparkFriends, you need to take care of yourself, Julie. When you know what changes you need to make to get at least one day a week for yourself, you will make the changes.

Your energy levels continue to impress me!

You are emoticon

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FUEL82 11/12/2010 1:27PM

    Ugh...I'm sorry all these jobs are putting so much stress on you!I really wish you could find something stable so that you wouldn't have to worry so much about juggling all these jobs. That's interesting they watch you do the water class. Good luck! I hope you can find a day to yourself too! You definitely need that! Hang in there Julie! I would tell the shady boss straight up how you feel if you really think you'll get the water class job. That's insane he needs a month. He probably isn't worth a reference so I wouldn't worry about his rules too much. Ugh...why can't people treat others with respect. :-(

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MYSTERY4EVER 11/12/2010 9:45AM

    Whoa! That is what you need to say. You need to take time and prioritize things for yourself. What is most important to you mentally, physically and financially - or what other criteria matter to you. You are being pulled all over the place, but only you can figure out what is right for you. Stand up for that.

I wish you well. You have so much energy. Use it for yourself.

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ELFITZPA 11/12/2010 9:45AM

    Yikes!! I hope thw water aerobics class works out so you can ditch the shady job.

To answer your question from before, my fiance has had some minor issues with saggy skin but when he's in really good shape - eating well and working out a lot - you'd barely notice. His is on his belly since that's where the majority of his weight was. If your's was spread out a bit more, you'll probably tighten up better in comparison over time. But you're right, by losing when you're younger, you've got a much better chance of that skin tightening up with time!

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1THING 11/12/2010 9:21AM

    please YOU. Take care of yourself.

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Sides of the fence

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I wrote about this in my last blog a little but I was thinking about it a bit more. There seem different categories for ppl losing weight between women. I think some of us are divided against each other. There are the really obese ppl who seem to just get along with eachother and stick together because only they know what they are going through. Then theres the woman who are obese up to like 300 lbs and they seem to have their own category, also seem to stick together. Then theres the girls who are 200-250 who think the world is gonna end but the ppl bigger then them would kill to be where they are so they are kinda not so keen on listening to them be whinny. Then there is the crowd thats 170-200 and they somehow hate themselves more then some of the bigger ppl. They have been on the verge of going over 200 for yrs that its killing them inside. The bigger ppl just ignore this crowd because, really your under 200, come on. I would say all other ppl below that trying to lose weight so they can be happy. If you are naturally under 170 then you should be so happy. The rest of us would kill for that. Kill for that, kill!

Then theres the sides of some women put on their weight with babies and then others were always big. I kinda see it as more of an achievement to always be big and then get small. Most of the women who put the weight on with kids, they were once thin. They had fun in hs and got to wear the cute clothes. But the girls who were always big, high school was not a picnic, boys always went for our friends and not us. then i guess theres the girls who put on a lot of weight in college but were cute in hs. I love seeing the girls from my hs who were mean to me deal with this. They are in my shoes now, Welcome!

I guess the reason I was talking about this is the woman at my pool who wants to be the instructor for water and the gym doesn't like her.They havent called her back and now I am working on getting her positions, a few more steps still. But what irks me is that she sees me as applying for the job and she hates me based on the fact that I look healthy and skinny to her. She thinks the class should be taught by someone heavy who understands. I have lost the weight, worked so hard to lose the weight. I work out 7 days a week. Now I have been put on the other side of the fence and I am the enemy. Even tho I started out probably the same weight as her. Who cares what she thinks, she seems really weird. But it's amazing how much is judged based on appearance. When I was heavier ppl seemed to remembered me more. Now they see me 3 times and still don't recognize me it seems. When I was heavy I always dreamt of being invisible. Watch what you wish for.

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FLY0NTHEWAL1 11/18/2010 10:02AM

    This woman may resent you but it has everything to do with her own confidence. You are a strong, healthy woman and you have a lot to offer people!

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FUEL82 11/11/2010 11:44PM

    That is a bummer about that lady. I think the best thing you can do is know in your heart where you came from. If she is going to take a negative stance just because you are smaller then that's her problem. You have come so far and know first hand the struggles that people deal with and like you said in another blog, many of them are still the same struggles everyday. It's hard work and one has to be willing to make small changes in order for it to work. Hopefully as that woman continues to loose weight her attitude will change.
Another thing too is if you taught the class the ppl in it would benefit more because you would be more energetic and would help them burn more cals. It's sad to say this but once I went to a zumba class where the instructor was a little heavy set and her pacing was slow and I was barely burning any calories. She just couldn't do the moves yet and her energy level wasn't there. For some people that was fine but for me I wanted to burn calories. I hope you get the job if you really want it! You will be great and I bet it would be alot of fun! You can spread the wise woman motto :-)!

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/11/2010 4:12PM

    This woman is being ridiculous resenting you. You worked your butt off to get where you are. You earned every pound.

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MPALMER15 11/11/2010 11:39AM

    Regardless of weight, some people are just unhappy no matter what their lot in life is. Don't worry about this other applicant so much. Just do what makes you happy. Hopefully she will one day find what makes her happy.

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KERPER79 11/11/2010 11:04AM

    What an amazingly true blog this is. You are so right. Even spark can be clingy. I guess you stick to what you know.
I hope you get that position. You deserve it for all your hard work and I think people NEED someone like you. You are an inspiration & people look up to you.

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ELFITZPA 11/11/2010 10:27AM

    Sorry to hear this lady is turning this into an us vs. them thing. At the end of the day we all have our own struggles and we're not helping anyone but making assumptions about each other, as you're finding out based on this woman's assumptions about you. You've worked hard to get where you are and you deserve everything positive thing that comes to you because of it. If she can't see that or sees you as an enemy rather than inspiration, she's really missing out.

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BAKERICLISA 11/11/2010 10:17AM

    Sounds as if this woman is not happy with others success. You don't need to be 'one of them' to teach the class, you need to be the most qualified individual. She could be exactly where you are, if she did the same hard work you did.

Sorry to say, even those of us with only 20 pounds or less to lose can be just as catty as those women when it comes to clicks. Looks ARE a big deal to women, I just wish more were here to support instead of rival in the fact that the women who were in popular in High School are now also 300 pounds.

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PAMINHALF 11/11/2010 10:14AM

  I think someone that has lost the weight can be a tremendous inspiration to those who are still on the journey. I just looked at your pics and that is amazing. What an inspiration.

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JENGETSHEALTHY 11/11/2010 10:13AM

    I totally get this! When I was sitting at 250, I'd see people between 150 and 200 trying to lose weight and figured I'd do anything to look like them! Now I am approaching 200 and I think I appreciate anyone trying to lose weight whether they are 350 or 150 pounds! We all go through our own struggles and we all just want to be healthy. Whether someone was thin once or has always been obese, we all have insecurities. That's part of why I don't like the Tumblr community I tried to be a part of. If you didn't start over 300 pounds, they don't seem to be accepting. I feel on Spark, we learn to appreciate everyone.

I don't know much about being the enemy yet, but I hope I can learn how to deal with it.

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Water Aerobics Interview Tomorrow & Old Photos

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I am still trying figure out what to wear. The woman who got me the interview told me to wear workout clothes but that seems weird. I think I will just dress like a normal interview. First impressions mean everything in my opinion. Vicki basically said if I want the job I just have to answer the questions without cockyness cuz that's how everyone else has screwed up getting this job. Plus they are desperate lol 2 hrs a week 15 bucks a class and I get free gym membership. Plus I can burn 600 calories teaching it.

I found some old photos earlier. I love this drawing. It was my background when I couldn't weight yrs ago.

Photos of me before I lost weight at 18.

Then when I got to my lowest at 19, 196 lbs

Then Gained the weight back and some
I remember hating this photo even tho I was barely in it and Patsy looked so cute dressed as grapes but my legs looked huge!

The very few pics I be taken of me. I couldn't look in the mirror let alone have photos taken. They just made me sad.

Pictures help a lot to tell us the long road we have traveled and motivate us to stay good. Especially late at night lol Vicki told me this woman who applied for the job said she wanted to help obese ppl exercise. If heavy ppl see her teaching then maybe they will be more apt to take the class. But she can't do half the moves, how will she teach it? I know what its like coming from being obese. God its annoying when you finally get closer to your ideal weight. It's like all the heavy ppl put you on the other side of the fence and act like your an enemy.

You know what else I have been thinking about. For the past 3 yrs on spark I have not been on a diet. I have learned to eat the correct way and exercise on a regular basis. Since I started not much has changed. I remember when I was big and working my tail off and looked in the mirror and I was just disappointed by the reflection. But now at 155 lbs tonight I am still working just as hard as I was at 280, 250, 230, 200 and so on and eating the same around 1600-1800 calories a day. I gotta exercise now more to back that up. But I am still the same person as well I first started spark working just as hard. So if your looking down a long path and see nothing but endless road KEEP GOING! Weight loss does not come over night and it only changes you as a person if you let it! I know ppl who have lost weight fast and it comes on just as quickly as they lost it. Slow and steady wins the race!

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/11/2010 4:08PM

    I just don't see you when I look at these photos. I know it's you but it seems like someone else. LOL. Just be yourself at the interview. Anyone in their right mind would want you.

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JENGETSHEALTHY 11/11/2010 9:08AM

    Amazing work! I love the grape costumes. ;) You are such an inspiration and I know you'll kick butt at your interview. I agree that workout clothes seem a bit weird, but if it's for a fitness class... hmm.... who knows?

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ABRIGHTFUTURE 11/10/2010 8:58PM

    Great blog Jules!

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MPALMER15 11/10/2010 6:35PM

    Fabulous blog. You should be so proud of yourself. You've worked hard and it shows! Good luck with your interview tomorrow. Sounds like a fun job with some great benefits!

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KERPER79 11/10/2010 5:01PM

    Good Luck. And look at you now. You are so cute & tiny.

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RLMCCUE 11/10/2010 1:09PM

    Good luck with your interview, I really hope you get the job! And I love the pictures and seeing the transformation that you've undergone since you joined SP.

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FRANCESCANAZ 11/10/2010 11:47AM

    You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean that.

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ELFITZPA 11/10/2010 10:18AM

    I think you should share some of your photos on your interview - it should make you that much more relatable rather than cocky. I just can't believe how incredible your progress is and how beautiful and healthy you look - not to mention HAPPY - compared to those older photos. You glow in a way you just didn't before.

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COLUMBINE2 11/10/2010 10:15AM

    Wow...thanks for the inspiration! I really, really hope you get that job! Have 'em call me...I'll give you a great reference! LOL

You stand 10' tall in determination and dedication. What a great employee you could be! Tell 'em I said so, 'k? Go get 'em, girl!

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KATHYK24 11/10/2010 9:52AM

    You have done an awesome job! Good luck on the interview!

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MYSTERY4EVER 11/10/2010 9:37AM

    Your pictures tell an amazing story. Congratulations! Good luck with the interview. Perhaps you should take a suit along with you in case the interviewer wants to see your "moves" in the pool. Free gym membership. Hmm, maybe I should see if that works at my gym.

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JEREMY723 11/10/2010 8:11AM

    Best of luck with your interview.

I can't even see you in the first two photos, even after comparing. Usually in blogs I can see it after looking at both a few times, but I really can't with yours. What a huge change!

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SCHWINNER! 11/10/2010 7:16AM

    Wow, I am still blown away whenever I see comparison photos! You're amazing :)

The dogs look hilarious dressed as grapes! I may have to try that one year, though I think Nica would be trying to eat her balloons!

Good luck on the interview - you've got it, you know this! :)

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PSFITMOMMY413 11/10/2010 7:07AM

    Good luck in the interview...I think you'll do great!

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RIVERCITYTOM 11/9/2010 11:47PM

    Good Luck, Know you will do well.
Go get em.

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The Green Jacket

Monday, November 08, 2010

I cleaned the crap out of my house today and wore my HRM. In 5 hrs I burned over 1000 calories cleaning and mowing my lawn. Man it feels so nice to have a clean house. Makes life so much simpler. I also got rid of some clothes and hopefully my spark friend Jen can make use of them.

So I have this green cordaroy jacket that I got toward the end of the first time I lost weight. I remember putting my weight back on and not being able to wear. Then losing the weight again and how good it felt for the arms to be loose. Now it's gigantic and ugh I just love that jacket. It's just so special and never found another like it. It's a mess though, like the lining is falling apart and the buttons are falling off. I could get it resized but it came from target and its pretty sad after having it probably 8 yrs. I know some ppl take their old clothes make quilts with pieces. I just can't bare the thought of cutting it up. I should get a huge frame and compress it lol It's the only piece of clothes I have really been sad I couldn't wear anymore.

That picture is yr old and its pretty big there.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PSFITMOMMY413 11/10/2010 7:08AM

    I seriously had that jacket until this summer when I sold it in a yard sale because it was too big! I wanted to keep it and DH was like, no, you look like a watermelon because it was so big!

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ABRIGHTFUTURE 11/9/2010 9:19PM

    You look happy in your green coat! I hope you've had a fantastic Tuesday!

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LEIGHWOMAN 11/9/2010 6:59AM

    Def. get it tailored! I tailored my big winter jacket myself cause I loved it so much. Of course now its too small :P

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TRACYZABELLE 11/9/2010 2:24AM

    get it tailored if you loove it !

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/9/2010 12:02AM

    You look great in that color. Why not look for a seamstress to redo it. We have some here who work really cheap.

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MPALMER15 11/8/2010 10:59PM

I can totally relate!

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