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Sabotage in my house

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The past 6-7 months have been hell. Gained the 30 pounds due to medical problems.
The past week my husband went to Boy Scout camp with my youngest, and I took full advantage of it, cleaned out the junk in the house and refrigerator. Filled the refrigerator with good whole foods, veggies for the next few days, fresh fruit on the counter, and other healthy handy snacks for the other two kids and myself. Life was good! Dropped 5 pounds, biked 50 miles, drank tons of water, got back onto spark people, changed my status to “I’m back”, logging in all foods, taking polls etc……..Until my husband came home last night and complained there was no food in the house. So today when I took my daughter to a Girl Scout event my husband went to Costco and came back with all kinds of junk!! Brie wheel, whole milk, a 12 pack of chocolate, chocolate chip muffins, a huge wheel of a sweet roll, jumbo box of gummies, Starbucks mochas, premade frozen dinners, 5 pounds of chocolate chip so I can make homemade chocolate chip cookies (what!!) and I’m sure there is more if I looked harder…. Oh my word!!! Keep in mind my husband is a diabetic. Lost his mother to the disease, she had 7 amputations before she passed away. You would think he would learn…nope! What to do? What to do? I have no choice- pull up my big girl pants, not look at the crap in the house, ride my bike and drink my water. Wish me luck this week.

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CONEJO81 8/1/2011 2:18PM

    so far so good today, healthy breakfast- oatmeal, 20 miles on the bike, logged in to spark, and my water is done for the day. Thank you for your support.....

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JILLYBEAN25 8/1/2011 2:01AM

    Good luck! I know how tempting all those things are (I have a huge sweet tooth), but you can do this! I'm sorry the support for a healthier lifestyle is so small in your house. :-(

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Open bite,Rawmeal powder mix and weight loss??

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

About two years ago I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia-oh joy. and during that time I have to deal with a number of other health issues; vertigo, sinus infections,ear infections,root canals, infected root with bone graft (in two days) and to top it all off I ended up with an open bite so bad I only make contact on two teeth. which makes it very hard to eat and chew. I have gone to soft foods for the last half of the year. Also the past four months I have stopped riding my bike and gained all the weight that I took off the past years. Right now my life sucks.

I have been fighting with the insurance co to get my open bite fixed, and getting the run a round for the past four months. I need to find an orthodontics that works with the (only one) oral surgeon at Kaiser(southern CA), My health plan. After may failed attempts with the dental insurance and many orthodontics (who would not take me)-I finally said screw it,(pay out of pocket) and found an orthodontics that first, would take my problem and second works with an oral surgeon. Come to find out the two doctors know and work with each other. Now the trick is to go see the surgeon. easy right...ha ha. this is kaiser... went to see my doctor to get a referral to see the surgeon. Not so easy.. Kaiser does not cover oral surgery for dental. Low and behold I do get a phone call from the surgeons office and they want to see me ... thank God. I have appt. on March 1. The ortho. recommends braces for 6-8 months then surgery, then braces for an other year. OMG . Where does leave me........................................

Right now it is very hard to chew food and it looks like liquid diet (soups ,soothies and baby food) until Christmas, yes Christmas!!! Yesterday I got a bottle of a powder mix called "rawmeal." It is mixed with water,juice or milk and it tastes yucky. However this one of the ways I will be getting my fruits and vegis.

Does anyone have any good food hints???


vacation with no weight gain.. WAHOO!

Monday, July 26, 2010

just got back from a weeks vacation with no weight gain. wow! took new measurements and also lost a few inches.. no kidding.

First of all my husband just wanted to sit in the car and drive up the coast of California ( starting in San Diego) and hit tons of Wineries on the way to picking up my daughter in Redding.(she is staying three weeks with auntie) I wanted to take my bike and ride every morning and see the sights of new towns and new bike paths. Well my husband had other plans and trying to talk me out of taking my bike. I stuck to my guns and took my bike any way and did get to ride my bike. On night we stayed in Folsom, where the lady at the hotel desk was also a biker and told me of the 12 mile loop she rides. the next morning I found the trail and rode. It was a great ride. A ped/ bike path starting in old town Folsom. The trail was awesome; tons of wild berries, family of deer, and plenty of birds. I would do this trail again in a heart beat. Also this trail starts at the Folsom Dam and goes to old town Sacramento. Its a 33 mile trail I would love to try during spring break next year and take my boys.

And another place we stayed was Ukiah, Ca. Great Vegan and vegetarian restaurants there. Hubby had a hard time ..oh well

Did manage to get exercise in every day, hotel pool and my bike

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JOYCE561 7/26/2010 3:27PM

  Sounds like you enjoyed your trip and not gaining any weight is an added bonus.

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JLS523 7/26/2010 3:14PM

    Sounds like you had a nice break. Congrats on not gaining weight! Keep it up!

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Help! my pants are too BIG! LOL

Friday, January 22, 2010

This is my first blog post. I've been on spark for 2 years dancing around 10-15 pound weight loss. Over the past three weeks I got serious about the weight loss- per the doctor. That was a big wake up call. Lose the weight now, and lower the cholesterol- pronto!!

So I cut out diet soda, Starbucks, all fast food. Added salad for two meals a day, fruit, cooking a lot lighter, trying to eliminate package foods( mac and cheese, quick and easy side dishes), really using the nutrition tracker several times a day. adding more h2o, biking longer and at a higher gear...etc

Week one 6 pounds gone, week two 3 more gone, week three 2 more gone. I'm on a roll WooHoo!!

Well this morning I had to do some running around and get some errands done. I thought for a change I would get out of the sweat pants and put on the jeans and look human. I pulled out the jeans put them on wow! to big. went to the tighter back up pair... too big. OMG what will I do. I went to the back of the closet and went through the "Some Day Clothes". You know the ones in the back of the closet that you got cause someday you will fit in to them. Well these still had the tag on them (lol) they were a size smaller. Do I dare cut off the tags and put them on. Yes I dared, and they fit just fine. In the next few week I hope to be out of the some day clothes.

A friend once said " Lisa- are you peddling your ass off"
My reply now is " YES I am!"

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DELAWICKED1 1/22/2010 3:52PM

    WTG Lisa for peddling your ass off. emoticon emoticon

Continued success to you for getting serious about your plan and putting into high gear. emoticon

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