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So Much Fun!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well, I've ended up with an unexpected 4-day weekend! Pretty cool! My boss is going out of town for the weekend and not coming back until Tuesday. We didn't find out until the last minute, so I couldn't really plan to go anywhere. But, I am looking forward to the extra free time and hoping to get a lot of cleaning and organizing done at home. That would be SO nice.

Me and DD are giving blood tomorrow morning. I am going to work for a couple of hours before that...then should be free for the rest of the weekend.

We had a little scare with our big dog today. She was having problems urinating. She would "go" a little...then take a few steps...then "go"...then take a few steps...etc. I made a doctor's appt for her. While I was at work and DH was with her, she finally really went...and there was a pea-size stone in the middle of it. She passed a bladder stone! We were told that dogs form stones in their bladder rather than their kidney. So now she has some special food to eat. It will be a bit challenging...getting her to eat it and not having my pug eating it. Hmmm.

I am SO enjoying my new hobby of beading. It is SO much fun! I love finding new beads and "findings" for the bracelets and necklaces and earrings. And it is so much fun to figure out new ways to put them together and design them. Then, I get to wear them! More fun! I got a BIG jar of beads at the thrift store for $4! It was $8, but DH got a 1/2-off discount. And it was full of a WIDE variety of beads and clasps, etc...and it even had a jewelers tool in it! that I did not have. So cool. Tonight, I discovered that our Walmart has a great selection of beads and findings and EXCELLENT prices...I got some on clearance....really good buys.

AND I found material for the next smock tops that I want to make for DD and me for work. She loves pink...and I love designs and peace this material was perfect. AND I got some peace signs that I want to make earrings out of and they came with a flower/peace sign medallion that I can make a necklace out of. They will go great with this new smock.

It's been a really good Spark week. My One-Year Sparkversary blog went "popular" and it's been really fun reading all the encouraging comments that were left. Wow! SP's are the best! I've done better with my freggies this week...and my water. And I'm doing better at getting my Y workouts in. So, things are headed in the right direction. Much as I'd love to stay up and spark and craft all night, I plan to get to bed at a decent hour and get my sleep, so I will be "healthy" and ready for my blood donation tomorrow. Hope you all are having a GREAT week! (One of my SP calendar tips this week was to start a hobby..."People who engage in captivating activities are more satisfied with life. Lose yourself (and your worries) by sewing, writing, cooking or dancing." I apparently have really taken this tip to heart! Love it!) Spark on! emoticon

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MISSMITSY 7/19/2011 9:04AM

    Yay beading fun! Your material looks super pretty. DH and I were meant to donate blood this week but we had to cancel because we're both on medication so they don't want our blood at the moment...

Have a wonderful weekend!

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FIT2BETHIN 7/18/2011 7:29PM

    You're looking pretty darn fabulous girlie! I love your Spark-a-tude!

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NEWHORIZONSR4ME 7/18/2011 4:05PM

    Sounds like fun and contentment. An excellent combination. Thanks for sharing!

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THETURTLEBEAR 7/17/2011 7:14PM

    It's like reading sunshine! LOVE IT!

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GRUBBMEISTER 7/17/2011 11:11AM

  Congrats on you anniversary and sounds like you have made it a lifestyle change too! Good luck on your journey.

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    Poor doggy!! I hope he doesn't have another one. They are so painful!!

I've always wanted to bead and have bought some books on it.

I love the material!!

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LAURIETAIT 7/15/2011 6:08PM

    Hurrah for unexpected time off!. You are always so busy doing cool and useful things. You make me feel guilty for sitting around. Glad your dog is better. My husband had the human version, kidney stones, and I had to take him to emergency for morphine more than once. So your dog is a real trooper. Even though they are guilt inducing, I'm looking forward to a blog featuring all your new creations. Have a wonderful looong weekend!

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HARRIET8AL 7/15/2011 5:18PM

    So glad your dog is better. When mine recovered from his mystery illness this spring I felt as if it was a miracle. Reading your blog makes me wonder.... can taking up a new hobby help to improve my eating habits by keeping me busy during down time? Love to see the results of your work when you're done.

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CHALLENGER15 7/15/2011 1:23PM

    If you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, you can get weekly emails for them, too. I bought things for simple bracelets almost a year ago...still waiting for me to try! This is giving me a push in the right direction...

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ROSEWCI 7/15/2011 11:39AM

    Oh, you inspire me Cathy! I quilt, but haven't done anything lately....but I think I shall! And I have a sewing project that's just been waiting for me to complete it! So, I think I'm gonna keep my hands busy...
...& away from my mouth! emoticon

Have a JOYous weekend! emoticon emoticon

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KJMPEACHES 7/15/2011 10:20AM

    Always nice to get those surprises on short notice! Have a great weekend! emoticon emoticon

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KARENSTAR1 7/15/2011 10:15AM

    Enjoy your little vacation, even if you are at home! Sounds like you have some fun things planned with your sewing smocks and doing some beadwork.

I was going to mention that another source of beads is garage sales and thrift stores. You can, of course, take apart costume jewelry and recycle the beads.

Did you know you can print your own coupons for Micheal's and use one every day? (Practical if you have a Michael's Craft store near by, LOL.)

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ANATASHIKI 7/15/2011 7:46AM

    emoticon it must be a virus with the beads , my nurses are crazy about beads and bracelets, they bought beads all week. but they are ordering the beads and tools online from specialized shops. cute material , show us the finished product too : ) . great news about the free days! I have still tomorrow and after that I'll take some leave from work too , I'm dead tired. I'm glad to hear you're having fun

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RUNNERGIRL60 7/15/2011 3:22AM

    Its so nice to have uexpected time off work. Its is nice to be able to plan something to do but ...... Love the material!!! I need to learn to sew it sure would be nice to make my uniform tops out of cute material. Someday maybe...
Im glad your dog is ok. I have an older cat who is on special food for his bladder issues. The vet told me especially after you have them fixed the animals tend to get this problem. The cat food must not be to bad he eats it well. Im usings Iams brand urinary tact. I did feed some kind of canned expensive stuff at first he did not like.
Im trying to have time to knit, read or do puzzles as my relaxing time. I am a puzzle jigsaw type silver. I can put togather a 100 piece in a couple days.
Great job on the freggies! I think somtimes im going to turn into a blueberry oh raspberry I really like those berries!
Well its late and im trying to get more sleep since I have not been sleeping much for awhile. Insomnia is just killing me!!! I don't want to take meds but I may have to to get started sleeping. Will be talking to you soon on the summer challenge! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GRYPHON55 7/15/2011 12:09AM

    Sounds like you are having a GREAT week, Cathy! Good for you, and I would love to see photos of some of your beadwork (I love jewelry!).

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LKEITHO 7/14/2011 10:36PM

    Enjoy your unexpected vacation!

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One-Year Sparkversary – 67 lbs gone (with pics)

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Here's me, today! (And a comparison picture of "old me.") I'm now at 176 lbs – 67 lbs down...56 to go. And it's all due to SP...eating in range...tracking my food...and being more active! Lifestyle changes work!

It's my one-year Sparkversary. I am SO excited! I have a theory that...anything you can do for one day, you can do for two days...anything you can do for one week, you can do for two weeks...anything you can do for one month, you can do for two months...sooooo...anything you can do for one year, you can do for two years! Now, I have done SparkPeople for one year...and I'm ready for year two. I've been through every holiday, birthdays, anniversaries, major life changes, exciting times, distressing times, financial ups and downs, even a couple of weddings in the last year...and through it all, I have Sparked on. Now, I feel like “I've done it before...and I can do it again” with the upcoming year and events of that year...and lose my remaining 56 lbs.

I've lost 46 total inches. Here's the breakdown:
Neck Was 15” Now 13” (-2)
Waist Was 43” Now 34.5” (-8.5)
Hips Was 52.5” Now 44” (-8.5)
Upper Arm Was 15” Now 12.5” (-2.5x2)
Thigh Was 33” Now 24” (-9x2)
Calf Was 18” Now 16” (-2x2)
I've gone from wearing 2x and 3x tops to wearing size L...and from wearing size 22w/24w/2x/3x pants to wearing size 14/16/L. I've gone from weighing 243 lbs to weighing 176 lbs.

So, in looking back over the last year, what do I see? I see a woman who has transformed her body from 243 lbs...morbidly 176...overweight. I see a woman who has gone from wearing a size a woman who is wearing a size L...14/16. I see a woman whose "junk in the trunk" has REALLY diminished. I see a woman who can fit easily in the bathtub and who can easily sit down into the bathtub and rise from the bathtub. I see a woman who can give herself a nice pedicure. I see a woman who embraces chances to move and walk and exhaust herself. I see a woman who helps with the yard work. I see a woman who is working to transform her house into her home. I see a woman who is finding a good balance between work and home. I see a woman who is managing to be alone in the world...without her parents. I see a woman who is making family a priority and giving to her husband and children...the best that she has. I see a woman who has cleaned out her closet of all her old/fat clothes. I see a woman who love clothes shopping again. I see a woman who enjoys sewing and beading and making jewelry and clothes. I see a woman who is willing to be open with her spark friends and encourage them and share her journey. I see a woman who has participated in 5K's (walking) with her daughter and her husband. I see a woman who has opted to change her desk at work to a standing desk so that she is not sitting for 8 hours a day. I see a woman who makes good choices at the grocery and brings home bags of groceries that fit easily within her eating budget. I see a woman who loves her dogs and takes excellent care of them and enjoys their company. I see a woman who is making the best of opposite schedules with her spouse...having lunch with him daily and spending all weekend with him. I see a woman who loves being a part of SparkPeople. I see a woman who is over halfway to goal. I see a woman who is ready for another year with SparkPeople...taking her closer to her final goal. I see a woman who is not afraid of chairs with side arms...she fits! I see a woman who loves going to the movies...she can fit in the theater seat and even has room to tuck her arms inside the seat, too. I see a woman who has found her place, her community, her friends at SP. I see a woman who is going to be a lifetime member of SP. I see a woman who is going to recommend SP to anyone who will listen or who asks. I see a woman who is happy and content. I see a woman who thinks she can do this...which is the "hardest" thing she's ever she must be able to do anything. I see a woman who feels that the boundaries of life have been removed. I see myself...a new person...molded anew...mind renewed...spirit to be all that I can be.

My goals for the coming year...
1. Lose the remaining 56 lbs (becoming a normal BMI!)
2. Become a water drinker (drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day)
3. Become a freggie eater (eating 4 or more servings per day)
4. Incorporate a new exercise routine that works with my schedule and that I can be consistent with that includes strength and cardio exercise
5. Complete the couch to 5K program – and RUN a 5K.
6. Work on my swimming strokes and Join Masters Swimming
7. Begin bike riding – and participate in a tri-athlon.

So, the plan for Year 2...continue to track everything 100%. Allow the diet cola's as desired. Pursue more water, freggies, and exercise. Reward myself for accomplishments in these and other areas. Be good to myself. Spark on...let the remaining weight drop will happen...I have to stay on the SP is headed to my destination.

Today, I am CELEBRATING! I stayed up until midnight to ring in the “new year.” I am going to go on a celebratory walk this afternoon. And I am going to do a full gym workout this morning...BECAUSE I CAN! I'm going to go to the movies...and fit in my seat with room to spare! And I am going to finish going through all my clothes and bag up the unwanteds/too big clothes and get them donated. Thanks to SP, I can do so many things. I can move, move, move, and enjoy my life! Life is good! I love SP! Sparkin' on!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PRINCESS1959 11/25/2011 1:11AM

    Way to go!

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EJOY-EVELYN 11/25/2011 12:06AM

    Congratulations on being named by the 5% Challenges as a Motivator by Kaliswalker Spotlight! Your SparkPage with all the more recent before and after photos showcase, as this blog does, your incredible success. Welcome to healthy living. When you get near your goal, continue to make plans to continue your success into maintenance. You're truly an inspiration and role model for us. Stay the course. You look marvelous!

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KELLEEH 7/22/2011 8:38PM

    Awesome blog! You had such a great year with Sparkpeople last year. And I LOVE your goals for the coming year! You are going to be a fitness monster!!

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NOBOUNDARIES 7/22/2011 9:23AM

    You look so much happier in your "after" photos than you do in the "before" ones. Congrats!

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FIT2BETHIN 7/18/2011 7:34PM

    You've shaved at least 10 years in your well as your health! Congrats on your sparkiversary! And thanks for sharing your spark journey! LOVE it!

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CBROSA 7/17/2011 10:01PM

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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THETURTLEBEAR 7/17/2011 7:15PM

    I see a gorgeous woman who is emoticon

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MINIDRIVER63 7/17/2011 9:14AM

    You are so FREAKING AWESOME! Thanks for the inspiration!

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MONA791 7/16/2011 4:15AM

You are gorgeous and awesome and...... I can't find the words!!
A great inspiration!!!
You look much younger.
Keep up the good work!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    WOW! GF, You look HOT!! And, not to be insulting, but you look 20 years younger too. You have done a fantastic job!!

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JTRACEY 7/15/2011 2:19PM

  Have just returned to SparkPeople after an absence of over 6 months. You have given me inspiration! emoticon

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EMIM05 7/15/2011 12:39PM

    number 3 a "freggie" eater. haha that's good. it took me a moment. Congratulations!!!! emoticon emoticon I'm happy for you :D

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HARVESTMOM 7/15/2011 11:07AM

    Wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing this post with all of us today - you've given me some motivation for the day!!! Keep up all the great work you are doing!

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BECCAJ98 7/15/2011 10:18AM

    emoticon emoticon great job!! You will meet your next goals!!!!

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KARENSTAR1 7/15/2011 10:07AM

    Wow, you rock! I just love your postive attitude. Your "can do" spirit will take you to your destination.

It must feel great to be free of the extra weight. I had never even thought of some of the issues that you no longer have (like difficulties bathing in a tub.)

You go girl!

I'm looking forward to our new summer challenge. I've just got to make that scale move.

Thanks for the spark goodie that you sent me. It was a great way to start my day.

Karen emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/15/2011 10:07:32 AM

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NORTHWOODSMOM8 7/15/2011 9:46AM

    Happy emoticon You've done WONDERFULLY!!!!! I ALSO celebrated one year this week! I agree with you--SPARKPEOPLE is absolutely the best site ever!!!!!!! {{{{{hugs}}}}} Susan

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JSPIN74 7/15/2011 9:41AM

    I already knew you were fantastic...but wowwwwww you really are. Love seeing your progress all documented this way. Your energy & commitment really pushes me further. emoticon

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ABB698 7/15/2011 1:50AM

    emoticonYou look beautiful and YEARS younger. I know you feel as good as you look, as you should! Spark on! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOMTO2TOO 7/14/2011 8:12PM

    God bless you, and congratulations. You brought tears to my eyes. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. emoticon

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1DRWOMAN 7/14/2011 7:15PM

    Wow! Thanks for the extra motivation I needed today and reminding me that anything you can do for a day you can do for 2! :) That's a great saying! Enjoy year 2 of your journey!

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GEMGLOW 7/14/2011 1:39PM


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    Wow!! You have done an amazing job!! So motivational!! Makes me want to do it myself!

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2BEEFIT 7/14/2011 11:31AM

    Very nice, and it doesn't sound to me like you are alone, but surrounded by people who love you! Go YOU.

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KHELMAN 7/14/2011 3:41AM

    emoticon on your one year and you can do this keep up the good work thanks for the inspiration

Report Inappropriate Comment
WEMINICH 7/13/2011 9:21PM

  You look 10 years younger! Amazing!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
RACHAEL8728 7/13/2011 3:41PM

    Congrats to you! Keep up the good work!

Report Inappropriate Comment
AMMAMAMMA 7/13/2011 2:03PM

    Oh My! Way to go! I am so excited for you! Happy "spark-a-versary"!!! emoticon emoticon

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CHANGE4THEBEST 7/13/2011 1:48PM

    Congratulations emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    emoticonYou have made amazing progress! Thanks so much for sharing the first half of your journey with us. You have done so much for yourself in the past year. Here's to another year of sparking! emoticon emoticon

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CUPCAKE616110 7/13/2011 1:15PM

    I think the difference in how truly happy you look in the after pics as compared to the before says it all.

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LAURIEMN 7/13/2011 12:53PM

    Fantastic! You look terrific and your story is so inspirational! Congratulations!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KELLYDRESCHER 7/13/2011 11:53AM

    I loved the pic with the clothes. What a difference! Congratulations!

Report Inappropriate Comment
HUGS2013 7/13/2011 11:21AM

    emoticonon your awesome progress so far! Thanks for sharing your story. Keep working the goals and you will get there before you know it! emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
HOTRODSANDY 7/13/2011 11:13AM

    Congratulations on your emoticon. You're looking fabulous! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
THESHELBSTER 7/13/2011 10:47AM

    You look AMAZING! Such a transformation. Awesome.

Report Inappropriate Comment
KNITPURLCURL 7/13/2011 10:00AM

    Super inspirational for someone starting out! Ultra exciting for you!

Report Inappropriate Comment
FRAS113 7/13/2011 9:17AM

    Preach it sister--you have me cheering. Do your thing!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KKKAREN 7/13/2011 9:01AM

    Happy Anniversary, you've done great!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHANGEDIN09 7/13/2011 7:44AM

    AWESOME POST. Great motivation. You should be very proud. I know you'll meet your goals!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DEBRASOUL 7/13/2011 1:38AM

  Thank You for sharing. I want to be like you in a year. Will Power like that is what I need. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
BABYCAKES617 7/12/2011 11:53PM

    This is very inspirational! Congratulations on all your progress thus far, and best of luck in the next year!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KATHYJSPARK 7/12/2011 11:16PM

    You are amazing!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CJC937 7/12/2011 11:06PM

  Congratulations on your outstanding progress! Thank you for posting all of your personal measurements. That was very generous of you to share, and very motivating for the rest of us. Keep sparking!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BCARSON11 7/12/2011 10:14PM

    emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MAC7755 7/12/2011 9:37PM

  WOW!!! Good for you. Let us know how things are going for you.

Report Inappropriate Comment
TEASCHERTZ 7/12/2011 8:58PM

    Congratulations! You are an inspiration especially those of us who just started with SP. Thank you for sharing the story of your first year.

Report Inappropriate Comment
AMANIJABBAR 7/12/2011 8:42PM

    You look much younger! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment

    What a great page!!! Thank you for sharing, you are very inspirational!

Report Inappropriate Comment
STAYCXL-NOMORE 7/12/2011 8:22PM

    Great accomplishments !! Congrats on your hard work it has paid off !! I just past my one year sparking , and needed a encouraging story , thanks so much for sharing !!

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UTSARAH 7/12/2011 7:45PM

    It takes a lot of will power to last a year! Good for you!! I loved your comparison pics. You look wonderful!

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Yay for 3-Day Weekends!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Today, I had my weigh in at the Y. Currently, they are doing weigh-ins every two weeks. I had lost 2 lbs since last time. That was nice. Sometimes, you feel like you're not losing any weight, but then you do something that is more stretched these weigh ins...and you can see that progress is being made. That's nice.

It's a three-day weekend! Yay! I'm looking forward to a lot of good quality time with DH. That will be really nice. I think one day we will work on the house and a home "to do" list that we have to work on. And maybe one day we will go to a ballgame. And one day we will do a movie and shopping. Sounds good to me!

Today, DD and I wore our new smocks that I made for work. She said she really liked our new smocks. That made me feel so good. I had cut out the smocks and sewed them up going off of the design of another smock that we have. So I didn't actually have a pattern, but I was able to use the other smock as a rough template for the new smocks. It was a little challenging...but fun...and I think they turned out pretty good.

I walked down to DS's house tonight with the lawn mower and finished cutting his backyard. He is still at bootcamp. And his house is on the market. I prayed the whole time I was cutting that God would find a buyer for his home. That would be such a blessing for him.

On my way walking back, I saw the lady that runs the beauty shop up the street. I stopped and talked to her for awhile. She said that, at first, she didn't recognize me. She complimented me on my weight loss. She said she didn't think I could/should go down to 120...she said 140 should be low enough for me. We'll see. I know that another time when I lost weight, I still had thigh fat that I did not like/want when I was over 120. She said that I do not look like I weigh 176. That was nice.

I'm getting really antsy about getting my hair cut. I think it will probably be happening during this way or the other. I'll probably end up cutting it.

Hope you all are having a great week and have a great weekend! Spark on! emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MISSMITSY 7/7/2011 10:11AM

    Sounds like a fun weekend. Don't let other people decide for you what your ideal weight is... I get all sorts of different opinions on mine but the only person whose opinion matters is yours!

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ROSEWCI 7/6/2011 6:50AM

    emoticon on all your accomplishments! You ROCK lady! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment

    I hope your son's house sells fast and my MIL's too.

Report Inappropriate Comment
KARENSTAR1 7/4/2011 4:13PM

    Sounds like you had lots of nice things planned. Hope it's gone well!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LINDAJOYWK 7/4/2011 6:54AM

    Cathy-you are inspiring!

Report Inappropriate Comment
JCDUBEA63 7/4/2011 2:19AM

    emoticon emoticonon weight Loss!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BE-THE-CHANGE 7/3/2011 10:11PM

    You are doing great!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHEVY63 7/3/2011 2:57PM

    Congrats on the continued weight loss! It's great to see the progress - all your hard work paying off!

I hope you have a great weekend and get to do all the things you have planned.

emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
BARBARACT 7/3/2011 10:26AM

    Compliments are always a wonderful thing! It shows that people are noticing and gives you more of a boost! Wow, you are continuing to do great!!!

Good for you and your plans for the weekend sounds like fun!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LOPEYP 7/3/2011 7:21AM

    Sounds like a great plan for the weekend. That's pretty much what we are doing too.

Lots of fun getting those compliments. emoticon
I'll look forward to seeing your new hairdo too. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
NHGRL68 7/2/2011 7:24PM

    You're doing so great with your weight loss! Good-luck with your hair. Enjoy your weekend! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MACMOM57 7/2/2011 6:48PM

    Way to go you are doing awesome. Compliments are awesome.

Report Inappropriate Comment
XXEDRA 7/2/2011 4:00PM

    Enjoy your weekend!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHALLENGER15 7/2/2011 12:51PM

    Good job, girl!

Enjoy your weekend.

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHALLENGER15 7/2/2011 12:51PM

    Good job, girl!

Enjoy your weekend.

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHALLENGER15 7/2/2011 12:51PM

    Good job, girl!

Enjoy your weekend.

Report Inappropriate Comment
PUG-GIRL 7/2/2011 6:43AM

  You've been busy! emoticon Great job on the weigh in and congrats on the smocks. So nice that you're close enough to keep up the yard for DS. Will send up a prayer that he will get the house sold.

Report Inappropriate Comment
LAURIETAIT 7/2/2011 2:32AM

    New smocks without a pattern, that's impressive. I have trouble sewing with a pattern! I'm sure your haircut will look great. When considering your ultimate goal weight don't forget to consider the fact that once you reach your goal and maintain for a while your body will redistribute the remaining body fat. So If your thighs are a little jiggly still that may change over time. Plus you will be so much firmer from all that exercise you are doing! So you might not reach 120 but you will still look fantastic!

Happy July 4 !

Comment edited on: 7/2/2011 2:33:29 AM

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    WOW! You are knocking everyone off their feet! I'm so proud of you! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
NEWHORIZONSR4ME 7/2/2011 12:23AM

    As I imagined you pushing the mower down the street, I thought what a difference! Think what effort that would have been in the past? Sounds like you had a nice day.

Report Inappropriate Comment
JSPIN74 7/2/2011 12:19AM

    Sounds wonderful :)

Enjoy & keep appreciating all the niceness :) you help me to remember to do the same.

Report Inappropriate Comment
THETURTLEBEAR 7/1/2011 11:53PM

    All good stuff!

Report Inappropriate Comment
HOWLERMOM 7/1/2011 11:42PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticonHave a great weekend!

Report Inappropriate Comment
JENNYD97 7/1/2011 11:39PM

    I emoticon 3 day weekends emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
CAROL762011 7/1/2011 11:38PM

  I did not get a 3 day weekend off but I do get july 3 and 4th off.. so i'm at least happy about that....

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Creative SP Week!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I think my spark friends were right. I need to work on the new mental self image that I see in my head. My weight is currently maintaining...and that's okay with me for now. It gives me time to catch up on the inside with what's taken place on the outside.

I have my closet pretty well switched over to the new smaller sizes now. I think I want to look for a new pair of jeans or two...other than that, I'm set.

I bought some Spark things this week. I got the desk calendar (half off...since the year is half over)...and a stress ball (also keeping it on my desk...any way to handle stress other than eating is worth a try)...and I got a black t-shirt. I'm planning to wear the t-shirt on my Sparkversary and do a self photo shoot.

I have a new hair style picked out that I want to try. I have a couple pictures of it. I don't know whether to try to have someone cut it for me or do it myself. I cut my own hair for years and years and always liked the results. But it is so nice to have someone else do it, too...if they do it right. So we will see.

It is true...that when a door closes, a window opens. When I had my bracelet stolen, that was a door closing. But now, I have discovered I love making bracelets! I made a "spark" bracelet and love it (and even get compliments on it...nice). Yesterday, I made myself a new red/white/blue bracelet. I love beading and making bracelets! (window open!) I think this will be a new, fun hobby for me.

My creative juices have been flowing the last few days and I've really enjoyed it. I made a new smock for work, sewed pockets on 4 of my husband's new work t-shirts (they didn't have pockets and he wished they they do), and I made the new bracelet. So much fun!

Hope you all are having a great week! I am continuing to work on the mental part of exercising. I have been to the gym twice in the last seven days...which is good...I have a goal of 3x/week. And I enjoyed both sessions. So, I am really trying to get some steadiness in this area. It's all a head game...that we can win...just have to keep doing it! Spark on! emoticon

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    I would like to try beading as well.

I am looking forward to your new picture and hair do.

You are doing GREAT!!

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HANNAH_CALM 6/29/2011 5:36PM

    I'm glad you've discovered beading, that sounds really rewarding! I'm looking forward to seeing your new pictures. It will be a change seeing you in black, because you've been taking your pictures in white. I hope you find the perfect pair of jeans, good luck!

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ONEKIDSMOM 6/29/2011 7:12AM

    Sounds like your new mental image is spurring many "new" things for you! My Spark shirt is orange... we'd look like Halloween if we got together! emoticon Oh, and I loved my calendar so much, I started posting the motivational days I liked best at work.

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JCDUBEA63 6/29/2011 12:30AM

    emoticonfinding new and exciting hobbies!! Wow I've tried twice cutting my hair and vowed I never will do it again!!LOL I do enjoy getting pampered though and it makes u feel better about urself!! Keep up the awesome job!!

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LAURIETAIT 6/28/2011 4:58PM

    I don't just want a haircut I NEED one. My bangs are hanging in my eyes. First order of business when school is out. I wish I could get organized enough to do a creative crafty thing. My daughter is great at that kind os stuff. I don't know where that gene came from! It sounds like you are feeling pretty comfortable in your own skin. That's a great thing to be and harder to achieve than you would think. If you keep following your map you will reach your destination in no time.

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NHGRL68 6/28/2011 3:38PM

    I think it's great how you are letting your creative side some out now. I lost my creative side:-( Your blog is making me want to find it again! Beading sounds fun and I like your bracelet:-) Maybe I will have to give it a try. emoticon I hear ya about the exercise consistency. You're off to a great start. I'm trying to be more consistent also. My goal is to get in 2 full body wrkts a week. I managed last week. I need to do one later on today and I will be half way there for this week:-) We're well on our way. emoticon emoticon

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DEBLYNN323 6/28/2011 3:06PM

    Very energetic, motivating blog!


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PANFRIEDTROUT 6/28/2011 2:54PM

    nice blog, especially the part about the mental aspect catching up to the physical part of your healthy changes!


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EUGENIAINSIGNA 6/28/2011 11:42AM

    I wish I were crafty like that! It sounds like you're making some pretty fabulous stuff over there! You're right about how long it takes mentally to catch up to where you are physically...I think that mindset is so important in maintenance because I find it can drive the way I eat, as well. If I eat like a smaller person, then I'll continue to be a smaller person, if that makes sense! I hope you're having a wonderful week!

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KARENSTAR1 6/28/2011 11:14AM

    You are inspiring me to get my sewing machine out and work on some fun things! I keep saying to myself that I'm going to do that and every day goes by doing other things.

Let me join you having a creative week :-)

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THETURTLEBEAR 6/28/2011 9:43AM

    You have been doing a lot of "spark thought" and I'm excited about all your plans!!

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    Hmmm...I say let someone else cut your hair. Enjoy being pampered a bit. And I can't wait to see it. Make sure you take a before and after picture for us! :)

Enjoy those freely flowing creative juices, and have a GREAT day!

- Michelle

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    Alright, I'm going to march over to Sparkville store and pick out my t-shirt! Thanks for reminding me! emoticon

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ILUVTOTAT 6/28/2011 9:27AM

    Sounds like you've been having a great time. I love creative days!

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MISSMITSY 6/28/2011 9:11AM

    Oh can't wait to see the new hair style! I bet it will look super pretty on you...

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KJMPEACHES 6/28/2011 9:01AM

    Good plan Cathy! It still surprises me when I look in the mirror! It's getting your head with your body! Have an awesome day! emoticon

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ANATASHIKI 6/28/2011 9:00AM

    you could try yelling at people who get you stressed or at least tell them what you think emoticon(I'm kidding and not at the same time). wow , you cut your hair?you're great, I only did it once , I didn't like the hair cut and used the scissors , the result was something like a toothbrush , it looked cool and all my schoolmates were envious : ) .
I agree , making bracelets is fun , I used to make earrings

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BE-THE-CHANGE 6/28/2011 8:44AM

    I have the desk calender and the wall calendar. I also have a black 'woo hoo' t-shirt that I wear for every 5K. The SP coffee mugs sit on my kitchen windowsill - always a reminder!

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CHALLENGER15 6/28/2011 8:35AM

    "Catch up on the inside": yes, I think that is important! I still have to steer myself away from the sizes I used to wear when looking...

I haven't bought any spark items yet. I will have to look at them again.

I bought a book about making bracelets over a year ago, and have yet to try anything...but I have picked up fabric that I have had for years and rotary cut out blocks for a Christmas project. This is after months of not having anything going.

I think we ARE catching up on the inside...two steps forward, one step back

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Introspection and Fun Stuff

Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm 66.5 lbs down...56.5 lbs to go. I've been going over and over that in my head...trying to wrap my head around it. Suddenly, I feel overwhelmed by the progress thus far. I don't know if it's because I've been cleaning out my clothes and switching things down a size, or what. But all of a sudden, this all feels very "real" and it seems like I could actually get to goal. I keep questioning myself...if I'm ready for I up for that? Yes! I would love to be at goal. It IS where I want to go. It's what I've been working for. It's the reason I have been so determined and absolute on my eating. So what is this weird feeling that I'm fighting with?

I don't really have the answer. I just know that there's some strange wonderment all of a sudden overtaking me. I just keep trying to look it in the eye and say, yes, I've lost that much weight...I am's what I want to do...and I've got more to lose...I'm not stopping now.

I'm still fighting this dumb head cold. I've finally just kind of gotten so I'm ignoring it and doing my cardio and ST and going on about my business...and figuring it will be gone when it's gone. I'm tired of sitting and waiting for it to leave me.

I went to the thrift store last night...spent $30 and got a dozen new items for my wardrobe...a bunch of t-shirts and a couple skorts and a little purse. I got them all washed up and am ready to re-stock my empty closet. It will be nice to have some new things to choose from...that fit!

Today, I bought a few new beads. I'm going to make another bracelet. I'm really enjoying creating new bracelets! I think I've found a new hobby...and it's fun! And cheap. So, yay!

I had a great workout at the Y yesterday. I meant to go in the morning, but slept in and didn't go. But then, last night, when I was on my way home from the thrift store, I decided to pit stop at the Y and do the workout. So, I dropped in and worked out for 2 everything done...ST and cardio...woo hoo!

I also bought a new scale last week and compared it to my normal scale. It weighs almost the same...only a half-pound difference. I bought it because it's smaller and lighter weight. I wanted to have one that I could take traveling with me. We will be traveling to Missouri for DS's graduation from bootcamp in August and we will be traveling to Disney World in September. It will be really nice to weigh during times away. (Thanks for the tip, Turtlebear.)

Hope you all are doing well. I'm doing better with my challenge teams now that I'm getting some exercise in. I felt like a dead weight last week. One of the challenges from my one team was to give yourself a goodie and include a thank you note to self on the goodie. I enjoyed that challenge. I never thought of doing that before. It is good to be thankful to yourself for the good things that you do each day...something to think about.

Well, have a great weekend! Spark on! (I have a one-year Sparkversary coming up July 9th...maybe that's where all the introspection is coming from...hmmm.) emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ATREAT4ME 7/1/2011 6:55AM

    Congratulations for making such tremendous progress. I like how you said you were going to make it to goal because that is what you want. I hear you saying "Yes" to your dreams and "No" to the unspoken emotions that want to keep you in the comfort zone.

LOL at a 2-hour pit stop at the Y. That speaks loads to your success and shift in thinking. I am soo happy for you!

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LAURIETAIT 6/27/2011 6:18PM

    I think Kori is on to something. I think you have to see yourself thin. The weight is familiar and being thin is not. Losing 66 pounds is a huge change. That's the equivalent of your average 9 year old! Maybe focus more on the health benefits and how great you feel when you eat well and are active and try to down play the goal. Whatever you do, I know you will figure a way to wrap your mind around the changes and move forward. You always do. Because....You're amazing!

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JSPIN74 6/27/2011 3:28PM


your progress is great...the introspection gives me a bit of anxiety i just try to keep it moving...but i think you're doing so great that you deserve to wallow in it & pay some attention to it too...u so deserve the fuss emoticon

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TREASURINGLIFE 6/27/2011 10:08AM

    Awesome job! Keep it up!! :)

- Michelle

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NHGRL68 6/27/2011 8:34AM

    I start having that same feeling when I get close to my goal too. I hope you figure out what is causing it. You are still doing so great! I know you're going all the way:-) I hope you're feeling better soon. emoticon

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MISSMITSY 6/27/2011 6:36AM

    I know what you mean about the introspection, I've lost some steam lately because I've gotten so close to goal that I think I'm almost scared to actually get there and be that person...

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NASCAR_CHICK 6/27/2011 1:22AM

    A little "introspection" is never a bad thing...

And how exciting that you see your goal w/in reach!


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CINDYKC2000 6/26/2011 8:57PM

    emoticon Cathy.

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GRYPHON55 6/25/2011 11:56PM

    You're inspiring the heck out of me, Cathy! I'm so glad we're on the Shooting Stars team so I got to read your story and follow your blogs. I know what you mean about getting close to goal and all that, it's something I've been trying to get my head around and I think it's a big reason I'm stuck where I am, because I'm not ready to go lower yet. argh, this weight loss stuff is hard when it's all in my head!

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ANATASHIKI 6/25/2011 12:07AM

    I think I know why you're feeling this way. I might be wrong of course. I felt this way after I won the exam for getting my job( we have to pass very difficult exams with professors from universities to be hired and usually who has big money "buys"it). I got a depression and I realized that since I entered med school , 11 years before , I was preparing myself to not have a job and give up on this and do something else(taking that kind of exam in the best town in the county was for the rich people). so my victory didn't fit with my image of the universe LOL. maybe you just have to adjust your image of the self and allow yourself to be thinner , I don't know , you'll figure, just keep going !
emoticon kori

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    yes, Cathy, you have a LOT to be proud of!! You're more than half way there! I read your blog but it is so late and I just got home so I can't say much! Just want you to know how proud of you I am! emoticon

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MORTICIAADDAMS 6/24/2011 11:14PM

    I finally have a chance to check on you and you are doing amazing!!!!!! I am so impressed!

I hope you dump the cold soon.

I love thrift shops and do all my shopping there now.

And I love beading too. So fun!!

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THETURTLEBEAR 6/24/2011 10:34PM

    You are doing so great - and I love your progress pics! You have got drive and focus. I can't think too far ahead. I find it better for "my head" to only think a little ways the next ten pounds. Cool about the new clothes - and great about the Y!

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ACIMPEGGY 6/24/2011 10:30PM

    Happy anniversary ahead of case I forget, you know. I had mine in April.

Great job on the weight loss, wardrobe (love thrift stores and dollar stores!) and fitness!

YOU are an inspiration to me! Have a great weekend, honey. emoticon

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ONEKIDSMOM 6/24/2011 10:28PM

    66.5 pounds in less than a year! That is wonderful progress. emoticon emoticon And that upcoming Sparkversary will put a person in a reflective frame of mind.

emoticon rooting for you... emoticon... the goal is in sight. And it is oh-so-sweet getting there. You are worth it!

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BE-THE-CHANGE 6/24/2011 10:23PM

    You are doing great! Keep up the good work!

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TERRBEAR12 6/24/2011 10:12PM

    How truly exciting. Enjoying your weight loss, planning ahead, seeing your goal within range. I am very pleased for you and kinda jealous. When I realized I had lost 50 pounds I came to a screeching halt. I don't mean I hit a plateau - I mean I stopped. But that is my prob.; you are doing super well - celebrate on that Spark anniversary. You have earned it!

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