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August Plan

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Month 1 Weight Loss: 2lbs
Month 2 Weight Gain: +.2.
Month 3 Starting Weight: 175.4

Life continues to be a struggle. I am starting to believe I am putting too much attention on my weight. So I'm cutting back on my exrecise to 20mins a day (with more exercise on some days) and I'm sticking with my calorie range. I think prayer is the only thing that will save me.

To Our Success!
Please pray for me to live a self fulfilling, loving, and healthy life this month. Oh and for that fat the fall off!


July's Plan

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Month 1 Weight Loss: 2lbs
Month 2 Starting Weight: 175.2

July is here and summer is happening. My focus for this month is being happy. Being happy with myself, my body, and my actions. This month I joined a book club so I will be reading BITTER IS THE NEW BLACK for book club and THE HAPPINESS PROJECT for my own self discovery and pleasure. Since there is so much great information in THE SPARK, I will continue to blog about topics in the book. My Focus for the month of JULY:
- Work out for a minimum of 35mintues 6 days/week (resting 1 day)
- 128 oz of water/day
- Read book club book and THE HAPPINESS PROJECT
- Blog everyday
- Take vitamins everyday
- Learn to knit
- Apply for 5 jobs
- Have alcohol 2 nights for the month
- GOAL: Lose 5 pounds

To Our Success!
Please pray for me to live a self fulfilling, loving, and healthy life this month. Oh and for that fat the fall off!


Day 29&30/End of the Month

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Starting weight: 177.2
Week 1 weight: 178.2 (+1)
Week 2 Weight: 175.4 (-2.8)
Week 3 Weight: 174.6 (-.8)
Week 4 Weight: 175.2 (+.4)

At the beginning of June I made the following goals and have noted the progress I have made on them:
- Follow the 28 breath through plan outlined in THE SPARK: I completed the book and am still learning valuable lessons. This is the hardest journey of my life and while things havenít been working in my favor, I will not give up! I will beat the fat cells in my body! I will win this battle!
- Blog everyday: While I may not have posted everyday, writing everyday helped me to overcome the guilt I felt with poor decisions I made. It has helped me to realize the actions I need to work on.
- 128oz of water/day: I did it!!! It helped me to gain control and keep focused on something else other than food.
- Minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day: I did it!! Most day I did at least a hour, everyday is a little intense and I think my body needs a rest.
- Go on 2 job interviews: I went on one job interview, but they asked me to complete my second interview during the same time. I need to focus on this more next month.
- GOAL: Loose 6 pounds: while I lost 2 pounds I was in the middle of a 4 day cleanse when June 1 came around because I was 180 thus for the month of June I lost 4.8lbs, which I am really happy with. It was NOT easy I did get to know myself even more and each day I learned about myself and the choices I make. After dinner continues to be my biggest struggle and hope to focus on that next month.
To our Success
Please pray for me to make smart choices.


Day 28

Monday, June 28, 2010

Today was a good day. I let myself live a little and hopefully in more moderation. i ate a little more today in hopes to lose weight because i ran 7 miles today and with my increased running I think i need to eat more. i did over eat this evening--i just have sticky fingers--miz!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i know i am on the right track and i know i can do this!!!

To Our Success!

Please pray for me on this quest of knowing myself and search for love.


Day 27

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today was a good day. hard to beleive the month is almost over. my exercise today was sleep--haha my body needed it. and tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

to our success
please pray for me on this journy of self discovery and quest for love


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