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Sparkpeople Healthy Habits #5 Enigma

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I have found it interesting and contradictory that in the healthy habtis #5 article it says to...
"Stop skipping meals" and the next header says "Eat only when you are hungry"
I have found eating to be forced. I literally have to force myself to eat breakfast and lunch, though breakfast by far is the hardest to get down. I am doing it because I think I should, but I am certainly not eating when I am hungry, I am usually not hungry. I don't snack during the day and fix dinner because I have to fix for others.
Oh dear... I can either develop one habit or the other, not both.
Just found this interesting and as I said, contradictory. But, the truth is in the pudding...I am losing 1-2 lbs a week by eating when I am not hungry.
Go figure!!!

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LISSUS 9/6/2009 2:37PM

    I've never been much of a breakfast person myself, but I do love to drink my meals. I've started just having a smoothie in the morning (banana, ice, skim milk and some cinnamon).

It's sweet and refreshing, and gets some potassium and fiber in, and it also helps me stop from filling up on coffee,I have my two small cups, then I have a smoothie and switch over to water.

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T42AND24T 9/4/2009 10:19AM

    I agree with Don - I have never been a breakfast person, but now am converted. And I found that my hunger cues were so out of whack that paying attention to the basics really helped. In the meantime, congrats on the success of your journey.


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SHOAPIE 9/3/2009 9:51PM

    I have always been a breakfast person. After not eating for 12 hours I am hungry within 1 hour after arising. And generally eat evry 4-5 hours. Sorry but I've never understood people who don't eat breakfast, but I can still like them. emoticon

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DDOORN 9/3/2009 6:10PM

    I think what SP is driving at is: "Don't skip meals when you are actually hungry as a method for attempting to speed up weight loss." Tuning into one's own hunger cues is a great idea, but most of us have been so OUT of tune with this that paying attention to basic meals, etc becomes important.


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Dang it!...the back pain hits again!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crap on a I am, sitting with a heating pad shoved into my back trying to ease the pain.
This has been going on for about 8 years and what was once every 3 months or so for 7-10 days has increased to 2-3 times a week since January.
This is also one of the main reasons I am here to change my lifestyle on Sparkpeople. I figure that losing poundage and strengthening my back muscles will eliminate the pain. Actually, I hadn't had an episode for over 2 weeks since I started the stretching and strengthening part. You can Imagine how excited I about a motivator.
I know it is stupid to think that a couple of weeks of exercise like that will eliminate the problem overnight...but...
I have been x-rayed, poked and prodded and at least I know there is nothing wrong with my spine.
I try to be careful when I lift but my profession leaves an open door to injury. I am not really sure what I did to get it started this time.
Today was supposed to be my strengthening exercise day...
What it won't be is a Flexeril day!!! That stuff just knocks me out!
OK, enough moaning
emoticon (I can't decide if that is a cocktail or a dumb bell in the little guys hand) I think a cocktail might help though!

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LISSUS 9/1/2009 9:22PM

    I can definitely relate. I have ongoing back problems myself. Now that I've moved to warmer climates, it's the lower back that acts up, but years ago I sustained a cronic neck injury that put me out of commission for almost 3 years. (has gotten better after an operation and warmer environment).But I was poked, prodded, zapped, and used as a guinea pig for countless pills. I hear ya with the Flexoril. Been there, done that.

I had those spasms for the LONGEST time too, and ice didn't help at all, heat helped, especially moist heat. It made a world of difference between the heating pad, and the moist heat packs.

Another thing that helped a lot was a TENS unit. Have you spoken to your doc about one of those? It sends tiny little zaps into these sticky pads you put over the sore muscles. The TENS was a huge help, and really lessened the pain when the spasms were out of hand.

Good luck hun. It's a hard thing you're going through, but you can get through it.


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WHOOPS4 8/23/2009 12:49PM

    I was never sure if the mouse was holding a dumbbell or a drink either! I am glad I am not the only one! I thought it was another sign of how my lasix surgery did not get my vision perfect (but a darn sight better then 20/800!)
Sorry about your back pain. I have not had many issues with my back, other then a pulled muscle a few years ago (my pocket got caught on the med room door handle and jerked me back when my hands were full) but my husband has had issues with his back for 20 years or so after a fall at work. He is working on losing weight and does his stretches and exercises most days, but he is not consistent with them.I hot tub or whirlpool bathtub might be helpful, if you have one available.
That was one of my motivating factors for the weight loss journey I am on, We added a nice master bath with an oversized jetted tub, and I hardly use it because I am scared I wont be able to get out, it generally takes me 20 minutes to arrange the big body so I can get on on 4s and getup that way, since I can't lift myself up!.

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DENRNAJ 8/23/2009 12:33PM

    When I have had that pain in the past laying on the floor with my legs bent at the knee at a 90 degree angle up on a chair has been more helpful than any medication. I press my back to the floor and sometimes use ice (that wonderful temporary numbness!). The exciting part is getting up after- roll over and take it slow. You are on the right path! Never give in! Spark ON......

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SHOAPIE 8/22/2009 7:32PM

    I never could stand ice or cold. Heating pad for me every time which thankfully isn' t often now but I did have car accident years ago which caused upper back injury not low thank god. I think! Hope it improves soon . Shoapie emoticon

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1BODY1LIFE 8/22/2009 3:05PM

    I can relate! I have degenerative disc disease, which only means as I get older, it will get worse. There isn't anything surgically they can do about it but a good physical therapist gave me a dozen exercises that I follow to this day. Walking helps also. I have neck rests and back pillows everywhere, even in the car, that make sitting comfortable and a shiatsu machine for when I'm really cramped up and hurting. The worst is in the middle of the night when I get back cramps and can barely get out of bed to walk it off. Anything sound familiar? I'm sorry your job aggravates your back and hope you have a back brace to aid the muscles. For me, retiring was the best option. I hope you will get that option one day! Hang in there and have a great weekend!

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COFFEPLEZ 8/22/2009 2:18PM

    I see 2 comments about ice and I did try that when it was first injured about 8 yrs ago and a few times since. It does not help in the least. This is a "spasm" like pain, clenching, takes your breath away almost. And comes in waves, just like labor contractions. The heat really does soothe it, for a short time. But at least it is a little reprieve.
Thanks for the responses, I so appreciate it.

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CAREWREN 8/22/2009 1:46PM

    A dumb bell! That is so good! I love that image. I always thought it was a drink. Thanks for the new perspective.

I like ice. Ice is what my pain management doc recommends. I have a common ailment--degenerative disc disease--lower back. I've had a lot of procedures--everything but surgery. This is not a good problem for surgery. I have pain most days even though the pain is not so bad now that I have stronger meds and epidurals and other injections.

I am sure that a stronger back and losing weight has to help. I have back exercises I should be doing daily. You'd think that would be easy enough, wouldn't you?


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STRIDERGIRL 8/22/2009 1:27PM

  I think Ice is probably more helpful right after an injury than heat. You might just inflame it more!

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DDOORN 8/22/2009 10:07AM


I just had a "taste" of this back pain problem recently. Carried a big box of groceries up a couple flights of stairs for one of my clients and BAM, sharp stabbing pains! I think it's let up since pills for me if I can help it! :-)

Hope you're feeling better soon!


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I took the plunge! My first workout didn't kill me!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Since I had no clue how to do a workout I looked at several videos of Nichole's, chose some strengthening exercises and completed 30 minutes.
I had purchased the introductory set with the pedometer, ball and resistance bands. I inflated the ball, which I thought was a workout in itself! And it sat in my living room staring at me for 2 days!
Ok, so Saturday morning when the hubby was out playing golf I made up my mind that it was now or never. I printed off my chosen routine and got to work. I then learned several things.
The stability ball is hard!. Might be a little too hard until I strengthen up a bit.
Also, as I feared, I had quite a bit of pain on the floor...second lesson learned---get a mat!.
I found I really like the resistance bands, alot.
And I SWEATED! I will just have to get used to that...not real fond of it yet.
I bumbled around a lot, had some real muscle burn but figured that was cool.
The only real negative was when I was done with the stretching I was pretty nauseated, felt a little bad for about 30 min.
Afterward it was WOO HOO!!!!!! I felt energized all day.
As a next day follow-up, I'm not a sore as I thought I would be. Only my shoulders and upper arms a little. I would say either I did pretty good or I didn't do them right. I want to think I did them right. We'll see.
I am still a little intimidated but with a few changes in strategy this may be good.
Now to figure out how to do cardio at home with this bad foot. Can't run, walk up inclines etc. Still trying to figure that one.

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THINNER2B4EVER 8/18/2009 8:35PM

    Hi, it's great that you got on that ball. It kind of scares me. I was wondering what you did your foot? I still have a swollen ankle and hurting knee from my accident. I am limited to what I can do also. I think your doing great. Keep up the good work. emoticon Sue

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SHOAPIE 8/17/2009 7:08PM

    Congratulations. I think you worked out just fine. If you were too sore you wouldn't be able to work out again anytime soon and then your motivation might have slipped! Keep at it. emoticon Dona

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PEGGO45 8/17/2009 9:48AM

    hang in there.
Maybe try working out in the pool... easier on the foot and no sweating....

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TEACHINKIDS2 8/17/2009 9:05AM

    emoticon! You're started off great! A great cardio move with a bad foot is squating until comfortable and doing some boxing...punching hands in front of you! Gets the heart rate up quick! Kudos to you for making that first step! emoticon

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DDOORN 8/16/2009 10:51PM

    Great job getting your SPARK going! Woo hoo!

You know, even just sitting still but doing windmills with one's arms you can work up a sweat, i.e. cardio benefit...

Keep up the super SPARKING! :-)


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LISSUS 8/16/2009 8:56PM


I had the same reaction with the stability ball. I was like "whooooo... that wasn't as easy as I'd thought it would be". LOL

I like the resistance bands too, and I use them a lot at night when just watching tv in bed. I've actually started laying there with my legs up on the ball as well. It's not really a workout, but at least it keeps my muscles moving a bit while I'm zoned out on the tv :)

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SCRAPPY_RN 8/16/2009 8:41PM

    emoticon You are off to a great start. I still don't use my ball much but I love my resistance bands. Just remember not to over do it. I wouldn't want to see you burn out. Have an awesome week :)

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HOSTALADY 8/16/2009 7:43PM

    Love the blog ~ a great description of your first experience. Yes we do sweat when we work out and I am thrilled that you did it. You must be so proud of yourself. I am thrilled for you. You are right the ball is a real challenge and if you haven't work out before I can see that being a great challenge. The bands are fun and yes they really do work on your muscles ~ so make sure to find a good balance for yourself.
I am so happy for you emoticon

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Can't seem get all my nutrition in... not hungry

Monday, August 03, 2009

I am actually doing pretty well, I think? For someone who only ate once a day I think I am. My problem has been that I am not ever really hungry. In the past I would eat after getting home from work at around 7pm. Fix something quick for the hubby and myself which was obviously my entire calorie load for the day in one meal late in the day. I know BOOOO... There are also times where I had only a bag of popcorn all day. Ah, the life of a nurse.
So, from that you can see that I am pretty proud of eating 3 meals. I do have to choke down breakfast still, but I am doing it.
I have noticed that in my nutrition page I am getting plenty of veggies, fruits, water.
My calories are always in range. But I am consistently low on protein. Fats and cholesterol have also been really good.
Lord, I don't know if I can eat any more.

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WCSWEETHEART 8/20/2009 5:09AM

    I feel you completely! It can be so difficult getting in more than one or two meals a day. I have actually started scheduling time into my blackberry so an alarm goes off when I need to eat!

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WCSWEETHEART 8/20/2009 5:09AM

    I feel you completely! It can be so difficult getting in more than one or two meals a day. I have actually started scheduling time into my blackberry so an alarm goes off when I need to eat!

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WCSWEETHEART 8/20/2009 5:09AM

    I feel you completely! It can be so difficult getting in more than one or two meals a day. I have actually started scheduling time into my blackberry so an alarm goes off when I need to eat!

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COFFEPLEZ 8/9/2009 4:39PM

    I did find Total cereal! That has a BUNCH of goodies in just 1 serving!!!
Learning all the time...OH YEAH!
Hummus....I love the stuff! WOO HOO! emoticon

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LISSUS 8/9/2009 11:50AM

    I'm always low on protein too, and fiber. Trying to find some easy things to make to bump those numbers up. If I find something yummy I'll let you know :D

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DDOORN 8/3/2009 8:44PM

    "Veggies, fruits, water"...that's the ticket! Sounds like you're doing fine!


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Husband actually said he was proud of me.... WOW

Friday, July 31, 2009

emoticon My DH the bowler/golfer/man who's BMI is spot on has not complained once about the change in meals and the fresh veggies. Usually a very picky man, he has tolerated the changes. :D
After nearly 2 weeks he said last night to leave the toaster out int he morning, he might try a piece of my whole wheat toast. Gotta love it! Amazing for me because he is not a breakfast or lunch eater either. Something good is gonna some from this. He has coronary artery disease and already has one stent.
I'm very proud of him too!

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OPAL50 8/25/2009 7:23PM

That is GREAT! You are both getting more healthy. emoticon

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LISSUS 8/1/2009 4:57AM

    emoticon Good for both of you !!

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XHASTEDMOMOF2 7/31/2009 11:12PM

    Very nice to see your good choices influencing him in the right direction!!! Just think of it -- one day you'll both be old and healthy AND enjoying a great quality of life thanks to choices you both made today!!


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DDOORN 7/31/2009 9:30PM

    Triple Woo Hoo for Hubby and You! :-)


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HOSTALADY 7/31/2009 8:00PM

    That is so awesome for you and DH. How great that really is. emoticon
You gotta emoticon

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CAPER85 7/31/2009 7:39PM

    Wow! See what change can bring when one makes great choices? You started the ball rolling and now he's on board with you. Now that truly is love! Congrats to you and your DH. Keep up the great work and all the best to you guys.


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