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We got this!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

I have no excuses anymore! My body can no longer have babies so I will not have to worry about losing 5 to 10 pounds only to get knocked up and wait 10 months and then come to find my weight all came back and then some. My body is now all mine. I don't live in a tiny apartment with no room to workout. I have a full functioning kitchen to make healthy meals. My house is spacious enough to keep my body moving around a lot chasing and cleaning up after my kids. In the winter I shovel snow. Spring, Summer, and Fall I have yard work duties. This is my chance to prove to myself that I can do this again. Before my first child... I had gained up to 148 and then this site helped me get myself down to 133... Then I was pregnant and I haven't seen the 140's since. I would get done with having a child or in my second pregnancy just ending and the scale would label me in the upper 150's or the frightening early 160's. I'm lucky this round I had been able to keep relatively at 150 until this holiday stuffs that shot me up to 155. If I can just get to 148. LOL I will feel like I'm making so much progress. ^_^


Fallen behind... :(

Friday, February 25, 2011

So I've fallen behind by a whole week of not tracking or burning calories or anything! I've been over schedualed for fun stuff that I had no time to get on here. Technically I have another party to go to tomarrow which I have the cupcakes to bring that I finished yesterday for it. *sigh* Since it should be that time of the month I'm not going to count how much I weigh untill it's over since it usually results in so much water retained that its saying I gained all 3lbs back in just a week. Which might be true but then again the water retaining has in the past added 2 to even 5 pounds of bloated fun. :P

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COBALTSPIDER 3/4/2011 7:04PM

    Guess we can disregard that should be time of the month comment since it never came and my test was positive for baby. LOL!

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Ha ha! Victory!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I did it! I had a party and didn't over do it! Infact, I may have under did it. Either way, I finally lost another pound! That'll be 3lbs gone since January! Yippee! Now if I could only get these next two down before the end of March when I plan on going to Florida for a week. I know they have a workout center at the condo so that'd be cool to check out. I want to plan a whole lot of moving around fun the only thing is my son is two and from what I have been researching to do, besides the big parks (Disney World, Sea World) not too many things accommodate a two year old. Oh well I'll keep looking.


The Celebration... Of FOOD!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Sadly I didn't lose another pound by the end of last week, but I didn't gain one either! >:) How was I suppose to though? I had everything working against me. Saturday a friend had thier birthday at Benihana so the whole theme was to basically be wowed by foods. Thankfully I skipped on the cake that night. Next morning we are rushing out the door to wait for almost two hours while watching the lion dance for chinese new year! Again though the basis for this celebration was to sit with your family and consume dim sum! The only thing I had going for me was we where in a corner table and most of the serving cart cept either away from us or pass us up. Sure we were all angry and disapointed about that, but after I put in my nutrition I'm a little bit happy that it did end up that way. This week if I do really well hopfully I won't sabatough myself on Saturday when I throw my Pure Romance Party!
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SUNNYDAZE9 2/7/2011 10:41AM

    Sounded like you had fun.

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Must lower the fats!

Friday, January 28, 2011

After putting in my calories for almost two weeks I had learned what was causing weight gain and what is keeping me in a plateau. First after being put on a drink 8oz fluid plan I started drinking flavored water that has only 5cals per cup instead of the juice (40-80cals per cup) or the cans of pop (140-190cals per can). I had saved so many calories it is still a wonder to me that I haven't lost at least 5lbs from this. However, that was soon answered by looking at my current calories and where they are coming from. FATS! From the over caloring to even the making my calorie mark. The calories from fats have been way above what they should be so I desperately need to evaluate what types of food I am consuming. I have two more slices of cheesecake that my boyfriend says I have to eat cause he paid so much money for them. Kind of sucks since they are around 430cals a slice. Eek!

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CAMILLEMANS 1/28/2011 8:13PM

    Now that you have a better idea I'm sure you'll make adjustments and you'll be closer to a healthier you. Good luck and keep it up.

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