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Back to Square One? Not Quite

Thursday, September 01, 2011

As I mentioned, I'm trying to get my running "mojo" back. I decided to dust off my sheets from my running class that I completed back in June and try to build back up some endurance. The last couple of weeks I have been struggling big time to run a complete 5K. Anyway, I went to the "flat"trail last night with my husband. We dropped DD #2 off at basketball carpool and DD #1 & #3 stayed at home doing homework (although DD #3 wanted to come).

My husband works a lot of hours at Home Depot and doing remodeling work, so he's on his feet all day long. He has bad feet (no arches and broke a foot as a teenager that was never set completely) and big feet! He's 6'5" and wears a size 19. Anyway, he's been wanting to run, so if I go to the "flat" trail, he'll go with me. He's doing his own walk/run combination and he doesn't push it so his feet will hurt. He has some definite challenges with running, but he's out there sweating away. I figured I would stop whining and just keep going. I walked briskly for 5 min. and then set out to run. I decided I would run at a good pace for a mile and then walk briskly for 5 min. and then run 1/2 mile and then walk the rest of the 3+ miles. I finished my first mile is 10 min. (pretty good for me) and then started walking. I walked a little more than 5 min. so I could get to the next marker (I really have trouble with math & running!). I started running again and after 1/2 mile felt pretty good so I thought I would do a mile. Right before that some old guy was passing me (although he was probably close to my age) and said "you have a pretty good pace for a girl", now I'm not sure if I should have been insulted, but I commented "you mean an old lady" and took it as a compliment. I finished that mile, but was definitely struggling (12 min. mile). I started my brisk walk and was going to walk the rest of the way back to the car. I had one more burst of energy and really ran to the trail entrance. I met up with my husband and felt pretty good!

Back to square one? Not quite. I don't really feel now that this is a set back. I'm out there when I can and doing the best I can!!

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SHAWNEDA 9/2/2011 1:02AM

    Awesome post. Reminds me of the great saying. Nothing beats a failure except for a try. emoticon keep sparking!

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SHAWNEDA 9/2/2011 1:00AM

    Awesome post. Reminds me of the great saying. Nothing beats a failure except for a try. emoticon Keep sparking!

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ONECATSHORT97 9/1/2011 2:41PM

    Good for you! You did it!

I've just started jogging and it is a struggle.

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How did this happen?!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Somehow I've lost my run "mojo". The last time I ran the entire 3.1 miles (without coming to a "walk") was a week and a half ago. I ran on a Saturday morning and was able to run (but it was a major struggle!). Last week I had some challenges, but I still exercised 3+ days - bike ride, run/walk w/basketball (working with middle DD on her drills), run/walk w/basketball and then a strenuous 3 mile hike on Sunday. So I haven't been a complete slouch!

Monday I had the opportunity to get in a complete run. It was my turn to drive the carpool for basketball camp that's at a high school with a nice track. I dropped the girls off, plugged in the Ipod and walked to the track. It was nice and breezy, the sun was behind the trees - perfect conditions! I started out at a nice pace and before I even made 1 lap around the track, my legs started to hurt (reference previous post about steep hike @ waterfall). I wasn't winded, so I pushed on. I was pretty sure 4 laps = 1 mile, but I started telling myself that couldn't be true because I already wanted to start walking and haven't even completed a mile! I finished the mile, but had to start walking. I walked 2 more laps and then started to run again. I kinda lost track of how many laps I did, but I figured I at least ran/walked 4+ miles because I was out there for over an hour. I finished off the track with a jog up the steps and then cooled down by walking around the school.

I know I got in a good work out, but I gotta tell ya, I'm a little concerned about not being able to "complete" a run. How did this happen? I'm a new runner, so this is new. Apparently if you slack off a little on your run, you loose some endurance. My sister is experiencing the same thing, but she went a couple of weeks without running. I think I'll probably pull out my sheets from my running class and go to about Week 4 or 5 of the program and start from there and build myself back up. I haven't registered for any runs in September, but there's a gazillion of them locally in October & November, so I'll be ready!! I won't be discouraged! emoticon

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ONECATSHORT97 8/31/2011 2:22PM

    I'm really new at jogging, so I have no idea. How discouraging, but great that you continued on. Maybe pose this question to Jenniebean?

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My exercise inspiration!

Monday, August 29, 2011

We had some family come in from PA over the weekend and my dad and I took my aunt & cousin to a State park yesterday. My aunt wanted to see the waterfall, so I told her we could walk the trail (which is very steep and has 125 steps to climb just to get to the base), or we could drive to the base parking lot and access it from there. She wanted to walk and my dad was "game". BTW, my dad is 84 and my aunt is 73. My cousin and I were a little concerned, but my dad is in great shape and he said my aunt did a lot of walking. I figured we could take our time and when we got up there, I could walk back down and get the car and meet them at the parking lot. Not only did they have NO trouble walking up, my aunt beat us all down and was waiting at the bottom for us. My cousin said "we should have given her the keys and had her pick us up!" Now, they don't look their age, but I think a lot of people were impressed because people half their age (and more) were huffing & puffing up the trail (people half my age and more were also huffing & puffing). In fact, there were an additional 425 steps to get to the top, but we decided to drive up there instead (although both my dad & aunt wanted to walk!)

I'm glad I decided to loose the weight and get in shape so I can be like them when I grow up!

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GONEWLIFE 8/29/2011 4:03PM

    Wow... that's amazing... hope this great gene pool extends to you ! :)

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Secret to my success - maintenance

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I went to weigh in last night @ WW. I've been so busy in August that this is the first time I've been able to go. I reached my goal in March and made Lifetimer in May. With WW you have to weigh in at least once a month and can be 2 lbs. +/- your goal or you have to pay for that meeting/weigh in. I'm happy to report I was spot on my goal. I've either been a little below or right on, I've not gone over goal. So that's pretty good for maintenance. The receptionist commented on how well I've been doing and I said "thanks, the running really helps"! I didn't want to tell her that I've been a lapsed P+ tracker!

Maintenance is a tricky thing and I'll be the first to admit that I've been pretty sloppy with recording my food lately. I'm doing the "in my head" thing now, which is a little scary because my head can forget a lot that I've eaten! I owe most of my maintenance success to exercise. I can remember my leader telling us (and quoting statistics which I forget) that the people that loose the weight and have the most success keeping it off are the ones that exercise!

I know that accountability (the desire to keep my Lifetime status) and exercise are the Secrets to my Success!!

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ONECATSHORT97 8/26/2011 9:25AM

    What a great job at maintaining! I do find that a little scary and feel more comfortable in the "losing mode" although I've not been so successful at that lately. (Am still below WW's goal though not my own) Enjoy your success and keep up the running. Guess I need to ratchet up my activity. Thanks for the reminder that I can't become too complacent.

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Resentment + Exercise + Kids = Bad Mommy

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One of the main reasons I finally reached my weight loss goal and am constantly working on my "stay fit" goal is my children. I have 3 girls (10, 13, 15) and I want to be fit for them and also be a good role model. My husband comes from a family of "large" women. His mother was quite tall (and overweight) and his 2 sisters are both 6 feet + (one overweight, one very skinny). I'm not exactly petite and have always struggled with my weight. My 2 older girls are both 5'9"+. According to the charts, the 15 year old is borderline overweight and the other 2 are o.k. The 13 year old (just turned) already wears a size 11 shoe. Needless to say, they're big girls. It's funny to see my 10 year old taller than my Mom and the other 2 just tower over her!

Anyway, the reason for my rambling above is last night I found myself resenting my 10 year old interfering with "MY" exercise. Now I'm sure a lot of you face the same challenges I do - full time job, 3 children, husband that works odd (& a lot) of hours, etc. This makes it hard to find time to exercise. Running has been my choice of exercise since I finished a program in June. There's only so much "prime" running time because of the heat, working, etc. I usually try to get my girls to come with me to either run, walk or ride bikes (while I run). Most of the time they complain & whine (but end up coming) and then glad they did. Some times I just leave them! Last night my 10 year old really wanted to come with me and was very excited about riding bikes (she's just recently become confident on her bike). I decided I would ride bikes instead of run. After getting the bikes loaded, etc. and getting to the trail, we ended up riding only about 30-35 min. She stopped to chit chatted and got a little nervous because there were a lot of people out, so she slowed down. Anyway, I started getting frustrated with her and then resented that she was prohibiting me from getting in a "work out". I broke a sweat, my legs were feeling it, why couldn't I just enjoy an evening out with my daughter. Last thing I want to do is make her not want to exercise.

Sorry for the rant, but it bothered me that I couldn't keep this in perspective. I'll have to keep this in mind next time and lighten up and enjoy the moment!!

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VOLLEYSOFT 8/23/2011 1:31PM

    I understand your pain! lol I have 5 "blessings" and I wouldn't change it for the world. For me, it seems the problem comes because I don't know how to reconcile "me' time with being a mom...also, life gets sou busy and out of control at times and it seems to attack my excersize/diet first! BUT....I've got my armor on....!!!!

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