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Recognition Part II

Monday, August 22, 2011

I blogged last week about recognition (or being recognized while running on the trail and being complimented) being a motivator for me.

Well I decided to get up Saturday morning to run (I'll spare you further whining about the heat & humidity) and my husband said he would go too. He decided to wake up DD #2 (13 year old) and make her run with us (she was not happy about it!). He also told her to bring her basketball (really nice & new courts @ the park). She'll be starting a BB camp today and trying out for the 8th Grade team in October (she was on the 7th Grade team). The 8th Grade coach is tough! She said by now the girls should "love" basketball and not just play for a jersey (kind of a "popular" thing here in MS to be on a team - even girls).

Anyway, I digress. The coach is big on conditioning and defense. So I'm jogging along and I pass her on the trail walking her dog, so I say hello and go on by. I meet up with DD and asked if she saw Coach and she says yes, and guess what, "I was running!", and then when we saw her leaving we were playing basketball. DD made a comment that she was glad she came because the coach saw her. So I guess recognition can be a motivator for her too! Hey, whatever works!


Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We got Netflix back in June and since we don't have cable, I've been "catching up" on some shows that are on cable. I seem to have an obsession with weight loss shows. I watched the first season of Heavy & Ruby and last night I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Short synopsis - this Australian guy who is (was) overweight and has a disease (can't remember the name) because of it and has to take mega medications, comes to America and makes a documentary on "juicing" or "rebooting". The film guy (Joe) lost a lot of weight and is off all his meds, as is another guy featured in the documentary (from Iowa).

It was very interesting and informative. I don't think juicing would be for me, but one thing that did stick in my mind was a lot of the statistics on American's eating and the obesity rate. One couple from Arkansas stuck in mind (btw, I live in Georgia and this film did not make Southerners look good!). This couple owned a gun shop and both the man & wife were obese. When Joe asked the husband (while he was cleaning his gun) what he thought was the biggest threat to Americans and could kill a lot of people, the guy said our "border security". Joe said, no, it was a health issue and then the guy said "smoking" and he said he and his wife quit, and Joe said no, it was obesity. The guy kind of closed off then (looked kinda mad), but he did admit that he and his wife mostly ate out, etc. I found it interesting that he was ready to defend our borders, but wasn't willing to change his eating habits and was insulted by it (that was my take).

I would recommend watching this. While none of this should be surprising, some of the statistics were pretty astonishing. I certainly don't claim to eat "clean" and I struggle daily to motivate myself to exercise, it certainly made me glad to know that I've made a conscious effort for me and my family to not be one of these statistics. We could do better, but we're aware and working on it! We're a work in progress!!

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BLACKROSE_222 8/17/2011 1:54PM

    Very interesting thought, isn't it. Thanks for sharing.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I've been struggling with my running since mid-July. I know I've complained about the heat and humidity and trying to find a good time to run (excuses I know). My last 5K on 7/30 was less than stellar, but I finished and I wasn't last (far from it in fact!) with my time of 38:15. Last Friday & Saturday I went to the greenway trail (flater & shadier) in the evening around 8:15 and guess what?! The days are getting shorter and it was pitch dark on the trail @ 8:30 -even though it was till 90+ degrees. I ended up running in the dark on Saturday, but my husband and 2 of my daughters were there on their bikes, so it wasn't too scary (except for all the weird night noises and bugs and frogs).

Anyway, the last couple of days the heat has broken a little bit and it's been less humid. I went to my old hilly trail on Monday about 7:30. There were a lot more people there because it was still daylight and it was a nice evening. I just started my run and I passed 2 ladies that I know who were walking. The one lady commented - "so this is why you look so great" (I have lost 42 lbs. with Weight Watchers and of course the walking/running helped). I smiled and said thanks and jogged on by. I then felt obligated to keep running (since I knew I would pass them again). I couldn't stop and walk because they might see me, right? Anyway, that was my motivation to run the whole time (even the dreaded "second time around hill") and not walk as I have been doing the past couple of weeks (see above - heat & humidity).

So now I figure that recognition is my motivation. I'm going to get on the trail earlier tonight and hope I see someone I know!

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COACHMOMMY 8/17/2011 11:44AM

    Thank Emily - I try to run 2-3 times a week. I find if I go a couple of days without running, I loose stamina. I still struggle with "running" the entire 3.1 miles - some days I still have to walk a little. It was easier back in June when it wasn't so hot & humid so my excessive whining on this subject is not without merit!

I started a running program (Couch to 5K at my local park back in April). I mentioned before, I would have quit if I hadn't paid because it was really hard. I couldn't run for 2 minutes straight and I was an avid walker! I still don't really "like it", but I have such a sense of accomplishment when I complete a run (and boy do I sweat!). I'm looking foward to cooler weather and am going to sign up for a bunch of 5K's in the fall to keep me motivated (and of course hope I see someone I know!).

Keep it up - you're doing great. Just remember how far you've come!

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EMILYULM1 8/17/2011 11:29AM

    Good for you. I am so inspired by you and your ability to run 'the entire thing'. I have been trying to run since I started SP in April, and I have been somewhat successful, but I still cannot complete a 5k with running alone. It's like my lungs give out and I just can't get the air in. Not sure if that is related to a history of asthma/smoking. But it is sure frustrating. How many days a week do you run 5k? Maybe I am not doing it often enough to build up any stamina. Thanks for blogging, and I hope you pass people you know from now on.

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Vacation, Birthday & 3rd 5K

Monday, August 08, 2011

I just returned from vacation on Saturday. A week at Myrtle Beach! I mentioned in my last blog how I was looking forward to running on the beach. Well, I didn't exactly run, but I did walk a lot every day. We stayed at a resort that was really cool - our condo was oceanfront, but there was a creek in front of the condo that emptied into the ocean, so you had to cross the creek and then the dunes to get to the beach. I made that walk about 6+ times a day and add in all the walks up and down the beach looking for shells and evening walks on the beach or around the resort, I figured I got in 2-3 miles a day. I did actually run the resort walking trail twice, so all in all, I kept up the exercise. Which was a good thing because boy did I eat!

The morning of my birthday (Friday), we rode the bannana boat (this is a large inflatable boat shaped like a bannana pulled by a Waverunner through the ocean!). I was really proud of myself for holding on. My 15 year old DD fell off when the guy started going realy fast at the end of the ride - pretty good for someone who just turned 51! We went to the Pirates Voyage that night. It was a great show and a lot of food. Of course after our evening walk, I had to have birthday cake too. I also had my first french fries in almost a year (twice), so I was a little concerned that I gained. I got right back on track yesterday and weighed myself this morning and I'm happy to report, I'm still a little below my goal, so all is well. I guess all that exercise helped.

I also ran my 3rd 5K on Saturday, 7/30. I was concerned because I haven't been running as much because of the heat. The course was supposed to be "flat & fast". It was pretty flat for our area, but I had my highest time (38:15). My first race was 37:37 and my second was 36:24. I was a little disappointed, but it was really hot! The race started a little late @ 8:45 a.m. and it was probably already 85+. The whole course was in the sun - no shade to be had. I was feeling real lightheaded by the time the race was over. I was approaching the end and could see the finish line and was wondering why all the people kept on running - found out that when you get to the finish line (which I had really picked up speed at that time), you still had to circle around the middle school. That took an additional 7 min. and I had to walk most of that! I probably walked 7-8 min. of the 38 min., so I didn't run the whole thing, but I did finish. There's another race this Saturday that I thought I might run, but it's still really hot and I haven't done much running, so I think I might pass and look for something in September.

The kids start school this Thursday, so this week is filled with open houses, school shopping etc., so I hope I can get in a couple of runs! I don't want that vacation eating to catch up with me.

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COACHMOMMY 8/9/2011 9:39AM

    Hi, we're in Georgia and kids start back here the first of August (we're starting later than a lot of counties). We get our the Friday before Memorial Day. Yes it's hot - the schools are air conditioned (although they weren't when I went to school here in the 60/70's, but back then we started after Labor Day - and it was still hot!).

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READERSB 8/9/2011 9:05AM

    I enjoyed your whole blog--climbing those dunes is serious exercise.

And I'm amazed that your kids are back in school so early. Both of my kids are teachers--one here in Michigan and one in New York City. The kids don't start back before Labor day although my daughter here in Michigan goes back earlier for staff meetings, in-service training and setting up her classroom. Here in Michigan we actually have a law that school can't start before Labor Day--that was pushed by the tourist industry, but I think most parents supported it, too, because of family vacations. Isn't it too hot? Are your schools air-conditioned? Ours aren't.

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Worried about 5K

Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm a little concerned about my 5K tomorrow. I haven't been running this week. Only one day. I did bike a few times with my daughters, but they were short trips. As I'm sure everyone is experiencing - it's hot & humid!!! It's really hard to schedule a run around all this heat and I don't have a treadmill. The course tomorrow is said to be "flat & fast", but this is North Georgia and there isn't a whole lot of flat. At race time tomorrow, it's going to be 80+ and of course humid! Oh well, I'll just do the best I can. I know I'll finish with no problem and I should be able to beat my official PB of 36:29. My 15 year old DD hasn't ran in over a week - she might not set any records, but she'll do fine.

On a happier note - we're leaving for Myrtle Beach on Sunday!!! Finally getting a vacation. We get back next Saturday and then the girls start school the following Thursday, so all the insanity begins. Oh well, I'm really looking forward to running on the beach! In the past, that wouldn't have been what I was looking forward to in a beach vacation, but that and the frozen adult beverages on the balcony in the condo are what I'm looking forward to most!

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ONECATSHORT97 7/29/2011 2:00PM

    Good luck in the 5K! Myrtle Beach is wonderful...we went there many years ago and it was awesome. I'd be hard pressed to choose which is on beach....frozen adult beverages....NOT!!...the beverages would get me every time! emoticon

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MARISSA741 7/29/2011 10:47AM

  I've heard it's best not to run too hard in the days before a race, so you should be ok

Good luck!

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SUBSHINE 7/29/2011 10:41AM

  good luck on your run and have a nice vacation

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EL-E-E 7/29/2011 10:37AM

    Good luck in your race and enjoy your vacation!! It sounds awesome!

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