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Best laid plans . . .

Monday, June 24, 2013

my weekend didn't really go as I planned. I did cut grass on Friday as planned. I took DD#1 to work and jumped on the lawn mower. I cut grass for 2 1/2 hours! DH also had to work that night and DD#2 was at basketball camp, so that just left me & DD#3. I'm not even sure what she had for dinner, but I think I just ate a bunch of crap!

It was after 8 pm when I came in from cutting grass. I caught up on the text messages from DD#2 - she was texting me the details on her camp (she knows she better or I'll bother her!). They played 2 games on Friday - lost the first (by 1 point!) and won the second. She said she played really well. Before I could really get something for dinner, DD#1 texted me and said to come early, she was getting off @ 8:45 instead of 9 (they had slowed down and another girl was working until 10). I know I did have some fro yo that night!

I woke up early on Saturday and got some house cleaning & laundry done. DH took DD#1 to work and my niece came with my great nephew (GN) around 10:30. They were going kayaking to a river over an hour away, so she wasn't sure how long they would be gone. I ended up having GN until 10:30 pm! He was great, but it was a long day. You forget that babies can't do anything for themselves! I did get in a couple of walks with him, but again I ate crap! DH & DD#1 worked most of the day and DD#3 really isn't "into" the baby, but she did help some.

I woke up really tired on Sunday. I did a little more house cleaning and went to pick up DD#1's boyfriend. I was waiting for my sister to come over to hike, but she ended up not coming, so I lazed around the house watching HGTV (and eating more crap!).

One of the problems over the weekend is we were out of food or anything good! DH went to the grocery store last night and "loaded us up". DD#1 & 3 both have to have lunch stuff this week. DD#1 is taking drivers ed and DD#3 is going to a day camp, so we have plenty of stuff!

I'm determined to run when I get home tonight! DD#2 was so tired when she got home last night from basketball camp (the JV team played in the "championship", so they ended up playing 8 games in 2 days), so she didn't want to go to volleyball today. Hopefully she'll want to run & play basketball tonight, so I'll have motivation!


First day of summer . . .

Friday, June 21, 2013

and I'll spend the evening cutting grass (again). It's been less than a week (we cut it on Sunday), but it's already too long. I'll take DD#1 to work and then get busy on the grass. DH is working tonight and DD#2 left this morning for basketball team camp, so that leaves just me and DD#3 so at least I don't have to worry about dinner. She's ok with a sandwich or cereal and I'll have a salad or leftovers.

I went with my sister, DD#2 and my great-nephew (GN) yesterday to one of the local parks that has a "spray park", which is basically just a bunch of fountains and fancy sprinklers. It was really cute, but GN was too young (7 months). He liked sitting on the side and splashing a little and have a little bit of water hit him. He would have been just as happy in his little pool!

We were going to walk at that park to have GN take a nap, but none of us brought a change of clothes or shoes. DD#2 wanted to go to the gym and run and shoot some baskets since she'll be playing in games this weekend, so we went home and feed GN and went to the park closest to our house. DH was home and had started getting stuff ready to grill, but he put in all back in the fridge so he could go with us.

We dropped DD#2 off at the gym and we walked with the baby (he still didn't fall asleep but was pleasant). It was pretty hot & sunny (which it wasn't at the spray park), so we tried to walk mostly in the shady area. We walked the hilly trail for about a mile, so that was some nice exercise! We had to drag DD#2 out of the gym because she was in the middle of a game, but we were all hungry!

DH grilled turkey burgers, chicken, corn & asparagus (one of our new favorites), so it was a great dinner.

I took DD#1 & 2 to Walmart. They both needed "stuff" and DD#2 needed snacks for her trip. It was almost 9 when we got home, but I still ate some fro yo! I watched my portion and put strawberries and whip cream on it.

I'll have GN again tomorrow! He's really a joy to watch, so I don't mind when my niece & hubby want to go kayaking. The only problem is I don't get in as much house cleaning as I should on Saturdays.

With DD#2 gone all weekend, I might not be motivated to run unless DH & I get up and go early tomorrow or Sunday (he works nights both days). I'll get in some exercise with GN and I'll just enjoy the weekend!

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DEEASHAUB05 6/21/2013 12:04PM

  Good day of planning.

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I gained a little,

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

but still have some "wiggle room".

I weighed in "officially" this morning and I'm up .6. I'm still 1.6 lbs. below my goal weight so all is good. I've been "back at goal" for over 7 weeks now and have actually been below most of that time.

My eating is still ok. I'll always have to be mindful of portion control and "mindless snacking". I'm still mostly eating the "low carb" way, so I don't really track. I still have to keep away from the chips & crackers (my downfall!). I do eat 1-2 servings of fruit and grains a day (whole grains) now. I mostly eat lean protein & vegetables.

Lately I've been having some frozen yogurt at night instead of my sugar free pudding. I really need to watch this because the sugar is higher and I also "cheat" a little with the portion. With the pudding I put the cup or serving in a bowl and sometimes add fruit & nuts with whip cream. This makes a very yummy dessert and I have the portion in control. With the yogurt, I sometimes "load up" my bowl!

DH and I ran last night. The girls were all really hungry, so we grilled out some steak, hot dogs & veggies for them and then went to the park. We were going back and forth on whether to run inside or out. It rained most of yesterday (again!) and was starting to cloud back up. We parked near the trail (in case we had to run to the car). By the time we stretched out and I ran a little on the hilly trail, it was starting to thunder a little and the black clouds were rolling in. I turned around and ran to the gym! I got there just in time and it started to pour. I probably already had about 1/4 mile (or more) in at that time and I ran 2.5 miles straight on the indoor track. I kind of lost track of the laps, but it was about 30 mins. of running!

I walked a couple of laps and still hadn't seen DH. It pretty much poured the whole time I was in the gym. I walked back to the car (it was just a light rain by now) and I saw him stretching out under a pavilion. He ran 3.1 miles in the pouring rain! When we got home, our yummy food was waiting for us!

I know my exercise and activity level is helping me maintain. I don't really see that slowing down because I now have a lot of motivation from my girls and DH. I really would like to join the gym at the rec. center and get in some classes and use the weights, but we really can't afford it (or the time). I see the benefit of strength training with DD#2. Her running and now the weight training program she's doing at the school has really improved her athletic ability. Granted she's a 14 year old girl, but she's really toned now! I also know strength training is very important for "women of a certain age" - meaning me!

It's my constant struggle to do my "workout DVD". I mentioned before that I actually like the Coach Nicole workout, I have it set up in my bedroom where I can do it anytime I'd like, I just can't find the motivation.

I just joined a "maintenance challenge" that goes through the summer, so there's some more motivation!

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GODDREAMDIVA1 6/19/2013 11:22AM


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Good thing I have the

Monday, June 17, 2013

I blogged last week that I'm 2.2 lbs. below goal. Good thing, because I think my "off" eating is finally catching up with me. I peeked at the scale over the weekend and it looks like I'm up over a pound (could be more now - we'll see the official weight on Wednesday)!

Last Wednesday was DH's birthday. He was working a side job and said he would try to be home by 6:00. I went to the grocery store right after work and got stuff to grill out and a cake! I chopped and prepared kebabs. We had chicken, steak and plenty of veggies. I also made a pasta salad with whole wheat pasta and we had a fruit salad. It was a lot of work, but quite yummy (so was the cake!). DH didn't get home until almost 7, so by the time he showered, it was late when we ate. I had my "big ole piece of cake" around 9:00. I woke up around midnight feeling yucky and wide awake. You think I would learn my "sugar lesson" by now!

Anyway, I took Thursday off to basically drive kids around. I had to get DD#2 to the gym by 7 am and then pick her up @ 8:30 and take her to the park for outdoor volleyball practice and then take DD#3 to the church for VBS @ 9. I didn't have to get DD#2 until 11 and DD#3 until 1:00, so I went to the greenway to run about 9:15. It was already very hot and humid. Once again, I was surprised how many people were out running/walking/biking on a weekday morning (but hey, I was there too!).

I ran for about 15 mins., walked for 2 and then ran for another 15 mins. It was about 40 mins. of running/walking. By the time I got back to the car, I was drenched, it was so hot & humid! It was a really good run though. I had just enough time to shower and then pick up DD#2. She had 2 hour outdoor volleyball practice, so she was also quite sweaty!

DH wanted to run on Thursday, so I was going to go with him and just walk. We had some major thunderstorms come in (even tornadoes), so that squashed his running on Thursday.

It was a little cooler and less humid on Friday, so DH, DD#2 and I went to the park . By the time we got there, the indoor gym was closed, so she had to run outside and play basketball on the outdoor court. She's definitely an "indoor" sport girl! She was complaining about the heat, sun & bugs!

I ran straight for 2 miles and then walked. I feel pretty good with running 2 miles, so I'm going to stick with that the next couple of runs and then try to increase the distance a little. My goal is to get back to 3.1 miles of straight running.

I had my great nephew all day on Saturday. We played in his little pool and then he was getting fussy, so I walked him up and down our road and through the pasture until he fell asleep (got in about 1/2 mile). He slept for a couple of hours, so I got in some house cleaning. He was spending the night at his Grandma's house (my sister) and she was running late at work, so DH and I took the baby to a park closer to my sister's house and walked him around the trail. The playground had the little bucket swings for babies (he's 6 months old), so we swung him in that. It's really fun having a baby around, but we were glad to drop him off with my sister that night and get back to our teenagers. You forget how much trouble babies are!

DH wanted BBQ for Father's Day, so he picked up some stuff Saturday night. I'm not a big fan of bbq, but I did eat my share! I spent Sunday morning cutting grass and we went to church Sunday evening. After church we got frozen yogurt!

So June is halfway over and I'm pretty pleased with my "goals". If my "off" eating hasn't messed things up, I should still be below goal weight, my running distance is improving and the only thing I need to "work on" is strength training. DD#2 was going over all the stuff they do at weight training (the high school has a Strength & Conditioning coach that works with all the different sports programs - its' great!) and I was jealous that she gets a "personal trainer".

I really have no excuse for not doing this, just no motivation!


What is that number?!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I weighed in this morning and I lost another .4 lbs. I saw a number I haven't seen since before I got married (over 20 years ago!).

I'm back in maintenance and not trying to loose weight, but I'm 2.2 lbs. below goal, so that gives me more wiggle room! I was a little afraid I would show a gain. My eating has been a little off. I haven't quite worked out a "summer routine" yet. As I mentioned before, my summer has been crazy so far. I'm doing ok with breakfast & lunch, although it's a pain sometimes to chop & prepare stuff. I was almost going to eat some crappy cereal this morning and just buy something for lunch, but my weight loss motivated me to fix my eggs & veggies and make my lunch!

I ran last night with DH & DD#2. We parked at the gym and DD#2 went inside to run & play basketball and DH and I ran the hilly trail. We did a warm up walk around the parking lot and then hit the trail. He goes the opposite direction of me because he likes to run up the big hill and I can't quite make it. Going my way is hard too because there are a lot of "up & down" hills. One loop is about 1.5 miles so I did a loop and ran back to the car. I'm figuring it was about 1.8 miles. It's a really hard run and it was very hot & humid last night. It was still about 88 degrees at 7:00 pm!

I got my water out of the car and briskly walked to the gym. DD#2 was playing a pickup game and DH wasn't there yet, so I ran another 1/2 mile on the indoor track and did a cool down walk of a couple of laps.

By the time we got back home, it was almost 8 pm, so I had a ham sandwich on a sandwich thin (with lettuce, pickles & cucumbers on the sandwich), a cheese stick and some grapes. Most days I eat 5+ servings of veggies, 1-2 servings of fruit and 1 serving of grain & lots of protein. There are those "off" days too, but that's pretty much what I'm sticking to for maintenance.

Today is DH's birthday. I'm going by the grocery store after lunch to pick up some stuff to grill (and a cake!).

I took a day of vacation tomorrow because I don't have any "back up" to get DD#2 & DD#3 where they need to be tomorrow morning. I should get them dropped off by 9:00 am and don't have to pick up DD#2 until 11, so I think I'll run tomorrow morning. It's supposed to be even hotter on Thursday 90+, so it will be good to get the run out of the way.


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