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Back from vacation!

Monday, June 03, 2013

I'm back at my desk at work after a week of vacation. I enjoyed the time off, but it's nice to get back to "routine"! I was very active, but as usual, when I'm off routine, so is my "eating".

We spent Memorial Day at my sister's house. She had a cook-out with a lot of healthy things to eat. On Tuesday, I dropped DD#2 off at basketball practice at 8 am. I went straight to the greenway to run. I was surprised how many people were running and not at work at that time! Maybe they were all on vacation too?!

Later that day 5 additional girls showed up at the house to go camping with DH, DD#2 & #3 (DH is crazy!). He had his van & trailer loaded up and took the 3 - 12 year olds and I came up a little later with 4 - 15 year olds (one 14 year old since DD#2 won't be 15 until July). My sister met us at the campsite and my niece, husband & baby came up later in the evening. They camped Tuesday - Friday. I stayed during the day and went back home in the evenings. DD#1 came up on Thursday with 4 of her friends, so it was quite the week.

We had great weather and I did a lot of walking & kayaking. When my great nephew would get fussy, we would plop him in the stroller and take him for a long walk. With walking with him, walking to the bathroom and to the "beach" area, I probably walked 3+ miles a day!

For some reason I ate a lot of hot dogs! I really don't like hot dogs, but DH would split them open and cook them over the fire and they were really good. I had a "carb" over load during the week too! I sort of got back on track over the weekend and I'm back on "routine" today with my healthy breakfast & lunch.

I ran again yesterday morning with DH & DD#2. DD#2 starts a very intensive summer workout program with basketball & volleyball this week, so she wanted to get back at it. She wasn't exactly lazy this past week, but only had 1 day of practice and then yesterday's run. It was really humid so I struggled a little, but I was able to run about 25 mins. before walking 1 min. I ran about 5 more mins. and then finished up with a brisk walk up the hill back to the car.

I'm still trying to decide what my Summer Goals will be. Hopefully when I weigh on Wednesday there won't be a gain. I'm still a little below my goal weight, but wanted to loose that final pound for some wiggle room. I hope I didn't "wiggle" over goal!

On a side note, we got "Fitness Profiles" in the mail for DD#2 & #3. Apparently they do these in PE and do a comparison from the previous year. DD#3's was pretty useless because they didn't have any previous results, but it did show she needs to work on her "fitness level".

DD#2 showed a great improvement from 8th Grade to 9th Grade in her fitness level. She started last summer really getting serious about athletics. She not only did the summer workouts, but did a lot on her own. Between March of 2012 and March of 2013 she grew 2 1/2 inches, but weighs 10 lbs. less! She was at the bottom of the "healthy" fitness level and is now at the top of the "healthy" level.

There was a lot of controversy about this program (Play60) because they record weight & BMI, but I think it's interesting to know and I guess it's a testament to our society and the obesity rate of children. Some people need to have this in their face to see how inactive their children are. I'm not sure who else get the results. We work really hard at maintaining a healthy lifestyle for our children, but it is a struggle. Even the "fit" ones like DD#2 like nothing better than laying around and watching TV, playing video games, "tapping" on her Itouch, etc. Don't even get me started about her eating - there's a whole lot of room for improvement there!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a great week "Back to Routine"!

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ERINOUELLETTE 6/3/2013 12:18PM

  Welcome back safe and sound! Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Time to get back to that routine! Good luck!

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Stayed the Same & May Goals

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I weighed this morning and stayed the same. I'm below my goal weight, but still want to have that 2 lbs. for "wiggle room" (May goal). I was a little disappointed since I'm still eating in "weight loss" mode, but it's all good!

I also had a good week of exercise (Wed - Wed). I ran on Wednesday, Saturday (5k) & Monday. Monday's run was pretty good. I ran on the greenway for a little over 2 miles. It was very hot & humid and the greenway had just reopened after the flooding over the weekend. The whole family went. DD#1 (who is 17 1/2 is finally starting to drive and will be getting her license in July after she completes the drivers ed class) drove us all to the park. I must say I wasn't ready for this! DH has been driving with her thankfully because I was a nervous wreck! I didn't want her to wipe out the whole family in one shot! She actually did well and she dropped off DH & DD#2 at the rec. center and drove me & DD#3 to the greenway trail where we all ran (or in DD#1 & #3's case - walked leisurely enjoying nature, which is ok too!)

Yesterday I walked on the hilly trail with my sister. We did 2 loops (about 3 miles) and then went into the rec. center to get DD#2 (she ran and was going to shoot some baskets). She was playing a pick-up game with some older guys (and 1 girl) and wasn't ready to go, so sister and I walked a couple of laps on the indoor walking track to cool down.

DD#2 was very red & sweaty when we were leaving. She had played full court with these guys who all looked to be in their mid-20's and were very good. I don't think they realized they were playing with a 14 year old girl because they were kind of "raunchy" and aggressive. She had on a high school volleyball tank top, so they should have known she was still in high school. She told me to "chill" and I was too over protective - she does go to a public high school after all! They really weren't too bad because the rec center has some pretty strict rules on court behavior - but she is my "little girl".

Anyway, DD#3 and I get our hair cut tonight, so we won't be running. We're winding down the school year this week and I'll be on vacation next week!! I'm not sure how the eating will go, but I'll get plenty of exercise.

DH is taking DD#2 &3 & friends camping at the lake. My niece and her husband (and baby) and sister are also getting a site. DD#1 and I will come up for the day (campsite is about 15 mins. from the house), but we won't be spending the night. I just don't like camping anymore, but I love spending the day at the lake. There will be plenty of walking, swimming, biking & kayaking. There will also be a lot of junk food! DH takes a full size refrigerator so there's lots of popsicles & fudgesicles (perfect for hot days).

I did ok so far with my May goals. I'm back to goal weight and 1.4 lbs. away from my "wiggle room" goal. I'm basically maintaining and I feel good on how this has been going for May. I didn't improve my 5K time, but I'm still running. The only real "negative" is strength training, but this is always my challenge to find something I like and stick to it!

I'm usually very active during the summer, but struggle with running when it gets really hot. We're lucky now that we have the rec. center to use when it's 90+ degrees still at 9:00 pm.

I'll think about my June goals after next week!

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COACHMOMMY 5/24/2013 11:02AM

    Hi Hakapes, my strategy now for summer running is to run on the indoor walking/running track at the local rec. center. It's a little boring since you have to run 10 laps for a mile, but there's usually a basketball game going on in the gym to watch. DD#2 likes to run there and then go into the gym to play basketball, so she's my incentive! If it's not too hot, I'll run at night before it gets dark.

I really should try those early morning runs, but with DD#2's summer workout program at the high school, I still have to get up by 6:30 to get ready for work and her to the school! I just can't seem to get motivated to get up before 6!

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HAKAPES 5/24/2013 6:10AM

    Enjoyed reading your blog.

You write that you find it difficult to go on with running when it gets hot. Do you have any strategies for that?

As for myself, I try to go out to run early in the morning. Usually, it's easy in the summer, as the sun is up, and in general I feel energized in summer mornings. I also tried running in the evenings, but then it triggered me to be awake for long, and had trouble with falling a sleep (but I slept well afterwards).

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TXTOAD9970 5/22/2013 3:43PM

    You're doing great - keep it up!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Wrong time on 5K Results :(

Monday, May 20, 2013

Saturday was the 5K at my church. I didn't feel quite ready for it since my running has been a little sporadic. I only ran 2 times last week and struggled to get in 3.1 miles (running). I ran the last time on Wednesday and my time was 41 mins. - not stellar and I usually do slower at a race because I can't quite get a good pace.

North Georgia has been getting so much rain lately. Unfortunately the bulk of it has come on weekends. I don't think we've had a rain free weekend since mid-March. We had rain predictions for Friday night - Sunday night, so we had to get the grass cut! I cut grass Thursday night, DH trimmed on Friday and I finished up Friday night. DD#1 had a rare Friday night off, so she had about 11 friends come over for a bonfire. I finished cutting grass around 7:30 and the teenagers started showing up. About 9:00 it started to rain - drizzle at first and then hard. A few of them hung out in the basement, but most of them went home.

I think it rained most of Friday night and I woke up Saturday morning around 6:30 and it was pouring. DH was already up and had been watching the news and he said there might be a break at race time (8:00 am). We woke up DD#2 & #3 @ 7:00 to get ready. The race was at our church only about 3 miles away, so we got there right at 7:30 to pick up our packets and warm up. It was still drizzling, but at race time the rain stopped (humid though).

It was a pretty flat course, but as usual, I started out too fast. It was also a pretty small race so for a while I felt like I was last! DH, DD#2 & 3 were way ahead of me. I saw them at the turn around and I actually had a pretty good first mile (11 something). DD#3 was a little ahead of me and I caught up with her. She said she didn't feel well and felt like she was going to throw up. She's been fighting with a cold for a couple of weeks and still had a bad cough. I think the "yucky stuff" in her throat was making her sick. She hasn't run in over a week and has only gotten up to about 2 miles running, so she was struggling. I told her to try to get a pace going, but she would run and then walk. She was starting to get on my nerves (this is the "goof"). She said her main goal was to just "beat me"!

I was struggling at about mile 2, but I kept on plugging away with my very, very, slow pace! I walked a little at a hill and knew I was getting close to the finish line. I tried to pick up my pace, but I was feeling really sluggish. I did "sprint" at the end and came in right at 39:00 (my watch). DD#2 said the "official time" was 39:03. There wasn't a clock at the finish line, but there was a guy at the end on a laptop. I handed my "strip" to the lady and then went to "cheer" on DD#3. She was way behind at this point and "running" neck to neck with some old guy. We tried to encourage her to finish strong, but she was "done"!

This was actually my slowest 5K race time, but I was pretty pleased with it. I did want to try to get in under 38 mins. but I was ok with it since I'm really not back at 5K "training". DH had his best race time ever at 35:18. DD#2 was bummed with her time (29:38) - she hasn't been running and she still had a sore and swollen toe. DD#3 was really bummed with her time (44 something). I told her to not be discouraged, she finished even though she wasn't feeling well and this was her first race!

It rained the rest of the weekend really hard. We had a lot of flooding and now some of the lakes are spilling over their banks. We're going camping the Tuesday after Memorial Day and hoping we'll even have a campsite because some of the campsites are flooded.

Today is supposed to finally be sunny, but it's supposed to rain again Wednesday. Right now the weekend looks good! This is the last week of school and my girls are already in "summer mode". We had a really hectic morning. I'm planning to run tonight and keep it up even though I haven't signed up for any 5K's. It's going to really heat up after this week, so we should really enjoy the cloudy 80 degree temperatures!

I got to work this morning and I had an e-mail with race results. I'm not sure how it happened, but the results show me coming in about 8 seconds after DD#3 at 44:31!!! I was really bummed because it had me 5th from last! (only 105 people at race). I did run under the finish line with DD#3, but I had already turned in my slip. The only thing I could think of was the guy at the end saw my bib number and recorded it at that time.

My first reaction was "I got to let someone know, this is terrible and people from church are going to see how slow I am"! It's really no big deal, it's not like I was going to win any awards, but I would have liked my time to be right. Oh well, at least it ended up that DD#3 did make her goal of "beating" her Mom!


5K tomorrow

Friday, May 17, 2013

I have the 5K tomorrow at my church. I'd like to say I'm ready to go, but the last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic (more so than normal), so my running has suffered. I ran last Friday and it was 60 degrees and cloudy. DH and I ran on Wednesday and it was HOT. We had temperatures a little more normal for mid-May in Georgia - it was 85+, sunny & humid. DD#1 was at work, DD#2 jammed her toe and didn't feel like running and DD#3 is still trying to shake her cold, so it was just DH and me (which was nice since our schedules don't allow us a lot of "together" time).

We went to one of the greenway trails and he "plotted" out 3.1 miles for me. I was just going to do the best I could (since I've only been doing about 2 - 2.5 miles running). We stretched, did a warm up walk together and then started to run. It didn't take long for him to get way ahead of me (he is 6'5" after all!). I slogged along (felt very sluggish with the heat) and ran for about 24 mins. I'm not sure how far I had gone at that point, but I know my pace was slow. I walked a little and started to run again. I really hate to admit it, but it took 41 mins. to finish 3.1 miles (although I think DH was incorrect and it was a little further). I felt really yucky and light headed after that and we actually sat down on a bench in the shade for about 10 mins. I guess I'm going to have to get used to the heat again!

Anyway, I told my family that it's a good thing they're going to have some booths & stuff set up at the church, because they'll probably have to wait awhile for me to finish! I'm ok with it though because at least I'll get in my exercise for the day early. I'll finish fine and I'm still going to "go for" under 38 mins. It's supposed to be cloudy (possible rain) and about 60 degrees at race time tomorrow, so at least it won't be too hot. Hopefully that will help my time.

I cut grass last night and need to finish tonight. We might do a short run tonight (DD#2 & 3 haven't run all week - but they're young and will do fine) or just rest! The rest of the weekend looks pretty easy. I'm hoping to babysit my great nephew either Saturday or Sunday, so I usually get in some exercise taking him to the park.

I'll have less running around than usual since all of the school and spring activities are over. I have to rest and gear up for summer which is shaping up to be pretty busy with activities (especially DD#2), but at least I won't have the added stress of school.

Definitely looking forward to the weekend! emoticon

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ROBBIEB7 5/19/2013 9:08AM

    Was about to wish you Good Luck, then realized that the race was yesterday! Hope it went well for you!

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SparkPeople Motivator?!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I got a Sparkmail from TinaJane76 (who is a team leader for the At Goal and Maintaining and Transiting to Maintenance team - whew long name) who asked if it would be ok to feature my recent "Back to Goal" blog. I said sure, why not!

I usually blog a couple of times a week as a journal or recap and sometimes a confessional. I'm usually surprised, when I get a friendly comment, that anyone actually reads them!

Imagine my surprise when I logged in this morning to all the comments and found out that I'm a "SparkPeople Motivator".

I'm not even sure how to thank everyone, but I did read all the comments. Most were from "maintainers" like me and most agreed that maintenance is a struggle and is hard. It's also a very exciting part of the journey, but it's still a journey. It's definitely not the end. One thing you want to make sure is to not get the "glad's that over" mindset. I hate to use the cliche of "it's a lifestyle, not a diet", but it's true.

Anyway, just wanted to take a minute (while eating my salad at my desk at work) to say "thank you".

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HAKAPES 5/24/2013 6:12AM

    I also got once a feature on my blog post - I don't really know how it happened, it just went up. I was also so happy for the comments. Seems you enjoy all the positive energy! :-)

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WORKNPROGRESS49 5/19/2013 12:09PM

    emoticon emoticon

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TINAJANE76 5/17/2013 5:37AM

    A well-deserved honor. Congratulations and enjoy it!

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