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Rain, rain go away . . .

Monday, April 29, 2013

I know we're not having as much rain here in North Georgia like a lot of places, but we've been getting a lot. The good news is we're no longer in a drought, the bad news is now we have flooding and our grass is growing too fast (plus it cuts down on the outdoor exercise!).

Friday was a nice day, so after dropping DD#1 off at work, I started cutting grass. It had been less than a week for the front, but it was already long. I was mowing (riding lawn mower) for about an hour and saw DD#3 waving at me from the front porch. She wanted to know what was for dinner?! Granted she's only 12, but she was laying around on the couch and I was cutting grass - really!!? Anyway, we had some leftover pizza dough, so she made a calzone for herself (and for DH when he got home later from work). I cut grass for another 1/2 hour and was hungry myself, so I made a salad with some left over grilled chicken. I like doing something right after work because I eat dinner later and that seems to cut down on the snacking!

Since DD#2 was in Florida, I didn't have to go to basketball, so I told my niece I would babysit again for great-nephew (believe me, it's a pleasure) on Saturday. I had to get up early to drop DD#3 off for her Girl Scout ziplining adventure (because of the rain, the decided to not camp, but she was gone from 7 am to 10:30 pm). I got an early start on housework and niece and hubby were running late (which allowed me to finish all my house work), so I met them halfway (they live about 40 mins. away) and took Baby No-No (that what we call him!) home.

It had been cloudy and yucky all morning and it was finally sunny. DH, DD#1, baby and I went to the park. We walked about 45 mins. and the baby slept the whole time. DD#1 watched him while I cut more grass (push mower this time) for about an hour, so that was more exercise! Baby No-No was fussy, so I put him back in the carrier/stroller and walked him up and down our road and around the yard. He fell immediately asleep and I got a little more exercise! My sister (grandma) was coming after work to pick him up for a sleepover, so she picked up Chick-filet for us (salad again for me).

It started raining Saturday night, rained all day yesterday and is still raining. It's now just a drizzle and is supposed to clear up mid-morning. I did absolutely nothing yesterday. DH did the "running around" yesterday. He had to take DD#1 to work (she got called in and was ready to go since she was "grounded" over the weekend), pick up DD#2 from friend's house (they got home late from Florida) and then pick DD#1 up from work. I lazed around on the couch!

It's supposed to be a real nice week, so I hope to run 2-3 times this week. I ended up not adding a fruit in over the weekend - today is 2 weeks on the low carb. I peeked at the scale this morning and it looks like I've stayed the same (although I had a 1 lb. loss on Saturday - fickle scale). The "official" weigh in is Wednesday.

1 more pound and I'm "Back to Maintenance" and 3 more lbs. to get back to my "wiggle room" weight!

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SUSIEMT 4/29/2013 10:13AM

    Yea you!

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Solitary Run - Very Nice!

Friday, April 26, 2013

I had a very nice run last night all by myself! DD#2 went to the gym right after school with friend and DH ran and then picked them up. DD#1 & 3 didn't want to go with me, they were playing with the ducks (yes, we still have 4 ducks) and fixing up their new pen. They have now grown too big for their place in the basement workshop, but we still might need to bring them in at night so the "critter's" don't get them.

I dropped DD#2 and friend off (they were getting ready to drive to Florida for the weekend) and then went to the park. It was another beautiful evening. I got there a little later than normal, so it was pretty crowded. I ended up running about 2.3 miles, so I'm upping the distance a little. I did have to stop and walk about 45 seconds since I was having a major coughing fit. My throat was feeling kind of scratchy and I may have swallowed something. I was coughing so bad, some man asked if I was "okay"?!

I'm glad I'm slowly working up my distance. I've signed up for 2 5K's in May - 5/18 (at our church) & 5/25 (a color run). This is my first "color run", so I'm not sure what to expect. It's being held at one of the new parks on the river, so it should be pretty neat. Both running routes should also be pretty flat (for N. Ga.). The whole family is running in both 5K's, so it will be fun to see how everyone does.

The "low carb" eating is going pretty well. I did over indulge in pistachios on Wednesday night (kind of upset my stomach), so I still have to be mindful of the snacking. I'm probably going to work in fruit this weekend. I'm not really missing bread/grains. We had fajitas on Tuesday and I just piled my stuff up on salad and stir-fry on Wednesday, but I didn't eat any rice. Last night we grilled out and I ate my turkey burger without a bun! I do miss fruit though!

I find eating an "egg bowl" (2 eggs, turkey crumbles, spinach, peppers) in the morning keeps me full a lot longer than cereal. I have 3 more lbs. to go, so I hope to reach that goal by Mother's Day.

No big plans for the weekend. I'll run tonight if DD#3 wants to. They're out of school today, and because of the rain, her Girl Scout camping trip has turned into a "day" trip, but they'll be gone all day Saturday. Since it's supposed to rain this weekend (mostly Saturday night & all day Sunday), I'll also try to cut the grass tonight.

I do want to get in a run so I don't loose my "momentum". I want to be able to run the entire time at both 5K's and get in a good time so my family doesn't make fun of me. The joke now is "if there was a race with a turtle, a snail, molasses,and Mom, Mom would come in 4th"! Hilarious aren't they!


Ran again with the

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I lost 2 more lbs.! I am now 1 lb. away from my Weight Watchers goal and 3 lbs. from my lowest Weight Watchers weight (or what I call my "wiggle room" weight).

I'm very excited about my progress and really glad I decided to switch to the "low carb" eating for a while and stop the mindless snacking of chips, crackers & sweets. The past couple of weeks have been pretty stressful with work, kids & DH's schedule and May isn't looking any easier. I really find myself wanting "comfort" from food!

Last night I really wanted a "drink" or a big ole bowl of ice cream! DD#1 has been struggling to keep up with her heavy school load (Junior year is really hard and she has 3 Advanced Placement classes!). The high school really ramps it up after Spring Break until the last week of school. Unfortunately, DD#1 stayed in "Spring Break mode". Our county has an online grading system and parents' get e-mails if there are any missing or failing assignments. This could be a major test or a simple homework assignment. Some teachers load a bunch of grades in at one time and some do it on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I've being getting quite a few e-mails about DD#1. She still has pretty good grades, but this is not the time to "slack off". Because of this, she is "grounded" for the weekend (which she should have been last weekend too). She also has the SAT on 5/4 and we're going to study for that. Unfortunately this means she can't see the boyfriend, so she was moping around last night, DD#2 & 3 were arguing and procrastinating and DD#3 ended off the night being disrespectful and slamming her door! I'm happy to say that I didn't eat anything, I just went to bed!

Anyway, got that off my chest! I ran last night with DD#3. We dropped DD#1 off at work and DD#2 off at the gym to run & shoot baskets.

DD#3 is still doing great. Again, if she wasn't such a "goof", she could probably be a great runner. Since her goal is to try out for either Cross Country or Track next year, I found myself wanting to push her. I decided to just let her do her own thing (she's kind of a "free spirit) and besides, I'm no running expert and just doing the best I can.

She ran on ahead of me and when I could still see her, she was messing around with her Itouch (DD#2 is letting her use her old Itouch) and playing games on it. She was doing an 8 min. run/1 min. walk (3X) and I decided again to just slog along. She passed me again turning around and then she was just "flying!". I ran 2 miles straight and then walked the rest of the way to meet up with her.

It was a great run and such nice weather. We drove back to the gym to pick up DD#2. She was playing another "pick up" game with a bunch of guys. She did really good again and they were impressed! Playing these games is really building up her confidence and making her more "aggressive" of a player!

Tonight will be more major running around (and it's supposed to rain). I'm planning to run tomorrow. I'll have to see how the weekend shapes up. The kids are out of school on Friday and DD#2 is going to Fl. with another friend and DD#3 is going camping with the Girl Scouts. That just leaves DD#1 moping around the house (and studying!). This will be a mini-vacation for me since I won't have to drive anyone around! It's supposed to rain, but hopefully I can squeeze in some exercise and some much needed rest!


Great Weekend!

Monday, April 22, 2013

It was a beautiful weekend in North Georgia. The storm that blew in on Friday brought some chilly weather, but I like this weather. We had a fairly warm January & February and then March was pretty cold. I was thinking we would move right into Summer and skip Spring, but we had early spring like weather over the weekend. High 60's during the day and 40's at night. It would have been perfect, but it was a little windy.

DD#3 and I were going to do an exercise tape on Friday as part of our "cross training". I dropped DD#1 off at work and DD#2 and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. She wanted to make calzones & pizza for dinner. They looked really, really yummy, but I managed to avoid and eat a salad (I did have some of the turkey pepperoni she used and have been using the pre-cooked turkey "crumbles" in my eggs). Everyone was really tired on Friday, so we just lounged around on the couch (DH and DD#1 both had to work until 10 pm). Needless to say, we did not do the workout DVD!

I got up early and did housework/laundry on Saturday. DD#1 was spending the day with boyfriend (it was his birthday and his Dad was in town, so he picked up DD#1 and they all spent the day together, but I had to pick her up later in the evening), DD#3 was having a friend spend the night and DD#2 had basketball.

I took DD#2 to basketball and walked around the campus where she plays for about 20 mins. before they started the games (they do about 40 mins. of warm-ups & drills before playing games). When we got home, she was exhausted, so she took a 4 hour nap! I cut grass and took a short walk with my Mom up and down our road. So, it was a busy day with plenty of activity, but no run.

I woke up early Sunday morning and ran to the grocery store (my 2nd home!). I ended up buying donuts for the girls (had 2 additional kids). DH had a meeting at work Sunday morning and he also brought home donuts! Guess what, I didn't eat a single donut! My niece and her husband were going kayaking, so we got to babysit my precious great-nephew again yesterday! I pushed some donuts off on them - I had to get them out of the house!

I took a walk with great-nephew up and down our road and visited with my parents (they live next door). My sister showed up around 1 :30. It's her grandson and she had to work a little Sunday morning, but rushed to our house after that (she wasn't about to miss out on spending time with grandson). We packed him up (I forgot how much stuff you have to have for 1 baby!) and sister, DD#2 and I went to the park. We walked for about 45 mins. (he slept the whole way) and then I had to get back home and get ready for church (DD#3 was an alter server so we had to be there early).

So it was a busy weekend, but DD#3 and I didn't get in a run. She has Girl Scouts tonight (along with a bunch of other stuff we have to try to squeeze in), so we'll run tomorrow.

No worries! I'm doing great on my "low-carb" eating and I've lost another pound (unofficial until Wednesday). I'm probably not going to be able to do the 5K on 5/4. DD#1 has SAT's that morning and I'm not sure about DH's schedule. The whole family is planning to do the 5K at our church on 5/18, so I still have that to train for!

If all goes well, I should be back to my "official" maintenance weight (2 lbs. under my Weight Watcher's goal weight) in a couple of weeks!

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SUSIEMT 4/22/2013 2:38PM

    I have to keep saying this. You are one busy mommy! Better you than me.

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I ran with the goof and . . .

Friday, April 19, 2013

she left me in her dust! We had a family day at the park last night!

DD#1 had a couple of paintings in an art exhibit, so she wanted to go check it out. It was part "professional" and part students. She thought they had already judged the winners (prize money for several categories), so she wanted to see if she won anything (the art teacher didn't know). Turns out they haven't done the judging yet. The art exhibits were quite impressive. There is a lot of talent in our county - too bad the art program is so minimal (but at least we have one). DD#1's paintings were beautiful. Of course I'm a tad prejudice, but they really are good. Hopefully she'll win something! She could use a little morale boost (struggling with grades right now and mom & dad are not happy!).

Anyway, when we got home, DD#2 was home from volleyball, DD#3 was home from school and DH was home from work, so everyone was ready to go running! I dropped DH off at the hilly trail, DD#2 off at the gym and DD1 & 3 and I ran at the greenway (all at the same park). DD#3 and I were going to do the 7 min run/1 min. walk (3 x) again. We all stretched out and then DD#3 took off and I didn't see her for a while! I never caught up with her, but I did see her up ahead of me when she stopped to walk 1 min. I kept on running and didn't do the 1 min. walk (she passed me on the way back). I ended up running straight for 20 mins., walking for 2 mins. and then running for 5 more mins. back to the trail entrance. DD#1 was running & walking so she was a little behind me. When we got back to the trail entrance, we didn't see DD#3, so we walked back up the sidewalk (hoping she didn't keep going). She was already at the bathroom! She did awesome and I was proud. Now we have to get her some new running shoes!

Today is our "cross training" day and we were going to ride bikes, but a storm is coming in this morning and is supposed to rain all day. She said she would do one of my work out videos with me tonight if it was still raining. She has a friend spending the night tomorrow and she said they would ride bikes. I told her we also need to run either Saturday or Sunday.

So now I have some additional motivation to keep running! I just hope I can keep her motivated too!!

The low-carb eating is going pretty well (peeked on the scale again and I've lost another pound, so that would be 4 lbs. - not official though until Wednesday). I am missing fruits, but I'm eating plenty of vegetables. My "meal plan" pretty much consists of eggs/chicken & vegetables. Some other stuff thrown in, but that's the "staples". I'm probably eating 7-8 servings of vegetables a day! I was eating 7-8 freggies a day, but now I'm substituting the fruit with veggies. I'll probably work back in fruits the end of next week.

Hope I can keep it up over the weekend!

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KELLIEBEAN 4/19/2013 10:17AM

    Wow, this is great that your whole family does this together!! What a fun day and a great family!

Not sure where you are but I hope you're not getting the rain we just had here in the Chicago area. I was ready to build an ark yesterday.

Happy running!

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SUSIEMT 4/19/2013 9:52AM

    I love to hear that your entire family are all involved in your healthy lifestyle. That is so wonderful. I am sure you might not all be on the same page at the same time but wow that is so cool.
My sister's sister in law and her husband do a low carb diet for their maintenance two days a week. Then the rest of the time they eat their healthy meals but Sharon says it keeps them on track so they can have the occasional indulgence without doing any harm.
You are doing such a good job! Keep it up!

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