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I ran with the goof and . . .

Friday, April 19, 2013

she left me in her dust! We had a family day at the park last night!

DD#1 had a couple of paintings in an art exhibit, so she wanted to go check it out. It was part "professional" and part students. She thought they had already judged the winners (prize money for several categories), so she wanted to see if she won anything (the art teacher didn't know). Turns out they haven't done the judging yet. The art exhibits were quite impressive. There is a lot of talent in our county - too bad the art program is so minimal (but at least we have one). DD#1's paintings were beautiful. Of course I'm a tad prejudice, but they really are good. Hopefully she'll win something! She could use a little morale boost (struggling with grades right now and mom & dad are not happy!).

Anyway, when we got home, DD#2 was home from volleyball, DD#3 was home from school and DH was home from work, so everyone was ready to go running! I dropped DH off at the hilly trail, DD#2 off at the gym and DD1 & 3 and I ran at the greenway (all at the same park). DD#3 and I were going to do the 7 min run/1 min. walk (3 x) again. We all stretched out and then DD#3 took off and I didn't see her for a while! I never caught up with her, but I did see her up ahead of me when she stopped to walk 1 min. I kept on running and didn't do the 1 min. walk (she passed me on the way back). I ended up running straight for 20 mins., walking for 2 mins. and then running for 5 more mins. back to the trail entrance. DD#1 was running & walking so she was a little behind me. When we got back to the trail entrance, we didn't see DD#3, so we walked back up the sidewalk (hoping she didn't keep going). She was already at the bathroom! She did awesome and I was proud. Now we have to get her some new running shoes!

Today is our "cross training" day and we were going to ride bikes, but a storm is coming in this morning and is supposed to rain all day. She said she would do one of my work out videos with me tonight if it was still raining. She has a friend spending the night tomorrow and she said they would ride bikes. I told her we also need to run either Saturday or Sunday.

So now I have some additional motivation to keep running! I just hope I can keep her motivated too!!

The low-carb eating is going pretty well (peeked on the scale again and I've lost another pound, so that would be 4 lbs. - not official though until Wednesday). I am missing fruits, but I'm eating plenty of vegetables. My "meal plan" pretty much consists of eggs/chicken & vegetables. Some other stuff thrown in, but that's the "staples". I'm probably eating 7-8 servings of vegetables a day! I was eating 7-8 freggies a day, but now I'm substituting the fruit with veggies. I'll probably work back in fruits the end of next week.

Hope I can keep it up over the weekend!

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KELLIEBEAN 4/19/2013 10:17AM

    Wow, this is great that your whole family does this together!! What a fun day and a great family!

Not sure where you are but I hope you're not getting the rain we just had here in the Chicago area. I was ready to build an ark yesterday.

Happy running!

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SUSIEMT 4/19/2013 9:52AM

    I love to hear that your entire family are all involved in your healthy lifestyle. That is so wonderful. I am sure you might not all be on the same page at the same time but wow that is so cool.
My sister's sister in law and her husband do a low carb diet for their maintenance two days a week. Then the rest of the time they eat their healthy meals but Sharon says it keeps them on track so they can have the occasional indulgence without doing any harm.
You are doing such a good job! Keep it up!

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3 lbs. - Really!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yesterday I questioned if it was really possible that I lost 3 lbs. I weighed this morning (since Wednesday is my official day) and I really have lost 3 lbs.. So even after my terrible weekend of snacking, I lost3 lbs. and am on my way to goal - 3 more lbs.!

2 days of "low carb" eating hasn't been too bad. I found myself getting hungry a few times, so I would drink water. I also found my self getting really thirsty, so I would drink water. I already drink a lot of water, so my bathroom visits have increased (if that's even possible!).

DD#3 and I went running yesterday. I don't want to "squash her enthusiasm", but she was really annoying to run with! She's kind of a "goof" (she's 12). She started out running goofy (kind of flapping her arms and legs) and running ahead of me and then running next to me and commenting on "how slow I am". We decided to do a 5 week 5K program and be ready to run the 5K at our church on 5/18. Last night it was 7 min. run/1 min. walk (3 times). She stopped being goofy after the 2nd time and then started to get whinny. She was getting tired! I tried to "coach" her on her running form and to not waste so much energy talking and goofing off, but she didn't really want to listen to me. Both DD#1 and DD#3 don't like to be "coached".

Anyway, she did finish and I told her I was proud and she did good. While walking back to the car off the greenway, we spotted a huge snake on the sidewalk. I didn't examine it too close, but DD#3 said it wasn't poisonous - but I hate any kind of snake!!

According to our running schedule, today is a "rest day" and we're planning to run again on Thursday and cross train on Friday (ride bikes). I would like to run tonight with DH. DD#1 has work, DD#2 has basketball (if she feels up to it - she went to school, but was still feeling kind of bad) and DD#3 has youth group. Hopefully we can get in a run between all of that.

So my April goals look pretty good:

Loose 3 lbs. - already done!

Increase 5K distance - working on it!

Strength Training - meh! not so good - 2 out 3 ain't bad!

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SUSIEMT 4/17/2013 4:00PM

    Nothing like sticking to a training schedule is there!LOL Been there!

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RONNIEHUEY 4/17/2013 1:54PM


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3 lbs. - Really?!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I blogged last week that I was thinking of going back to low-carb eating (and further complicating my journey!). A little back history - I lost 46 lbs. with Weight Watchers 2 years ago and have pretty much managed to keep if off for 2 years. One of my "triggers" is my snacking. I know when I find myself snacking on "junk" at night, it's time to "take back control".

A little further back history is a c0uple of years after I had my 3rd child (10 years ago), I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance. It really scared me and I quickly lost 40 lbs. (I needed to loose 60). I haven't had any problems with my glucose counts since that initial diagnosis (the last check in January had me way below) and I finally got to my goal weight.

So, when I'm mindlessly snacking on chips & crackers and eating too many sweets, I get concerned. I've had a couple of weeks like that and especially this past weekend, so I decided yesterday to cut out the carbs for a couple of weeks and then slowly work back in the "good carbs" (kind of a South Beach thing).

I had weighed last Wednesday and was up a lb. (6 lbs. over WW goal). My official weigh in is Wednesday, but I thought I'd go ahead and weigh this morning to get a "starting weight" for the beginning of my low carb eating instead of waiting until tomorrow. Much to my surprise, I've lost 3 lbs. since last Wednesday!

I know all about the "fickle scale" (I'm no rookie!), so I'll take it for what it's worth, but I don't mind saying, I was pretty excited. I'm now only about 3 lbs. over my WW goal and 5 lbs. over my "wiggle room" goal. I'm back in a "healthy weight", so I'm feeling pretty good. So, I'll keep up with no "carbs" for a couple of weeks and work back in some fruit & whole grains.

I'm hoping to run tonight with DD#3. She mentioned last week that she and 2 friends were thinking about doing track next year. I told her I would help her "train" by starting to run. Our church is also having their 2nd annual 5K on 5/18, so we want to be ready for that (I'm also running a 5K on 5/4).

DD#2 is now sick with a "cold" and is running fever, so she missed basketball last night and didn't go to school today (DD#1 had it last week), so it will just be me & DD#3 tonight (unless DH wants to go).

I didn't really do any exercise over the weekend. I was very busy and did a lot of yard work, but I haven't run since Thursday night. The pollen was really bad Thursday and we had some big storms come in, so DD#2, DH and I ran in the gym. I had my fastest ever 2 miles! DD#2 got asked to play in a "pick up " basketball game with a bunch of guys. She did really good and they were impressed! Since we were staying longer, I actually ran a little more and walked for a total of about 45 mins.

I hope to get in a run at least 3 times this week so I can get ready for the 5K on 5/4. I'm not sure if DH & DD#2 are going to do it with me. They both ran a really hard 5K on Saturday. It was a pretty big race for our area (over 1,000 people). DH was 415 out of 1,120 and DD#2 was 154 out of 1,120. I think they did awesome!

Thoughts & Prayers to the people of Boston.

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KANOE10 4/17/2013 8:02AM

    Good for you getting back on track and losing. Great job of staying determined and focused. Have a great run!

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SUSIEMT 4/16/2013 10:30AM

    Keep up the good work coachmommy!

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Own It!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I didn't want to weigh in on Wednesday. I had a feeling I was going to have a gain. I've haven't really tracked my food the past 10 days or so and even though I've probably stayed within range, I've started back up with the snacking at night.

I did gain a lb. and wasn't even going to "record" it, but figured I needed to "own it". It is what it is. I still have the 5 lb. loss since late January, but need to loose 6 more lbs. to be back at "goal".

I signed up for Weight Watchers online for 3 months. That will expire at the end of April. I don't think I'll "renew it". I know I need to track, that's one of the tools that keeps me accountable. I just don't want to pay for it right now.

I was thinking this morning that weight loss and maintenance certainly occupies a lot of my time and energy. While it's certainly important, I'm not sure it should be this complicated. I do think I'll just have to resign myself that it's just a part of my life and I can't escape it.

On that note, I'm thinking I'll go back to low carb eating for a couple of weeks. I'll still track PP and activity points for accountability (again over complicating this!). I find that if I cut out the "bad carbs", it cuts down on my snacking and cravings.

I've been slowly sorting through spring clothes since we had a "heat wave" over the weekend. I bagged up some stuff yesterday for the Kidney Foundation that my girls don't like or are too small. I also had a lot of stuff that my sister and one of her friends had given me the last couple of years. A lot of it's not "my style", so I don't wear it (most of it's really nice - just don't like it). I washed all of the spring clothes and am now putting away the cold weather stuff. I'm happy to say that even being 5+ lbs. over goal, all my clothes fit really well. I mentioned before that my measurements are actually lower than a year ago. I think the running & exercise helps with this.

So I'm still pretty pleased with my activity level (I obsess about this too!) I ran on Monday. I'm still only getting 2 miles of straight running, but get in a good 35-40 mins. run/walk. I walked with my sister and her "chubby" bulldog on Tuesday while DH & DD#2 ran, and then came home and cut grass (riding lawn mower).

I was going to run yesterday, but DH wanted to get the grass cutting done so we could spread some stuff on the lawn since it's supposed to rain tonight. DH helped my Dad till his garden, so in between driving the kids around, I finished cutting the grass. After I dropped off DD#2 at basketball, I walked around the yard for 45 mins. with the spreader. That was actually quite a work out because at times the spreader was heavy and I had to walk briskly to get an "even" spread. My arms are actually hurting this morning. I also have a huge headache because the pollen is really brutal (happens every year, but it's always a "shock" on the system).

DH & DD#2 will probably want to run tonight since they have the 5K on Saturday morning. The big storms are supposed to hold out until after 6 pm. , but with the pollen being so bad, we may decide to run in they gym. If we decide to hold out on the running until tomorrow, I think I'll give the Jillian Michaels Wii workout a try. DH got a free Wii from a guy he works with who is "downsizing". He hooked it up in our bedroom (we already have one in the basement that the girls use) because we can watch Netflix and also play DVD's on it.

I'll stop obsessing now and get back to work.

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SUSIEMT 4/11/2013 10:06PM

    I'm glad you only gained 1 lb. I have 6.8 lbs to lose to get back to goal as well. Keep up the good work! You are such a busy lady.

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Great Weekend!!

Monday, April 08, 2013

We had the best weather over the weekend! Makes you glad you live in North Georgia. My girls had spring break last week, but a lot of metro Atlanta counties are on break this week. They're really getting nice weather - high 70's today, 80's on Tuesday & Wednesday and no rain until Thursday.

I worked Wednesday & Thursday last week and had Friday off. Thursday was rainy & cold. Our temperatures in March were colder than January and April started off cooler than "average"! It started to clear up early afternoon on Friday, so DD#3 and I went to a plant nursery to buy flowers. She wanted to plant the beds and I finished up with the rest of the flower pots & hanging baskets.

We finished up in time to clean up a little and DH and I took DD#1 to work and then went to the hilly trail to run. He and DD#2 are going to run a 5K this Saturday that has a pretty hard & hilly course, so he wants to be ready (I'm not running because I have to get DD#1 to work and truthfully, I'm not ready for this challenging of a race!).

Anyway, we parked by the big pavilion, stretched out and walked briskly around the "walking loop". DH wanted to do some more stretching and he was planning to run up the huge hill and do 2 loops. My plan was to only do 1 loop (which is 1.6 miles) and then walk some more of the "walking loop". This is a really hard trail and is mostly hills, so either way you go, you're going to run some hills! I got to my old nemesis "the second time around hill" and had to walk a little. I had only run about 10 mins., so I was a little disappointed. I walked about 3 mins. and started to run again. I started running down the huge hill and figured I would continue on and do at least another 1/2 loop. I finished up with a total of 25 mins. running & 20 mins. walking (I kept on walking with DH when he finished). I ran 10 mins. straight & then 15 mins. straight after walking the 3 mins. It was a good workout!

Saturday morning I woke up and took down the rest of the Easter stuff. DH and I were meeting my niece to make the "baby swap" around 11:00. We were going to meet a tractor supply store that's on the way to where they going kayaking (DH wanted to pick up some tractor paint). She was running late, so we had some time to kill at the tractor store. It's a pretty neat store that had clothing, garden supplies, furniture, etc. They also had baby ducks & chicks. We had toyed around with getting DD#3 a duck for Easter. She fell in love with my sister in-law's pet duck while we were in Florida (she actually hatched it from an egg ). I had nixed the idea because I didn't want to have something else to take care of, even though my girls are pretty responsible with the pets. Anyway, since we had time to kill, we ended up getting 2 baby ducks (turns out you can't get only 1).

We picked up my great-nephew and headed home (baby ducks in tow). DD#3 was so excited (as was DD#1). We spent the afternoon watching the ducks waddle around the yard and "swim" in a large bowl of water. Later DD#1 and I took baby Nolan to the park (back to the hilly trail) and walked him in his stroller. My niece was supposed to pick up the baby around 6, but they had a leak in their kayak and their trip turned into quite the ordeal. We had plenty of "milk" & diapers for the baby, so we were good. I ended up taking another 20 mins. walk with him around our property later in the evening. They picked him up around 9 pm. They were exhausted, so good thing baby really didn't sleep much during the day (he was really pleasant though) because he slept the whole way home and through the night!

DD#2 got home from Fl. on Sunday afternoon and was mad because we didn't get 3 ducks (DD#1 & #3 had named the 2). DH took her and DD#3 back to the tractor store. They wouldn't just sell us 1 (even though we already had 2), so now we have 4 baby ducks! We enjoyed the afternoon playing in the sun with the ducks!

Today is back to routine. I didn't have anything to pack for lunch, so I'll go to Subway. DH ran again yesterday so maybe he'll go to the grocery store and I'll run today after picking up DD#2 @ weight training and before taking her to basketball.

Looking forward to a good week and working on my April goals! emoticon


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