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Another Day Off & April Goals

Thursday, April 04, 2013

My girls are on Spring Break this week. I had Good Friday off and took vacation Monday & Tuesday. I went back to work yesterday and today (my boss is out, so that's like vacation!). I'm taking tomorrow off also.

It was nice to get somewhat back to routine yesterday and this morning. I didn't have to get the girls up and ready for school, but I was back on track with eating & tracking.

DH and I dropped DD#1 off at work and DD#3 off at a friend's to spend the night last night. We had the evening to ourselves (DD#2 is in Fl.), so we stopped at the greenway to run! It was looking kind of drizzly, but the rain held off. DH was pretty tired and sore after his 5+ mile hike/run on Tuesday and I was sore from 2 days of hiking (and previous yard work and pushing of heavy baby stroller).

We stretched really well, walked a little and then set out to run. DH is very tall and faster than me, so he went on ahead. We decided we were going to run 2 miles, so he was already turning around and heading back and I was still plugging along (DD#1 says I look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame when I run!). I felt really sore, but after the first mile, started to feel better. I probably should have gone a little farther, but I was hungry and DH was probably already at the parking lot at that point! We finished up with about 2.8 miles walking/running.

We stopped by Publix on the way home and picked up some things (mostly fruit & salad stuff) and I got a turkey sub for dinner. We had a nice quiet evening and both ended up falling asleep (me on the couch, DH on his recliner). DD#1 woke us up with her text to come get her from work!

A big cold front came in last night and today is cold and windy! I might do my workout DVD or I might just rest tonight. Both DH and I are off tomorrow, so we'll probably run again (he wants to run the "hilly" trail at the park). It's supposed to clear up by mid-morning tomorrow and I promised DD#3 that she could pick out plants for our flower beds and we'll probably do some planting Friday or Saturday.

My niece is going kayaking on Saturday (it's supposed to be in the 70's both Saturday & Sunday!), so we get to babysit my precious little great-nephew. I'm going to meet them so they don't have to come all the way to our house and then head to the river, so I'll get the car seat and stroller. We'll probably take him to the park for a nice walk!

Since the weekend will be so nice, we picked up some stuff to grill. I know I'll be busy and active this weekend, so I'll just have to be mindful of my "snacking".

Since the scale went "up & down" in March, I still need to loose 6 more lbs. to get back to my "below WW goal". The goal I set back at the end of January was to loose the 12 lbs. by 4/30. I've adjusted that a little, so my April goals are:

Loose 3 lbs.

Increase running distance and do 5K on 5/4 in under 38 minutes. (2/24 5K time was 38:43)

ST - 2 times a week

Pretty doable goals and should get the scale back to where I want it to be by late May!

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SUSIEMT 4/5/2013 8:57PM

    Good luck with your new goals coachmommy! I still say you are one busy woman. Keep up the great job!

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Catch Up Blog (long)

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Here’s my long “catch up” blog (mostly to just recap the past couple of days so I can remember what I did since I didn't track my food or activity).

Per my previous blog, I managed to not gain any weight over my mini-vacation and actually lost 2 lbs. (since last weigh in 2 weeks ago).

Last Thursday was the last time I ran, but I've been very busy with other activities. I was off work on Good Friday and that's my day to do yard work and get ready for my big Easter party on Sunday.

We have about 12 acres (with my parents) and 2 acres are our "yard". DH likes to use the push mower with the bag sometimes instead of the riding mower (especially with all the afore-blogged "gum balls"), so Thursday (after running) & Friday I pushed the mower and emptied the bag. This took about 4 hours total, so that was a lot of walking and hauling.

I got up early on Friday because the kids were in school and it was DH's last day of overnights, so he was still sleeping. I did some things around the house (quietly) after getting the kids off to the buses and then started working back outside pruning, trimming and weeding the flower beds (more hauling & walking). I wasn’t planning to do any planting since early spring in N. Georgia is unpredictable and we could still get a freeze. When DH got up, we went to Wal-Mart to pick up mulch & some plants. I spent the rest of Friday afternoon laying mulch and planting some flower pots. DH took DD #2 and friend to run on Friday, but I was still working in the yard so I didn’t go, but I did play some badminton later after a yummy dinner that DH made!

DH had to work on Saturday morning (back to "regular" schedule), so I worked around the house and started getting things ready for Sunday. The weather report was "iffy" for Sunday, so I wasn't sure if we would be able to be completely outside. I decided to check e-mails for any updates from family members and there was an e-mail from DD #2's basketball program that the games were rescheduled (because of Spring break) and the high school girls were playing @ 12 (instead of 2). It was already 11:30 and the gym is 15 mins. away! DD #2 was at my Mom's house painting Easter eggs and I was in crappy sweats and hadn't showered! I called her to come home and get ready and I threw on some clothes. We got to the gym about 10 mins. late, but the first 35-40 mins. they do warm ups and drills, so she didn't miss much!! She did really well again, so she’s glad we got the e-mail in time (barely)!

When we got back home, DD #2&3 washed the cars, dog & front porch (it was a really nice day). We got out the folding tables & chairs and I put everything back on the front porch & deck. I had to run to Publix to get some last minute stuff for Easter, so I picked up chicken & salad for dinner (I missed lunch!).

We woke up Easter Sunday to rain! It had rained all night Saturday, but was supposed to stop Sunday morning and be partly cloudy to about 4 pm and then rain again. We went ahead and set up a small tent on the back deck over the table and set up 2 tables in our front room & dining room to prepare for people mostly eating inside. Our family Easter lunch & egg hunt starts about 1 pm. We usually have about 40-45 people, but this year was a little smaller group because a lot of people were out of town, so we had about 35 (extended family). It started raining as soon as we started eating, so we weren't sure about the egg hunt. Fortunately there was a break in the rain about 2 pm and the sun actually came out. It was wet and muddy, but the kids didn't care! I really didn't eat that much and we had some really healthy stuff, but I did have a piece of my aunt's coconut cake!

I was off Monday & Tuesday, so we were planning to go somewhere hiking. DD #2 was leaving for Florida with another family, DD #1 wanted to spend the day with boyfriend and DD #3 wanted a friend to come over and spend the night. No one wanted to go hiking with me! DH said he would pick up boyfriend and friend and work on the cars & tractor, so my sister and I headed over to my niece’s house and we went hiking with her, baby, my cousin's son (who is close friends with niece and he was off too!) and nieces 2 dogs. We went to a new hiking trail near her house. She wasn't sure how "stroller friendly" it was (she has an all terrain stroller), so we took the stroller and the baby backpack. After talking to some people who had been on the trail, we decided to take the stroller. It was a very hilly trail with some pretty steep inclines, but it was wide and not too rocky or “stumpy”. I ended up having to push the stroller. It was really hard, but I guess I was in the “best shape” of the bunch! We only hiked for 2.3 miles, but it was mostly inclines, so with that and pushing the stroller, it was quite the work-out! We had a late picnic lunch (I brought a bunch of healthy stuff!) and then my sister and I headed home.

My sister called Tuesday morning and my niece wanted to go hiking again. This time DH, DD #3 & friend and I met my sister, niece, baby and dogs at another location closer to our house. It was part of a national recreation area by a pretty big river. It was a beautiful trail. We walked along the river on a boardwalk, so it was very “stroller friendly”. DH took the hilly trail because he wanted to do some running. Apparently he would end up back on the “river trail”. We got to the end of the boardwalk (about .5 mile walk) and then walked out to the river over some rocks. It was an area with some “rapids” & big rocks so there were some kayakers filming. We sat out in the sun on the rocks and watched them. DD #3 and friend waded in the water, but the water was really cold (and only about 68 degrees outside), but they didn’t care. DH met back up with us and he said the trail was very steep in places, rocky & “stumpy” and narrow, so it was not “stroller friendly”. My sister took the baby and DD#3 and friend back to the car via the boardwalk and DH, niece, dogs & I took the hilly trail. It was quite the hike (about 2 miles), so again I got a good workout. (precious great-nephew & me at river)

We ended up the day going to a BBQ place that my niece raved about. It was ok (I’m not much of a BBQ fan), but the ice cream was good!

It was a good mini-vacation, but now I’m back to routine. I ate my healthy breakfast, packed my healthy lunch and I’m back at work. I’m pretty sore and stiff from all my mountain climbing, stroller pushing & yard work (my back hurts today). It’s supposed to rain tomorrow & Friday, so I want to run tonight after taking DD #1 to work. I don’t want to loose my running momentum because I want to be ready for my next 5K on 5/4!

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SUSIEMT 4/3/2013 3:39PM

    Woo Hoo to you! You were quite the busy beaver! I like how you said you must have been the fittest pushing that stroller. Or maybe they knew you wanted more exercise and were watching out for you!LOL Keep up the good work Coachmommy!

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COACHMOMMY 4/3/2013 2:16PM

    I've seen some of your "runs" and this one would be tame in comparison. It's the Amicalola River in North Georgia. I beleive these are Class IV rapids. We have some pretty good rivers in North Georgia and they are usually more challenging in the spring because of the rain (although too cold for me!). The kayakers that were there yesterday said they were pretty challenging and the water was real high because of all the recent rain.

My family likes to go kayaking in late spring and early summer when it's warm. We've done the Amicalola (the easy part that's up river) and it's a beautiful location (as is most of the N. Ga. rivers!)

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4A-HEALTHY-BMI 4/3/2013 1:46PM

    Sounds like you've had an active and productive weekend!

As a kayaker myself, I couldn't help scrutinizing the river behind you in the picture to see if it looks like fun and something I can run... LOL

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MIA & 2 Years of Maintenance!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I've been on vacation since last Friday. I usually don't go online that much over the weekend or while I'm at home, so I was surprised to see so many "comments" from Sparkpeople. I would like to thank all that wished me a "happy anniversary" for 2 years of maintenance!!

Of course, being a somewhat negative person (thanks Dad!), my first thought was feeling kind of bogus since I'm over my goal weight. I'm still well within the "maintenance parameters", so I'm pleased and proud that I've maintained this healthy lifestyle for 2 years. 2 years ago on March 31st I reached my Weight Watcher's goal!

Although I've not been keeping up with the tracking while I've been on vacation, my activity level was high. My eating wasn't out of control, but I ate a few things I probably shouldn't! I also haven't weighed for a couple of weeks, so I was a little concerned this morning, but I figured I'd just get right back on track. I'm pleased to say I lost 2 lbs!!!

Long update blog to follow . . .

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SUSIEMT 4/3/2013 11:36AM

    Yea you for exceeding your expectations. (losing 2 lbs). Keep up the good work!

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Weekends are killing me!

Monday, March 25, 2013

For the second weekend in a row, I've experienced some crappy eating and no exercise!

I'm usually busier during the week, so I don't know what it is about weekends that completely derail all my good efforts! Well, I have a pretty good idea.

During the week, I'm on a schedule. I get up the same time every day, have the same routine, pretty much eat the same breakfast and pack the same lunch. The evenings are pretty hectic, but it's planned chaos.

Yes, I've usually planned my chaos for the weekend, but it's a little more flexible. I had "plans" to run Friday after work. DH, DD#2 & friend didn't want to wait on me and they ran before I got off work. I had to take DD#1 to work and then DD#2 & 3 to church for a community service activity. I didn't get to run, but I picked up fish at the church fish fry (they have baked too and it's really good). I didn't eat any of the baked goods (the Woman's Club had a bake sale), but what do I do later in the evening? - I eat 2 peanut butter eggs! I actually felt gross the rest of the night and Saturday morning (you think I would have learned my lesson!).

I woke up late Saturday (DH's sleeping in on Saturdays is messing me up - see how I like to blame other people!) and had enough time to do some laundry and clean the kitchen before heading out to basketball. We got back from basketball and then went to Hobby Lobby for some stuff DD#1 needed for school on Monday (she's in 2 art classes). We picked up Chick filet for dinner. More crappy eating ensued later that evening!

Sunday morning DH made a big breakfast. I was supposed to go hiking with my sister and pick up my great-nephew. It was a cold & rainy weekend, so my niece didn't go camping. Sunday afternoon the rain had stopped, but the greenway trails were all closed due to flooding. There are other trails and of course the indoor & outdoor track, but I opted to lounge around on Sunday (keep in mind I'm still doing some housework, so not totally lounging). DH took DD#1 and boyfriend to a Mexican place that serves authentic Mexican food. I had some of a chicken fajita. It was good, but it really upset my stomach! Nothing worse than feeling sick during a long, crowded Palm Sunday Mass! I took boyfriend home after church and then picked DD#2 back up at church. I didn't eat dinner Sunday night, but once again, found myself eating crap!

Anyway, I'm not really concerned about the exercise. I still get in about 5 good workouts a week (running, exercise DVD, walking), especially in the Spring & Summer. Like I said, I rarely just "lounge around", my "lazy days" include a lot of house & yard work.

What still concerns me is the mindless, crappy, eating! I usually get it "back in control", but I don't want to go a couple of months like Oct - Jan. and then find myself 10+ lbs. over goal!

I gained a lb. last week, so I've still got 7 more lbs. to go to get back to WW goal! I'm sure this weekend didn't do anything for the "cause".

Oh well, back to routine - healthy breakfast and packed healthy lunch. I've got to find my willpower for the weekends!

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OOLALA53 4/1/2013 3:37AM

    What are you saying to yourself before you overeat? (Personally, I don't think crappy food is as much as a problem as overeating it. I've have many maintenance meals eating a rather moderate portion of rich food plus half a plate of fresh and cooked veggies. I usually skip my fruit "dessert" when having fast food or takeout. ) "Oh, it doesn't matter. "Oh, I should be able to eat crap." "I haven't eaten much. I'll just have a little." etc. Did you talk back to such thoughts when you were losing? Need to get back into that habit. Another thing that helps me when things really start feeling slippery is to review my reasons for wanting to eat sanely permanently. I have 42 reasons! I read it every day for at least a week. By then, the tide has usually turned. If not, I read it twice a day!

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SUSIEMT 3/30/2013 7:33PM

    Wow! You sound human! LOL You are one busy Woman, Wife and Mother! I would say for staying in Maintenance for two years you have done really well, except for the mindless, crappy eating. (your words not mine) Like I said you are human. I know what you mean by that Oct- Jan thing. Keep up the good work! Don't undo what you have accomplished! If you need help you know where we are!

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2 days of hard labor . . .

Friday, March 22, 2013

raking up the sycamore tree seeds! We live on about 12 acres and have about 2 acres of "yard". When we were building the house 15 years ago, DH wanted to cut down the sycamore trees because they have the prickly seeds that we call "gum balls". I was having "tree withdrawal" at the time because the property next to us had cold cut their land of hardwoods and I didn't want to see anymore trees cut!

Big mistake! And one that DH reminds me of each Spring. There are literally thousands (if not millions) of the prickly balls everywhere in the side and back yard and they hurt if you step on them (not good for an Easter Egg hunt). So every Spring we rake up and haul these off into the woods.

It's supposed to rain for the next 3 days, so DH wanted to get this done yesterday. He and DD#2 and my Dad (86 years old) worked on it last weekend (she's earning money for a Spring Break trip to Fl.). So for the past 2 days after work, I've been raking and hauling. All 5 of us worked on it last night and we finished. More of these "little buggers" will fall, but it won't be the massive invasion. Needless to say, I haven't been able to run, but I did get a good workout. I have blisters and my arms are hurting this morning.

The rain came in as predicted, so DH, DD#2 and I will run tonight in the gym. It's supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend, so there goes my hiking plans for Sunday. I've still got lots to do in the house to get ready for my Easter party next Sunday, so I'll be doing some housework like really cleaning the nasty basement that I try to avoid!

I'm hoping to see my little grandnephew on Sunday. My niece was supposed to go camping this weekend and my sister was going to pick up the baby and babysit Saturday night & Sunday. Not sure what they're going to do because of the weather, but I gotta see that baby!

I took DD#3 shopping last night for an Easter outfit and spring clothes (DD#1&2 had their day on Sunday). Everyone is disappointed because after weather of 70+, it's cold again and they can't wear their new Spring clothes! By the time we got home last night, I was so tired I really wanted to eat the peanut butter eggs, but I resisted!

It's been along week and I'm really looking forward to the weekend!


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