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I was doing so good this weekend, until . .

Monday, March 11, 2013

DH brought out the Reece's peanut butter eggs! They are my absolute "downfall"! I can pass up a regular peanut butter cup (although I do love them!), but there's something about the egg!

Anyway, I had a really good week so far with exercise. I did my DVD on Wednesday. I tried the "bodyweight burn" and found it took a little more coordination, but it was a good workout! As I mentioned, Thursday was a beautiful day. DD#2 and I ran at the park. She ran the track and then played some basketball and I went to the greenway. I ran a little over 2 miles and did about 40 mins. of running/walking.

I had to take DD#1 to work on Friday and DD#3 to the nearby mall for a sleepover at a hotel. Friday was my rest day anyway and that was good since it was late when I finally got back home.

DH finished his first week of "overnights". He has 2 more weeks to go. They worked extra hours Mon-Thur so they could leave earlier on Saturday morning. He got home about 3 am, so he was sleeping when I woke up on Saturday. I tried to be somewhat quiet, so I couldn't do much housework (darn!). I had to pick DD#3 up from her sleepover at 10:30 and then we had to leave for DD#2's basketball at 1:30. Turns out we really got there too early. The high school girl's "session" was 2-4 and they weren't able to start until right @ 2. They did drills and warmed up from 2 - 2:45 and then played a game. It was 2 hours of "hard core" basketball. She really is getting so much better!

DH wanted to run when we got home. He was too tired during the week, but he felt like he would sleep better with a little outside exercise & fresh air. We both ran about 2 miles and then walked about 15 mins. It was another 40 mins of exercise!

On Sunday I had all these plans to clean house and put out Easter decorations (can't believe Easter is only 3 weeks away!). My sister called and wanted to take her grandson (he's 4 months old) to the park since it was such a nice day. My niece and her husband were "sleeping in", so by the time we got to their house it was after 2 and they were up and ready to go to the park. Niece's husband played with their dogs and my niece, sister and I walked the trails with the baby (he is so cute!). So that was another 30 mins. of exercise.

I had missed lunch, so I was starving by the time I got home, so I had a left over turkey burger from dinner on Saturday. DH took DD#2 & 3 to church (DD#3 was an alter server) and DD#1 was just getting home with some friends and boyfriend. I had to take her boyfriend home and pick up DD#2 up from youth group, so it was after 8 by the time I settled in and then . . .

DH brought out those darn eggs. Since I missed lunch, I had extra points (WW), so I ended up using the rest of my daily points, all of my activity points and a few of my weekly! All for a peanut butter egg (2)! They were good, but I felt kind of yucky! I try not to "spend" my weekly points, just the activity points that I earn with exercise. I'll have to make sure I exercise today & tomorrow to get back those points!

Below is a picture of my too cute Great Nephew (and my sister).

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MJREIMERS 3/11/2013 11:48AM

    A splurge here and there won't undo all the good you did. I know that after working out so diligently all week it seems like a let down to eat candy, but think of how many calories you burned! (I've done the same thing when I'm overly hungry.) I try to have a snack planned in case or I pack some fruit.

You've got this!

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PEZMOM1 3/11/2013 9:50AM

    That was one busy weekend! Have a great Monday.

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GOMAMA10 3/11/2013 9:40AM

  WHOW! I burned off calories just reading all the riding and errands for family you did. I know you don't begrudge any of them, just take 2 vitamins instead of one HA! & pack a snack in your bag for the unexpected "layovers" you have. Stay strong!!

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A little, little loss . . .

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

is better than gaining! I lost .2 lbs. this week. I figured these last 6 lbs. would come off slow and I'm ok with that. As I mentioned in a previous blog, 2 years ago loosing the last 5 lbs. to get to my Weight Watchers goal took over 8 weeks.

Just like 2 years ago, my clothes fit well, I feel great, I'm exercising and my measurements are good.

I really didn't get in a lot of exercise this past week either (Wed-Wed). I ran last Wednesday and again on Monday. I had another good run on Monday. I did 2 miles straight in 24:36, walked about 2 mins. and did another 5 mins. of running. I got in about 3 miles of running/walking. I didn't do anything yesterday. We had some really weird weather, it was warm and humid and then a big storm came in about 5 pm. It was raining so hard, I couldn't even see while I was taking DD#1 to work. I wasn't planning on running yesterday anyway, but I was going to do my DVD. I ended up helping DD#3 with a Girl Scout project. She's earning a leadership award and her Cadette troop is working with a Brownie troop. They are working on a "diabetic" cookbook and everyone has to make a recipe. We made "diabetic" brownies last night. They looked a little weird, so we decided to taste them. They tasted awful and had a pretty bad aftertaste. DH said they might not taste that bad to someone who doesn't eat a lot of sugar - but yuck! I found another recipe today and we're going to try that tonight. She needs to be able to show the Brownie troop how to make them on Thursday.

The big storm last night brought in a cold front and it's about 40 degrees with 40+ mph wind gusts. A little north of us got snow. I guess it's not as bad as what the NE is getting hit with now!

Since I have to take DD#1 to work, DD#2 to basketball and help DD#3 again tonight, I'll just do my DVD workout and wait and run tomorrow. Thursday - Sunday is supposed to be beautiful - sunny & mid-60's so I'll make sure I get in some runs this week.

Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday, so even though I'll loose an hour of sleep, it will stay lighter in the afternoons. That gives me a lot more time to run/walk/play outside (and less excuses)!


Weekend of no exercise . . .

Monday, March 04, 2013

unless you count cleaning, driving and shopping!

I had plans to run on Friday with DD#2 after dropping DD#1 off at work. She wasn't in the "mood" and I had to get DD#3 fed and ready for her cookie booth that night. DH came home in time to take her and I took DD#2 to Kohl's to look for a bathing suit and a dress for her upcoming basketball banquet. We ended up going to Kohl's & Target. She found a bathing suit, but no dress. She's tall, so it's hard to find a dress that's long enough. She got her first bikini bathing suit (since she was a little girl). I wasn't too thrilled, but she looked good and it was fairly modest considering most of them!

I slept in a little on Saturday (8:30) and started cleaning my bathroom and bedroom. It's been a while since I've had the time to deep clean these rooms (especially the bathroom!), so it took me over 2 hours, in between doing laundry and helping DD#3 with her room. She's been watching too much HGTV and constantly wants to rearrange her room!

DD#2 had basketball on Saturday from 1-3. My goal was to drop her off and then run at the park nearby. It was really cold and windy on Saturday, so I ended up staying in the gym and watching basketball. It was the last day of "evaluations" and then they'll be placed on "teams". There are 3 different locations for this league, so they will continue to practice at their location during the week, but they may play on a "team" with girls from different locations on Saturdays. It seems pretty neat and I'm curious to see how it works out. She's done Fall training with this organization before, but this is the first time she's played in the Spring league. The owner boasts that this is a "no nonsense" basketball program and he's not kidding. They started out with drills and then went straight into "games" with very minimal breaks and then some more drills/running at the end. It is definitely for players that want to improve, so it is very competitive - these girls don't mess around! She was exhausted when it was over. She ended up taking a 2 hour nap when we got home and I continued with cleaning.

I had to take DD#3 to another cookie booth on Saturday night. It was so cold & windy. It was actually snowing (which is pretty rare for March in Georgia). It didn't stick, but it was pretty to see. We ended up closing the booth early.

Sunday morning I took DD#2 to confirmation class and when we got home, all 3 wanted to go to the mall. Shopping with 3 girls is not fun, especially for bathing suits! It starts early for girls feeling bad about their bodies and being critical when shopping for a bathing suit. No matter what I said, they found fault. Too bad they can't wear baggy shorts and t-shirts like boys can! There is definitely a lot of skin showing! DD#1 is very large chested, so she is very self-conscious. We found a nice bathing suit for her at Macy's, but it was $128! We're going to wait to see if it goes on sale and get my sister's Macy coupons. I want her to feel good, but $128!

DD#1 & 2 ended up going on their own for a while, which made it a little easier. DD#2 & 3 got a bathing suit and DD#2 found her banquet dress. By the time we got home, I was pretty tired.

I also went way over my daily WW P+ yesterday. I used up my activity points (since there weren't many!) and a few of my weekly points. I was so tired and I found myself really wanting to snack. The good thing is a still tracked!

DH starts overnights tonight. He goes in at 9:30 pm. It's going to be a little warmer this afternoon, so I'm hoping to run right after work. The only thing else we have tonight is DD#2 has basketball @ 7:30.



Friday, March 01, 2013

Although I'm pretty pleased with the results on the scale lately, there are a couple of NSV worth mentioning. Actually 3!

First of all, I ran 2 miles straight in about 24 mins. on Wednesday. I didn't have my stopwatch, so I'm not sure of the exact time. I had about a 45 min. window after dropping off DD#1 at work before I had to drop off DD#2 at basketball and DD#3 off at youth group. As I mentioned before, Wednesday was a beautiful day and the temperature was 60! I ran on the greenway (same place as race on Saturday). It was a great run!

This morning I put on a pair of pants I have been avoiding wearing since my weight gain Oct - Jan. They still fit last time I had them on, they were just very uncomfortable. They fit great and are even a little loose. The pants I had on yesterday were really loose!

So, even though I'm not quite back at my "2 lbs. below WW goal" (still about 7 lbs. to go), my measurements are actually a little lower (especially around the gut area). I attribute a lot of this to the body sculpting DVD! So that's really 4 NSV's. 1) increasing running distance, 2) pants fit, 3) measurements are great, 4) consistently doing DVD which includes some strength training!

I was going to take the 3 amigos (my daughters!) bathing suit shopping yesterday. Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment, but they all 3 need new bathing suits and if you wait too long, all the good choices are gone. Wednesday night we had a major teenage meltdown at the house! DH and I agree that they've not been getting enough rest, so last night after we ate, all 3 had to finish up homework, work on cleaning their room/bathroom and get to bed early (DD#1 & 2 had to "turn in their phones"). I felt like I needed rest too, so I lounged around on the couch and went to bed early!

DD#2 and I want to run tonight after we drop DD#1 off at work. We'll probably run in the gym because it's pretty cold and she's a sissy! DH is working the cookie booth tonight with DD#3 (hate those cookie booths)!

I really wanted to see my great nephew tomorrow. My sister is babysitting at my niece's house (about 45 min. away), but I'm not going to be able to go. DD#2 has basketball from 1-3 and DD#3 has a cookie booth - which I have to help emoticon

My sister is going to see if her daughter trusts her to drive the baby back to our house so he can visit with us and his great grandparents!

I don't think DD#2 will be playing games on Saturday, I think they're still doing evaluations, so I might run/walk while she's at basketball (she'll be at a park with trails).

Not sure what's going on Sunday. It's going to be cold all weekend - low 40's, which I know most people in the country would not consider cold, but hey, I have southern bones & joints (and old)! I used to be able to handle the cold better.

It will be a busy weekend, but I'm looking forward to adding to those NSV's!


2 years ago (again!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I lost a pound this week! I was hoping for a little more since I had a .8 gain last week, but I'll take it!

I was looking at my Weight Watcher trackers from 2 years ago (when I lost over 40 lbs.) and I noticed that in February of 2011 I weighed about the same as I do now. It took me 8 weeks to loose 6 lbs. to get to my goal weight. I continued to loose a couple of pounds after that during the 7 week WW maintenance period (where I had to weigh in every week). I can remember (and from reading blogs) feeling a little frustrated because it was taking so long to loose that last few pounds. I had already bought all my new spring clothes and I was feeling pretty good. I was trying not to concentrate so much on the scale.

It's a little ironic that at the exact time 2 years later, I find myself again having to loose 6 lbs. and having the same frustrations. Once again, I'm going to try not to worry so much about a number on the scale.

I am happy to say though, that I never abandoned my healthy lifestyle, just got a little off track with portions and snacking. I continued to exercise, drink plenty of water, eat fruits & veggies and whole grains. Getting "back on track" was a little easier and I tried not to feel "guilty" that I gained weight.

I just have to keep in mind that this is lifestyle and not a "quick fix". I'll continue to exercise, eat right and track (the one thing that was missing). Ironically (again!), I should reach my goal at about the same time as two years ago (hope this isn't a trend?!).

I'm also keeping up with my exercise goals. I ran 2 days last week and did 3 days of the body sculpting DVD. This is pretty impressive for me since I usually hate any kind of strength training. I did the DVD last night (DD#2 didn't feel like running and it was really cold & damp). I really like this workout and find it challenging and Coach Nicole and the other 2 chicks don't get on my nerves (like previous workout videos).

I have a lot of running around to do tonight. DD#1 has to work, DD#2 has weight training after school and basketball and DD#3 has youth group. DH is "off" today, but is doing a side job so I'm not sure what time he'll be home. Hopefully I can squeeze in a run. I would like to try to run outside because it'll be in the high 50's today and then cold for the rest of the week (including the weekend).

Ironically (again!) 2 years ago I was facing the same time challenges as I do now!

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PEZMOM1 2/27/2013 10:06AM


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