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Ick, too much rich food!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Today is my Dad's 86th birthday! We went to an Italian restaurant last night to celebrate. My Dad is very fit and in shape, but boy can the man eat! He and my Mom both are very slim and have never struggled with their weight. My 2 sisters and I all have struggled with it at different times in our lives. I attribute most of the reason that they've managed to stay slim is lifestyle. Neither one had "desk jobs". My Dad worked in a warehouse and my Mom worked retail and of course they didn't have the fast food and excessive processed food we have now.

Anyway, I mentioned before that I planned for this outing. I had all of my WW "activity & weekly points" saved up and I used minimal points yesterday before dinner.

As usual, we over ordered! The dinner was served in big plates and was passed around the tables. We had a couple of really good salads, so I ate plenty of the salad, one piece of bread and tried to minimize my portions on the pasta dishes. I had a "sampling" of a couple of the dishes and a bite of one of the desserts. Overall I didn't do too bad. However, I'm feeling the effects today. I think the food was really too "rich for my taste". I felt kind of yucky last night and still feel kind of yucky. I drank plenty of water with dinner and am already on my second bottle at work! I'm trying to "flush" out the extra garlic & sodium.

Anyway, I peeked at the scale this morning and although it didn't show a gain from last Wednesday, it was up over a pound from the weight on Sunday morning. Sunday morning, I had already lost 2 lbs. from Wednesday! I certainly know that the scale fluctuates and that's one of the reasons not to weigh everyday. However, it was a good gauge for me. One night of excessive calories is not going to derail me! We'll see what Wednesday shows as far as the scale is concerned.

I did pretty good with exercise. I took Friday as a rest day, ran on Saturday and did a 30 min. DVD workout Sunday morning.

DH said he wanted to run after work on Saturday (he got off at 6). I told him I would wait and run with him. I thought I had a free morning on Saturday, but DD#1 freaked out because she was not able to get online to buy Fall Out Boy tickets on Saturday morning. I had to rush her to the Ticketmaster counter at Publix. Come to find out, they weren't selling the tickets "retail", only online. All her friends (and boyfriend) were able to get tickets and she was having a "melt down" in the car on the way back home feverishly trying to buy tickets on her phone (ah 17 year old girls!) She was trying to buy a ticket for herself and DD#2, so I told her since everyone else was able to get a ticket, she should try buying "one at a time". Of course she thought my idea was stupid and I didn't know what I was talking about, but she tried it and guess what?! She got a ticket and then was able to go back online and buy DD#2's! Catastrophe averted, but that wasted a lot of my morning .

Anyway after dropping her off work later, DD#3 off at a friends and DD#2 at the gym for her last bball game, I was glad I had decided to run later, because I had no time at that point! DD#2 lost their last game by 2 points! She played really well so she wasn't too disappointed. She's really turned into a very aggressive player and I've had several parents comment how much she's improved (this is the 3rd year playing with some girls). By the time we got home from the game, DH was home and we went to run.

It was already dark and we had about 30 mins. before the indoor track was closing, so we decided to run on the outdoor track with lights. I thought I would change it up a little and see if I could run a mile straight. I couldn't quite get a mile in, but I ran 10 mins. straight, then did about 5 reps of the 1 min walk/4 min run (I'm not sure about the exact number because I kind of lost count), but I got in about 35 mins.

I'm a little disappointed I couldn't run a mile! I've been using that 1 min. walk as a "life line". Anyway, DD#2 wants to run tonight. She's done with basketball at school and her spring instructional league doesn't start for a couple of weeks, so she wants to make sure she stays in shape. Works for me because it's more motivation. I'm going to shoot for the mile straight again tonight. We have to run indoors because it's supposed to rain until Thursday!

So I'll have another busy week. DH works nights through Thursday and we leave Friday morning to go to visit his niece (with twins) in Florida. I should be able to run twice before then and get in a DVD workout.

We'll see how the scale reacts on Wednesday!

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MYUTMOST4HIM 2/11/2013 11:05AM

    You could be feeling the effects of sodium - even in salad.

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Total Body Sculpting kicked my . . .

Friday, February 08, 2013

it was hard and I'm sore! I got my Coach Nicole's Total Body Sculpting DVD yesterday. It was good timing because it was my cross-training day. I ran on Tuesday and again on Wednesday because it was such a nice day. DD#2 was really tired after her "whooping" on Tuesday and still sore from volleyball weight training, so she didn't want to run with me. I dropped DD#1 off at work and went to one of the greenway trails. We had a touch of "spring fever" and the park was packed. I had a really good run (1 min. walk/4 min. jog, 7x).

I don't want to jinx it, but I feel like I'm getting my "groove" back. I have through Tuesday with this rep. and then next Wednesday I start my 4th week of the 5 week plan (I did sort of repeat a week). The 4th week is to jog 35 straight minutes. I have 2 weeks before the 5K I'm running on 2/23, so this is pretty good timing.

So back to the DVD. I did the warm up, 19 min. dumbell routine & the cool down. The routine incorporated weights & arm & leg moves. I thought it would be pretty easy, but there were a lot of different moves, lots of lunges and I forgot how uncoordinated I am. I was able to keep up with the "intensity", but it was hard to keep up with moves. I really liked it though and I found her instructions easy and pleasant (not annoying like the other lady in the DVD I was doing). I'm looking forward to doing the other 2 routines.

After I finished up the DVD, I started to eat my dinner (a yummy stir fry) and DD#2 called. Her bball practice got cut short because the baseball team needed to use the gym because it was raining, so they got booted out (boys' sports always trumps girls', especially Freshman girls!). Anyway, since she only got about 30 mins. of practice, she wanted to go to the park's gym and run. Since I had to pick her up anyway, I decided I'd just walk at the track while she ran. She finished up her 2 miles quickly and the courts were empty, so we did about 30 mins. of shooting! So score for more exercise!

I'm enjoying entering my "activity points" in my Weight Watcher tracker. With WW, you can program it to use "activity points" before extra "weekly points". I never like to use the weekly points (although they are incorporated into the Plan), but feel I earned the "activity points". I have plenty earned for this weekend.

I hope to run either Saturday or Sunday and also do some of the DVD. DD#2 has her last game on Saturday and Sunday we're having a birthday dinner for my Dad. He'll be 86 years old on Monday. He is so active & healthy, we're truly blessed (although he is cranky!). We're going to an Italian restaurant that has "family style" dining, so good thing I have those extra points!

I also get to pick up Girl Scout cookies on Saturday. I "donated" my boxes to the military, but DH & the girls all bought some, so they'll be around the house. I also have to work 3 cookie booths the next couple of weeks with DD#3, but again, I feel like I have control.

I peeked at the scale and it looks like I've lost another lb.! I feel good about my progress and ready to "face" an upcoming party, Valentines Day candy, Girl Scout cookies and a long weekend trip next Friday to visit DH's niece in Florida that had twins back in December.

There will always be challenges, but hey, I've gota plan and I'm in control!


Depressing Show

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I usually only blog a couple of times a week (it's more of a journal for me), but as I'm sitting at my desk at work eating lunch and reading blogs, it got me thinking about a show I watched last night. It was on OWN, but I don't remember the name. I think the lady was Lisa Ling (?). Anyway, the show was on childhood obesity. I came in at the middle, but they spotlighted 2 children (12 year old & 4 year old) and a group in W. Va. The 12 year old girl weighed over 300 lbs. and the 4 year old boy weighed over 100 lbs. The group in W. Va. were in a small town and were working together to loose weight (Pound Punchers).

As a mother of 3 daughters, I really found it sad! It was so multi-generational, there just didn't seem to be an answer. I found myself mad at the parents, but then, they weren't taught any better, but they need to break the cycle. The parents of these children were also obese.

They showed one mother grocery shopping and the only fresh vegetable she's ever bought (ever) was greens & cabbage (which she made unhealthy with her method of cooking). She even said that fresh fruit & vegetables cost money, but so do chips & cookies (which she bought plenty of). I tried to not be be judgemental. DH came from a single mother home and was very poor. He said he was never taught to eat right (filling food & German food) as a child, but agreed with me now that there is so much information available, that shouldn't be an excuse.

The lady that led the group in W. Va. weighed over 400 lbs. (numerous medical conditions). A year ago she started a program in their community (they all worked at the Volunteer Fire Dept.) and they walked (on roads without sidewalks and mountainous) in rain, shine, snow, etc. She also got exercise equipment from the county and set it up @ the fire dept. They're doing great with the exercise (she wanted to especially do this for her 17 year old son), but struggle with eating healthy (they highlighted the vending machine and all of the unhealthy snacks). I don't know how many were in the group, but in a year the lost over 500 lbs. combined. This group was a "glimmer" of hope.

It was such a depressing statement to the health of Americans. My generation and younger are now more likely to not outlive their parents (even with all of the medical marvels available). The food we have available, while plentiful, is killing us!

DH and I struggle daily to try to be an example of healthy living for our girls, but we've made it a priority for our family. Of course we're not perfect, but we keep trying! We can't afford to join a gym, but we use the free facilities at our county parks & rec. & DVD's/weights at home.

I'll get off my soapbox, but at least watching shows like that reaffirm my commitment to a healthy lifestyle!

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JILLITA55 2/6/2013 1:35PM

    hope you do well in your commitment to healthy lifestyle!

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Lost a little

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I weighed in this morning for Week 2 of WW online. I did ok, I lost another lb., so that's 3 lbs. in 2 weeks. I'm good with this. My goal is to loose 4 lbs. a month for a total of 12 by the end of April. This will get me below my WW goal.

DD#2 had a 7:30 game yesterday, so DH and I were going to run when I got off work. DH had the baked ziti started when I got home and I just had to assemble and put in the oven. DD#2 was going to take it out of the oven while we were gone. I got everything ready, preheated the oven and then went to get dressed to run. I came back in the kitchen and the oven wasn't even warm! Fortunately my parents live next door (on our 12 acre property), so we dropped the ziti off at their house to bake while we went running!

Since we didn't have a whole lot of time, I was going to do the 1 min. walk/4 min. jog (6 times). I expected it to be hard since it's been over a week since I've even exercised. We ran on one of the flat trails and it was really nice to be outside. It was harder than I thought it would be! I was really, really slow. I miscalculated where to turn around and I ended up doing the 1/4 (7 times) and got in a good 40 mins. and 2.9 miles of walking/jogging (like I mentioned, I was slow!).

As soon as we got home, DH had to shower and take DD#2 back to the high school. I had just enough time to get the ziti, shower and eat before going to the game.

DD#2 had the worst game of the year! It was really bad, which was unfortunate because they've' been playing so well. This team has beaten them 3 times before, but each game was pretty close. They blew them out last night. DD#2's team could only score 4 pts. This team had their "number". They really shook them up and then proceeded to "crush" them. DD#2 ended up not playing at all in the 4th quarter. She was doing pretty good defensively (considering), but her offense really stunk. She missed 4 free throws! I guess the coach figured she might as well play the other 2 girls in DD#2's position, because the 2 starters weren't doing anything (the other 2 girls didn't score either and their defense wasn't as good as DD#2's).

Anyway, she was really angry and disappointed in herself and ended up crying the whole way home (very unusual for her). I felt so bad for her and tried to talk to her, but she just wanted to be left alone. She was able to talk about it this morning. I told her she's got to learn to "bounce back" and "shake it off" (her attitude stunk at the game which is also unusual for her). The mental part of the game is hard (especially for a hormonal 14 year old!). This was supposed to be their last game, but they have another one on Saturday with the private school (that they beat). Hopefully they'll play better and end the year with a win!

They don't have practice tonight (which they should, but I could go on and on about the coach), but DD#2 wants to run - I'm proud she's not just "throwing in the towel" after last night (did I mention it was bad!). I wasn't planning to run, but I'll drop DD#1 off at work and drop DD#2 off at the gym and I'll run on the trail. It's supposed to rain the next 2 days, so I want to run outside today.

I'm hoping my Coach Nicole DVD comes in. I want to do that tomorrow & Saturday, take Friday off and run again on Sunday.

Sorry for the sports rants & cliches, but I really felt bad about the game and DD#2 being so upset - I couldn't even sleep last night!

Looking forward to another good "week"!


Some days you just gotta be lazy!

Monday, February 04, 2013

That day was yesterday for me. Of course, I still managed to take DD#2 to confirmation class, go to church, do some cleaning (especially after DD#3 and friend made pancakes!), help DD#3 rearrange her room and put away laundry!

That was all done by around 2:00 and I was going to run with DH when he got home from work @ 4. I fell asleep on the couch watching Say Yes to the Dress! When DH got home, I didn't feel like going, so he went with out me (DD#2 didn't go either because she was sore from her bball games). Oh Well.

The weekend started out busy, so I guess that's why I was so tired on Sunday. Friday night DD#3 had her second play performance. I dropped her off at the auditorium and met DD#2 at the gym for the varsity basketball games (both were at the high school). We watched the girls' game and the "homecoming court". It was after 8 when I got home, so I popped a couple of frozen pizzas in the oven (Publix has really yummy organic pizzas) and I also had a salad.

DD#2 had 9 am basketball game and she had to be there early. I dropped her off and went to CVS and picked up some more coffee at Chickfila. I also got the bagel with egg & cheese. I left the chicken off (chicken @ 8:30 am seems gross to me!), so that made the WW points lower. DD#2 lost the first game, but they played pretty good and she had a great game. I dropped her off back at home and took DD#1 to the eye place to try contacts again. The first time she "freaked out" trying to get them in & out and left without the contacts. She did it this time and it only took 30 mins. (as opposed to the previous 45). By the time I got home, I only had about an hour and a half before the next bball game and I still had to shower and eat lunch.

DD#2 won the second game. She played well again. The team is finally starting to come together now that there's only 1 week left! They played in an older gym (lots of tournaments going on over the weekend) and the floor was really hard, so she was sore from falling, etc.

I had to work backstage at the play Saturday night, so DH, DD#2, friend, my Mom & Dad and sister went to the performance. I took DD#3 & friend home and DH went by and picked up Subway for dinner.

I told DH Saturday night that even though I was just a spectator (and driver) in all the activities, I was exhausted!

I did ok with the eating over the weekend. Even though I love football, I don't get into Super Bowl parties. I like to watch my games at home pretty much by myself! DH, DD#2 & friend watched with me (with DD#1 & #3 watching some of the commercials). DH had made ribs and we had a "taco bar". We made tacos with ground turkey and had some good toppings.

So even though I only went over a couple of points on Sunday (good Fri. & Sat.), I feel like I had a lot of "processed" food and sodium. Plus not getting any exercise didn't help. I didn't even want to weigh myself this morning. I'll wait and see what Wednesday brings.

I have another crazy day today. I'm determined to squeeze in a DVD tonight. I ordered the Coach Nicole Total Body Sculpting DVD. I'm hoping it will come in today, if not, I'll do the one I don't like!

The only after school activity tomorrow is DD#2's game @ 7:30. DH works in the morning, so he'll want to run when I get off work, so that's good. It's been over a week since I've run, so I'm sure I'll "pay the price"!


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