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Feeling Good!

Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm actually feeling better since I started back on Weight Watchers last Wednesday. DH wasn't even mad that I'm paying for it since I explained that even as a Lifetimer, I would still have to pay for the online tools. As I explained in my past blog, I find the P+ system of tracking easy for me. I peeked on the scale this morning and I'm about 2 lbs. down! Official weigh in is Wednesday.

In addition to the hopeful weight loss, I'm actually feeling better. I was experiencing some heartburn, discomfort the past couple of weeks (which I usually don't), but I've been feeling fine the past couple of days. When I eat well and don't give into the crappy snacking, I just feel better.

I felt some hunger pains over the weekend, but I would either just drink some more water or eat a piece of fruit. The family is actually enjoying the healthy dinners and DH is glad he doesn't have to cook or go to the grocery store as much. I actually went twice on Saturday because I was missing some ingredients for my veggie soup (yummy!). I'll have to go again tonight because we ate all the fruit and yogurt.

I did run on Friday. I had all my excuses ready - yucky weather, tired, etc. When I got home from work, DH was ready to go, so we dropped DD#1 off at work and went to the indoor track. DD#2 was sick, so she didn't go with us. She was actually sick the entire weekend. She wasn't running a fever this morning, but we kept her out of school. She'll miss Bball practice tonight, but hopefully be ok to play tomorrow. I think the reason she got sick is because all the "touching" of the basketball, hand slapping, etc. and they don't get a chance to wash their hands between plays! A couple of girls from her team have been sick and who knows about the other teams! The girls hate to miss practice because the "head" coach gets mad, but if they keep spreading the germs, they won't have any players to play!

Anyway, DD#3 and I rode bikes on Saturday. We went to the neighborhood behind us. I usually just cut through there and go to the greenway where it's flat. DD#3 just wanted to ride all the streets in the neighborhood and it was hilly and hard! I was panting and puffing and my knee hurt. When I woke up Sunday, my back was killing me!

DD#1 & 3 were disappointed that they couldn't have anyone over because of DD#2 being sick. I picked up DD#1's boyfriend and took them to the mall (it was their 3 month anniversary). Since my back was still hurting, I just layed around yesterday with sick child!

This week is going to be insane with play dress rehearsal & basketball. I'm determined to get in a couple of runs so I don't loose my momentum and I'm actually looking forward to weigh in on Wednesday!


WW Online

Friday, January 25, 2013

I mentioned on Monday that I was thinking about going back to Weight Watchers. I knew that for at least the next couple of weeks, I won't have time to go to meetings, so I decided to sign back up online. When I lost my 46+ lbs. 2 years ago, I was going to meetings and using the online tools. I did like the accountability of the weigh-ins and the recognition when I lost weight, but right now I just need to get back to the Plan. I find the PP+ tracking easy and I like the variety of food. I only need to loose about 8 lbs. and I'll be able to go back and attend the meetings for free (Lifetimer) if I'd like. DH & the girls were actually glad I'm back at it because they like the healthy dinners!

I started back with the tracking yesterday and did well. I kept some points for my "trigger" time when my snacking gets out of control (after 8 pm when I'm finally able to relax) and had a snack. I'm making a menu & going to the grocery store tomorrow (DH is glad of this because he's been doing most of the grocery shopping).

DH and I ran on Monday. We ran outside since the weather was nice. We ran on one of the flat trails, but it was harder running outside than on the indoor track. I wasn't getting 0ut of breath, but my feet and knees were hurting a little more. Not enough to quit and with my 1 min. walk/4 min. jog (7 x), I got in about 40 mins.

Tuesday was a rest/cross train day. I had to pick up DD#3 from play rehearsal, dump her off and go straight to DD#2's basketball game. They played really well and only lost by 2 pts. (to a team that beat them bad before!). All kinds of drama going on with the girls' basketball program, but DD#2 pretty much stays out of it. It's mostly with the new Head Coach and the varsity girls. Anyway, she's got about 2 more weeks of Bball (already started weight training for volleyball). She's opted to not play softball this Spring and wants to concentrate on Bball and maybe join a spring league. I know she'll be motivated to keep running, which will motivate me!

I had about a 45 min. window to run on Wednesday. Since it was fairly nice, I ran outside again. It was probably one of my best runs recently! I should have done some ST yesterday, but decided to take a nap, make a healthy dinner and do some laundry before picking up DD#2 & #3!

We were supposed to get freezing rain today, so they canceled school in our county. We got nothing! It's cloudy & cold, but no precipitation. It's probably over freezing now and then it's supposed to clear up later this afternoon - a wasted "snow day"! Because school was canceled, so were after school activities, which means the varsity games will be played tomorrow, so DD#2 doesn't have a game tomorrow. This is good news since she woke up sick this morning!

DH is off today, so hopefully he'll run with me this afternoon since DD#2 is sick. I hope the indoor track in open, but since it's a county facility, it could be closed. It will really be too cold & dreary to run outside, but I guess I will if I have too. I don't want to loose my momentum.

It's supposed to be a really nice weekend. I plan to get some major cleaning done and since I won't have basketball or football, I'll have time for exercise!


The best laid plans . . .

Monday, January 21, 2013

My "week" runs Wed/Wed. I had plans to finish off last week and run Monday & Wednesday and do ST on Tuesday. My "new week" started on Thursday. That would have been 3 days of running/walking and 2 days of ST. Guess what, I didn't do it! I did run on Wednesday, so I had 2 days of running and 1 day of ST.

Thursday started off crazy with having to take DD#1 to the orthopaedic (she's been experiencing severe knee pain) and then having to work late. DH had to take our part of the "team dinner" to the high school. We had some bad weather move in Thursday night and our school system delayed opening 2 hours on Friday. I did take advantage of that and instead of sleeping late, did some ST! I also ran Friday after work with DH and then played some Bball with DH & DD#2.

The weekend was pretty much a bust with major driving of the kids on Saturday, DD#1 had to work, DD#2 had a basketball game & DD#3 had a party to go to. I did manage to do a little laundry/cleaning, both no exercise! My plan was to pick up DD#2 Sunday morning (she was spending the night) and we were both going to run. I had to end up picking up DD#1's boyfriend (long story) and by the time I got back home, I was starving and it was almost time to watch football!

I'm really not that concerned with my exercise. I'm pretty active and with DH & DD#2, I usually end up running 2-3 times a week. I'm also getting better at the ST (1 day is better than none) and still just need to find something I'll stick to.

My main concern right now is getting the eating back in control I thought about going back to Weight Watchers to get back to the accountability. I'm 9 lbs. over goal! DH would be pretty mad having to pay for something (that I should be getting for free since I became a Lifetimer). One good thing that would come out of it is when Mama is eating right, so is the rest of the family and I take the time to work with the family and come up with healthy dinners. Why do I have to "pay" to do this? I'm not sure!! You think I would have learned by now?!

Anyway, DH and I are going to run right after work. It's going to be a nice day, so we're planning to run outside. Neither one of us have the day off, but the kids are out of school. DD#1 has to work, DD#2 has basketball practice and DD#3 has Girl Scouts. We can drop off DD#1, run and then take the other 2! That takes care of a work out, but what about dinner?

Life is hectic, but never dull!

On a sad note (for me anyway). My beloved Falcons lost on Sunday so there goes my Super Bowl dreams! I really hate both the teams that won, so maybe I won't even watch. The good news is football season is over. That's really the only sport I watch (besides DD#2), so that frees up my Sunday afternoons!


Exciting Football Weekend

Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm exhausted by my weekend of football! My beloved Falcons pulled it off Sunday afternoon and live the play another game!

Needless to say, my weekend was spent mostly watching football! I started Week 2 of my running program on Thursday. DH, DD#2 and I went to the indoor gym. I did 1 min. walk/4 min run (6 times). I was able to transition to this pretty easily (but it was still hard).

Friday night DD#1 had to work and DD#2 had a basketball game. They lost the game, but she played great! She's finally starting to "play as she practices". The first half her team didn't score many points, but they pretty much "shut down" a much better team. DD#2's team only had 8 players since 3 of the girls were playing for JV that night. It's been a little weird this year because some high school's have "true" Freshman teams (like the team Friday night), where the girls only play on the Freshman team and don't also play JV & Varsity. It usually means these schools have a big basketball program and are able to "field" 3 good teams. It also means that a "true" Freshman teams practices as a team at all practices. It puts some teams at a disadvantage, but Freshman teams are really just "transitional" and gives a lot of kids a chance to play and get ready for the competiveness of JV & Varsity. DD#2 was a little disappointed she's not playing JV also, but she gets a lot of playing time just playing Freshman (she played all but about 2 mins. on Friday) and she's really starting to mature as a player.

Anyway, DD#2 scored 12 pts. the second half (team high) and played awesome on defense! After the game, she wanted to get ice cream, but we ended up just going by Publix and picking up some stuff for sundaes. I didn't eat any that night (but did give in Saturday night!).

I spent Saturday morning/early afternoon cleaning house, doing laundry & driving kids around. I was going to do some ST and by late Saturday afternoon I had the house all to myself! DD#1 was on a double date with my niece and wouldn't be home until later, DD#2 & #3 were spending the night away and DH was working until 10:30. So what did I do, I took a nap and watched football (also ate a bunch of crap included before mentioned ice cream)!

I planned on waking up Sunday and running before football. I was waiting to hear back from DD#2 to run with me (still at friend's house), but she didn't get home until 12:30. My Falcons' kick-off was 1:00, so I didn't want to run then. I had already done my resistance band work-out that morning and showered, but I was still planning on running with DD#2. She ended up going by herself and walking to the greenway. I wasn't too thrilled about her going alone, but it's a very active neighborhood that's behind us that has a greenway entrance and she had her phone. I wasn't leaving because it was only the 3rd Quarter!

After much excitement and more eating of the "crap", I felt yucky and didn't sleep well last night. Today is a very rainy Monday, but I'm determined to run tonight. I'll drop DD#1 off at work and go to the indoor track. I'd really like to run outside, but it's supposed to rain this week until Thursday - so no excuses! It will be another busy week. DD#3 has play rehearsal Tue/Wed/Thurs the next 3 weeks to get ready for the first performance on 1/31, so that will add extra stuff on the calendar. The good news with her rehearsal is it's right after school, so she doesn't get picked up until 6:00. So there's still plenty of time to work in the exercise!

We'll see on Wednesday if my crappy eating over the weekend did any damage. Plans this week:

Monday - run
Tuesday - ST (or rest) - DD#2 has basketball game
Wednesday - run
That will get my 3 running days in this "week". On Wednesday it will be 1 min. walk/4 mins. run (7 times), so that will increase the run time and the workout 5 mins. I'll do that same routine for week 3 (starting Thursday) and by the 4th & 5th week I should be jogging/running 35-40 mins. That will get me back to my "pre slump" running. It sounds a little aggressive, but it's not like I wasn't doing that a couple of months ago.

Just need to stay motivated!

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ARUSHING2 1/14/2013 12:14PM

  Best thoughts for a great and successful week for you.

Keep it up and keep with it!

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Did OK

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I did ok after my first week "back to routine". I kept up with the exercise and was pleased with that progress. My eating was better, but I need to get back to a plan & tracking. I really haven't gone to the grocery store yet to stock up, so I've just been eating what's on hand (we always have fresh fruits & veggies, whole wheat, etc.) and I've managed to eat pretty healthy (if I can just stay away from the salty Scrabble Cheeseitz).

DD#2 didn't have practice on Monday so we went to the gym as soon as I got home from work. I thought my walk/run routine would be easier since I was back on a flat track, but it was still hard! I finished that up and then rebounded for DD#2 for about 20 mins. I did a resistance band workout last night. I tried to play the upper & lower body videos from Spark, but they kept "loading" so it was annoying. I ended up just doing what I could remember from those and part of the "seated" routine. I did about 20 mins., so I guess that's ok. I really need to find something consistent that I like with this, or I'll probably quit like I did with the dumbbell workouts!

My sister called me last night. She and my oldest sister were going to join the fitness classes that the county has at their different rec. centers. They live about 15 miles north of me, so they were going to go to one closer to their houses. My oldest sister decided not to join (her husband is cheap!), but DS#2 went ahead and signed up. I think she was trying to convince me to, but we just can't afford it right now and I really can't commit to go to a particular class with her (distance and my wonky schedule). I really would like to do a strength training, core class, but I guess I'll just have to stick to what I'm doing for now.

On a positive note, I did loose 2 lbs.! I figured I'd do pretty good the first week just getting back to routine and stop the crappy eating.

Tonight is a "rest" day on my running program, but I might do a resistance band workout. I have to get dinner started and DD#1 to work and then take DD#2 to Bball practice @ 7, so I will be pretty busy. DH is off from his "regular" job the next 3 days, but he started a side job today, so he's not sure what time he'll be home at night.

Tomorrow starts the first day of Week 2 of the running program. I'll have to do 1 min. walk & 4 min. run (6 times). I think I'm ready to advance to this. It's about the same time, just a little more running! DD#2 has am practice on Thursday and the team dinner @ 6, so she'll probably want to run right after school. If not, I'll just go myself right after work. If she doesn't go, I'll go to one of the "greenway" trails if it's not raining. I haven't been to one of those in a while since DD#2 likes to run at the indoor track. I'll have to get back to take DD#2 to the dinner and pick up DD#3 from play rehearsal.

DD#2 has a game on Friday night, so that will probably be a rest day.

I'm looking forward to playoff football this weekend. I did a lot of "running" around last weekend and missed parts of the games, but I told my girls not to bother me (especially from noon - 4:30 on Sunday - that's when my beloved Falcons play!). DD#2 doesn't have a game on Saturday, but they might have practice. I'll try to get a run in and my cleaning done before the game @ 4:30. DD#1 is making some kinds of plans with BF and my niece and her husband (niece is 27, but really close to DD#1 who is 17). I told them whatever they plan, if I have to do any driving, they'll have to work it around football! DD#3 has 4.5 hour play rehearsal on Saturday (the play is at the end of the month), but she'll be done @ 2:30.

It will be a busy rest of the week and weekend, but I'm determined to stick to it!


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