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Not too bad!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I weighed this morning and I lost 1.6 lbs. So that's not too bad. I've been doing pretty well with the eating. It was a pain to make the menu on Sunday and stick to it, but we've had 2 days of healthy dinners and I've kept my snacking to a minimum! My breakfast & lunch during the week are always good and we have a tasty dinner planned for tonight!

On the exercise front this week (Wed-Wed), if I run tonight (that's my plan), I'll have 3 days running & 1 day ST. Decent week. I had planned to run yesterday, but ended up helping DH with the outdoor lights before taking DD#2 to practice and going to DD#3's band concert. We go way overboard with the outdoor lights, but we don't live in a subdivision, so no one can complain! Since the leaves are off the trees, the subdivision that backs up to our property gets a beautiful Christmas display!

DD#2 doesn't have Bball practice tonight, so she wants to run. She's actually going to go with DH & a friend right after school. I'm taking DD#1 to work and will go straight to the park. I'll only have about 35 mins. before it gets dark! If it's raining, I'll go to the indoor track.

The rest of the week is pretty busy. DH doesn't work tomorrow night, so I'm going Christmas shopping right after work. I ordered stuff on Amazon today and I hope to knock off most of the list tomorrow!

Friday DD#2 has morning practice and wants to run again. I hope to squeeze in some ST on Saturday morning before taking DD#1 to work and DD#3 to play rehearsal They have a 4.5 hour rehearsal on Saturday! My Dad is going to have to pick her up because I'll have to take DD#2 to her basketball game. Her game is at 3:00 (about 45 mins. away). We might stay and watch some of the other games after hers, so it will be a long day!

DD#1 wants to "hook up" with the boyfriend on Sunday. I would really like to go the the big mall that's by his house, but I have to be back for a meeting at church at 3:00 (we're doing a live nativity), so it's not worth it. I'll try to get in a run on Sunday morning before my 11-1 Falcons come on @ 1:00.

I've been a little freaked out with everything going on the next couple of weeks. My girls are out of school on 12/21 - 1/7 and I'll be on vacation 12/21 - 1/2 (12 days!). I should be able to get in a lot of exercise and hopefully keep the eating under control! I just got to get through the next 2 1/2 weeks!

Picture of DD#3 after the band concert.

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CHUM48 12/5/2012 12:09PM

    To yourself a favor! Be kind and be gentle to yourself!

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A little overwhelmed

Monday, December 03, 2012

DH and I ran on Friday. I actually had a pretty good run. I was going to do the 10 min run/3 min walk (3 times). We only had about a 35-40 min. window, so I stretched out & ran 10 mins., walked 3, then ran 12 mins & walked 3 mins. I decided to just run the rest of the way and that was an additional 6 min. run. We had to do a quick stretch and then pick up DD#2 from basketball practice. Since DD#1 was at a party and DD#3 was at a "rock a thon" (Middle School band fund raiser), we got Subway for dinner. Friday was pretty good!

My goal on Saturday was to wake up and do my ST routine. I had to make eggs & pancakes for DD#2 (she had an 11 am game) and pancakes for DD#3 & friend. DD#2 lost again on Saturday (closer though), but she played a great game. She didn't start, but played about 3/4 of the game. I know she's my child, but I'm pretty objective about my children (don't always think they're perfect!), but I was a little frustrated she didn't start again. They keep starting the same 5. Again, she gets a lot of playing time, but you always want to "start". She was actually the high scorer of the game and she's a defensive player and rebounder! She scored 7 out of the 19 points. This team has got to come up with some offense. As mentioned before, the 6'4" girl is on the varsity team!

Anyway, after the game, I had to pick up DD#1's boyfriend (we have a halfway meeting point). When we got back home, it was already 2 pm and I had a huge Christmas explosion all over the house. I spent the rest of the afternoon sorting through totes and decorating. I did a bad job last year when I packed away Christmas - I couldn't find anything. I watched the SEC Championship while decorating the den! (Georgia lost ). I pretty much worked on the decorating until about 7:30 pm and then had to drop of the boyfriend - so no exercise Saturday!

Sunday morning DD#2 had confirmation class. When we got home from class, we decorated the tree and I still had more decorations to put out! I ended up getting a major headache and had to lay down for about an hour. By then it was time to take DD#3 to church (she's an alter server so has to be there early). We had Subway again for dinner!

DH was a little mad that we ate out twice over the weekend. We're trying to keep a budget. We worked out a menu last night and he went to the grocery store this morning. So I'll eat pretty healthy this week.

As usual, every night this week there's something going on. Tonight is going to be insane! All 3 have to be dropped off & picked up (DH is working). Plus I have tonight's dinner to get in the oven (DH is going to do some prep before he leaves). So, there's no running tonight. Fortunately, this is the only night he works, so I might be able to squeeze in a run tomorrow before DD#2's basketball practice (she has the late schedule this week) and DD#3's winter band concert. Practice starts at 6:00 and DD#3 has to be at the school at 6:00. The good news is the Middle School is using the High School's auditorium, so they're at the same place!

The reason I'm a little overwhelmed is in addition to the crazy schedule, there's the added stress of Christmas! I'm pretty much finished decorating. Still need to clean up a bit, but I haven't even thought about shopping! The girls don't get out until 12/21, so the next 3 weeks will be crazy with school, etc.! Plus the 2 high schoolers have mid-terms!

I know there's things I can do, and I will! I really want to keep up with my running since I feel like I'm gaining some momentum. I'm not going to get out of control with the eating! I just had to get this off my chest.

Now I think I'll eat lunch! Subway again (I have the other half of my sandwich)!

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BLUE42DOWN 12/3/2012 1:02PM

    Whew, sounds exhausting just reading through that.

emoticon on the good run you did have!

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Doing pretty good . . .

Friday, November 30, 2012

Tuesday night we got our Christmas tree. DD#2's Bball practice ended early, so DH said he would pick her up which allowed me to do my 20 min. ST routine. We all picked up DD#3 from play rehearsal and went straight to Home Depot to get our tree. Our tradition the past 3 or 4 years has been to get the tree and then go to Steak & Shake for dinner (right next to HD). I know, not the best place to go, but I went ahead and splurged and got the burger, fries & milkshake!

I ran right after work on Wednesday. DD#2 had a late Bball game (7:30). The Freshman team is not doing too well. They've lost the first 2 games. 7 out of the 11 girls on the Freshman team played together on their 8th Grade team at Middle School, but they don't have their 6'4" (at 14) player anymore. She's actually on the Varsity team. She was always good for 20+ points a game. She would just stand under the basket and the girls would feed her the ball! They need to come up with a new offensive weapon! The 2 teams that beat them both played Freshman girls that are on their Varsity roster (I'm a website stalker). Makes for a good Freshman team, but doesn't give the other girls as much playing time.

I digress, I did pretty well on the run Wednesday. I ran/walked 7min/ 3 twice and on my 3rd 7 min. run, I ran over 10 mins. I was pretty far from the car, so I had to walk for about 6 more mins. It was about 40+ mins total. I'm going to try to run right after work again today. DD#1 doesn't have to work and DD#2's Bball practice is over @ 5:30, so I have about an hour window! I'm going to go for 10 min. run/3 mins. walk (3 times). If I can do that, I'm going for a mile straight! I'll be back to 5K form in no time!

Speaking of 5K's, one of my end of the year goals is to sign up for 2 5K's to complete by February. I found 2 in my area in February (9th & 23rd). I actually did both of these this year and I really like the routes - the first one is hilly and the second one is on the greenway, so it's flat. I'm going to sign up by next week, so that will be one goal completed! That also give me over 2 months to get ready!

If I run tonight and do my ST tomorrow, I'll have met my goals for the week! DD#2 has a Bball game @ 11 am, so I'm going to do the ST before the game. When we get home, I have to pick up DD#1's boyfriend, watch the SEC championship (go Dawgs) and decorate the tree.

Sunday will be busy too. DD#2 has confirmation class in the morning (and I'm a small group leader), DD#3 is an alter server for 5 pm Mass. That give me about 4 hours in the afternoon and I think I'll just relax (maybe hike somewhere). My beloved 11-1 Falcons beat the New Orleans Saints last night so I don't "have" to watch football (but I probably will)!

Pretty good week. The eating is still not great, but I'm not snacking/overeating at night, so it's all good! We'll see on Wednesday how the scale reacts.

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BROOKLYN_BORN 11/30/2012 11:17AM

    Good for you getting in the workout during a busy day. Kids activities are so important but take up a lot of time.

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MUNCHNIT 11/30/2012 10:59AM


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MYBULLDOGS 11/30/2012 10:58AM


emoticon on your success

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SCRAPPINPOLLY 11/30/2012 10:56AM

    WTG! You're doing great!

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An Average American :(

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I read somewhere in the past that the "Average American" gains about 7 lbs. over the holiday season (Thanksgiving - New Year). Well, I'm already ahead of the game! I went ahead and weighed this morning and I gained back what I lost in September and am now 9 lbs. over my lowest weight and 7 lbs. over my WW goal. This is the highest I've weighed since I lost my weight 20 months ago (almost 2 years!).

The silver lining is I am aware of this and am getting back in control (again). Sometimes I think that since weight loss has been such a big part of my life, I don't know what to do if I don't have some lbs. to loose (a little self-evaluation).

My eating has been "out of control" that I'm a little surprised I haven't gained back more! I was off most of Thanksgiving week and that gets me out of my routine. I was very busy, but managed to get in exercise last week. On Tuesday, my sister and I took a 3+ mile walk on a hilly trail. She's let her running go more than me and didn't even want to attempt to run. I spent all day Wednesday cleaning house and getting the tables set up for Thanksgiving. We hosted again this year. We had a total of 17 people - 18 counting my new little baby great-nephew. My niece had her baby on 11/16 and he is the cutest baby ever!

Anyway, DH and DD#2 were going to run a 10K on Thanksgiving morning. He was going to put the turkey in the oven by around 5 am (he does most of the cooking!) and then run the race. He's still running about 3+ miles (he's a rock star) and was going to do the best he could with 6.2 miles. DD#2 ended up not wanting to get up @ 7:00 am (she had 6 am. Bball practice the morning before!), so they skipped the race. They did go run about 10 am. I didn't go because I still had a lot of "prep" work to do before everyone came about 1 pm and I didn't want to stress! My 2 sisters, DD#3, the dog and I took about a 45 min. walk later in the evening before it got dark, so that was nice.

I spent Friday morning cleaning up and packing away Thanksgiving getting ready for Christmas decorations! Friday afternoon when DH got off work, we spent about 2 hours working in the yard. We raked leaves, re-seeded and fertilized (over an acre of lawn). I used the spreader and walked consistently pushing it for about 45 mins. (it was kind of heavy and I had to walk briskly to get an "even spread"). We were going to run, but I was tired after that!

I did run again on Saturday morning. I did the 5 min. run/5 min. walk for about 35-40 mins. Last night I did 7 min. run/3 min. walk. I'm trying to build back up my endurance. If I can stay consistent this week, I'm going to increase to 10 min. run by this weekend and then go for a mile straight after that. I try not to get disappointed when I think back that about 7 months ago I was running 3+ miles. I decided I was going to check out some 5K's that I did in January & February and sign up for a few. That kept me motivated before and hopefully keep me running through the holidays to get ready.

We're getting our Christmas tree tonight after DD#2's Bball practice and DD#3's play rehearsal (we'll decorate this weekend). I won't have time to run, but I'm going to do my ST routine (still don't like it, but it's better than nothing at this point).

My goals for the rest of the year:

Increase running endurance and get back to 2 miles straight. emoticon

Sign up for 2 5K's to complete by the end of February emoticon

ST twice a week - emoticon

My weight loss goal is to loose 4 lbs. by the end of the year, but really I'd be happy to just maintain and not gain anymore through the rest of the holidays!

Oh yeah, and the Georgia Bulldogs to win the SEC and the National Championship and the Atlanta Falcons to clinch a playoff berth! emoticon

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BROOKLYN_BORN 11/27/2012 3:31PM

    It sounds like you've had a lovely Thanksgiving. You're not the average American because you are going to get rid of your weight gain. You've got a plan! Hang in there,

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FIRECOM 11/27/2012 9:44AM

    I think the most frustrating element of having a weight problem is that there is no end to the battle. I feel that I can never let my guard down - not for a minute. This is a great blog post.

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No Exercise this weekend and the Falcons lost!

Monday, November 12, 2012

It seems like all my blogs lately have been about me not doing what I say I'm going to do :(

So, again this weekend, I didn't get in any exercise, although I boldly proclaimed on Thursday that I would run on Saturday & Sunday!

Friday was DD#1 - 17th Birthday! We had a small family party for her Friday evening. She wanted Chinese food (we get this about twice a year) and lemon cake. It was just the five of us and my parents. It was a very nice evening and I tried not to eat too much. She got just what she wanted $$$ and DH made her a "donkey" which is a type of easel/bench for drawing/painting (it was really nice - I didn't even know he had made it!).

DH was off Friday & Saturday (miracle), but spent both days working on his van (had the front end completely taken apart), so that left us with 1 vehicle. On Saturday morning, I dropped DD#3 off at play practice and then picked up DD#1's boyfriend to spend the day "hanging out" (he lives about 22 miles away). I picked DD#3 up from play practice at 2:30 and DH had the van put back together and new tires by then! DD#2 wanted to run/play basketball since she didn't have practice. It was my goal to go with her, but I ended up going to bingo night with DD#3 (her Girl Scout troop was hosting the first session and then we got to play the 2nd session). So DH got to take DD#2, a friend, DD#1 and boyfriend to the park and I got to go to bingo. Turns out it was a lot of fun (I really do like bingo) and DD#3 won a $25 Bath & Bodyworks gift card! Me, nothing.

Since I did so much running around on Saturday, I had mega laundry to do on Sunday. Of course, DH had to work! I woke all 3 girls up pretty early (DD#1&2 stayed up late watching scary movies so they were grouchy!) and had them help me. I then had to take DD#2 to the high school (the basketball team was going to a girl's college basketball game @ Georgia Tech). I got back just in time to watch a little pre-game and settle in for the Falcons/New Orleans game. The Falcons lost their first game of the season (and to the Saints no less!!). As soon as the game was over, DD#1&3 and I went to 5:00 pm. Mass.

I think you get the picture by now. Very busy weekend equals no exercise . . . yes there were plenty of opportunities. I certainly had time to do some strength training on both days and I could have ran earlier in the morning on both Saturday & Sunday before I started all my "stuff".

So, I don't really want to put down what I plan to do today! It's raining and of course I have 2 of the 3 kids to run around tonight. I do have a good dinner planned, so I should be able to do my strength training routine after I pick up DD#2 from Bball practice and before I eat dinner.

I've decided to weigh every other week, so I'll have to weigh this Wednesday. My next weigh in after that will be the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, so at least I'll get a gauge of how Thanksgiving went before the Christmas festivities start.

I need to make this a priority in my life. I worked really hard to loose that 46 lbs. and become a "runner". I don't need to let up now.


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