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Happy Birthday to DD#1!

Friday, November 09, 2012

Today is my oldest daughter's 17th birthday! Time flies when you're having fun! We're going to celebrate tonight with chinese food & cake! Oh boy, I'll just have to try hard not to over indulge!

The kids were out of school on Tuesday. DD#1 went to the mall with a friend and DD#2 wanted to play a little basketball (even though she had practice @ 6). She had a friend over, so DH, DD#2 & friend, DD#3 and dog and I went to the park when I got off work. We had about an hour, so DH, DD#3, dog and I went to the trail and DD#2 and friend stayed at the basketball courts (and to check out 2 guys that were running on the outdoor track by the courts - found this out later! No wonder she wanted to play basketball before practice!).

DH took off running which left me with DD#3 and dog. We ran a little bit, but she didn't want to run the whole time. She was having a good time with the dog and all the rabbits and squirrels that were running around the trail. I didn't want to leave her alone, so we stuck together. In all honesty, I probably ran about as much as I could! DH is still doing so good on his running - ran the entire 3 miles, I'm a little jealous.

Anyway, I ran again yesterday after work (by myself) and did a 5 min. run/5 min. walk. I got in about 35 mins. of running/walking. I felt good doing this and my running was better. I'm going to do this a couple more times and slowly increase the running. I also did the stretch routine that's at the park and it's a good 5-7 mins. of stretching that includes some upper body work. While I was finishing up my run, DD#2 called and said they got out of basketball early and I needed to pick her up, so I didn't get to do the stretch routine after the run/walk.

I'm a little disappointed with her basketball coach. I mentioned before that all 29 girls practice together. At the parents' meeting, he stressed how important practice is and mandatory. What he should have said is that applies to the varsity girls (and some JV) but not the Freshman! So far since last Tuesday, he's called off Freshman practice 3 times. They didn't practice last Saturday and didn't have practice this morning or tomorrow. DD#2 mentioned that she thinks part of it is because the Freshman coach couldn't make it. I know things come up and change, but I think this is sending a bad message to the girls. Plus, he posted the practice schedule a couple of weeks ago (again indicating Saturday practice is mandatory), so we didn't sign DD#2 up for a church retreat this weekend that's a lot of fun because we didn't want her to miss practice and now it's cancelled. Oh well, I just wanted to vent!

DD#2 is also disappointed (she loves basketball) and asked last night if we could go to the park to run and play Bball today after school. I think it's mainly to check out the boy again (he apparently runs every day getting ready for track!). We're not going to go tonight (DD#1 birthday), but I told her we would go tomorrow & Sunday. I guess she'll have to check out the running dude's schedule this weekend! Hey whatever it takes.

DD#1 wants to hang out at the mall tomorrow with new boyfriend & friends. Since it's her birthday weekend and she's been doing really well on her grades, we'll try to work something out to take her (she really needs to get that driver's license!). DD#3 has play practice tomorrow morning and then we've volunteered for Bingo Night for the Girl Scouts Saturday night.

So it will be another busy weekend, but I'm going to get in those runs. The Falcons play on Sunday @ 1:00, so I'll run with DD#2 before the game. DD#3 wants to go to 5:00 Mass so she can check out the alter servers (she volunteered to be an alter server and her first time is a week from Sunday).

I just need to get that eating in control and get rid of that Halloween candy. I keep forgetting to take it to the church and had a bunch last night again. I think all the chocolate is gone, so I won't be tempted. I really don't like any other kind of candy, just chocolate!

Have a good weekend and Go Falcons! emoticon


November Goals?!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Well October ended with me over indulging in candy! We still have a lot around, so I'm taking a big bag to the church tomorrow (we'll be sending some to the troops & making "goody" bags to put in with food to take to the homeless around Thanksgiving). My mindless snacking is out of control too! My girls have even commented on my crappy eating!

My exercise has been a little off too! I finally broke down and bought new shoes last Monday. I've only used them 3 times since then! I ran last Tuesday and the shoes are great, but I'm still struggling on my runs. I did the 10 min. run/5 min. walk thing again. I got in over 2 miles and I felt pretty good. It was cool (and still windy), so it was great running weather.

After I ran, I picked up DD#2 from basketball try-outs. She made the team! The head coach (along with other coaches) talked to each girl individually (34 girls) after try-outs, which I thought was kinda cool. He told DD#2 that he likes her work ethic and attitude, but she needs to work on being more aggressive (DH and I have been telling her this for years). He wants her to play on the Freshman team so she can work on this. The coach told the parents at a parent meeting that they haven't "picked" the teams yet and that there are 29 girls in the program for the 3 teams - Varsity, JV & Freshman (so 5 girls either didn't make it or dropped out - it's a big commitment). I think she'll probably still play on the Freshman team, this will give her more playing time and allow her to work on the "aggressive" thing. All 29 girls practice together, so it gives the younger girls a chance to work with the more experienced players. Plus telling the girls that the teams haven't been picked yet motivates some of the ones that have gotten complacent to work as hard as the "newbies".

I ran again with DH on Thursday. The weekend was pretty busy. DD#1 was having a bonfire on Saturday with some of her friends to celebrate hers and another girls 17th birthday (DD#1 birthday is actually this Friday). We spent Saturday morning cleaning house and doing yardwork. DD#2 wanted to run and play some basketball later on Saturday. The Freshman coach couldn't make practice Saturday, so only the older girls and 4 9th graders (out of 12) had to practice. I think she was a little disappointed because she wasn't asked to practice, but the other 4 play a different position than her (except the 6'4" 9th Grader who is on varsity). So we went to the park and ran the outdoor track and played on the outdoor courts. She prefers the indoor track/courts, but they had games and were full. It was pretty hot on Saturday and she got in a good workout. I only ran/walked about a mile. I hate to admit it, but I had eaten a bunch of candy about an hour before and felt yucky!

DD#1 had about 10 kids come to the bonfire. Her new "boyfriend" came with a friend. Everything went pretty well and the kids stayed until about 11:30. Fortunately daylight savings ended and we got that "extra" hour, but I was still tired when I got up on Sunday morning for DD#2's confirmation class (I'm a small group leader). When we got home from class, DD#1 and I cleaned up from the bonfire. I lounged around the rest of the day watching football. My beloved 8-0 Falcons played (and won) Sunday night.

We had to run all 3 girls around yesterday at different times, so DH ran without me. I actually did a strength training work-out last night. I'm determined to start doing this. I think it will help with my running and definitely with the flabby stomach/muffin top thing I got going on.

I'm a little late on my November goals, and I really hate to list anything specific. I completely blew October. I did weigh this morning (I was actually shaking because I thought it was going to be so bad and I'm surprised it wasn't). I pretty much stayed the same (even lost a couple of ounces), but I still have those extra 7 lbs to get rid off. Frankly, if I can just get through the holidays without gaining any more, I'll be happy! I'm going to continue to work on some type of strength training and continue on with the running. I would really like to join some of the classes at the Rec. Center, but I can't afford the time/money right now. Things won't be letting up and if anything, I'll be more busy with the holiday stuff!

I don't want to make excuses, but I'm just going to do the best I can. I can do the ST at home and even though it gets dark earlier now, the outdoor track has lights and I can still run at the indoor track. One thing I have complete control over is how I eat. I have no excuses for the mindless snacking, candy & crappy eating. I know I'll have a few slip ups at holiday gatherings, but I really need to "get it together". So, my main goal for November is to get my eating back in control (can I just confess how much I hate grocery shopping and cooking!! - stop, no more excuses!)

November will be my month to be thankful for my good health and not take it for granted and work on fueling my body better! emoticon

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LRK4CHRIST 11/6/2012 10:33AM

    Amen! I like the November Goal.... be thankful for good health and not take life for granted! Thank God!

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October is ending, what will November bring . . . ?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I've been scrolling through blogs while eating my lunch at work and noticed all the blogs on Hurricane Sandy. It's amazing how many areas of the country this storm has affected and is still affecting. I live in North Georgia and we've had 3 days of high winds. Nothing like the people in the storm's path and thankfully not the torrential rain, flooding, etc. But we're in Georgia and way off the coast and we've had winds gusting to over 50 mph and we're also getting the massive cold front, so it will be very cold tonight! Quite the storm!

Anyway, I've been doing ok with the eating & exercise. I'll get on the scale tomorrow. I had a pretty busy end of the week and weekend (as usual). I ended up not running on Wednesday, but went with DD#2 to the indoor track and played some basketball on Thursday. I went a little easy on the running since I still didn't have new shoes. My feet and knees were killing me! I didn't do anything on Friday. DD#2 went to the corn maze with a friend on Friday, so she didn't run, so DH and I both decided to just relax that night (feet still killing me!).

On Saturday DD#2 had an all day retreat at church. DD#1 had some exciting news - she got asked out on a date. This is her first "official" date (she's 16). She has a lot of guy friends and had a "boyfriend" in middle school, but really hasn't been on a date. The guy is a friend of a friend that she met a couple of times over the summer at some concerts. He goes to another high school about 45 mins. away. Both of them are juniors and 16 almost 17, but neither one drives yet. So guess who had to take her to her date?! Later on Saturday I dropped her off at a really nice mall about 30 mins. away and met the boy and his Dad. She had showed me his picture on Facebook and he's pretty cute. She's tall, so they're about the same height. I dropped her off, drove back home, watched a little of the Ga/Fla game (go Dawgs!), went to church and then brought DD#2 home from the retreat, took DD#3 to a Halloween party and then picked DD#1 up from her date. DD#2 and I met them at the food court. They had a very good time and they looked cute! Needless to say, I didn't exercise Saturday either (unless you count some pretty intense housecleaning/laundry that morning!).

Sunday I already warned everyone to leave me alone from 1 - 4 so I could watch my Falcons beat the Eagles! DD#1 & #2 raked leaves, which was a pretty futile task since the winds were already whipping. They stopped after about an hour and DD#2 wanted to run since basketball tryouts started on Monday. I've still been too lazy to get shoes, so I took DD#2 and a friend to the indoor track (after the 7-0 Falcons whipped the Eagles!) to run and DD#3, the dog and I walked the hilly trail (about 1.6 miles).

Yesterday was cold and windy, but DH wanted to run. Since I still didn't have shoes, I took DD#1 to work and he ran without me. After we picked up DD#2 from basketball try-outs, we went to Academy Sports and I bought new running shoes (a really great pair of Nike's), so now I have no more excuses. We're going to run today after work (it's still going to be cold & windy!) and I'll take it a little easy with my new shoes - mostly walking. We have until 6:30 until we have to pick up DD#2 from try-outs. She said last night that they were going to do the cuts right after the try-0uts. That sounds a little harsh doing it right there instead of posting it on the website. I know when I was growing up, they just told you right there in front of everyone or posted it on the bulletin board the next day, but these days, they're usually a little more "sensitive".

I'm really anxious for her. She didn't make the HS softball team (they only had JV & Varsity), made the 9th Grade volleyball team (never played volleyball before) and now we'll see about basketball. She probably trains, practices & conditions the most for basketball, so fingers crossed! They do have a 9th Grade team, so I feel pretty confident, but still anxious.

I'm a little worried about Halloween tomorrow. We don't have Trick or Treaters (live off a busy road, down a long gravel driveway). DD#1 has to work, but DD#2 & #3 are going with friends, so even though we won't have "left over" candy, I'll still have to contend with their bags!

I weigh tomorrow morning, so we'll see how October ends! November & December will continue to be a challenge with our busy schedules and the added holiday festivities. Fortunately I like running in the cool weather better and now I have new shoes!!

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PARKERB2 10/30/2012 1:33PM

    Glad you got new shoes. Have a great weigh in tomorrow. I weigh in at WW so I hope both of us do well. You are one busy person. Have a great day.

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I gained :(

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I went ahead and jumped on the scale this morning to see the damage of the past couple of weeks of mindless snacking and candy consumption. I gained 2.4 lbs. So I'm still about 3 lbs. over my WW goal weight and 6 lbs. over my "goal". So basically, the past 12 months I've lost 2 of the 8 lbs. I wanted to loose! I still consider myself a "Maintainer" since I've kept off 40 of the 46 lbs. I lost 2 years ago.

My reason for blogging is to maintain some kind of accountability and journal my activities. No, I'm not sticking to my goals, and I'm on this "roller coaster" ride of maintaining. If I get a little out of control (see before mentioned candy consumption), I quickly get back in control, although I need to be a little better than 4 weeks "on" and 2 weeks "off"! Especially with the holidays and all that entails looming!

Last night after picking up DD#3 from play practice, DH, DD#2 and I went to the park. I was a little sore from my run on Monday, so I thought I would just walk a little on the trail and play some basketball with DD#2. I am in dire need of new shoes. I really should just break down and go to the running store and get fitted for shoes. I know all the reasons for doing this and there's a great store right by where I work (I actually pass it 2 times a day!). I just can't convince myself to spend the money, so I might just swing by Academy Sports (which is also right by my work) and pick up some shoes. We love that store!

DH & DD#2 warmed up on the outdoor track and I headed to the greenway. I ended up running about a mile and walking about 1/2 mile for about 25 mins. It wasn't a great workout, but it was more than what I wanted to do! DD#2 was finishing up her last "suicide" which is a sprinting drill and then we stayed about 10 more mins. while she practiced some shots. She was really tired and cranky and DH yelled at me for nagging her about being tired after only about 35 mins. of practicing when she has 2 hour try-outs coming up! She did have a point though, the 2 hour try-outs will be with 35-40 girls and the 35 mins. she just spent practicing was just her! So Mom shut up - she said I was negative.

Anyway, tonight I have to take DD#1 to work and DD#3 to youth group. DD#2 and I will try to squeeze in a run on the indoor track and if we have time, she'll shoot some baskets. If DH gets home in time, he can take DD#3 and we won't have to rush. So that will be 3 days in a row of exercise - take that you 2.4 lbs.!

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BECKYSFRIEND 10/24/2012 11:39AM

    emoticon for checking and taking care of the situation before it got out of control.

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LRENEAO 10/24/2012 11:25AM

    At least you caught yourself before any major damage was done. It's a slippery slope. Congrats to you for checking yourself.

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MIA in October!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's been a while since I've blogged and I've completely blown my October goals. My main goal was to do strength training (my weakest link). I believe I may have done something once this month! I also haven't recorded my weight since 9/27. I actually haven't even weighed in a couple of weeks. This could be a real disaster! Last time I "peeked" at the scale, I think I was about the same, so at that time, I hadn't put back on any of the 4 lbs. I lost in September. I'm determined to weigh tomorrow, so we'll see.

The exercise has also been sporadic at best. The first couple of weeks in October, DH and I were going a couple of times a week and "running" on the mountain trail at one of our parks. It's very hilly and the trails are rocky and "stumpy". DH actually tripped over a stump and fell, but got right up and finished the run (with a bleeding leg!). He thought we would have an easy time getting back on the flatter trails, but I find myself struggling as usual.

Last Monday I ran on the indoor track with DD#2 and struggled to get in 2 miles. I didn't do anything else the rest of the week. I took last Thursday & Friday off from work and had all these big "plans". I've really had some stress at work and with all my running around with the kids, I don't think I realized how tired I was. DD#1 was sick on Thursday, so she and I lazed around all day (it was kind of dreary). The kids were out of school on Friday and I thought we might go hiking somewhere, but they all had plans. I did finish up a couple of projects and did some yard work on Friday & Saturday. DH ran with DD#2 on Friday, but I wasn't in the mood! I didn't have any football games I really wanted to watch on Sunday afternoon (Falcons had a bye and the Steelers played Sunday night), so DH, DD#2 & 3 and my sister and I hiked the mountain trail. DH & DD#2 ran some of it, but I mostly walked with my sister & DD#3. It's still a pretty strenuous hike (about 3 miles and takes over an hour). It was a beautiful day and the trails were crowded, but it was a nice workout!

DD#2 has been working out with the basketball program since 10/1 when volleyball ended. They've been doing weight training and conditioning. She's also been running some on her own. They had an "informational" meeting yesterday and will have try-outs next Monday & Tuesday. They don't have any workouts this week, which I found a little odd. But I think it's because the boys' teams are having try-outs this week and there is limited gym time. Anyway, she's determined to condition this week so she'll be ready next Monday. We went to the outdoor track last night. She and DH warmed up a couple of laps on the track and then they were going to do some drills on the outdoor basketball courts. I started out on the track, but got pretty bored and ended up running down to the greenway trail (trailhead is right by the outdoor track & basketball courts). I decided to run 10 mins./walk 2 mins. - 3 times for a total of about 38 mins. running/walking. By the time I got to the third 10 min. run, I thought I was going to die. I kept thinking that less than a year ago, I was running 4-5 miles and now I can barely run 2 miles straight. I know if I ate better and did strength training, my running would be better. I'm still not sure what my running "goals" are at this point, but it's my only form of cardio right now, so I'll keep plugging away.

I won't even get into my eating the past couple of weeks. Needless to say, there has been a lot of mindless snacking and consumption of candy! I still eat the healthy breakfast & lunch, but struggle with dinner & snacking! All 3 of my daughters are very busy and I'm usually the only form of transportation (DH works a lot of nights). Just about every day of the week, one of them has something going on after school and during the weekends! Oh well, this is the way it's been the past couple of years and I don't see it letting up (until one of them drives, but we're still waiting on DD#1 who will be 17 in a couple of weeks, but still doesn't want to drive!).

I'll just keep celebrating all of the good things I do - healthy breakfast & lunch, drink a lot of water & exercise a couple of times a week!

Maintenance ain't for sissys!


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