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I gained :(

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I went ahead and jumped on the scale this morning to see the damage of the past couple of weeks of mindless snacking and candy consumption. I gained 2.4 lbs. So I'm still about 3 lbs. over my WW goal weight and 6 lbs. over my "goal". So basically, the past 12 months I've lost 2 of the 8 lbs. I wanted to loose! I still consider myself a "Maintainer" since I've kept off 40 of the 46 lbs. I lost 2 years ago.

My reason for blogging is to maintain some kind of accountability and journal my activities. No, I'm not sticking to my goals, and I'm on this "roller coaster" ride of maintaining. If I get a little out of control (see before mentioned candy consumption), I quickly get back in control, although I need to be a little better than 4 weeks "on" and 2 weeks "off"! Especially with the holidays and all that entails looming!

Last night after picking up DD#3 from play practice, DH, DD#2 and I went to the park. I was a little sore from my run on Monday, so I thought I would just walk a little on the trail and play some basketball with DD#2. I am in dire need of new shoes. I really should just break down and go to the running store and get fitted for shoes. I know all the reasons for doing this and there's a great store right by where I work (I actually pass it 2 times a day!). I just can't convince myself to spend the money, so I might just swing by Academy Sports (which is also right by my work) and pick up some shoes. We love that store!

DH & DD#2 warmed up on the outdoor track and I headed to the greenway. I ended up running about a mile and walking about 1/2 mile for about 25 mins. It wasn't a great workout, but it was more than what I wanted to do! DD#2 was finishing up her last "suicide" which is a sprinting drill and then we stayed about 10 more mins. while she practiced some shots. She was really tired and cranky and DH yelled at me for nagging her about being tired after only about 35 mins. of practicing when she has 2 hour try-outs coming up! She did have a point though, the 2 hour try-outs will be with 35-40 girls and the 35 mins. she just spent practicing was just her! So Mom shut up - she said I was negative.

Anyway, tonight I have to take DD#1 to work and DD#3 to youth group. DD#2 and I will try to squeeze in a run on the indoor track and if we have time, she'll shoot some baskets. If DH gets home in time, he can take DD#3 and we won't have to rush. So that will be 3 days in a row of exercise - take that you 2.4 lbs.!

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BECKYSFRIEND 10/24/2012 11:39AM

    emoticon for checking and taking care of the situation before it got out of control.

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LRENEAO 10/24/2012 11:25AM

    At least you caught yourself before any major damage was done. It's a slippery slope. Congrats to you for checking yourself.

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MIA in October!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's been a while since I've blogged and I've completely blown my October goals. My main goal was to do strength training (my weakest link). I believe I may have done something once this month! I also haven't recorded my weight since 9/27. I actually haven't even weighed in a couple of weeks. This could be a real disaster! Last time I "peeked" at the scale, I think I was about the same, so at that time, I hadn't put back on any of the 4 lbs. I lost in September. I'm determined to weigh tomorrow, so we'll see.

The exercise has also been sporadic at best. The first couple of weeks in October, DH and I were going a couple of times a week and "running" on the mountain trail at one of our parks. It's very hilly and the trails are rocky and "stumpy". DH actually tripped over a stump and fell, but got right up and finished the run (with a bleeding leg!). He thought we would have an easy time getting back on the flatter trails, but I find myself struggling as usual.

Last Monday I ran on the indoor track with DD#2 and struggled to get in 2 miles. I didn't do anything else the rest of the week. I took last Thursday & Friday off from work and had all these big "plans". I've really had some stress at work and with all my running around with the kids, I don't think I realized how tired I was. DD#1 was sick on Thursday, so she and I lazed around all day (it was kind of dreary). The kids were out of school on Friday and I thought we might go hiking somewhere, but they all had plans. I did finish up a couple of projects and did some yard work on Friday & Saturday. DH ran with DD#2 on Friday, but I wasn't in the mood! I didn't have any football games I really wanted to watch on Sunday afternoon (Falcons had a bye and the Steelers played Sunday night), so DH, DD#2 & 3 and my sister and I hiked the mountain trail. DH & DD#2 ran some of it, but I mostly walked with my sister & DD#3. It's still a pretty strenuous hike (about 3 miles and takes over an hour). It was a beautiful day and the trails were crowded, but it was a nice workout!

DD#2 has been working out with the basketball program since 10/1 when volleyball ended. They've been doing weight training and conditioning. She's also been running some on her own. They had an "informational" meeting yesterday and will have try-outs next Monday & Tuesday. They don't have any workouts this week, which I found a little odd. But I think it's because the boys' teams are having try-outs this week and there is limited gym time. Anyway, she's determined to condition this week so she'll be ready next Monday. We went to the outdoor track last night. She and DH warmed up a couple of laps on the track and then they were going to do some drills on the outdoor basketball courts. I started out on the track, but got pretty bored and ended up running down to the greenway trail (trailhead is right by the outdoor track & basketball courts). I decided to run 10 mins./walk 2 mins. - 3 times for a total of about 38 mins. running/walking. By the time I got to the third 10 min. run, I thought I was going to die. I kept thinking that less than a year ago, I was running 4-5 miles and now I can barely run 2 miles straight. I know if I ate better and did strength training, my running would be better. I'm still not sure what my running "goals" are at this point, but it's my only form of cardio right now, so I'll keep plugging away.

I won't even get into my eating the past couple of weeks. Needless to say, there has been a lot of mindless snacking and consumption of candy! I still eat the healthy breakfast & lunch, but struggle with dinner & snacking! All 3 of my daughters are very busy and I'm usually the only form of transportation (DH works a lot of nights). Just about every day of the week, one of them has something going on after school and during the weekends! Oh well, this is the way it's been the past couple of years and I don't see it letting up (until one of them drives, but we're still waiting on DD#1 who will be 17 in a couple of weeks, but still doesn't want to drive!).

I'll just keep celebrating all of the good things I do - healthy breakfast & lunch, drink a lot of water & exercise a couple of times a week!

Maintenance ain't for sissys!


Strength Training & Teenagers Loosing Weight

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I picked up DD#2 yesterday from weight training (for basketball) and she gets in the car and says "that was hard and I'm sore!". DD#2 has been playing volleyball the past 8 weeks and has missed out on some of the things the basketball program has been doing (not allowed to participate in basketball until volleyball is over). Most of the girls have been doing the weight training for about 6 weeks now and have been able to work up to the weights/circuits they were doing yesterday. DD#2 didn't want to say anything to the weight training coach, so she just did what was already set up. She was able to do it, but she is really feeling the pain today! She has conditioning this afternoon, so she should be ok with that since she's been keeping up with the running.

So, since my main October goal is to do strength training, I was feeling a little guilty last night - 3 days in and no ST! I was waiting to hear back from my sister because she wanted to walk last night. She ended up painting a shelf my husband built for her daughter (pregnant with first child and a shower on Sunday), so didn't want to stop to walk. Of course I was about to blow off exercise completely, but figured if DD#2 could keep up with the weight training, I could at least do a little ST. So I dusted off a routine I had downloaded a couple of weeks ago and did that last night. It was about 20 mins. and I thought is was kind of lame, but I'm feeling it today! DH wants to run tonight, so I'll do that and this ST routine again tomorrow!

Now to my comment on teens loosing weight - both DD# 1 & 2 have lost weight this summer. Of course, DD#2 has been doing extreme exercise since June, so she's lost about 15 lbs. She weighs less now at 14 than she did at 12 and is probably 3 inches taller. She wasn't considered "overweight" at 12, but is now very lean (and tall). I think DD#1 is a little jealous, but she has to realize that DD#2 is not just "lucky" and is skinny, she's been really "busting it" with sports.

DD#1 has also lost about 10 lbs. over the summer. I think part of it's just getting a shape and loosing some "baby" fat, but she is also pretty conscious of what she eats. Unfortunately none of her hobbies/activities include any kind of exercise. I wish we could get her motivated!

Regardless, I'd like to think that part of this is because DH and I have worked really hard the past couple of years on a healthy lifestyle. We'll never be a petite family, but I feel good that my girls are getting some healthy habits to take with them into "adulthood". They still have snacks and sweets and the occasional fast food, but we incorporate mostly healthy grains, lean meats and fruits & vegetables into their diet. They rarely have sodas or juices - mostly water. All 3 of them take a lunch to school (although I don't think they're taking enough), so they're eating pretty healthy there too.

So, back to me and my goals! I'll weigh myself tomorrow to keep on "track" and keep working on my October goals! Cardio tonight, ST tomorrow and we'll see what the weekend brings.

DD#2's last week of volleyball - look at her jump (#1)!

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BLUE42DOWN 10/3/2012 5:35PM

    What a great action shot! I love that she didn't back down and pushed herself enough to consider it hard and to be sore, but not to injure herself.

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MYBULLDOGS 10/3/2012 12:59PM



my sister walks 15,000 steps a day at 63 y
ears old and has lost 105 pounds. she went from a size 24 to a size 10. all her health issues dropped off as the 105 pounds dropped off. took 16 months.

i gave up grain and sugary products and have lost 44 pounds at age 60. i went from a size 18 to a size 10 shorts and medium tops from a 1 or 2x. took 7 months.

we are both still loosing weight until we reach our goal


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Disaster of a Weekend

Monday, October 01, 2012

I didn't eat well and I got no exercise this weekend (unless you count stressing over volleyball!). I ran on Thursday with DH. I again struggled to get in 2 miles. It was hot & humid again, so we ran on one of the flat trails.

Friday & Saturday DD#2 had a volleyball tournament. One team dropped out, so they ended up only playing 1 game Friday night (but they had to play 3 matches). They did really well and won on Friday. I'm amazed at how far DD#2 has come with volleyball - she did great and her serve ended up winning the game (she only started serving a couple of weeks ago and does an under hand serve. It's so high and has a "hang time", I think the girls loose site of it and it's hard to return! They had to play 3 games on Saturday (10, 11 & 12). I think they just ran out of steam, but they ended up 4th out of 12 teams.

DD#2 wanted Chickfilet on the way home, so I got a grilled sandwich, but also the waffle fries (haven't had those in months)!

When we got home about 2:00, both DD#2 and #3 wanted to go shopping (it's supposed to get cooler this weekend and they needed jeans). DD#2 is over 5'9", so it's hard to find jeans long enough. We ended up scoring at Target (after going to 3 stores)! Again, I was so tired when I got home, I ate cereal for dinner and any other junk I could get my hands on.

Sunday wasn't much better. I had to pick up DD#2 at a friend's house at 9:00 am and DD#3 had a girl spending the night. DH wanted me to pick up donuts and he was going to make eggs & bacon before going to work @ 12. I ended up getting donuts & muffins at Publix. I had eggs, some bacon and a zucchini muffin (has to be healthy because it has a vegetable in in?!) While watching football later, I had 2 more muffins (but no lunch!). My Falcons won in a nail biter and I'm sure I snacked some more, but I don't even remember. Fortunately there wasn't much in the house to eat! I had a turkey sandwich for dinner Sunday because I spent the day watching football & sorting through clothes & doing laundry.

I feel bloated & yucky today with no energy. It's rainy & yucky. I ate a good breakfast, but didn't have anything for lunch, so I'll probably get Subway.

I'm determined to start my October goals today, so I'm going to do a new ST workout I downloaded since it's supposed to rain all day. Tomorrow DH & I are going to run.

So, I didn't end too well with September, but October is a new month and new goals!


Gained a Little!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I weighed this morning and gained about .2, so that's not too bad. I still have 4 days to loose 3 lbs. to reach my September goal of a 6 lbs. loss! Probably not going to happen!

I still want to loose about 4-5 more lbs. to get back to my "wiggle room". I know I'm a little vague with my weight loss goals, but I mainly want to have a good handle on things before the "holiday season" hits. As I mentioned yesterday, that starts about mid-October and goes through New Years Day. In fact, I have a baby shower to look forward to on 10/7 for my niece to "kick" things off. Then there's Halloween parties & candy, Thanksgiving and the never ending Christmas temptations. I did really well 2 years ago when I was "hot & heavy" into Weight Watchers and loosing weight, I lost about 3 lbs. from November - January! Last year I gained a couple and added a few more at the beginning of this year and have been working on loosing the same pesky 6+ lbs. for 9 months!

So, my October goals will be:

Weight Loss - loose4 lbs. (puts me back below WW goal)
Exercise - 3 days cardio/2 ST

As usual, I did ok with the cardio this week, but did no ST. I ran Friday & Tuesday and last night I did a pretty strenuous 45 min. walk with my sister and dog. My dog is 11 years old, but gets really excited to walk, so she keeps a very fast pace - it's like she has a destination in mind and has to beat everyone on the trail. My sister is short and had a hard time keeping up with me and Zoe (dog)! I was planning to run last night after dropping DD#3 off at church, but when I got home yesterday and saw all the laundry & house cleaning piling up, I was going to just drop DD#1 & #3 off at their respective locations (DH was with DD#2 at volleyball) and do housework. My sister called and convinced me to walk, so I'm glad she did. I even managed to squeeze in some vacuuming & laundry when I got home.

Tonight DH and I will run. DD#2 is getting ride home from volleyball practice, so we have time to get in a good run before picking up DD#3 from play rehearsal.

This weekend will again be busy with a volleyball tournament (last weekend!). DD#2 has 2 games on Friday and at least 2 on Saturday morning - could be more depending on how they do. Since last Saturday's tournament, they have a record of 7 wins and 2 losses. They are going out with a winning note! Hopefully I'll get to squeeze in a little exercise this weekend. I really need to (and I know I've said this numerous times) do some kind of strength training I enjoy or at least will do on a consistent basis. I've downloaded some workouts and just need to put on some music and do them. I can find 15-20 mins. a couple of times a week to do this.

So, I'm going to amend my previous October goal a little to make ST a priority and work up to 20 mins. of ST, 3 days a week by the end of the month!

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MR.NET1 9/27/2012 11:03AM


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